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23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

Are you looking to become a part of an online B2B marketplace? Here are some Alibaba alternatives to sum you up with outstanding websites providing you the same or even better services and products than Alibaba. 

Sourcing products from foreign suppliers with China being the biggest supplier is a common practice that runs in the United States. Many developing businesses in their mid or budding stages need product sources for improving their visibility in the market and keep their profits coming in. 

E-commerce has become the world’s biggest ease and yet a challenge for everyone including the sellers and customers both. Online shopping is available at one go. People search the internet for whatever they require and voila! There are numerous choices available. One of the e-commerce websites is Alibaba.

What does Alibaba offer?

Founded in the year of 1999, Jack Ma launched Alibaba with its name deriving from the folk tale “Alibaba and the forty thieves”.

It is now a huge Chinese-based Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce online business selling wholesale products from millions of suppliers. It has raised $25 million in venture capital within one year and became quite popular in the market. 

No doubt that it is a consumer’s first choice and a name that appears in the mind when they need products or services. Many business owners and suppliers are a part of this Alibaba era.

The forthcoming years had given birth to key subsidiaries:-

  • Taobao, 2003
  • Alipay, 2004- A service similar to PayPal, overtaking it in 2013.
  • Tmall in 2008
  • And, Aliexpress in 2010.

How have all these services helped people? If you notice, the idea of Alibaba lies with the solution of providing easy product services. Customers around the world order from their websites. It is a B2B site that is automatically presented in English language for English-speaking countries as one-third of the buyers are based in the US. 

But with their service, there are both pros and cons available.


  • The overseas sourcing costs are lesser than the domestic sourcing.
  • Smaller businesses can find many overseas suppliers with lower minimum thresholds compared to their domestic sourcing options.
  • It provides many options to the businesses for overseas sourcing (consisting of hundreds of thousands of sellers and millions of products on the Alibaba platform) resulting in the comparison easier against each other.


  • The customers perceive the overseas products to be of a lower quality than the quality of the domestic products.
  • Shipping takes a much longer time.
  • There is no one convenient way to conduct an on-site visit before making a purchase.

Some issues might be a deliberate cause for refraining from online shopping. You might get cautious and suspicious about the product that is arriving, thinking about the quality of the same.

If not this website, there are Alibaba alternatives available over the internet. All serving their own way of marketing and fulfilling the purpose of safe online purchases.

Why look for Alibaba alternatives?

Some would like to stick to Alibaba as their choice over the internet and getting in contact with overseas suppliers and manufacturers.

But, there are so many more websites doing good in the same B2B marketplace while offering millions of products and services in the field of online purchasing. Alibaba is just not the only sourcing website available in today’s world. 

Sometimes, Alibaba doesn’t work out for a few businesses properly, often making business owners stressed out. This is why one should always have alternatives in the row.

There could be many reasons for you to switch from Alibaba and choose some other marketplace for better benefits, such as-

  • A diverse selection of goods for you to choose from.
  • Opportunities to source products out of other places to improve your supply chain. It can also act as a backup plan.
  • Access to numerous suppliers who are not a member of Alibaba’s platform.
  • A more flexible choice of products at cheaper rates.
  • For even faster delivery and good customer service. 

Best Alibaba Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Below are some of the 23 choices for customers looking for a good online shopping experience and service apart from Alibaba. 

1. ECPlaza

ECPlaza grabbed the title of being another website on the list of best Alibaba alternatives and is a widely recognized Japanese brand that when one thinks about Alibaba, this B2B e-marketplaces name pops up in the mind.

Best Alibaba Alternatives

You will find solid quality suppliers, importers, exporters, manufacturers, products, trade leads, and buyers. It has a large variety of jaw-dropping product niches including chemicals, automobiles/motorcycles, protection/security, and much more. Due to this, it has proven to be one of the leading e-commerce websites in the world.

ECPlaza website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. It has products listed according to the categories in a menu with price tags that are quite affordable. It also provides a variety of services for you including trade consulting, offline trade-related services for SMEs, and EDI. 

No one can say that there is a dearth of products here. From overseas market research to overseas market expansion, it tends to have the ability to offer solutions for overseas trading marketing needs. ECPlaza marks the pavement as a reliable trade partner. 

2. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a Chinese dropshipping platform. It connects millions of users with retailers and suppliers and makes purchasing very quick and easier compared to Alibaba. You will have a smooth user experience as finding the desired product on Chinabrands is very easy.

Best Alibaba Alternatives 1

It lives up to its name as one of the Alibaba alternatives and provides the customer thousands of Chinese brands selling good quality products online. 

One of the best things about Chinabrands is that it has a professional tech team that performs, control, and monitor the quality of the products being sold over their platform. The customer service is superb with a 24×7 help of open lines for queries and grievances. 

3. Seebiz  

The market value of B2B reached a total of $1.2 trillion. Makes you curious about the importance of wholesale businesses and platforms, right? 

And what if we tell you that we have an inexpensive alternative to Alibaba?  

Introducing SeeBiz, an online wholesale platform designed for all wholesale stakeholders. This platform will serve you well whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer. 

23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

As an emerging force in the wholesale e-commerce world, SeeBiz has a lot to offer including 1000+ vendors and 650,000+ products. On this platform, all wholesale stakeholders can freely interact and conduct business with each other. 

All you have to do is create your profile, upload products, and connect with other wholesale businesses. You can communicate by messaging them directly, viewing their updates, or sharing your activities with just a few clicks.  

In essence, it’s like a trade show that doesn’t waste unnecessary time or money. Some of its amazing features and benefits include:  

Group Pricing:-

Since it is hard to remember quoted prices for every single product and customer, SeeBiz has come up with a solution.  

It has introduced a group pricing feature that allows you to add your vendors to a specific group. The members in the group will only be shown the prices you set for them. This unique feature helps conduct business without mixing any prices of your valued customers. 

Tier Pricing:-

Using tiered pricing, you can entice customers to buy more and get a better price per item. 

Free Advertisement:- 

Provide your business with yet another advertising platform because SeeBiz tends to feature its vendors and their products on its blog and social media posts. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free!  

Take advantage of this useful platform and watch your business reach another level. 

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4. EC21

EC21 is almost like a replica of Alibaba. It connects global suppliers and buyers being the largest online B2B marketplace today. It currently has more than 7 million products from over 3.5 million purchasers and in diverse categories.

23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

With this number of active purchasers online every month, it has become one of the quick-growing Alibaba alternatives. It provides many opportunities to businesses however small or medium in size. 

EC21 has a complete list of trading support systems along with numerous global business opportunities for the customers. In the international trading area, this website is leading the competition and is among the fastest-growing expertise and technology.  

5. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is quite a popular B2B marketplace globally and serves as a trade medium for tons of business no matter what size. It is authentic, reliable, safe, and fast. It has proven itself to be a better B2B portal in the online world.

23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

But, the only drawback eWorldTrade holds is customer service. Apart from this, it is trustable and integrated with advanced functionalities and features.

If you can spend money and time without any problem, searching the products on this website for your business can give you a boost up. 

6. IndiaMART

IndiaMART is a well-known and well-established Indian name brand website for suppliers, sellers, and buyers. It is one of the best websites for any size of an enterprise, small, medium, or large, and many individuals as well.

IndiaMART is one of the oldest B2B classified online portals. The buyers easily get millions of suppliers and products they wish for. Moreover, it is also a platform giving your brand (if you own one) improved credibility as a seller or supplier. 

IndiaMART offers an instant payment gateway with high protection and security. Just like Alibaba, it also claims to connect sellers and buyers anytime and anywhere.

7. Trade India

Yet another Indian B2B marketplace taking the place as one of the best Alibaba alternatives in the online marketing world. It is a perfect website for business-related needs.

Trade India is a website that makes it easy for varieties of online services and facilitation of trade promotional events to occur on the platform. It is great if you are into the clothing and textile-related business. From clothing items to personal care products, Trade India is quickly catching up to Alibaba’s era. 

It constantly delivers business solutions to both domestic and global business communities. With 20 years of experience in the B2B marketplace, it is an old industry with tons of products.

It also serves millions of suppliers, exporters, importers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers around the globe. It is the finest Indian B2B platform. 

8. Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the topmost competitors of Alibaba for a good reason. Their vetting process is very thorough which helps to filter out fake accounts and trading companies.

Because fake suppliers and accounts cause the customers a lot of issues and it ruins the name of the website. Global SOurces had made sure that there are only 100% genuine manufacturers and sellers on their platform. This site is not limited to Asia.

As the name speaks, it is a global platform. With a clean and easy interface, it is completely in English and delivers its service throughout the world.

But, with pros, come some cons including price listings. Some listed prices reflected over their site don’t show the true cost. You should contact the supplier directly to make sure that the price is true. In addition to this issue, they tend to have a higher MOQ (minimum order quantities) which requires an order to be purchased in larger quantities. 

9. Quality Trade

Quality Trade focuses on connecting its buyers who love to buy high-quality products with compliant, ISO-certified, top-class companies. Quality Trade has built its name in the B2B marketplace mostly because of the ISO-certified companies on its platform. They provide very nice standard items. 

It has become one of the prominent Alibaba alternatives because the consumers have reliable access to the businesses for maximizing the added value they provide their buyers.

Quality Trade offers millions of products to buy over its trade marketplace. If you are quality-conscious about the products you buy, this website is the correct choice for you.  

10. Thomas Net

Thomas Net is consistently ranked as the best B2B marketplaces and Alibaba alternatives in the entire world. Their industrial sourcing platform is a good alternative to Alibaba with millions of industrial buyers every month.

It has been serving the world for the last 120 years! First offline since 1898, and then took its place in the world online when the internet was introduced. Therefore, the industrial products available on Thomas Net are highly authentic, genuine, and trustworthy.

All the buyers can choose between half a million commercial supplier profiles and over 6 million industrial products for purchase. Another excellent thing about Thomas Net is that they offer both 2D and 3D models of more than 10 million products.

These models are highly compatible with most OEM software systems. If you are someone who is seeking a genuine B2B industrial product and service without any faults, Thomas Net is your choice.

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10 Shopping Tricks to Always Get Fresher Products

11. Banggood

Banggood is fairly one of the top Alibaba alternatives considering the benefits it provides to a seller. If you have a business you want to grow online, it would be appreciated.

There are many ways for your business to pay and even drop shipping is widely supported. For buyers, it provides good protection on the items you purchase with a large variety of products to buy from. 

Banggood is strictly numbered to consumer goods with often lower prices compared to other websites. It is feasible. You can buy these products and sell them in the United States for a good and profitable margin.

A few options for sourcing your products from Asian countries are perfect. But, from the moment you order an item to the time it arrives at your doorstep, it could take months.

Furthermore, after you receive the items and find defective products, the span of refund is only four days. 

This is a B2B marketing known for its large offering of light-duty electric scooters imported to the United States with some important rules and regulations that one needs to be aware of. 

12. SoloStocks

SoloStocks has reached numerous professionals and companies in just 21 years very quickly and has been providing a vast range of categories of products. This website only operates and serves customers residing in Latin America and Europe.

It has helped millions of companies and consumers to choose business-related products for their growing business.

SoloStocks has grabbed huge attention from professional buyers and sellers in almost 12 countries including Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Portugal, and Poland.

The biggest advantage of this platform is that they provide a comparison option to compare different products and prices and the ability for the buyers to contact the sellers directly too. 

13. All.biz

If you are someone who likes to take their time to search for clothing products or textiles for your business, All.biz is where you should land. It was launched in 1999 when many websites were starting up like Alibaba.

It acts like both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) platforms serving buyers with services from over 1.3 million companies and 20 million products. This marketplace has evolved in the past few years of development. 

The listings on All.biz are very simple and focused. It supports 26 languages and shows prices according to various countries’ currency. 

14. Made in China

Made in China is the right choice of B2B marketplace for the people who are completely interested in a website that will offer several source products to global buyers. The service has aggregated product information from 27 industries worldwide.

23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

You will never face trade risks with made in China. The supply is premium and it gives freedom to its users for accepting, purchasing, fulfilling orders, managing, and concluding the supply of orders and services online. 

The users can also audit their reports themselves for checking their authentic information for free. If you do not wish to buy the maximum quantity of products in one go, Made in China is the right foreign trade website. 

15. DHGate

DHGate is a great alternative because of the immense variety of items available on their website. They have got suppliers selling many niche products. If you do not find products on the Alibaba platform, DHGate will help you out to find those products easily.

The low minimum order quantities add up a bonus, it is sometimes as low as a single piece of product. 

It works and looks pretty similar to Alibaba. The language is English which makes the customer experience better and universal. Buyers can reach out to the sellers and negotiate prices as well. As a manufacturer, you can pay higher prices as higher as 25% more on the DHGate. 

16. ECVV

If you are looking for a B2B marketplace with trending and the latest products for your business, ECVV is the platform for you. It not only provides a million products but also connects more than a million suppliers throughout China.

It is the first Chinese end-to-end purchasing service website that offers warranty and quality assurance for global buyers. 

Even though the categories of items and products are not as massive as Alibaba today, you will still be impressed by the variety of services in transport electronics, machinery, electrical appliances, equipment, building materials, hardware, lighting, and other such industrial items. This website is for the 22 Arab countries as well. 

17. Eezee

From Singapore, it is the best competitor of Alibaba and it offers a customer-centric eCommerce experience. It has trusted popular companies too. Eezee has a different selection of items and products that only focus on connecting suppliers with profitable customers.

As the name suggests, it not only covers the products according to your search but also offers an easier way to find profitable products for your business and growth.

You need to register or log in on the platform to be a part of it or buy something on it. Eezee is a place where you can get all the business and industrial supplies.

18. Light In The Box

Light in The Box is a retail product website from China. The wholesale purchase can be done here only on a case-by-case basis and there are no limitations for big orders. Even though the costings might be a little on the higher side, there are many worthy positives to look for.

There are thousands of products and their suppliers available. As a customer, you get buy retail and buyer protection. You will always find sales on the website of Light In The Box on retail products along with a variety of payment methods. 

19. ExportHub

ExportHub is one of the other Alibaba alternatives offering hundreds of products with a brilliant user interface that is very easy to navigate through.

It has got a great collection of the latest trade leads from numerous top industries. Both suppliers and buyers can be searched here. ExportHub provides B2B marketplace tips and trends to its users. 

Moreover, there is an array of categories and options similar to the Alibaba website that tends to keep the customers engaged well enough. If you are a new business holder, this website will help you find the latest manufacturers, importers, companies, and products in alphabetical order. 

20. Europages

Unlike many other sites and online marketplace, Europages serves millions of other professionals in 26 languages becoming a  top B2B marketplace.

23 of The Best Alibaba Alternatives (Sites Like Alibaba)

This is a website which has a huge database of millions of companies especially belonging to the European countries. Anyone can search companies and their activities suitable for their business requirements. 

From showcasing essential products from thousands of manufacturers to the sellers, it makes the experience of finding distributors and partners comparatively very easy.  You can immensely boost up the visibility of your business by listing it on Europages.

21. TinyDeal (Cigabuy)

It is a Hong Kong-based company that helps to link numerous wholesalers with businesses. It has many products at reasonable prices. Recently it has turned into “Cigabuy” which is only limited to customers who are 18 years or older.

The shipping is completely free but tends to take quite a while. Although, if you need to utilize drop shipping, TinyDeal might not be an outstanding option for you. 

22. China.cn

China.cn is another website from China apart from Alibaba for seeking products from Chinese suppliers easily. It is one of the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce Alibaba alternatives sponsored by Beijing China Network Communications Co., Ltd.

They provide information search, links, storage, and other kinds of network technology services to their Chinese enterprises over the platform alongside many international brands too. After AliExpress and Alibaba, China.cn is valued as the top marketplace within China.  

23. Yaaku

Yaaku is a clothing and other fashion accessories website. It can be considered a fashion niche website for resellers who want to source out a variety of products from one place itself. Yaaku has tons of options to shop from.

It ships internationally making it more attainable. You can contact the sellers directly for product specifications and negotiations on the wholesale prices. If you’re a seller, the only downside to this website is that the costs are higher and there is a short timeframe for refunds. Which means that there is less profit for you. 


HKTDC is a go-between Hong Kong-based company with a vast array of products from more than 100,00 suppliers. This is quite a different form of B2B marketplace, as you can’t buy the goods directly from a supplier.

Best Alibaba Alternatives 6

You will receive the supplier’s information first and then you have to reach out to them for the queries and order. You need to negotiate the cost of the product and shipping charges directly. 

But while doing this, there are certain limitations too such as HKTDC will not offer any kind of buyer protection meaning that you are supposed to make a purchase from the supplier at your own risk.

EVen drop shipping is not supported and while dealing with the wholesale suppliers, the MOQ tends to be higher for the buyers. HKTDC is purely a platform that will only provide you contacts of suppliers and list them out according to your product needs. 

The Conclusion

Alibaba is surely a great B2B marketplace, no doubt. You can increase your profits by finding out many manufacturers for your generic products or private label. But what Alibaba isn’t is your only option in this world filled with manufacturers and suppliers for your business or any personal use. 

This is why there are so many Alibaba alternatives out there for you. Alibaba has got many competitors and websites which work far better than it to provide high-quality suppliers. If you are looking to start your business and make an impact, these alternative sites are good options for you.