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9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

You might want to look into these WinSCP alternatives since other programs are just as effective and are used to securely transfer files from a user’s computer to a distant location. The tool in question is an FTP, SFTP, and SCP client that is used to synchronize and manage files in addition to the functions listed above. 

You will also see that the utility supports the SCP protocols and uses SSH to ensure secure transfer. If these are the kinds of capabilities you are searching for, we have a few apps to meet your needs. 

It is not always necessary to upload or download files to or from a server frequently. However, when students have to complete either of these duties, they must use the appropriate software to simplify things. 

For these tasks, the application must make the procedure smooth and straightforward for the users.

Below is a collection of some of the best WinSCP alternatives, along with a brief description of each. So go through our list and choose whether or not moving to a new application is the best solution.   

Best Winscp Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

Here are a few recommendations if you need an alternative to Winscp:

1. FileZilla  

FileZilla is one of the more common WinSCP alternatives, and it is a free FTP application. This program is easy to use and comes with a video tutorial. You will probably have to learn a few new phrases for a user new to it, but that is true of any other FTP client.

Downloading and uploading files from and to a server is done using FileZilla. It enables users to transfer multiple files simultaneously and navigate among websites, folders, and computers.

Best Winscp Alternatives

Run a specialist PC optimization utility to remove wrong settings, unwanted files, malicious software, and security risks that might cause system difficulties or poor performance.

FileZilla can be precisely what users are searching for if they need to move files back and forth between a server. It has a simple UI that lets people drag and drop items.

Users can download a free version, but it does not have all the functionality accessible in the paid plan. This does not indicate, however, that it is insufficient. (SFTP) Secure File Transfer Protocol, FTP and, FTP over TLS requests are still supported. The final two can encrypt data, which is helpful for folks who want more protection while transferring data.

The Pro edition is the route to take if you want more engagement from FTP-style activities. Users must pay $13.99 to gain access to all of the Pro edition’s features.

This edition allows users to share files with others. The server option, on the other hand, is limited to Windows users.

Although the user interface appears to be a little archaic and complicated, it makes everything easily accessible when performing various tasks.

Users can see the home and destination documents at the same time with FileZilla. One can, for example, monitor the arrival of a file sent to a remote site.

You can also see a file as it arrives if it is being sent to you online. A list of pending jobs is displayed in a window in the bottom right corner of the screen. It also has a progress bar that indicates how far each item has advanced.

How to Use FileZilla (FTP Tutorial)

Site Manager can be used by people who utilize many FTP sites to store the whole log in detail. After the network has been manually established, it can be duplicated from the File menu. To access the FTP site, click the “Connect” key after it has been added to the site manager.

After FileZilla has been started, users can utilize the “Quick connect” tab to enter the hosting site, username, password, and port. Hit the Quick connect option after you have finished inputting these details.

The bar also maintains track of your last activity, and it also enables you to delete them if necessary.

FileZilla could appear to be a bit complicated for newcomers, mainly because the interface seems reasonably antiquated. The language is heavy, but the good thing is that there are numerous online resources available. When compared to other WinSCP alternatives, this is a minor disadvantage.

You may like to read our guide on 11 Best Filezilla Alternatives For Windows and Mac.

2. SecureFX

SecureFX is top on our list of WinSCP alternatives and a versatile file management client for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides you with the features you need to improve the effectiveness and safety of file transfer and location synchronization activities. 

SecureFX’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to understand. Its support for numerous platforms enables you to employ the Secure Shell method’s robust authentication and encryption method on any data-in-transit.

SecureFX is a single program that fits your changing file transfer demands by allowing clients to choose between FTPS (FTP/TLS) or SFTP for secure transfers and traditional FTP for non-secure transfers.

Best Winscp Alternatives 1

It offers a basic Explorer-like layout that makes it easy to learn and work with while also providing extensive functionality for protected, unattended file transfers.

The user interface provides for easy navigating. The toolbar has been combined with the title bar, allowing you to save more screen real estate for most challenging tasks.

The background and foreground colors of SecureFX’s visual theme are used throughout, giving the local and remote panes a light backdrop for light motifs and a black backdrop for dark themes.

When linking to SSH2 hosts, SecureFX enables public key, password, Kerberos v5 (through GSSAPI), and keyboard interaction connections. Ed25519, RSA (up to 16,384 bits), ECDSA (RFC 5656), DSA, OpenSSH certificates, PuTTY PPK, X.509, and OpenSSH certificates along with smart cards (PIV/CAC) are among the public key formats supported. Self-signed certifications are used to facilitate FTPS (FTP/TLS) authentication.

Integration for Public Key Assist simplifies and secures the process of uploading digital certificates to an SSH2 client for end customers.

SecureFX is a single client that supports SFTP, SSH2, HTTPS (WebDAV and S3), FTPS (FTP/TLS), SCP, and classic FTP, giving you the most flexibility when accessing a variety of web servers. Support for the RFC 2228 (CCC) Clear Command Channel improves TLS server support.

Choose between local and remote directories, as well as server-to-server. You have the choice of uploading, downloading, or mirroring. Sorting with wildcard support enables you to exclude or include files during synchronization, allowing you to perform things such as an exclude an. svn directory.

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

A sync database that enables storing, editing, and running synchronized actions makes it simple to maintain many sites synced. This is also possible with SFXCL (Windows only).

Remote and local folders with the same specified directory can be navigated in lockstep using the Synchronize File Browsing option. The remote location session will be associated with your local window while undertaking synchronized browsing.

Synchronize: Mirror a Remote Folder with SecureFX

SecureFX lets anyone drag and drops files from a remote computer to their Windows Explorer, desktop, and other programs like WinZip.

The current source of the remote or local session, including a record of the most frequently used pathways, is displayed in an editable URL bar, enabling you to move between paths or copy/paste paths from the clipboard.

To rapidly link new sessions, a text entry bar on the toolbar is provided. As you type, autocomplete sorts sessions using a drop-down display, making it easier to identify saved sessions. For most fantastic versatility, the Connect bar accepts command-line arguments.

SecureFX is accessible for popular operating systems such as macOS, Windows (32- and 64-bit), and Linux. This makes it one of the WinSCP alternatives that are recommended for all.

3. CuteFTP

CuteFTP comes with a plethora of capabilities that provide expert users total control over any transfer. There are various wizards available to assist inexperienced users with configuration.

The GlobalScape website provides a straightforward software download. Conventional, Compact, and Custom installations are available from the installer.

The rest of the installation is entirely automated, and there is no need to perform any initial settings.

After installation, the program prompts users to use the Connection Wizard to create their first site, but not before advising you to use the Site Manager to enable Blowfish 64bit Cypher security. This is a beautiful security element that is optional.

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

Users can also create a manual link, including all of the usual advanced options for customizing the Ftp server to your specific requirements.

The accessible protocols are FTP, HTTP, FTP with HTTPS, TLS/SSL (Implicit and Explicit), SFTP, and SSH2. HTTP and FTP proxies, as well as SOCKS 4 and 5, are available.

Like other WinSCP alternatives on our list, CuteFTP Pro has high-security standards, from the option to encode its Site Manager with Blowfish to its numerous File Transfer Security features.

Security options include SSH2 HTTPS, SSL, SSH2 (and, more significantly, SFTP), which encrypts the handles throughout transmission and data. Another security option available is OpenPGP, which is publicly available and very configurable, which are all alternatives.

CuteFTP Pro includes wizards for monitoring local folders for modifications (with color-coding), as well as backing up and synchronizing your sites. One can also collaborate with numerous remote locations at the same time.

A CutePODCast Manager is offered as a bonus, allowing for a separate audio/video stream setup. You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts (primarily via RSS feeds) or create Publications to post your media to current feeds you manage, with the option to alter the XML RSS file as needed. This is a decent, fundamental piece of equipment for handling such feeds.

Also, an installed HTML editor (CuteHTML) works with the Help Application that lets you modify remote docs and code and save elementary Website content if needed.

The software appears highly familiar to Windows operating systems, having everything in the places you would expect it to be.

The menus, and also the primary interface windows, are pretty reasonable and well-thought-out.

The left-hand display panel provides tabbed selections for your Local Drives and Site Manager (to choose which files to move), among other things. Several handy quick transfer options are available by right-clicking the item.

The remote website is displayed in the right-hand display panel, which has several useful right-click functions like enabling multi-part downloads, deciding how to download a file, and straight transferring from one FTP area to the next without needing to download first.

The Wizards make it easier to set up various procedures that might otherwise be difficult for a novice to set up.

CuteFTP Pro is an excellent all-around utility with a few unique features that set it apart from the other Winscp Alternatives. With a high level of security, multiple wizards, and a simple user interface, it is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users.

4. SolarWinds Serv-U 

SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer is among the best WinSCP replacement Windows, Mac, and Linux. Serv-U MFT is a superb choice since it provides the business-level functionality you want from a WinSCP replacement at a low price.

Serv-U MFT allows you to manage your file transfers across your firm’s mobile and web platforms (even if the files are more extensive than 3GB).

It extends beyond WinSCP’s user interface, while they both have simple drag-and-drop elements that make file sharing simple for all users, regardless of their degree of competence or experience.

Best Winscp Alternatives 4

Indeed, the user-friendly panel is one of the features that distinguishes this service from other WinSCP alternatives for Mac, Windows, and other platforms. 

It enables customizable automation and straightforward, central control to ease every file management and sharing process phase.

Most importantly, unlike any other WinSCP option, Serv-U MFT includes all necessary security elements for file transfers (WinSCP has a keyboard-interactive password, Kerberos authentication, and public key).

It has authentication capabilities as well as Active Directory compatibility. It also provides secure, dependable file transfers across IPv4 and IPv6 networks utilizing FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/S protocols. 

Additionally, WinSCP assists businesses in demonstrating compliance with a range of standards requiring safe file transfer (including HIPAA, DSS, PCI, and others), which is not an express purpose of the software.

For 14 days, you may sample Serv-U MFT at no cost.

5. Cyberduck – Best Winscp Alternatives For Mac

Cyberduck is a free WinSCP competitor created for Mac OS X; therefore, its functions are more Mac OS X-centric than other WinSCP alternatives, which have more Windows-centric capabilities.

SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV are just a few of the file transfer formats it enables. It is a popular option among clients due to its simple UI and straightforward drag-and-drop features (akin to WinSCP’s functionality). 

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

While one can not edit files directly with Cyberduck, it interfaces with an external editor to implement adjustments to any document or binary file quickly and easily. WinSCP comes with a built-in text editor.

Like other free WinSCP alternatives, Cyberduck can fall short when it comes to meeting the requirements of a larger company. The user interface does not meet some people’s needs. Even though the program is free, it regularly asks users for voluntary contributions. Cyberduck is available for free download.

6. CrossFTP

CrossFTP is a suitable option for you if you are searching for a comprehensive FTP solution that will save money, time, and FTP server bandwidth. FTP, SFTP, and FTPS files can all be transferred using this method. 

It also facilitates file sharing between sites. It allows users to edit files and enables multi-tab navigation and sync-browsing, enabling you to link two tabs simultaneously so they can navigate together—expanding on WinSCP’s capabilities. 

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

It also allows the user to set file transfer speed limitations so that other apps can get the bandwidth they require.

While CrossFTP has various customizable instructions, the user interface is primary and may be insufficient for some people. CrossFTP has a free option accessible, but if a user seeks more sophisticated WinSCP alternatives, he may test the Pro or Enterprise versions for 30 days free. You may compare the quality of each to determine which is best for you.

7. Cerberus FTP Server – Winscp Free alternatives

In Greek myth, Cerberus was the dog who guarded the Underworld. Like Cerberus of old, Cerberus Web Server is meant to protect your critical files while they transit between computers. The platform uses HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, FTP, or SSL encryptions to send and receive files safely. 

Unlike many of the other WinSCP alternatives on this list, it doesn’t necessitate FTP software. Rather, it uses web browser uploads to receive and send files utilizing standard capabilities like copy and paste.

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

When considering if Cerberus is the correct solution for you, you must examine both the benefits and drawbacks of not utilizing an FTP client. The most important benefit is that it can assist prevent unauthorized access to your important information.

However, not employing an FTP client makes managing your file transactions more complicated. Cerberus FTP Server, fortunately, has taken steps to mitigate this flaw, including providing two-factor authentication.

Cerberus FTP Server is available in three variants, each of which comes with a free 25-day trial (Enterprise, Professional and Standard,).

8. Titan FTP

The final WinSCP alternative on our list is FTP. Titan FTP is compatible with all major versions of windows, other operating systems and supports FTPS and FTP encryption.

Enterprise, Professional, and Enterprise+WebUI are the three editions available, just like the Cerberus FTP Server. Every step adds new features to the technology, making it more robust.

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

Titan FTP is developed to ensure maximum security throughout file transfers in all editions. Permissions can be adjusted for people, servers, and groups. They also provide file integrity verification and granular control setups. 

Although Titan FTP has various advantages, it is worth noting that the Professional level alone allows for 20 concurrent connections and only supports FTP/SSL and FTP encryption.

Titan FTP is available for a free trial period of 20 days.

9. Commander One – Best Winscp Alternatives for Mac

Commander One (Get Here) is one of the best FTP clients you can get for your Mac devices. It comes with a slick design, easy to use an interface that has two layers which makes multi-tasking a breeze.

This means that you can have multiple folders opened at the same time, or simply transfer files between two servers at once. More than this, the main focus with Commander One was on performance, thus, you can expect some of the best action speeds whether you are moving, deleting, copying, or editing files on the go.

9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files

With the built in viewer, you can take a look at your documents before you even download them to your computer, minimizing the time wasted and making sure you remain productive.

If you are someone who values their privacy, you should know that Commander One also allows its users to encrypt all of the information being sent to the server, and it will stay encrypted until you decide to download it again.

This means that you can rest assured when it comes to your files being compromised, as only Commander One can decrypt the files once they are on the cloud. 

More than this, you can use Commander One to access your favorite cloud storage options such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, WebDAV, OneDrive and many more.

More than this, you can use the multiple connection feature to access more than one cloud service which means that you can multi-task seamlessly between them. 

Commander One is available for M1 Macs and receives regular updates to ensure that everything is working properly and that new features are added. This application also comes with a PRO feature that enables users to use all the pro features. This version only costs 29.99$ and can be downloaded directly from their website.


Here are some queries that might be interesting to know.

Is WinSCP or FileZilla better?

FileZilla is Better than WinSCP. Both applications have easy to use GUI and easy to Setup interface but FileZilla provides Better encryption, Authentication and Access Control then Winscp and Filezilla also supports MacOS where winscp is completely lacking.

Is SCP faster than WinSCP?

WinSCP is much faster for large files in compare to SCP.

Is FileZilla faster than WinSCP?

WinSCP is very good, but very slow in comparison to FileZilla.

Is PuTTY and WinSCP the same?

No, Putty is used in SSH administrations where WinSCP is used for file transfer.

Is FileZilla similar to WinSCP?

Yes In terms of functionality they are the same with some feature differences.


So, did any of the listed WinSCP alternatives appeal to you and convince you to abandon the software? If you answered yes, take a look at the tool and tell us what you feel about it.

If you have experience using any other WinSCP alternatives not listed in my article, please let me know in the comment section. In the end, whatever alternative you choose should be according to you [references.