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15 Best Online Clothing Stores like Princess Polly

If you are a fan of showbiz and the fashion industry then it is more than possible for you to hear the name of the Australia-based fashion boutique, Princess Polly.

Princess Polly’s name comes under the list of stores that strive for presenting a collection full of street style, pop culture, edgy fashion along with comfort that oozes style.

The closet of Princess Polly stores a large collection of the trendiest fashion with a wide range of apparel for you to select from. In a breeze, we all like something floaty and lively therefore Princess Polly is there to cater to you.

You can most definitely find colors of the rainbow in a wide range of mini, maxi, party, casual, midi, formal, bodycon, long sleeve dresses to the umpteenth style of tops that just look like taken out of the fashion catalog.

The store offers you a dress, making you a trendsetter and head-turning model and celebrity alike. All these features make the customers trend princess Polly’s collection almost every time.

The store not only stores apparel but also represents shoes, accessories which include minimal things like hair accessories. The store will be your friend who can give you fashion related advice in a second.

It has one of the fastest shipping mechanisms due to which your waiting period will be less. Clients can change their offer within 30 days and can also pay after getting their orders and one of the most eye-catching features that I like is the discount you can grab if you are surfing through the store.

Some other Stores like Princess Polly 👌👌

If you are not interested in browsing through princess Polly or just want to refresh your wardrobe with pieces of different stores then here are some stores like Princess Polly jotted down for you.

1. Pretty Little Thing

In the fashion bazaar, Pretty Little Things is said to be the same store as Princess Polly, known for its huge collection that empowers fashion, trend, royalty, and slickness in it.

It is an unwritten rule to must have a PLT tag clothing in a fashionista’s wardrobe as the tagline guarantees you eye-catching pieces.

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Pretty Little Thing pleases its customers’ eyes with a burst of colors seen in their apparel such as in dresses, tops, accessories, activewear, coats as well as jackets.

If you are a diehard fan of street style that screams comfort then you can also find blouses, crop tops, as well as denim, jeans, joggers to go with them.

It also showcases a wide range of jumper, jumpsuits, knitwear, leggings, loungewear, etc. There is also something for sports-loving fashion divas as you can also look through playwear and comfy shorts.

In accessories, you can go through trendy earrings, necklaces even chokers, rings, body jewelry, bags, and purses, belts, sunglasses, hair products. Pretty Little Thing is a magical store for fashion-loving people to get any fashion solutions.

It is the best store like princess Polly that you should check out without wasting any time. Its closet contains any kind of dresses, a wide range of boots, heels, flats, along with beauty products that make it seems endless.

When you look through Pretty Little Thing shop, then you can see its collection with PLT tag that can bring charm to your closet along with prosperity as it gives you a whole pack of offers and you are not needed to search more stores like Princess Polly.

2. Honey Peaches

If you are looking for something classy, posh, and elegant then Honey Peaches is another store like Polly pRincess that can fulfill the quota.

Honey Peaches is an industry-leading online fashion boutique for women and is most known for its quick services along with quick follow-ups.

Some other Stores like Princess Polly

It always gets reviews saying how in vogue the tailored gowns are in Honey Peaches and their sale most likely seal their deals. Honey Peaches comes under the list of must-have stores like Princess Polly that features a stylish selection of women’s clothing and accessories that will crash any occasion.

Honey Peaches adorn dashing pieces of playsuits, dresses, tops, knitwear, jumpsuits, coats, and jackets, and if you like skirts too. It also lets you deck pieces that showcase bump-friendly style.

Honey peaches attract the limelight towards them with their breathtaking sophisticated gowns that will rock any occasion. You can find such swoon-worthy gowns in their Luxe Collectio that are divided into ‘In-stock Luxury gowns’ and ‘Made to order Luxury gowns’.

It also lets you select accessories and if are someone who spends more than $AUD70 every time they shop then free shipping is guaranteed for you. It is one of the stores like Polly Princess that offers a large number of discounts if you are a student.

3. Asos

Looking for the best store like Princess Polly to exchange your costumes and outfits, then Asos may bet the best option to look first. It is almost impossible not to add a multifunctional store like Asos to the list.

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Asos lets its customers select from a wide range of styling options as well as accessories. It is trying to accomplish making its customers feel proud of the way they carry themselves by providing such items.

A person with any body type can have their picture-perfect outfit from ASOS, as they have different clothing size options. When you are looking through Asos’s wardrobe your gender would not matter because it tries to be accessible for both.

In its closet, you can find a boho tee or a cute Disney tee, or you can find plain jeans, and if that ain’t your choice then there are other options as well as rocking neon jeans is also available for coordinating.

A glittery party dress or normal floral frock, anything you want is possible to be found in ASOS’s closet for you. 

If you are Asos’s customer residing in Australia then you can have your package on your doors without needing to spend on shipping and every ASOS customer can return the dress within 28 days and can pay bills in Australian and US Dollars and British Pounds.

If you could not find the apparel in Princess Polly then Asos is a store that may be ‘the one’ for you.

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4. Nasty Gal

If you are on some kind of treasure hunt for stores like Princess Polly then Nasty Gal can be the next value to add in the treasure. Searching for a store that can present affordable fashion with a broad range of clothing items then you have come to the right place.

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In showbiz, Nasty Gal is known for transforming dark, edgy, and geeky style into a fashion statement. When searching for affordable yet stylish, long-lasting yet fashionable, and comfortable clothes then Nasty Gal can provide you with all these qualities thus acting as the all-in-one brand.

You can find a wide array of metallic skirts, platform shoes, and vegan leather pieces are on top of the most popular items by Nasty Gal. you can find its exclusive and trendy clothing that tries to make its customers clash with models diva.

It has returning period of 28 days so you can return the parcel as well as can also pay when you have the parcel in your hand. 

Looking for a meshy crop top, Nasty Gal has it, want a bottom to go with it, nasty gal got it, therefore it is recommended to look through Nasty Gal if you don’t want to go through any other store.

5. Misguided

If you aren’t able to look for store Princess Polly, then Missguided may help you find the best deal just as Princess Polly. It let women evoke their inner fashion sense by offering items full of fashion.

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Missguided showcases pop culture, street style, and normal casual style in their collection. It has a summer dress that can make you feel like a floating goddess, swimwear that can make you a sea queen as well as jeans and loungewear for a normal relaxing day. 

You can find a masterpiece from the collaboration of PlayboyxMisguided, valentines, coats, and jackets, activewear, winter wear, dresses, tops, shoes as well as beauty products from Misguided.

The dresses department consists of gowns, blazer, and tuxedo, denim, casual, bodycon, formal, slip, sweater, long sleeves, maxi, midi, shirt, party dresses, and the most obsessed little black dresses.

It is an all-in-one store like princess Polly that can offer trendy clothes as well as let you have the best buying experience along with showcasing all types of lengths in dresses such as short dresses as well as remarkable skater dresses, smock, wrap, and t-shirt dresses.

Misguided is a name that comes under the list of stores like Princess Polly so do not look further than it.

6. Mishkah Fashion

Mishkah fashion boutique store screams summer style that can be seen in their dresses, whether it is wrapped dresses or lace tops. It is impossible to come again asking for more of their masterpieces because of several discount codes. 

If your cart is already full but still doesn’t want to lose the item then you can buy that with Afterpay as it is available in the store or you can reduce the price up to 50% by using one of their promo codes.

If your order is above the price of $AUD70 then free shipping is all yours. It is impossible not to fawn over fluttery playsuits and jumpsuits that reside in Mishkah Fashion’s wardrobe. Not only these but you can also have little something for your beach outings thus making every eye turns for you.

If you are interested in looking at stores like Princess Polly, then Mishkah Fashion store may be your way to have a cute fluttery item.

7. Glue Store

Glue Store is a known brand in the fashion bazaar for its production of both men’s and women’s clothing items as fashionable as others.

It is a hub of branded known stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Stussy, Tommy Hilfinger, Nike, Champion, Ellesse, and Nike. It not only broadcast all hi-fi brand items but you can also see PE Nation, Nude Lucy, Trills Co as well as Beyond Her in their shop.

It strives for providing its customers with must-have seasonal staple pieces that will make the person wearing it feel confident and posh. It stocks the best sneakers, slides, vans, converse, and shoes for your feet. 

Glue Store can make you ready from head to toe as it holds watches, hats, and bags to their accessories list. All around famous denim, frill luscious dresses abound here. It gives you free delivery as well as stock its customers with huge discounts and offers and it also allows their customers to have active interaction between them through Live chats.

Not adding the name of Glue Store is unfair for both its fan along with people going on a hunt for stores like Princess Polly.

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8. Shein

You can consider Shein among other stores like Princess Polly that will make you go mad when shopping. You can find the store almost in every part of the globes as it is operated over 200 countries at the present.

A Chinese-based fashion boutique, Shein stores a large collection of fashionable and trendy masterpieces that showcase crop tops, dresses, trousers, t-shirts along with cutesy accessories, artistic stationery, and your personal favorite beauty and care products. Shein is known for impressing buyers with affordable prices that no one would want to miss.


Shein strives for making everything available for anyone that wants to be a trendsetter and fashion icon. They offer fast shipping and an easy return policy that lets you return the package within 40 days starting from the day you received your order.

Add the name of the Shein store to your list of stores like Princess Polly because it has some special fashion statements to represent.

9. Stelly Clothing

Another name to add to the list of stores like Princess Polly is Stelly Clothing that immediately caught the eyes of fashion icons and fashion lovers. It loads its customers with a closet full of fashion pieces that range from party dresses, casual tops, and boho jumpsuits.

Stelly Clothing offers customers a free express shipping option that price over $AUD50. If you are not able to stop yourself from hoarding some pieces then Afterpay installments are also available to use and can get the best deal that can cut off 10% for students who registered on the site.

Some other Stores like Princess Polly 3

The sales can be as low as &AU10 for a beautiful top of your choice and if you do not hurry then it may get woosh in front of you.

10. Boohoo

If you want to look for something that will motivate you and your beautiful figure then Boohoo is a good competition that will stand with other such stores.

A 2006 launched brand, Boohoo was initially made for women’s apparel but currently started its venture in men’s fashion wardrobe so that you can surf irrespective of your gender.


If you want to wear over oversized clothes in trend, want to have comfort and not to compromise style then Boohoo is a must place for such persons.

Their wardrobe has everything so it does not matter if you are looking for a midi, maxi, mini, smock, jumper, shirt, long sleeve, T-shirt, bodycon, skater, wrap, sweatshirt, black, blazer, or pinafore dresses because Boohoo has it all.

It has a co-ordinated sections such as ‘dresses by occasion’, ‘dresses by fit’, and ‘dresses by trend’ that make shopping easier as you wouldn’t have to look through different things.

It is not just a closet full that has only dresses but has many things to offer such as tracksuits, joggers, leggings, hoodies, and sweatshirts, athleisure, along with nightwear, loungewear, self-care.

If you are a fashion person who likes to style their own outfit at a reasonable price then Boohoo is one of the stores like Princess Polly that can stand on your expectation.

It offers high sales almost in every season. It has its own collection which always showcases ingenuity along with fashion that can clash with any other store.

11. The Iconic

You are there, searching for Princess Polly’s sibling then The Iconic is the most wanted in the business of fashion. It is the best place that adds something to its wardrobe every day. If you are a person who easily gets bored then The Iconic is the ideal place for you.

It has collaborated with more than 1000 large and small enterprises that offer a huge whoop of 60,000 merchandise.

THE ICONIC Summer Beauty Masterclass

It puts up 200 products a day for you to never stay out of style and it also lets you choose from its own as well as other collections as you can find Topshop, Tigerlily along with The Iconic’s.

The best thing is its shipping package and if you are a person enjoying in Sydney then it is more than possible to get your hand on your deals in 3 hours. People living in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide also get surprises as they can get their offers within a day.

12. Hello Molly

Just like the cute name of the store, Hello Molly, the dresses are the same, cute. When opening the store, your eyes will blow open from the cute shiny pink color which adds more charm to the already cute store.

Welcome to Hello Molly's YouTube Channel! 🙌

Hello Molly is not a store that stocks as much as others but you can still find a wide range of dresses such as you can find fitting bodycon dresses to express your figure, chic formal dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, classy backless dresses, to any occasional wear dresses such as party, day,

It also holds dresses that ooze style like sequin, lace, printed, white, floral, mini, printed, off the shoulder, long sleeves, and infamous little black dress. It offers to let the users pay the cost in installment through Afterpay and free shipping is available for deals over $AUD50.

Not only dresses but you will find the same range of varieties in tops, rompers, bottoms, shoes, accessories, as well as in self-care products and activewear. 

You can reduce 10% from your first order after signing up and if you are a student then 10% is also off. The return period is of 30 days that starts from the day you ordered and in exchange, you will get store credit.

13. Dress Lily

Dress Lily is a store that works with the motive, dress to express. It does not function with society’s ideology about ‘the perfect figure’ so it has a closet that empowers women along with providing them the trend they are looking for.

It is one of the only stores that showcase every size in swimwear thus making every woman of beautiful figure feel important and not excluded. Dress Lily has a fast fashion at an affordable price. 

You can look through dresses, tankinis, swimwear (irrespective of your figure), women apparel as well as men apparel. If you are looking for all in one store that can give you dresses, shoes, home wear, home-related things, as well as accessories then you have come to the right place that will give what you ask.

14. Rosegal

When we ask for top stores like Princess Polly then Rosegal is a store that will stand stronger with such stores. It has classic and elegant fashion for women at a reasonable rate so you would not go bankrupt. 

Some other Stores like Princess Polly 4

The theory of big is beautiful is seen in their fashionable pieces and their plus size is worth swooning so if have you a beautiful curve then it is an ideal shop. They have a large collection of styles and things that varies from vintage to contemporary, nightwear to athleisure, everyday normal casual fashion to formal wear.

Their casual wardrobe is made up of a diverse range of dresses, knitwear, tops, sweaters, cardigans, denim, and much more to unveil yourself. It has everything stored together in the shop that is worth spending a penny.

You can also look through lingerie, swimwear (that will make you a real-life mermaid), accessories as well as home furniture. These homey things consist of bedding, body essentials at a very reasonable cost.

To visit the store click here


In this article, we have seen 14 stores like Princess Polly. All the sores in the list can quench your thirst for fashion but to get the best one you should read each’s description.