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Devansh Anand Tiwari

An engineering undergrad and a tech niche, crazy for anything that has a tech pulse. A coder, guitarist, footballer, reader and a foodie. Loves to binge watch shows and movies. Always updated on the best of all existing tech products that anyone knows of.

7 Of The Best Antivirus Programs for Ubuntu

When it comes to Ubuntu, it's a hackers paradise as well as hackers hell. Even the best programmers or hackers can't create viruses for...

Phishing : Stay Safe with these Phishing Prevention Methods

In today's world, everything is vulnerable and with this tutorial, we come with the best ways to Stay Safe with these Phishing Prevention Methods....

Android Pie : All you need to know

On August 6th, Google gave us a sneak peek to its latest Android version, Android "P". This time, Google released its latest update without...

A Step-by-Step Guide To Setup Kali Linux on VirtualBox

Whenever penetration testing tools are mentioned, all you can think off is Kali Linux. Yes, because the best is what one knows and easiest...

Why are android versions name after desserts?

With over 2 billion users, Android is the persistent ruler of the smartphone world. While beating every other mobile operating system in the market,...