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11 Of The Best CPU Overclocking Software – Reviewed


The majority of the computer hardware components come with default settings for speed. Using a computer within these limits, along with perfect cooling, ensures perfect system performance without major issues.

But what if you feel that the performance of your computer has started deteriorating with time?🤔  If this is the case, then you must try giving your machine the needed boost by going for CPU overclocking software.

Chances are you might have never heard of this term “overclocking,” right? 🤷‍♂️

What is Overclocking as Fast As Possible

So, the first thing you need to do is understand what CPU overclocking software is. The high power used by different system resources can take a toll on the performance of a machine or computer, resulting in the machine being slow in all its operations.

Besides, restricted factory settings might also reduce the speed of a system. In such circumstances, an overclocking device can prove to be highly beneficial. The software can help in making a computer work efficiently and smoothly.

Overclocking tools are specifically designed for speeding up the clock rate of different system resources or parts as against their factory settings or restrictions.

The software allows users to set higher clock rates and even multiplier numbers than the factory number sets for BIOS. With higher limits in place, the GPU and CPU of any machine are forced into processing more operations every second. This further boosts the performance and speed of a computer.

One of the most obvious reasons behind using these software programs is enhancing the performance of a machine. However, they also help with a smoother action and better graphics.

Nevertheless, it is always very important to be careful when using these tools because overclocking comes with its share of disadvantages as well. Unmonitored usage of these tools can cause excessive production of heat.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best overclocking tool for CPU and GPU for the optimum health of your machine.

Additionally, the source of power needs to be tweaked for providing sufficient power for meeting the increased demand for electrical current. Failing to consider these important aspects might cause the failure of the CPU or processor in general.

Furthermore, since the performance of the entire system is completely dependent on RAM speed, it is necessary to consider memory speed as well. In case the RAM is not sufficiently fast in storing and processing data coming from the CPU, the whole machine will suffer.

So, it is quite likely to comprehend the fact of whether GPU or CPU overclocking will be a risk to the failure of the machine. Overclocking improves the performance of a machine. It proves to be handy for running demanding programs and even when gaming.

At the time of our research on Best CPU Overclocking Software, we found a video about “The History of CPU Overclocking” which is worth watching. 🤴

The History of CPU Overclocking

Overclocked GPUs and CPUs can produce improved graphics and yielding smoother action more reliably. Hence, if you think that your system is running slow or is lagging in performance, try out the CPU overclocking software programs detailed below.

These will help you in overclocking your GPU, RAM, and COU most safely and reliably.

Best CPU Overclocking Software: Our Picks 👌

1. MSI Afterburner

This overclock software serves as a staple overclocking tool for computer enthusiasts. It comes loaded with some of the best features to be highly useful for its users.

Best CPU Overclocking Software

It offers detailed reports of hardware and is highly compatible with the majority of the graphics cards available in the market.

Furthermore, the tool offers complete control to the users when it comes to using their graphics cards through a superbly convenient and user-friendly UX interface.

Its user interface even offers the users real-time temperature, clock speed, usage of GPU report, and voltage. One of the most notable features of this software is its custom fan that strikes the right balance between performance and heat.

Other cool features of the software include:-

  • It is completely free of cost giving users the scope of top-quality overclocking for improving the performance of their machine hardware.
  • The users also get core memory perfection with this software along with an FPS counter in-game with detailed information about their system and its performance.
  • The software even possesses the ability to test the thermal performance and stability of graphics cards used in computers. This enables the users to make the most out of their graphics cards.

All in all, MSI Afterburner is a power-packed CPU overclocking software that gives you the scope of enjoying complete control on the graphics cards of your machine. It comes with functionalities that can easily be used for improving the performance of your PC.

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2. AMD Ryzen Master

If you are looking for CPU overclocking software that will personalize the performance of different applications then AMD Ryzen will prove to be the right solution for you.

Best CPU Overclocking Software

This performance tuning tool comes from the house of AMD and thus works specifically for AMD products. The users of AMD GPUs and CPUs can use AMD Ryzen Master for fine-tuning the performance of the hardware and memory in their systems.

This tool proves to be highly advantageous in the sense that every AMD GPU and CPU comes multiplier enabled right from the factory. The four varied profiles provided by this software will make the system overclocking an enjoyable and uncomplicated process for you.

Some of the most unique attributes of this software are as follows:-

  • The four profiles of the software work for Ryzen CPU, Radeon Vega graphics, and for any form of DDR4 memory.
  • Each profile of the software gives users the flexibility of adjusting graphics frequency and memory timings. Users can also optimize cores in a way to suit intended applications.
  • Users can overclock their RAM and AMD CPU with this software and improve the performance of their systems.

AMD Ryzen Master comes with status monitoring potential, offering users real-time status details of their systems and their performance.

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3. EVGA Precision X

11 Of The Best CPU Overclocking Software - Reviewed

This is yet another exclusive and useful CPU overclocking software that has gained huge popularity across the market. It is highly compatible with different Nvidia graphic cards.

It has been developed with the objective of fine-tuning Nvidia graphics cards with GPU controls, memory, and voltage.

The software has the potential of supporting several system elements, and it even comes powered with an easy to use and modern user interface.

Some of the best features of the software include:-

  • It helps in improving the speed of gaming.
  • OSD interface comes powered with TGB color assistance.
  • It provides an easy system for controlling and increasing fan voltage and speed.
  • Custom system profiling with the use of Pixel Clock Overclocking.
  • It supports more than 10 varied overclocking settings with convenient switching.
  • It is a specifically designed CPU overclocking software for supporting Microsoft DirectX 12 API.
  • It offers users the flexibility of editing the memory clock offset along with the GPU clock offset of their machines.

EVGA Precision X is one of the latest software programs available in the line of high-performing CPU overclocking software.

It is not just a tried and tested software but comes from one of the most well-known software development companies popular for manufacturing innovative and useful products.

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4. ASUS GPU Tweak II

This is a premium quality graphic card overclocking or optimization software coming from the house of ASUS. The main features of the software include varied performance approaches like overclock, silent, and gaming mode for quick optimization.

11 Of The Best CPU Overclocking Software - Reviewed

This CPU overclocking software also offers its users the scope of saving their tailor-made profiles.

In other words, it gives users the ability to create custom profiles simply by optimizing different hardware aspects like GPU voltage, memory clock, GPU boost clock, fan speed, power target, and many more things.

You are paying a premium price for this CPU overclocking software. Still, it offers you the ability to manually and automatically turn off Windows services and procedures along with visual effects. This further defragments system memory and boosts the performance of the system.

Some of the most significant features of this software are as follows:-

  • This is a simple CPU overclocking software with an easy-to-use interface. The interface of this software is not just simple but visually appealing too.
  • It enables you to change the voltage, GPU core clock, and memory clock easily.

Since it comes from the well-known brand Asus, you can depend on the serious functionalities of ASUS GPU Tweak II. It will offer you the features and functionalities of high quality and standard CPU overclocking software, but at a price, you can easily afford it.

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5. SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility

This overclocking tool has been specifically optimized and designed for improving the performance and quality of SAPPHIRE Graphics cards. The software boasts of a highly intuitive and appealing user interface, along with a powerful engine.

Best CPU Overclocking Software

It allows its users to boost the performance of their graphics cards the way they want. It can even be used for fine-tuning or changing the speed of the GPU clock, memory clock, and GPU voltage.

Furthermore, post altering the performance metrics of a system GPU, users can save the settings in custom profiles. It allows users to have a total of five profiles. There are two user modes available with the software.

One is for silent operations, and the other one is for high performance. Beginners into overclocking can use these modes for optimizing the performance of their systems.

Other exclusive features of the software include:-

  • The hardware monitor feature of this tool offers real-time reports and updates on system performance.
  • Its fan control feature enables the operators to modify cooling for meeting system overclocking demands.
  • It is compatible with AMD Graphic Cards and even supports a wide variety of graphic cards ranging from the Radeon R9 Fury series to the Radeon Basic Graphic Cards.

 Just like all the other CPU overclocking software programs available in the market, this beast enables its users to alter the core GPU voltage, clock, and memory clock to bring about the best performance of the system. This is a handy tool for the owners of AMD Graphics Cards.

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6. CPU-Z and GPU-Z

CPU-Z and GPU-Z are applications you must go for if you are looking to overclock your system, graphics cards, and processor.

These tools prove to be the best when it comes to preserving the performance and analytics of a system both before and after the overclocking procedure.

CPU-Z offers complete and detailed reports on the processor, GPU, and motherboard. It offers all important information and data related to the system processor. This includes information about cache levels, packages, and voltage.

On the other hand, GPU-Z has its focus on providing information about the graphics card, which includes the GPU clocks and memory clocks, size, and temperature.

The only thing that you need to do as a user is to have a clear understanding of the CPU and GPU of your system and how you need to overclock the features.

Exclusive attributes of CPU-Z and GPU-Z include:-

  • ATI Graphic Cards, AMD, Nvidia, and Intel GPU are all compatible with GPU-Z and CPU-Z.
  • With an unmatched potential of overclocking and tuning the hardware components, CPU, and system memory, CPU-Z does deserve a special position amongst some of the best CPU overclocking software programs available in the market.
  • CPU-Z works on an all-inclusive tactic. Also, it is completely free.
  • CPU-Z has been specifically designed for monitoring and checking important system resources like codename, processor name, procedures, numbers, and cache levels. It even monitors and checks the mainboard, memory size, module specifications, and chipset. It offers real-time statistics of the memory frequency of a system.
  • It even allows users to check the temperature, voltage, clock, memory, CPU load, timing figures, and the fan speed of their systems.
  • The user interface of CPU-Z is quite simple, and it even can create and back up graphic cards BIOS.
  • It works seamlessly on different Windows versions without the need for installation.
  • GPU-Z id lightweight software program with the potential of monitoring and documenting the performance of video cards and graphics processors.
  • Even the interface of GPU-Z is simple and user-friendly, displaying information about the GOPU performance of a system. This will include information about overclock, default clocks, and even 3D clocks.
  • GPU-Z also has a load testing attribute that helps in verifying the configuration of the PCI-Express lane.

All in all, CPU-Z and GPU-Z are software programs that come loaded with functionalities that offer a very simple way of setting and monitoring the clocking speed of a system. They are the best CPU overclocking software programs to try out at present.

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7. CPU Tweaker and MemSet

There is nothing more powerful than information, and in the world of system information, there can be nothing better than GPU-Z and CPU_Z. Both these CPU overclocking software programs stand ahead in competition mainly because of their simplicity and completeness.

11 Of The Best CPU Overclocking Software - Reviewed

But if you want something more complex in the category of overclocking tools, then CPU Tweaker and MemSet will be the right solutions for you. MemSet is a complicated memory overclocking software that offers the majority of the features users expect to get hold of in the BIOS.

The associated application of this tool that is CPU-Tweaker can be used instead of MemSet for overclocking processors with fully entrenched memory controllers like Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Phenom range. Even this version offers an overclocking feature for system processors.

Other notable attributes of CPU Tweaker and MemSet are as follows:-

  • MemSet and CPU Tweaker are highly advanced overclocking tools designed for all those users who are pro at overclocking and have a good idea of the steps they are taking.
  • CPU Tweaker software remains restricted to only processors with entrenched memory controllers, while MemSet is more powerful and advanced, working for almost all processors.
  • Both these CPU overclocking software programs are highly advanced and complex tools available for free.
  • CPU Tweaker is lightweight CPU overclocking software possessing the ability to improve the performance and the speed of a processor.
  • It gives users the ability to fine-tuning memory timing on the CPUs of their systems with an incorporated Memory Controller.
  • CPU Tweaker also includes VCore and VDimm support as its significant features.
  • It has a simple user interface perfect for monitoring system performance.
  • MemSet is also a lightweight system overclocking tool designed specifically for tweaking the memory of a machine.
  • It can change memory timing for improving the performance of a system.
  • It can even fine-tune the system performance to perfectly suit the requirements of the users and the applications.

While highly powerful and advantageous, both CPU Tweaker and MemSet are complicated CPU overclocking software tools not meant for novice users.

The users of these programs need to be highly adept at overclocking and system optimization for utilizing these programs most effectively.

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8. Nvidia Inspector

Next on the list of best CPU overclocking software programs is Nvidia Inspector. This is a lightweight software manufactured by a third-party developer to be used with their GPU ranges.

CPU Overclocking Software

This is 129KBtool featuring all the imperative functionalities that are required by GPU users for tracing the worthiness of their Nvidia GPUs.

Take, for example, there are three tabs available with this tool, and these tabs can be used for tracking the performance of GPUs along with their fans. These tabs also help in managing GPU overclocking along with fan speed.

A few cool attributes of this software include:-

  • It has the potential of detecting graphics cards automatically in machines.
  • It even can create detailed profiles of GPUs on different systems along with their current configurations.
  • The users of Nvidia Inspector can easily set GPU frequencies as per their requirements.
  • In addition to this, they can even set the fan speed and use the automated mode as available.
  • A simple interface makes overclocking an uncomplicated task.

The main function served by this app is displaying the graphics card details of the user’s system. However, it can even be used for overclocking the GPU. It does come with certain restrictions like the inability to monitor the system’s stability and temperature.

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9. SetFSB

Boasting the potential of altering and adjusting the Front Side Bus settings of a system, this CPU overclocking software does deserve a special position in the list of the best overclocking tools available at present.

11 Of The Best CPU Overclocking Software - Reviewed

The Front Side Bus serves as the chief assembly between the CPU and memory. This means that any changes made to the settings of the FSB can go a long way in boosting the speed of a system.

Good speed will automatically lead to improved system performance. You can use SetFSB for customizing the performance of your system COU simply by customizing the Front Side Bus settings of your system.

It comes with a slider that will help you in increasing or decreasing the FSB speed for fine-tuning the speed of the Central Processing Unit.

Important features of SetFSB are as follows:-

  • It comes with highly advanced options of overclocking a system.
  • Invaluable overclocking tool for the majority of the users.

This CPU overclocking software needs to be used carefully. It is not meant for beginners into overclocking. The software is for power users possessing detailed knowledge of customizing a system.

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10. Riva Tuner

This is an all-inclusive overclocking tool for ATI and Nvidia graphic cards. It can effectively be used for tweaking and managing the memory, performance, and fan speed of a system.

This software provides one of the best ways of controlling a system from overheating. It also helps in speeding up the performance of a computer on the whole.

The main feature of this software is its huge profiling system that comes with real-time hardware monitoring and custom settings.

Other important features of this overclocking tool are as follows:-

  • It offers unfettered GPU control.
  • It even helps in controlling the speed of the shader clock and in controlling memory.

 It should be on your list of the best CPU overclocking software programs for the exclusive features it offers.

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Final Words

If you are dealing with a compromised system slow in speed and poor in performance, then you must go for the CPU overclocking software programs detailed above. They will help you in improving the overall functioning of your system in just a matter of a few minutes.