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Windows VS Linux : Choosing The Right Operating System

When there are options, there is a quarrel. People have a tendency to justify and fight over the things they love or use. Furthermore, some people lay down facts and discuss the credibility.

That’s what we will do here, and help you decide what is best for you – Windows or Linux operating system

Windows and Linux operating system have been part of our computer industry for a long time. There is always an ongoing debate on what is best for what.

While one may be good for coding, other may be good for general use. In this article, we will compare the pros and cons of the OS.


There is no particular operating system fit for everything. It differs as the uses differ. Some may be good for data handling while some for coding.

It’s purpose specific. People have been arguing over the most apt operating system ever but never came to an end. At least we can sort out which OS suits whom. Let’s get started.

Why Linux is better than Windows



  • UNBEATABLE FOR MULTIMEDIA – Windows has been impeccable for content creators. You can edit movies, photos, use software like Photoshop without paying loads of money as in Mac.
  • ALL DRIVERS ARE AVAILABLE, COMPATIBLE WITH ANY HARDWARE – One of the main aspects in an operating system is its compatibility. Windows, here, takes lead as it is compatible with every hardware. It has hardware specific drivers, utility software to chip in. One can get full use of hardware just by installing the needed drivers.
  • EASY GUI User interface of Windows is so easy that even a layman can use it. From a kid to an old person, everyone works on windows and knows how to do the daily basic tasks on it. This is what makes Windows so much loved by people.
  • GREAT FOR GAMING – When it comes to gaming, nothing can even come close to windows. Windows has been ruling the PC gaming industry for a long time as it accesses all the hardware and the OS is gaming compatible.
  • GOOD FOR WORD PROCESSING –Word processing, Powerpoint presentations, Excel sheets are all best suited on a windows system. It can be easily manipulated with the needed software and peripherals.
  • CHOICE OF APPLICATIONS – Most of the applications and software are made to work with windows. As the most used operating system, windows is home to nearly every kind of tasks. As it is used in general everywhere, thus it is provided by a variety of software and applications.

Top 8 Reasons to Switch to Linux


Windows VS Linux : Choosing The Right Operating System


  • FREE –Linux is “Free”, yes, unlike windows you don’t have to pay extra bucks for license key or stuff. Its an open source and free Operating system.
  • VIRUS PROOF –Hardly hundred virus exist in Linux and none of them are viral. It is rare for a Linux system to even get infected. That makes it the perfect choice for someone who needs to be clean or free his/her data from exploitation. You don’t need to pay for an antivirus as you don’t need one.
  • HIGHLY SECURE – It is one of the most secure OS, thus used by most hackers and crackers. You need the root password even before modifying the system which makes it any remote Trojan impossible to break the system.
  • LOW HARDWARE REQUIREMENT – It can run on as low as 512 MB ram and 10 GB Hard Disk.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE – Nearly everything in the Linux is customizable, the UI, Bootloader, icons, etc. You can set everything according to your choice.
  • UPGRADED EVERY WEEK –Linux updates are frequent and worth loading unlike the widows updates.

CONS Windows VS Linux : Choosing The Right Operating System


  • UNCOUNTABLE VIRUS DATABASE – Windows operating system is vulnerable because of large variety of viruses present that could damage your system beyond repair. Anti-virus are present which are generally costly but still can’t assure you of full security
  • VULNERABLE SECURITY –Windows is the easiest to hack, an intermediate hacker can gain remote access to windows running hardware.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM IS PAID AND UPDATES-Unlike Linux, Windows is paid. You need to buy legal version of windows to enjoy the full power. It also keeps updating its Operating system frequently, which may be good but if you spent your money in an older one, you’ll regret as the updates are massive.
  • CAN’T BE CUSTOMIZED –Customization is limited. You can only change the wallpaper, logos, sounds, etc and can’t really customize the system according to your liking.


  • GRAPHIC DRIVERS AREN’T GENERALLY PRESENT – Graphics drivers are rare in Linux Operating system as it is hardly used for graphic purpose.
  • NO HEAVY SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE –Generally, Software like Photoshop, Premier Pro aren’t really compatible with Linux Operating system.
  • WORST IN TERMS OF GAMING – Linux is not your guy if you love gaming
Linux Gamer VS Windows Gamer