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11 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard To Buy in 2023

Do you have the curiosity to know about the best Waterproof electric skateboard To Buy in 2023? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 🥽🥽

Some of our skateboards are not made for the rainy season or wet conditions. If any liquid from any source gets into various parts of this electronic board, it can do much damage.

E.g., suppose the metallic parts of the electric skateboard get in contact with water. In that case, it’ll rust, which would see our bearings stiffen up and seize, and this can lead to our skateboard experiencing movement difficulties.

Once those bearings become stiff, getting the nuts off becomes impossible as the bolts are rusted and hard to unscrew if the skateboard wood soaks water, the surface peels and loses its toughness.

For these reasons, you can tell that water is not suitable for our skateboards to talk more of an electric skateboard with electrical components attached.

Because of its water issues, few manufacturers have come up with a solution and went on and invented waterproof electric skateboards to solve the above-listed problems and ease buyers of the stress of being caught up by bad weather when using the skateboard.

We’ll give you an accurate review of the best waterproof electric skateboard. If you live in those regions of the world that experience much rainfall throughout the year, this article is for you.

Since time immemorial, we all know that water and electronics do not mix and have been a concern to people who fear getting caught in severe weather conditions; this is a reason why the motorized skateboard industry came up with the idea of a waterproof skateboard.

There are parts of the skateboard that should not get wet, namely its bearings and the belt and pulley drive train system; the companies know this and know the issues experienced when it’s ridden on a slippery surface, such as its teeth getting clogged up with a pile of dirt, and this would lead to the teeth skipping thereby weakening the belts and shortening the life expectancy of the skateboard.

And also, stiff bearings that’s what led to the idea for a waterproof skateboard, and our manufacturers designed waterproof electric skateboards with a fully sealed motor, cutting off water intake and making the inner parts maintenance-free.

Our skateboards went from manual, i.e., moved by exerting a forward push to being fused with technology making its use more useful than ever.

Our skateboards come fitted with electric motors and batteries, making them electric skateboards,s and from there, they’re now being made waterproof and free from maintenance.

What a way to go! Look how far we’ve come in the industry and see how better our drive for excellence has become.

After doing eloquent research, we will look at some of the best waterproof electric skateboard and their features; this would serve as an eye-opener for you in the industry and a catalog to pick from whenever you’re interested.

Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard: Our Picks

1. EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard

For riders seeking a waterproof, smooth, powerful, and adaptable electric skateboard, the EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard is the best option available.

You’ll be able to go farther without stopping to refuel, thanks to the quick-swap battery and top speed of 23 mph. It can accommodate riders of all sizes, including adults and teenagers, with a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs.

The EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard is distinguished by its IP55 waterproof classification, which enables operation in damp or rainy circumstances.

11 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard To Buy in 2023
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The EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard will perform consistently in all weather situations, whether you’re riding it to work or just for a leisurely ride.

The EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard is built with aesthetics and comfort in mind, in addition to its remarkable technical features. For riders of all skill levels, the cruiser-style deck offers a sturdy platform that is pleasant to stand on.

Thanks to the provided remote, you have complete control over your ride, which makes it simple to change the skateboard’s speed and power output.

The EXWAY Wave Hub Electric Skateboard is a dependable and fashionable option for riders of all skill levels searching for an electric skateboard that can handle a range of surfaces and circumstances.


  • 23 mph is the top speed
  • Quick-swap battery for extended trips without stopping to recharge
  • Riders of various sizes can use the 440 lb maximum load capacity.
  • Devices with an IP55 waterproof rating are appropriate in wet or rainy conditions.
  • Comfortable and stable cruiser-style deck
  • Remote for power and speed adjustments
  • Versatile enough to be used on a range of surfaces
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2. Acton Blink S2

Waterproof electric skateboard
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This water-resistant skateboard has been tagged as this year’s best electric skateboard. Apart from being light in weight, it’s also well built, fixed strongly, ad easy to use.

Its battery pack is powerful and offers a prolonged backup, and the control of the board is done by a remote, which can be handheld. Its design is one of the best as its polygon shape and its innovative look attracts you at first glance.

It also has black grip tape on the board’s top, which is the center that enhances its security and firmness. This gives off one of the best performances you’ll see.

Although not fully waterproof, the Acton blink S2 electric skateboard is partially waterproof as the board is water-resistant and may be damaged if used under heavy rain. The board is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum piece to make it more durable.

The Acton blink S2 comes loaded with a Samsung lithium-ion battery that charges fully in less than 45 minutes which is fantastic machinery concerning speed and mileage.

The batter can come with a single hub or a dual hub with a range of 14 miles and a rate of 15 – 18 MPH with an advanced braking system, LED lighting, and it offers three ride modes. It’s got one of the easy to uses aboard.


  • It comes packed with 14 miles when fully charged with a speed of 15 – 18 MPH.
  • It comes with a custom-made LED lighting system, making night rides comfortable.
  • Offers a six-month warranty
  • Its remote control is Bluetooth operated


  • It’s not thoroughly water-resistant, although its hardware is fully sealed.
  • This is not a board for tricks.
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3. KooWheel D3M Electric Skateboard

Waterproof electric skateboard
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Koowheel D3M electric skateboard: This short electric skateboard is light in weight and smartly designed with black grip tape and a seven-layer Canadian maple wood deck painted with black for easy maneuvering, flexibility, and cruise.

Its height would not affect placing your feet firmly on it. It comes with a swappable battery pack that ensures you stay on course for about 10 – 15 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 27 MPH powered by a dual motor. Equipped with 2 in-wheels brushless hub motor of 350watts each, its torque is extreme.

The Koowheel D3M electric skateboard is known to be waterproof after passing the IPX4 waterproof certification test, and it’s equipped with temperature control that enables it to attain its highest speed limit.


  • It comes equipped with an easy to change the spare battery pack
  • IPX-certified water resistance
  • Temperature control enables it to reach its top speed but can be slower in hot environments.


  • It’s quite a new product with little or no customer feedback
  • It uses hub motors instead of belt motors which would make acceleration different from belt motors.
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4. Inboard M1

Waterproof electric skateboard
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one unique characteristic of the Inboard M1 is its wheels because of its stability and speed, which brings it to our Best Waterproof electric skateboard 2023 lists.

The wheels with two hub motors assembled into its rear tires are also said to be spin-free, meaning they can be rolled forward when there’s a low battery or on a perpendicular slope.

The Inboard M1 also comes with a swappable battery system, where you can swap one battery for the other when one dies.

Its recycling braking system provides extra energy to charge the battery, increasing the extent for it to last long after charging. The Inboard is built with a passcode for security; the board unlocks when you enter the password.

The board is not fully waterproof; it was designed to be weather resistant and has that feature in three modes: beginners, advanced, and eco. This device is operated with remote control and offers its user a delightful riding experience.


  • The Inboard is known to go up to 7miles at 22 mph.
  • It’s easy to ride and 100% safe to control and ride
  • The Inboard is durable with a one-year warranty on a production error
  • It can be driven with remote control on four riding modes


  • More expensive than other skateboards
  • The M1 is designed to go only 7 miles which is quite poor for a machine
  • If you’re looking for a bike for tricks, this is not the one
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5. Acton Blink S

Waterproof electric skateboard
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In the line of the S series, this was the first to be made. This board is not too long, but it has a lovely and catchy eye design. This skateboard is perfectly designed for beginners and the pros, as the experience can be enjoyed along with its original design, safety features, and dazzling colors.

The blink S has been designed with ita single hub motor, competent battery, regenerative brake, sturdy brakes, a well-built truck, and heavily carved board.

The hub is built to speed up from 0 to 15 mph within a few seconds with a controlling motor, a bearing, and a washer. The center of operation offers its best performance in all modes of operation, such as beginners, standard, and pro.

The board deck is compounded in lightweight wood and offers a rider’s weight capacity of 235LBS. The material has high tensile strength and an enhanced modulus of rupture.

The sturdy truck has a safe kingpin, a string base plate, a superbly wide axle and hanger, and shockproof bushing. The regenerative brake transforms frictional heat into energy, while the other way is from the heat generated through the speed of action.

The Acton Blink S is known to be controlled through a remote. The remote control can accelerate the Blink S, which draws more current from the battery.

You can control the skateboard using the remote to adjust the acceleration speed of the skateboard during inclined roads and curves or even going down a hill where the remote can be used to solve safety factors.

The technology is built to let it changes between the forward and reverse movement. The best way it’s done is by firstly applying the brakes, then waiting for the skateboard to slow down before moving in the reverse.

Putting it in reverse immediately without applying the brakes first would cause the board to jerk, causing shocks and vibrating rapidly.


  • A high tensile strength lightweight
  • It can go up to 15 mph in a matter of minutes
  • A single charge can take one up to 7 miles
  • The remote control is done through the use of Bluetooth


  • At low battery, the braking system does not gradually slow down
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At the time of our research on “Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard,” we found a video about “Waterproof your electric skateboard how to 5 min easy DIY” which is worth watching. 🏆

Waterproof your electric skateboard how to 5 min easy diy

6. The Maxfind Max 2 electric skateboard

Waterproof electric skateboard
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The deck of this board is made from plastic compounds; its length is 32in, while its width is 9.37in. The synthetic compound this board is made of constitutes its waterproof qualities, makes it cheap to produce, and makes its production cost low.

The board shares the same technology as the Inboard in storing the battery within itself and the battery usage. This makes it efficiently waterproof as it shields the battery, the Bluetooth signal receiver, and the insides of the electric engine from the water.

The max find electric skateboard uses the same hub motor as the Inboard; it is cheap to produce and safely installed in the back of the skateboard, safe away from water or any boards, with an outer electric motor in a sealed pack.  All these features are perfect for an affordable electric skateboard.

The hub motor is a single motor that, no matter your weight, takes you up to 23 mph and offers a distance of 17 miles on a single charge. This power is emitted from a Samsung battery which takes about 1 hour to charge.


  • The deck is built with a mixture of PVC and PEA synthetic materials, which combine to give it an anti-slip new rubber surface that is free from scratch and repels slips.
  • It has a regular skateboard look because its design sees its battery and receiver packed inside.
  • It has its heat cooling system on the wheels as an aluminum piece.
  • Equipped with cruise control which makes long journeys easier and interesting


  • The brakes are too sensitive and can be improved upon
  • The remote control surface can also be developed.
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7. Maxfind Dual Motor electric skateboard

Waterproof electric skateboard
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This skateboard is designed to be efficiently waterproof, with its motors safely in a pack underneath the board. It’s quite affordable, boasts a speed limit of 17 mph, and can go up to 10 miles before getting low.

The board has a wonderfully built and durable design made from 8-ply maple. This is known as a strong wood material.

Its wheels are designed from an article named polyurethane which increases their lifespan and gives them a high rebound. The dual-motor is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

The remote control of this machine is wireless and easy to use, with buttons for speed, brake, and directions. The LG lithium battery inside the pack underneath comes 85% charged but only takes 30 – 45 mins to charge when it’s run down.

The board is very stable and has a quality grip making it suitable for tough grounds and street experience with a 15% steep slope capability.


  • Because of its lightweight design, it’s easy to carry around
  • The speed is one of the best around, and it has an excellent grip ability
  • Known to be a quick charge and excellent distribution time of power
  • Its remote is easy to operate and handheld
  • Offers a one-year warranty on production errors


  • Sometimes there’s a delay in the powering of the remote
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8. Acton Blink lite

Waterproof electric skateboard
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this holds the records as the world’s lightest hub motor electric skateboard, and it comes pre-installed with features that would make riding this skateboard interesting.

Its wheels are packed with a hub motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. It seems like it’s a lite product; it goes 6 miles at its entire speed of 10 mph and weighs an impressive 7.7lbs, and there’s yet to be a skateboard to break that record.

The blink lite comes packed with its battery and hub motor in a plastic container beneath the riding board, and it has fitted in light strips for safe riding at night and for the board to be visible.

The Acton blink lite to regenerate and save energy uses the regenerative brake system, and there’s access to the official app of the blink lite system for IOS and Android through the board.

There are complaints of the remote being bulky and awkward to handle, but asides from that, it’s easy to use. It comes built-in with an 8% steep slope capability.


  • Its design is unique to it because of how its nose and tail are designed
  • Custom-built with neon wheels and strip lights for a smooth and safer riding experience
  • The mileage and speed are fair as well as it is lightweight
  • Provided with a six-month warranty on any custom-made error
  • The remote control is built to integrate with Bluetooth connection and also custom-made with IOS and Android app integration
  • It’s one of the cheapest motorized skateboards available for sale


  • The speed range and the distance covered are both very little
  • The batteries can be changed when low, so it has to be charged again before use
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9. Yuneec E-GO 2

11 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard To Buy in 2023
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This board comes prepared with an excellent performance built and high endurance. It is equipped with a single motor which is powerful at 400 watts.

It can go a career-high 18 miles at 12 mph. It’s quite better concerning speed and range compared to other boards of the same quality. The only complaint from the Yuneec design is it’s remote, which has a pretty funny functioning system.

The remote fits perfectly to be handheld though it has a button that adjusts the speed when swiped up or down. But this button is not used to increase or decrease the skateboard speed gradually.

The Yuneec E-GO 2 is built with polyurethane tires, and its big and quality design guarantees a turbulence-free ride every time.

The skateboard has a design that is meant to be eye catchy as its plank is designed beautifully while its neon tires come in different colors such as blue, green, and pink, which makes it perfect for The best Waterproof electric skateboard in 2023 to buy.

Compared to its grade of boards, the skateboard charges the slowest, which takes about 3-4 hours before it’s full; it also comes with a 10% hill climbing ability.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Yuneec E-GO 2 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards in 2023.


  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry
  • The mileage is excellent, with its top speed and steep slope ability.
  • This skateboard is known to be well built, long-lasting, and tagged as the best performer.


  • Little top speed gauge
  • Takes a lot of time to recharge
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10. Raptor 2.1 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

Waterproof electric skateboard
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this board is tagged as the most expensive skateboard available; it’s made with enough technology that makes it expensive and can work the distance for it to be crowned one of the best and perfectly made skateboards.

Its deck landing is made from alloys, making it strong, durable, and water-resistant. Its trucks are cut out of aluminum rather than the typical materials used to produce them, which makes them accurate and robust at high speed.

The skateboard’s battery can take up to 25 miles at 28 mph when fully charged and would take twice as much time as possible compared to other skateboards. This battery uses a 4A charger, while other skateboards use a 2A charger.

The battery and its motor are enclosed together in a plastic box found under the board; this plastic is made to protect against water rush and flow.

The hub motors are also water-resistant, although this skateboard is quite heavy and would not be ideal if you want a skateboard that can be carried around.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Raptor 2.1 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard that earned it a spot in our Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards list in 2023.


  • These boards come equipped with colossal-size drive motors, which are connected to precision CNC trucks known for their high-level handling and the rate at which it responds to action.
  • The raptor is custom-built with a large battery that can power the board for up to 25 miles at a speed of 28 mph.
  • The R-SPEC ghost tires off quick grip on demand and are made to move silently without much effort.
  • Their boards are tough and built to last and mount any challenge that comes their way.
  • There’s a one-year warranty for production-made errors, and the battery charges very fast with our standard 4A charger.


  • They are quite heavy and would not be quickly moved around
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11. OneWheel

11 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard To Buy in 2023
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This one-wheeled skateboard is known to be water-resistant but not entirely waterproof.

This board stands out from its competition because of its stability feature, which comes in the form of a self-balancing sensor inbuilt to it. This solves the issue of balancing this board when going for a ride.

The point of self-balancing is solved by placing your non-powerful foot on the back of the board while the superior leg is placed on the front of the board, putting pressure on its sensing pads, and this would automatically settle your balance as you lean in for the ride.

To change the velocity of your speed, you lean backward to slow down and forward to increase its rate.  Its users can integrate its official app into their IOS or Android phones.

The battery charges fully within 30 minutes, reducing the time it takes to power compared to other machines. Its fully charged battery can last for six hours.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The OneWheel Skateboard that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard to get in 2023.


  • It can go very fast at a top speed of 14 mph despite having a single motor attached
  • The fun in riding this board is done by leaning forward or backward to increase and reduce its rate.
  • It is infused with a smart self-balancing sensor which aids proper balancing as you’re on the move.
  • This skateboard is lightweight, and it’s easy to handle


  • If you’re starting to skate, this is not suitable for you
  • May not be ideal for a particular category of people
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12. Pure Energy Electric Longboard

11 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard To Buy in 2023
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This longboard machine is built to ride to carry its rider through different road conditions to anywhere he/she wants to go. Equipped with a large lithium-propelled battery that gives power to the motor.

The board is controlled by a nicely fit handheld device; its engine exhibits its 1200w by going a distance of 20 miles at a top speed of 21 mph.

The board is made with an excellent design, and from the remote control, you can change the mode of driving that suits you. The performance of its giving is no equal match for the amount paid for this machine.

It has the necessary speed, strength, and durability to go through any road design and unsuitable weather conditions. This board is lightweight, which aids in carrying it around.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Pure Energy Electric Longboard that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards in 2023.


  • This board is built to be quite fast and cover a far distance when fully charged.
  • Carrying the board around won’t be an issue because of its weight
  • This board is created with a training mode for new learners
  • There is an alternative USB mode of charging when it runs down


  • Because of its sophistication, it may take a while to learn all its features.
  • It does not offer much inclination power, affecting its performance going up a hill.
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Are any electric skateboards waterproof?

The majority of electric skateboards aren’t waterproof. However, some boards are water-resistant. It means that the board will not let the water come inside easily. Therefore, you can easily drive it on a wet road.

Can electric skateboards be used in the rain?

Generally, riding an electric skateboard in the rain is not a good idea. Most electric skateboards aren’t made to be water-resistant and can get destroyed if wet. Additionally, the slippery surface may make it more challenging to ride and manage the skateboard, raising the possibility of accidents.

The electronics on your electric skateboard should be protected from water damage if you must use it in damp weather.

Using a waterproof cover for the electronics or avoiding puddles and other areas with standing water are two examples of how to do this. After using the skateboard in damp conditions, it’s a good idea to dry it out to avoid corrosion and other damage completely.

Is Meepo waterproof?

Meepo boards are resistant to water and will not allow water to enter inside the parts. You can drive the Meepo board on a wet road. However, do not submerge your board in the water.

Is the Jking electric skateboard waterproof?

The Jking electric board offers a waterproof surface. It is non-slip and makes the rides safer. You can try this for street wandering.

Can you ride skateboards in the rain?

It is recommended not to ride skateboards during rain or wet weather. It can lead to losing grip, becoming waterlogged, etc. It will tend to deteriorate from the inside.

Are boosted boards waterproof?

Boosted electric skateboards lack complete waterproofing. The skateboard itself is not made to be used in damp environments or submerged in water, but a water-resistant case shields the electronics and battery of a Boosted board.
Generally speaking, it is not advised to use a Boosted board in the rain or on damp surfaces since the moisture can harm the electronics and make the skateboard more challenging to ride and control.

The electronics on your Boosted board need to be protected against water damage if you have to use it in damp situations.

Using a waterproof cover for the electronics or avoiding puddles and other areas with standing water are two examples of how to do this.

After using the skateboard in damp conditions, it’s a good idea to dry it out to avoid corrosion and other damage completely.

Does water damage grip tape?

To give the rider’s foot traction and grip, the grip tape is a rough and abrasive substance put on the top of skateboard decks.

A layer of rough, porous material, such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, is typically used, bonded to a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

Water can harm grip tape by destroying the adhesive backing and making it less sticky. As a result, the grip tape may become less effective at supplying traction and may start to tear away from the deck.

Additionally, water can make the grip-enhancing material on the surface of the grip tape softer and less effective.

Wet grip tape on a skateboard is generally not advised because it can make the grip tape less effective and increase the risk of accidents.

To help prevent water damage and guarantee that the grip tape on your skateboard gives the best possible traction, it is a good idea to properly dry it out before using the skateboard once more.

Is the Meepo V3 waterproof?

Meepo V3 isn’t waterproof like most electric skateboards. It is advised to use this skateboard during or after rain.

How long does the Meepo V3 battery last?

If you charge the Meepo V3 from empty, it will last up to 2  hours. The ER version takes about 2.7 hours.

What does a waterlogged skateboard look like?

The waterlogged skateboard will have a thick deck like cardboard. It will become much heavier. The board will tend to appear cracked and seem broken when bent. These are the signs of a waterlogged skateboard.

What is an off-road electric skateboard?

A particular kind of electric skateboard made for use on unpaved, unlevel, or rocky surfaces is an off-road electric skateboard.

The wheels and trucks on these skateboards are often bigger and more robust than those on ordinary skateboards. They also include stronger motors and bigger batteries to assist them move over difficult terrain.

Off-road electric skateboards can handle tough terrain more readily, thanks to features like suspension systems and higher ground clearance.

Electric off-road skateboards are frequently used for off-road excursions like exploring trails or backcountry roads or commuting on unpaved routes or trails. They can also be used for leisurely pursuits like skateboarding in parks, sidewalks, and city streets.

Is it bad if my skateboard gets wet?

In general, using a skateboard on a wet surface is not advised because doing so increases the danger of accidents and makes it harder to ride and manage the skateboard.

Additionally, skateboard parts like grip tape, bearings, and electronics can become harmed by water exposure (if the skateboard is an electric skateboard).

To assist in avoiding water damage and guarantee that it is safe to ride, it is crucial to completely dry your skateboard after it has gotten wet before riding it again. This may entail using a dry cloth to clean the deck and trucks and a towel or paper towel to dry the bearings.

When using an electric skateboard or another skateboard with electronics, special care must be taken to prevent water damage to the electronics.

Using a waterproof cover for the electronics or avoiding puddles and other areas with standing water are two examples of how to do this.

To maintain the safety of the equipment and its longevity, it is generally recommended to avoid using a skateboard in damp circumstances whenever feasible.


These are the various types of waterproof/water-resistant electric skateboards available. They’re all built to serve efficiently with different features.