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Devansh Anand Tiwari

An engineering undergrad and a tech niche, crazy for anything that has a tech pulse. A coder, guitarist, footballer, reader and a foodie. Loves to binge watch shows and movies. Always updated on the best of all existing tech products that anyone knows of.

Kali NetHunter: Usage and installation on any Android device

Are you ready to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level? In today's digital landscape, where threats lurk around every corner, staying ahead...

5 Toughest programming languages that exist

In this world of programming languages, you'll meet easy and tough hurdles. While, languages like Java, C++, C# stand nearly understandable, other languages like...

Top 5 computer programming languages for beginners

Programming languages are the basis of a computer. Applications, operating systems, web pages, software's are all programs, therefore, created by programming languages. Languages have been...

A Step-by-Step Guide To Setup Kali Linux on VirtualBox

Whenever penetration testing tools are mentioned, all you can think off is Kali Linux. Yes, because the best is what one knows and easiest...

Windows VS Linux : Choosing The Right Operating System

When there are options, there is a quarrel. People have a tendency to justify and fight over the things they love or use. Furthermore,...