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11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

For the past two long decades, the world of pokemon has been offering us splendid adventures, exciting experiences, and surprises. For every nineties kid, pokemon was a different unique craze altogether, which has not faded even in the present modern times.

One of the biggest dreams for these kids was owning and petting pokemon of their own and getting to experience these crazy creatures from much closer distances.

The Pokemon craze has been magical for ages due to its super thrilling and enigmatic experiences and exciting adventures that it offers. The imperiously cute and adorable looks of each and every pokemon attract a massive audience to watch and enjoy these shows, including feminine audiences.

As of now, the pokemon kingdom has a whopping 893 number of pokemon, all of which are extremely cute, robust, strong, crazy, adorable, and powerful. Modern research, science, technology, and design is contributing to making new attractive pokemon designs every year.

Each new pokemon comes with its unique new characteristics, features, looks, and designs, which are as good as all other pokemon and does not fail to bring fun, thrill, and joy to its viewers.

We see super interesting different forms of every pokemon that happens to be more potent than its original form with every evolution.

Some of the most well known pokemon types are grass, poison, fire, flying, fairy, ghost, psychic, electric, ice, among many others. One type that always seems to be intimidating and powerful is the steel type pokemon.

These pokemon are powerful, extremely strong, and aggressive, cute, and robust. These pokemon have extraordinary powers, strengths, attractive looks, and weaknesses, which make them distinguishably different from the other types.

Introduction of Steel Type Pokemon

Steel-type pokemon have been in existence from almost the beginning of the Pokemon creations. The first introduction of steel type pokemon happened in the second generation of the Pokemon series.

There are many known pokemon who are vulnerable to ice type pokemons moves. Some of them are Onix, Aerodactyl, Gardevoir, Tyranitar, Kyurem, Kirlia, Sylveon, Togekiss, Xerneas, Jynx, Terrakion, Clefable, Shuckle, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Geodude, Rhyperior, Cradily, Tyrantrum, and Rhydon, among many others.

Steel-type pokemon are known to be extremely effective against fairy, rock, and ice types and are known to be vulnerable to fighting, ground, and fire type pokemon.

Although steel type pokemon are super cool and very powerful, they are not very effective against fire, water, and electric type pokemon.

Some of the best steel type pokemon are Steelix, Metagross, Aggron, Dialga, Lucario, Skarmory, Scizor, Aegislash, Heatran, Mawile, Empoleon, Cobalion, Bisharp, Excadrill, Aron, Klink, Klefki, and Beldum, among many others.

Colors of Steel Type Pokemon

Steel-type pokemon can be distinguished by their unique names and strengths, and powers. The overall color theme of these types of pokemon is bright and pastel.

Some of the exciting colors used are blue, red, purple, brown, grey, white, yellow, and green. Although there is a vivid use of colors visible in these pokemon, grey is a dominant color and is almost present in every pokemon of this type.

These steel type pokemon are adorable in their own creepy ways. They are not as physically appealing as fairy types, but their designs are fun, unique, and trendy. Steel type pokemon has powers through which it cannot be poisoned at all.

These types of pokemon can demonstrate breathtakingly beautiful moves and can learn any new action swiftly. Steel type pokemon are known to be extremely fierce and powerful and are much more robust and crazy than any other type of pokemon.

List of the Best Steel Type Pokemon

Below mentioned is a list of some of the best, most powerful, and interesting ice type pokemon of all times.


Metagross is a steel-psychic type of pokemon that was first introduced in the third generation of pokemon. Metagrosss evolution happened from Metang and Beldium.

Best Steel Type Pokemon

Metagross is genderless and has a catch rate of 1.6%. It has a height of 1.6m and a weight of 550 kg with a slow leveling rate. Metagross is massive, robust, and huge in size and is known to be one of the strongest steel-type pokemon.

This creature has a disc-shaped body with four small legs. This mechanized arachnids body serves as its head too. Metagross uses its robust body to catch hold of its prey and engulf it with its mouth later. Metagross has large red eyes on either side of the metallic cross.

Metagross takes its form from two metagrosses fusing together into one, as a result of which one metagross ends up having four brains in total. All of metagrosss brains are connected by a network of very complicated neurons.

Due to metagrosss complicated brain networking, it can perform very complex calculations. Sometimes it is said that this creature is even more powerful than a supercomputer.

During a battle, metagross is always at a plus point because it can use its brain to analyze and understand the moves and body language of its opponent. Metagross is fierce and aggressive and uses its paws to throw down its enemy.

Later it uses its sharp teeth to chew the enemy into bits. Usually, metagross is found in rough terrains, but sometimes it is also found in snowy mountains.

They can survive on snowy mountains as they have the superpower of their magnetic powers becoming stronger in freezing temperatures.

Best Steel Type Pokemon

Metagrosss positives:-

  • Metagross is a very fierce and powerful pokemon who has the capability to win any battle.
  • It has very strong legs and paws, which it uses to throw down its enemy as its defense.
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Dialga is a steel- dragon type pokemon whose catch rate is 1.6%. This pokemon was first introduced in the fourth generation and is a genderless pokemon. This pokemon has a height of 5.4m and a weight of 683.0 kg, with a very slow leveling rate.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 1

Dialga is a blue color pokemon with silver metallic detailing. Different shades of blue have been used to design this pokemon. Dialga almost looks like a dinosaur with the presence of fins and horns on its body.

It has vast legs and huge eyes. One of Dialgas superpowers is that it can focus the flow of time by using the wing-like structure on its back. Dialga can control the flow of time in various manners.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Dialgas Positives:-

  • Dialga is one of the most unique steel type pokemon as it can control and change the flow of time.
  • It can move ahead in time or go back in time, or it can stop time altogether. Dialga almost acts like a time machine where it can travel through the past, present, and future.
  • It is a myth that says that when Dialga was born, time started flowing, and time will continue to flow until Dialgas heart beats.


Genesect is a bug-steel type pokemon that is genderless and comes with a catch rate of 1.6%. This pokemon was first introduced in the fifth generation of the pokemon series and is known to have a very slow leveling rate.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 2

This pokemon comes with a height of 1.5m and a weight of 82.5 kg. Genesect has four different forms, which are all equally powerful and capable of winning battles.

The four different forms of Genesect are shock drive Genecect, burn drive Genesect, chill drive Genesect, and douse drive Genesect.

Genesect is known to be a bipedal insectoid pokemon that has a metal made body and a head shaped like a saucer. The primary color which was used to design Genesect is purple. Along with a purple body, Genesect has other silver color detailings.

It has bold red eyes and a white mouth. Team plasma made massive modifications to this creature giving it powerful cannons on its back and add other enchantments.

One of the most incredible superpowers of this creature is that it is the only pokemon that is capable of learning the move called techno blast.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Genesects positives:-

  • Genesect is strong, fierce, and a ruthless hunter, but it is an extremely skilled creature who is a very fast learner of new moves.
  • This creature also has the power to transform itself into a flying saucer and fly whenever required. Genesect often uses this power as a very strong defense.
  • Genesect also can make spinning-like action with its claws to create a sticky string-like structure. Such features definitely make Genesect one of the best steel type pokemon.
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Steelix is a steel-ground type pokemon that is fifty percent male and fifty percent female. This pokemon was introduced in the second generation and had a catch rate of 7.7%. It has a height of 9.2m and a weight of 400 kg with a medium-fast leveling rate.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 3

Steelixs body is narrow and long, and it almost looks like a serpent. The entire body is silver in color and is made up of rock-like structures. This creature has spike-like structures on alternate either sides of the body.

Steelix has a massive head with sharp, wicked eyes with one big mouth, and square teeth. Steelixs red eyes display its fierce and aggressive nature. Steelix has this unique feature using which it can dig into the earths core. Steelix can be found in caves.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 3

Steelixs Positives:-

  • Steelix can see in very dark environments and can chew up any hard object that comes in its way.
  • Steelixs body is known to be even harder than diamonds. Such features make Steelix one of the best steel type pokemon.


Lucario is a fighting-steel type pokemon that was first introduced in the fourth generation of the Pokemon series. It is known to be an 87.5& male and a 12.5% female pokemon with a catch rate of 11.9%.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 4

It has a height of 1.2m and a weight of 54kg with a medium-slow leveling rate. Lucario is known to be a bipedal canine pokemon. It is dominantly blue in color and had black color fur all over its body. It has spike-like structures on different parts of its body.

Like most the steel type pokemon, it has red, fierce eyes. Lucario has the unique power to read, understand, and manipulate an aura that it can sense through its body.

In the battle, Lucario has the unique ability to predict the opponents moves through its senses. It also has the ability to completely manipulate the opponents energy, which it uses as one of its most potent defenses.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Lucarios Positives:-

  • Lucario understands human speech and can actually communicate with human beings through very strong telepathy.
  • These creatures are considered to be very powerful, fierce, and loyal and are extremely attached to their trainers.
  • Lucarios most unique feature is that it has a natural sense of emitting justice. These features definitely make it one of the best type of pokemon.


Skarmory is a super cute-looking steel-flying type pokemon that was first introduced in the second generation of the series. This creature is known to be 50% male and 50% female and comes with a catch rate of 7.7%.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 5

It has a height of 1.7m and a weight of 50.5kg, with a very slow leveling rate. Skarmory is known to be an avian pokemon that is silver-grey in color.

It has a long metallic blue neck, legs, and tail. Skarmory has vivid fierce yellow eyes and a pointed beak like a bird. It has sharp, strong wings that are hollow and helps this bird to travel up to 185mph or 300km/h.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Skarmorys Positives:-

  • Skarmonys skin and feathers are hard, strong, and solid because from a very young age, it is raised in very harsh conditions.
  • Skirmorys feathers are so hard that when they fall off they almost act like swords. These features make it one of the best types of pokemon.


Solgaleo is a steel-psychic-type legendary pokemon that was first introduced in the seventh generation of the series. Solgaleos evolution has happened from cosmoem, and it is known to be a genderless pokemon.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Solgaleos highly technical design gets even crazier with its full metal-made body. It has a catch rate of 11.9%, a height of 3.4m, and a weight of 230kg with a slow leveling rate.

Solgaleo appears in the form of a lion and is undoubtedly one of the best steel type pokemon. This pokemon has pale blue fierce eyes with a blue-grey nose.

The top part of Slogaleos face is blue in color and displays a dynamic starscape. Solgaleos face has huge spike-like structures all over it, which appear almost like a crown over its head.

The entire structure, stature, and appearance of this pokemon is like a fully grown robust lion. It is said that Solgaleo often enters a phase which is known as a radiant sun, in this phase a third eye appears on its forehead. The entire body radiates a yellow aura when the beast enters the stage.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Solgaleos Positives:-

  • It is believed that Solgaleo can store a massive amount of energy in its body and radiates bright yellow color when active.
  • Solgaleo is solely said to be the only pokemon who can learn the move called sun steel strike. It can use solar energy to create grand evolutions.


Mawile is a steel-fairy-type pokemon who is known to be 50% male and 50% female and was first introduced in the third generation of the series. It has a catch rate of 11.9%, a height of 0.6m, and a weight of 11.5kg with a very fast leveling rate.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Mawile is known to be a bipedal pokemon who has a short and tiny stature along with a pale yellow body and black arms and feet. Its entire body is covered with thick fur like structure, which gives a feeling of a hakama or a skirt.

It has a pair of large dark jaws that emerge from the back of its head. It is said that these jaws have been transformed into steel horns. Mawile uses these horns in a strong manner in its defense. It has big fierce red eyes and is found in caves.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Mawiles Positives:-

  • All Mawile has a timid appearance, it is extremely aggressive and swallows its prey as a whole.
  • These creatures are very competitive and definitely make it into one of the best steel-type pokemon lists.


Aggron is a steel-rock type pokemon that was first introduced in the third generation of the series. It is said that Aggrons evolution has happened from lairon and it is a final form of aron.

Best Steel Type Pokemon 8

This creature is 50% male and 50% female, with a catch rate of 11.9%, a height of 2.1m, and a weight of 360kg. Like most other steel type pokemon, Aggron too is a bipedal pokemon.

Aggron is a vast and robust pokemon that is grey in color and has plates of silver armor. Aggron has massive horns and sky blue eyes. Its face has many fang-like structures and spikes on its shoulders. Aggron uses its strong thick tails to swing and injure its enemies.

The marks and remains of old wounds are worn as mementos on Aggrons armor. Aggrons are usually found in large mountains and are generally very conscious of their territories.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All TimeAggrons Positives:-

  • Aggron is a vivid lover of nature. Whenever there is the harm caused to nature by fire, water, or any other element, Aggron helps to restore the entire area by planting trees and bringing topsoil.
  • Aggron has very strong and sharp horns that can cut through metals. It uses these horns as its strongest defense and certainly makes it to the list of one of the best steel type pokemon.


Klefki is a steel fairy type pokemon that was first introduced in the sixth generation of the series. It is a 50% male and a 50% female creature with a catch rate of 17.5%. It has a height of 0.2m and a weight of 3.0kg and has a very small stature.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Klefki is a keyring-like looking pokemon that is greyish white in color. It has a creepy looking tiny white head that resembles an inverted key. It has tiny black eyes and a mouth that looks like a keyhole.

The entire head of klefki is surrounded by a ring-like structure that has four different looking keys hanging from it. Previously Klefki used to be found in mines where it ate minerals.

Later these minerals became scarce, and Klefki had to move to human settlement in search of food. Klefki has a bad habit of stealing master keys from different places.

11 Best Steel Type Pokemon Of All Time

Klefkis Positives:-

  • Klafki is a very trustworthy key keeper and never gives up on its best keys.
  • Although Klefki does not have any specific superpower, its unique appearance, characteristic, and features definitely make it one of the best steel type pokemon.

The entire pokemon world is known to be super dramatic, enigmatic, and fun. It never fails to offer new adventures and new surprises to its viewers.

Every type of pokemon is fun to watch, with the modern contribution of science and technology, it is very difficult to choose between all of them.

All of them are improving, look wise, and power wise with every single evolution. The steel type is especially known to be one of the best types with some of the best powers, strengths, and features.

As mentioned earlier, the pokemon are some of the best steel types of pokemon that are available. In this context, it is very important to mention that each and every pokemon belonging to the steel type is absolutely amazing and unique in its own way.

This list is made purely by keeping in mind the uniqueness of each pokemons features and powers, along with their crazy looks.

This list has no mention of any competition between them. Each and every steel type pokemon is as good as the other, and honestly, it has been very, very difficult to distinguish among them in terms of betterment.