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15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

If you’re looking for the Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow in 2022, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we collected 15 of the best ones for you.

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People across the world are showing interest in the industry of technology. This is continuing to grow at a breakneck pace. Both technology and science are subject to highly intimidating elements.

They have the reputation of being obscure and dry. Therefore, many individuals leave them to be understood by PhDs and other experts.

Average individuals believe they do not have the attention span and expertise needed to keep up with the latest developments in technology and science.

Meanwhile, the field of technology has transformed the varied aspects of regular life in the most amazing manner.

Technology has taken over every field, from shopping to dating and even the job market. But this has made it difficult to track technological changes as they keep coming.

In these times, when technology and science are everywhere, people cannot afford to miss out on the different tech podcasts that keep coming up every day.

The best tech podcasts available at the moment are worth the time of the people, no matter whether they are experts or a novice.

Podcasts have gained huge popularity in recent times. They are considered one of the best ways of staying updated on topics people love without an insufficiency of some of the greatest options.

Podcasts are available on almost everything, from news roundups to detailed industry insights and in-depth dives into tech and science.

They have also gained huge popularity among people with commute and time constraints. Or, the ones who need to go to work every day are seriously engaged in tech businesses.

You might be surprised that people habitually listen to more than 40 podcasts daily. This is mainly because they are outstanding.

Surveys on the subject prove that approximately 21% of the population in America agreed to the fact that they listened to one podcast every month.

But why? Why are people fast grabbing this trend? Well, podcasts boast of good quality journalism, compelling storytelling, and charismatic hosts. They are ideally suited for people looking to make the most out of available time in hand.

Also, they are perfect ways of making the time spent on regular activities more productive. Podcasts are easy to consume, filled with information, and portable.

Here is a complete list of some of the best tech podcasts to enrich your regular travel or get more of the latest technology news and great reporting. 

Best Tech Podcasts For Techies – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Over the Air – Best tech podcasts 2022

If you are interested in commercial or industrial IoT, then “IoT Podcast: Over the Air” is the podcast for you.

The podcast is hosted by Ryan Prosser, President, and CEO at Very, a world-Class IoT Hardware, Software, & Smart Product Development Company.

Ryan is joined by IoT executives every Tuesday, who share their stories with insights into their mistakes, failures, and setbacks and how they have been able to tackle them.     

In each episode of “IoT Podcast: Over the Air,” each expert guest shares what they wish they’d known when they started, reveals unpopular opinions, and makes bold predictions.

The podcast currently boasts forty-one (41) episodes since it was launched in  2021. There are a lot of interesting topics in these episodes, like “Embracing a Consumer-Centric Approach to Product Development” and “Digital Twins and IoT for Robotics.”

With the longest episode not spanning more than 40 minutes, the conversation on this podcast is concise and engaging. It is easy to follow the conversations, even if you are a novice. 

The podcast’s “Guest Hot-Take Session” is a fan favorite and recurring highlight, in which the show’s featured guests make outlandish predictions of their firm and the industry.

The podcast utilizes questions and answers that are adequately thought out, and the conversation makes the listeners curious and desirous of learning more.

“IoT Podcast: Over the Air” is the best IoT podcast for you if you enjoy commercial IoT podcasts and like listening to shorter episodes.

Playlist: IoT Podcast: Over the Air

2. Accidental Tech Podcast

The Accidental Tech Podcast (Visit Here) is for individuals who are die-hard techies. It is popularly known as ATP among the masses and is a technological podcast.

All three hosts of this podcast are developers. So, they know what they are doing and are quite informative to the listeners.

Their detailed conversations feel like the listeners had passed to a gathering of the very best professionals in the industry.

This show includes detailed explanations about the latest products covering just one minute, along with long-running and funny jokes between different tech friends.

The Accidental Tech Podcast Live @ Altconf 2018

For the ones who have a passion for everything that is technology-based, ATP or Accidental Tech Podcast would be the right choice.

It covers the details of different programming languages and even the latest news from the tech industry.

3. Note to Self

Manoush Zomorodi, a well-known name in the world of podcasting, is the host of this technology-based show. Note to Self is all about maneuvering life in this digital era.

Technology promises to make human beings more productive, happier, and smarter. But the truth is that many people find it quite overwhelming.

Best Tech Podcasts

 It is this subject that is covered in Note to Self. It is about viewing technology from the perspective of the users: how technology affects our work, health, and leisure, and what is the right way of getting the most out of technology without being its victim.

The episodes of this tech show generally last for twenty to thirty minutes and cover topics like maintaining a balance between life and work, internet surveillance, and the adverse effects of leaving technological devices at home.

4. Analog(ue)

Analog(ue) tech podcast is specifically for individuals with a softer side. There are many podcasts about different digital devices. But Analog (ue) is about how the different digital devices make people feel and how they change the users’ lives.

Best Tech Podcasts

The show will make listeners understand how technological and digital devices have changed people’s lives for the better and even worse.

It puts a brand new spin on the present genre. You might get an idea of the basic concept of this podcast from its very name. It has its focuses more on the human side of this digital era.

One of this podcast’s most interesting and regular segments is its weekly reviews.

It will probably be the best podcast for you if you consider integrating devices like Apple Watch into your regular schedule. It will also work for you if you want to know how to chuck some time for next weekend’s coding assignment.

5. Product Hunt Radio

Product Hunt Radio weekly podcast is hosted by Abadesi Osunsade and Ryan Hoover. They are engaged in creating and discovering the future.

Every week, the hosts, accompanied by investors, founders, makers, and journalists, discuss the most advanced and latest developments in the technology field. Chances are, many people might already be aware of Product Hunt.

This platform allows users to share and explore brand-new and latest digital products. The makers at Product Hunt have extended their appetite for entrepreneurship and tech by launching the Product Hunt Radio podcast.

Here, they dig deeper into the procedures that shape the websites, the apps people love, and those that are not so popular.

In conversation with the hosts, the makers, founders, and investors share stories concerning their passion for innovative products and surviving in the world for startups.

Some of the most popular guests who have attended the previous shows of this podcast include Ezra Klein, Founder of Vox, and Emmet Shear, Co-Founder, and CEO of Twitch.TV and Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO.

At the time of our research on Best Tech Podcasts, we found a video about “How podcasts became so popular,” which is worth watching. 🏆🤴

How podcasts became so popular

6. Clockwise

Clockwise will be the ultimate choice for people who love variety. The podcast is hosted by Mikah Sargent and Dan Moren and is a kind of rapid-fire conversation covering present technological problems. The hosts are accompanied by two big names or special guests every week.

15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

So, four people are covering four topics. None of the episodes of this podcast go beyond the 30 minutes schedule, and the clock has kept a watch on Clockwise.

As suggested by the show’s name, its main formula revolves around carrying out a round-table discussion on different topics starting from cord-cutting and online advertising to Windows 10. The show covers only the most recent events within the shortest period of just thirty minutes.

7. Technology: NPR – Best tech podcasts Spotify

One of the best things about this best tech podcast is its episodes generally range between 3 and 10 minutes, which is good for people with time constraints.

Produced by one of the most well-known names in the industry, i.e., National Public Radio, Technology: NPR offers short snippets covering tech commentaries and news regularly.

This technology show is all about listening to that old article that you do not like to bookmark to be read sometime later and eventually forget about.

Since the episodes of this podcast are sufficiently short, interested individuals can listen to them on the go while grabbing coffee in one hand.

For the ones who are on the lookout for something brief but useful, Technology-NPR would be the best choice. This tech-centered, up-to-date podcast has a corporate edge, and nothing can improve.

8. Rocket

If you are looking to get the geek in you on, then Rocket is for you. Hosted by Christina Warren, Simone de Rochefort, and Brianna Wu, this podcast will be your countdown to great fun and excitement.

Best Tech Podcasts

The hosts of this show accelerate geek discussion every week. They cover almost all important topics like books, games, movies, comics, and, most importantly, tech.

 All three female show hosts have conversations about geek and tech culture.

Christina Warren is a Media Specialist and Senior Tech Correspondent at Mashable, while Brianna Wu is a Tech feminist and Game Developer. Simone de Rochefort works as a Diversity and Family Gaming writer at Mashable.

With their enthusiasm and knowledge for video games, movies, comics, and tech, listeners will surely be all prepped up for banter on everything geeky and delightful.

9. The Big Web Show

With episode lengths of an hour and even more, The Big Web Show is something you should watch out for.

This award-winning tech podcast features special topics like content strategy, art direction, web technology, typography, and web publishing. It is all about the web that matters.

 Jeffrey Zeldman is the host of this show, and he makes it a point to get into deep conversations with special guests who know a lot about interaction design, information architecture, and Node.ls for games.

One of the best things about living away from your workplace is you get a lot of time to listen to some of the best podcasts.

If you have a good amount of time in hand, then you can surely listen to the hour-long episodes of The Big Web Show. The tech podcast will offer you some perfect time to soak in. It has experts from varied fields talking about things related to the web.

Topics range from growing businesses digitally to web designing and even Internet legislation. The show’s host has always shown some great interviewing skills by striking the perfect balance between real, detailed topic dissections and anecdotal stories.

A word of caution here is that the podcast might get a little geeky sometimes. This goes special for the episodes covering web design.

10. Back to Work 

Back to Work would be a tech podcast worth listening to for those who are into many to-do lists.

Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann host these award-winning tech and talk shows. This show hosts generally discuss communication, productivity, barriers, work, tools, constraints, and more.

15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

While listening to this podcast, you will get to contemplate the meaning and the purpose of the job you are employed with.

It will help you revamp your efficiency practices and get you laughing uproariously at the friendly and frantic banter of the hosts.

This tech podcast does deserve a special position in the list of some of the best tech podcasts. This is because it offers listeners all the resources and the courage required to pursue their lifelong obsession with technology.

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11. This Week in Tech

The podcast is popularly abbreviated TWiT and is well-known for episodes covering more than two hours.

For the ones who do not know, the podcast was also called the revenge of the Screen Savers for a brief period. This is a flagship podcast by the TWiT.tv network, and it appears every week.

15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

The present host of this tech show is named Leo Laporte, while previously, it was hosted by TechTV professionals. At present, Karsten Bondy produces the show.

The podcast showcases round-table conversations, debates, current technology reviews, and news discussions.

The main focus, however, is on the internet and consumer electronics. The show is produced in Petaluma, TWiT eastside studios in California, USA.

The podcast started as an audio tech show, but many video episodes were also filmed initially. With its evolution in 2008, TWiT was made exclusively available for users with live streaming requirements.

This was for both video and audio formats. This tech podcast has been available weekly since 2009 as both video and audio downloads and on YouTube.

The show’s host, Leo Laporte, also serves at This Week in Google. He is accompanied by some special guests discussing the latest trends in the field of technology, and that too in detail.

Boasting more than 750 episodes to date, This Week in Tech will give you the scope to join top-quality and knowledgeable tech pundits in discussions related to the latest technology.

TWiT is probably one of the longest-running podcasts in the history of podcasting and is also a proud member of the exclusive team of podcast old-timers.

The show covers important new headlines, while the discussion format of the podcast makes way for more spontaneity.

This means that the viewers or the listeners will get their share of industry anecdotes and friendly banters.

This Week in Tech is among the best treats for tech enthusiasts and podcast rookies. However, with episodes covering more than two hours, it might not be a great choice for people with time constraints.

12. This Week in Google – Best tech podcasts for developers

If you think you need to get an idea of everything going on in Google, you must watch out for This Week in Google.

This tech podcast is jointly hosted by Jeff Jarvis, Leo Laporte, and Stacey Higginbotham.

They have guests and special appearances talking about the latest cloud computing and Google news.

15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

This podcast will be your way of making a grand entry into the world of cloud computing and Google. It will give you a clear idea and detailed information about the different innovations and technology-related topics you might be interested in.

TWIG, as This Week in Google, is popularly known, has the guests and the hosts discussing gadgets, news, controversies, and, most interestingly, Google competitors.

Additionally, the podcast offers an exclusive flavor of the well-established and well-known TWiT podcast series that produces more than two dozen technological programs.

13. Reply All

Reply All is a podcast detailing everything about the internet. It is an original and unfailing discovery of modern life, describing the different ways of surviving the same.

Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, these show hosts, possess good knowledge about all things related to technology.

The podcast was launched in 2014; it has been downloaded more than 5 million times every month. Even though the show is considered a tech podcast, it is not much about the internet and other tech components.

Reply All is one of the best tech podcasts available with its reviews, news, and discussions on the internet.

The most popular episode of this show was Zardulu. It is one episode every individual should listen to if he or she thinks that podcasts cannot make a person cry. It is good evidence of how crazy and entertaining this podcast can be.

This American podcast by Gimlet Media features stories about how people have shaped the internet over the years and how the internet has shaped human beings.

Goldman and Vogt previously hosted the culture and technology podcasts WNYC and TLDR.

Phia Bennin, Damiano Marchetti, Sruthi Pinnamaneni, and Tim Howard are the producers of this show. The most popular Breakmaster Cylinder has composed music for the podcast. The format of every episode is different.

There are recurring sections where the hosts are found explaining internet trivia to the Gimlet Media co-founder, Alex Blumberg. There is occasional assistance available to the hosts when special guests are attending the show.

14. Mac Power Users

Do not get fooled by the name of this podcast that is specifically for tools and tricks fanatics. Hosted by Stephen Hackett and David Sparks, this show will help you learn a lot about making the most out of available Apple technology.

15 Of The Best Tech Podcasts For Techies To Follow

The show comprises some of the most important and focused topics the hosts and even workflow guests discussed.

It was first offered onboard in 2009, and since then, it has been ruling the podcasting charts. Though the name of this tech show is a bit misleading, it does cover many topics about Mac.

However, it even focuses on the other Apple products and the right way to use them all.

Co-hosts of this show are legal professionals with an exceptional passion for technology, technological innovations, and gadgets.

It is only because of this reason that the entire podcast is jam-packed with tips on how to use the majority of the devices in the best way possible in varied professions and situations.

One bonus attribute of this show is that the product and app reviews can help you save money and time if you are looking for solutions to all your digital quandaries.

15. Switched On

There has been nothing and will be nothing as detailed and explanatory as Switched On – the podcast people look up to for all their tech queries and dilemmas.

It comes from the house of Bloomberg and is available every week. The podcast covers the future of transport, sustainability, energy, and various other popular technological trends.

Dana Perkins and Mark Taylor are the hosts of this popular tech podcast. Both the hosts are regularly accompanied by some of the best Bloomberg analysts and experts.

They get into the details of the latest technological stories and news. This will be the perfect tech podcast for you if you want to uncover the important stories and findings behind the latest tech research.

Conclusion on the best tech podcasts list

Following some of the latest findings and research in the technology field can be a bit challenging. But not anymore, with some of the best tech podcasts in place.

They have got something for every individual. Simply download them on the go or while working, and keep yourself entertained and informed!