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Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

A photo editor app is an application that oversees the photography section and makes them amazing by either adding features to the photo or removing unwanted image features from the photo.

In the recent years, phone cameras have become a big deal than the past years as they are designed to fit in the digital world allowing an individual to take a photo and have permission to alter it in the way they want. Photo editing refers to the changing of images.

Here is the List of the Top Best Photo Editing Apps for Android


Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This is one of the outstanding applications, which can be described as a great photo editor for android mobile phones.

It powers numerous applications and contains a collection of tools that are easy to use for editing purposes.


This platform is also a free SDK providing customized photos for the developers. It is an easy application you can use to edit your photos in a creative way in the shortest time possible.


7. AirbrushTop 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This application brings the best natural editing tools for photos. However, it is exclusively designed for those people who love taking selfies. This could be a hindrance to non-selfie lovers. It has quality retouch tools to deliver natural results.

Using this app will make you achieve perfect photos with a simple tap because of its best editing technology. If you are poor or tired of learning Photoshop then this app is for you if you still need quality Photoshop features on your photo.

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6. Instagram

Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This application is widely used, as is the best platform to post pictures as well as communicate with other people. What most people are not aware of, is that Instagram can be used to edit the photos you take every single day. It does not take much of your time to edit the photos and neither does it require you to have fancy cameras or software.

The trick is about learning how to use its filters for different types of photos within the app. This photo editor for android application can help you turn your unedited photo into a more compelled one.

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5. PicSay Pro

Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This award-winning application is the best photo editor for Android that can help you attain your desired effects on photos. However, it comes with a price, as you will have to buy it from the application store at a cheap price.

This photo editor for Android improves the color of your photo, gets you creative with using paint, stickers, or word balloons, and allows you to have fun with the distortions, cutouts, and special effects.

The easy to use interface makes this application the best alternative for editing your photos despite the fact that, it has no batch processing support.

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4. Snapseed

Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Snapseed enables a user to enhance and apply digital filters to photos. In the previous year, snapseed was rated as one of the top 100 applications in the Android world.

It is easy to edit photos and use filters with this app. It has numerous tools that are impressive. For instance, its control based on control makes the manipulation of photos to be more accurate.

For those with no knowledge of how it works, snapseed will guide you through a tutorial after you have installed it. The tutorial majors on how to use the features within the app for your editing purposes.

3. Pixomatic

Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This application best suits those who would love editing their background photos in addition to having the capabilities to cutout, remove image elements, and replace them. You can equally apply filters to the edited images or adjust the color with speed. To be precise, it can allow you manipulate your images to suit your audience.

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2. Fotor photo editor

Introduce Fotor's Android app

This is an online designer app that consists of tools needed to give you the best outcome from your photo editing skills. It is same as doing online Photoshop not to mention that it has the HDR effects for the advanced needs of editing. You can easily transform portraits beautifully using the app’s wide-ranging photo features.

This photo editor for Android was recently recognized and won an award for its outstanding achievement in the web development world.

Despite having all this merits and recommendations, like any other app, Fotor has a flaw that limits the users. It lacks printing support yet this is supposed to be considered when advancing these apps to fit in the current technology.

1. PicsArt

Top 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This photo editor for Android is an excellent one when it comes to creation, discovery, and sharing of photos. Besides being useful, it is a free app as you do not pay to have it functioning. It requires less editing to make your images amazing and outstanding.

It also has many effects and filters which are easy to use and allows you to share your photos through networks. Unfortunately, it lacks some of the other important features of other versions like, in the windows version of this app is very limited than the android app since most of the options and tools found in android version are missing.

My take

In consideration to the above options, you are free to decide on what actually meets your desires in terms of editing of photos. Making the right choice can be promising to having effective images when using any photo editor for android.