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What Is Acrotray? Is AcroTray Needed at Startup?

This article will be explaining what Acrotray is, whether it is useful to our systems and other useful tips on how to disable the Acrotray process. 

The common misconceptions about Acrotray will also be examined and readers should be able to decide what the truth is after reading this article. 

What Is Acrotray? 🤔

Adobe Acrobat Tray Icon is the tech term for it. What it does in simple terms is helpful in converting documents into different formats of files. 

It is part of the process and not mainly the process but if it isn’t there, you won’t be able to successfully convert documents into the different available formats. 

Part of its job is to also notify users when they try to convert PDF files and keep track of updates for the Adobe Acrobat Reader app itself. You can find the Acrotray file in the Adobe Acrobat installed directory. 

Let’s move to what you will see on your system. 


This is the executable file for the Acrotray process. It runs in the background so you won’t usually notice the work it does until you actively search for it by viewing the task manager or finding its file path. 

You can say it’s part of a legitimate Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard software that helps deliver a feature that makes it possible for users to change documents to different file formats. 

Is Acrotray.exe Harmful To Your System?

This question has been asked by a lot of users and it does not have a simple answer. I’ll give the answers and then explain why there are contrasting answers. 

No, The Acrotray.exe Is Not Harmful 

Some of the reasons why it isn’t harmful are already outlined above but I will run through all the reasons. The first reason is its legitimacy. 

It is an authentic process that a reputable tech company uses in its app. Adobe Acrobat apps need the Acrotray.exe to ensure that formats of documents can be changed to PDFs, txt, and other available formats. 

It is published by Adobe Systems Inc. Its location is 


All of this info suggests that the Acrotray.exe process is not a virus, nor is it harmful in any way. 

The second answer is 

Yes, It Might Be Harmful 

The Acrotray.exe process can be harmful because malware usually hides by mimicking addresses of hidden executables like this one. This makes it really hard for antiviruses to suss these viruses out. 

One way users can find out if the Acrotray.exe process is the harmful type or the legitimate process is by finding out the location. 

As explained above, the legitimate Acrotray.exe executable’s location is 


Here’s how to find out if it’s a virus by checking the location. 

  • Right-click on the executable and click on Properties. 
  • Check whether the file path or location matches the one above. 

What Is Acrotray

If it does, then that is the real deal. If it doesn’t, you need to get a dependable 3rd party antivirus to get rid of the viruses before they cause damage to your system. 

Other Issues Surrounding Acrotray

The legitimate executable does not cause high CPU usage errors, what causes that error is the virus masquerading as the legit executable. 

This is what leads some users to classify Acrotray.exe executable as malware or a virus. Because they don’t know which one is real, some users just uninstall or stop legit processes. 

With this info, you can now find out by yourself which process is harmful and which is not. Also, Antivirus apps like Malwarebytes really help in dealing with viruses that blend in as legit executables. 

I’ll advise you to probably look into that option for getting rid of the harmful executables and leaving the useful or legit ones. 

Reasons Why You Might Want To Get Rid Of The Legitimate Acrotray.exe Executable

We have talked about how you can find out the legit executables from the malware disguised as executables. 

This is more for users who want to know more about the legit Acrotray.exe process and how it affects your system performance. 

The following reasons are why it might be worth it to remove or disable the process. 

1. It Can Make Your PC’s Startups Slow 

If you’re looking for ways to increase the speed of your PC’s startup, disabling processes that automatically start when you boot your system is the way forward.

This is why disabling the Acrotray.exe might be worth it because it always automatically starts running in the background with every PC startup. 

2. Drain On CPU Coupled With It Not Being Used Often 

Some users have reported that it isn’t worth keeping as a background process unless you use it regularly. If you don’t use it regularly, you should just disable the process to save CPU resources and make your system faster. 

The process by itself should not be a CPU resource hogger but the malware version can sometimes cause high CPU usage errors. 

How To Disable The Acrotray.exe Process

These three ways are numbered in the order of ease at which the process can be performed. 

1. Using Task Manager To Disable The Acrotray.exe Process 

The first thing you will have to do is ensure that Task Manager is running on Administrator privileges. Here’s how to do that. 

  • Use the shortcut keys (Windows + S) to access the Search feature. 
  • Input the text – Task Manager. 
  • When the search results come back, right-click on Task Manager and choose Run As Administrator. 

When Task Manager opens, navigate to the tabs close to the top of your screen and click on Startup.


When the Startup menu opens up, search for Acrotray and right click on it when you find it. In the popup menu, select the option Disable. 

Choosing this option usually means whenever you start up your PC, the Acrotray.exe won’t be starting too anymore. 

Check to confirm if the process isn’t starting. If it still is, continue the process by following the commands below.

2. Disabling Using Services (To Be Used If The Above Process Doesn’t Work Out)

The rationale behind this way is to set automatic startup processes to manual. This will only enhance the first way you already tried so it is important that the way above is tried first before this one. 

Here’s how to go about it. 

Open the Run window by utilizing the shortcut keys (Windows + R). 

Enter this text – services.msc. 

In the Services menu that will open up, you’ll be expected to tweak the settings of two services. 

What Is Acrotray? Is AcroTray Needed at Startup?

Adobe Acrobat Update Service 

  • Navigate to this service and right-click on it. 
  • Choose Properties in the popup list and in the General tab under Properties, navigate to Startup type. 

The setting you’ll see there is automatic. 

  • Click on it and change it to Manual. 

There will be other options available to users like Delayed Automatic Start or Complete Disable. 

  • Choose Manual as earlier instructed. 

Apply the changes you’ve made and click on OK to finish. When you’re done, move to the next service. 

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

  • Navigate to this service and right click on it. 
  • Choose Properties in the popup list and in the General tab under Properties, navigate to Startup type. 
  • The setting you’ll see there is automatic. Click on it and change it to Manual. 

There will be other options available to users like Delayed Automatic Start or Complete Disable. 

  • Remember to choose Manual. 
  • Apply the changes you’ve made and click on OK to finish. 

This combined with the first way should ensure Acrotray.exe service is disabled at startups. 

Using Autoruns To Disable The Acrotray.exe Process

If for some reason, the above ways didn’t work out and you noticed that the Acrotray.exe process still starts up whenever you boot your PC, this next way should be used to make sure it stays disabled. 

What Autoruns is all about is allowing users access to all of the applications and processes that startup with Windows whenever it is booted. 

This tool will really help in making sure you disable the Acrotray.exe process and it might also help users in figuring out other apps and processes that don’t need to be involved in Windows startup to reduce your PC’s startup time. 

You will have to first download this tool if you don’t already have it. 

Here’s how to download it and then use it to disable the apps you want to disable. 

  • The first step is downloading Autoruns. You can do that by using this link
  • Once you’ve downloaded the tool, use WinRAR (or just double click on the file to open it) to extract the file from the download. 
  • When you’re done extracting the file, open it. 

You will see the Autoruns executable Autoruns64.exe. 

  • Right-click on the executable and in the options that pop-up, select Run As Administrator. 
  • When the tool is open, use the Filter option (found close to the top of your screen) to quickly navigate to Acrotray. 

Note: Acrotray is also the same thing as Acrobat Assistant

  • When you find it, uncheck the box on the left side of the name. 

With this, you’ve taken Acrotray.exe off the list of processes that will automatically start when next you boot up your PC.


Is it OK to disable AcroTray?

Disabling the Acrotray icon from Startup is harmless since it will still run whenever you activate any Adobe applications.

Is AcroTray a virus?

AcroTray, also known as Acrotray.exe, is a valid process file. It is related to Adobe Systems’ Adobe Acrobat Professional version 8 program. And yeah, it’s legitimate.

What is AcroTray on the laptop?

It is a plug-in for Adobe that enables PDF conversion of different document types. You will see a toolbar in the Word utility that enables you to produce PDF documents if you use Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat on the same computer, for instance.

What is AcroTray and do I need it?

AcroTray is a process that runs in the background on Windows computers. It is related to Adobe Acrobat, an application for making, editing, and viewing PDF files. AcroTray is used to control the Acrobat Distiller, a program that turns different kinds of documents into PDFs.

Depending on whether you use Acrobat or the Acrobat Distiller on your computer, you may or may not need AcroTray.

Can I turn off AcroTray?

It is in charge of starting up the procedures necessary for Adobe Acrobat to run properly, including the Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

Except if you are having problems with the software, disabling AcroTray is not advised because it can prevent Adobe Acrobat from working properly.

Do I have to pay to use Adobe Acrobat?

Acrobat Pro DC, Acrobat Standard DC, and Acrobat Reader DC are just a few of the variations of Adobe Acrobat that are available.

The software’s premium Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC editions include a comprehensive range of tools for producing, modifying, and distributing PDF files.

You can view and print PDF files using the free software Acrobat Reader DC, but it lacks some of the more sophisticated functionality included in Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC.

Adobe Acrobat requires a license for one of the premium versions of the program to be used.

You can also utilize free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, such as Foxit PhantomPDF and Nitro PDF Reader, to view, generate, and edit PDF files.

What startup apps can I disable?

In general, it’s wise just to disable starting apps that you don’t use regularly or that you don’t require to be running constantly.

You can try performing a web search for the app’s name to see if there are any suggestions or best practices for deactivating it if you’re unsure which apps to disable.

Can Adobe files have viruses?

Hackers frequently target Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Adobe Flash Player (.swf) files in an effort to spread malware through them.

But it’s crucial to remember that just because you open an Adobe file doesn’t indicate a virus will start infecting you.

Most of the time, opening an Adobe file that has been expressly created to exploit a software flaw on your machine will put you at risk, as well as downloading an Adobe file from an unreliable source.

Is acrord32 exe malware?

The program Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is used to view and print PDF files, is coupled with a valid file called “AcroRd32.exe.” It is not commonly regarded as malicious software.

AcroRd32.exe or any name that sounds similar could be used by malware to fool people into thinking it is a genuine program.

Use antivirus software to examine your system for dangers if you think AcroRd32.exe or a similar program on your computer might be malware.

Can I disable Adobe Reader on startup?

Some apps’ functionality and/or proper operation may be impacted if Adobe Reader’s automatic startup is disabled.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to disable starting apps that you don’t use regularly or don’t need to keep running all the time.

Should I disable Adobe Updater Startup Utility?

By disabling it, you can open yourself to security risks or other problems that have been fixed in more recent versions and prevent Adobe products from being updated automatically.

To preserve system resources and cut down on the number of background processes running on your computer, you might want to think about disabling the Adobe Updater Startup Utility if you prefer to update your Adobe products manually or if you don’t use them frequently.


Acrotray (or Acrobat Assistant) is not harmful to your system but instead plays a vital role in Adobe Acrobat. It ensures the updates, notifications, and file-changing features work smoothly. 

Users can decide after reading this article if it is worth leaving or disabling. 

As long as you need its functions, I’ll advise you to leave it working and use other ways to lessen your PC startup time or use Antivirus apps to clear malware instead of removing legit processes along with malware disguised as legit Acrotray.exe. 

Have you ever had to disable Acrotray? Tell us why you did in the comment section.