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9 Best Apps For Learning Sign Language and Practices ASL

If you are interested in learning sign language due to any reason, applications are just the perfect way to start. They are affordable, convenient, and just the perfect alternative to classes. In addition, you can start these apps anytime, and anywhere.

Even when you are traveling, or making a cup of coffee! Another positive of learning sign language with the help of an app is that you can learn at your speed, as some of them are featured with various bite-sized tutorials.  

Some sign language apps even offer lessons in the form of different types of quizzes and games, which means, they add an extra layer of fun to your overall learning experience.

Below, I have collected some of the apps for learning sign language that can help you master the beautiful art of sign language.

Let’s go a bit deeper to know in detail about them. 

Best Apps For Learning Sign Language – Our Pick

1. Lingvano: Sign Language – ASL

Lingvano is the fast, easy, and fun way to learn sign language! The interactive, bite-sized lessons in the app with a powerful combination of BSL dictionaries help you develop the skill that can be immensely helpful for you in real-life communication.

You can successfully build bridges with the app by learning British sign language in a surprisingly easier and more effective way. The best part about the app is, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time, and can get a lot from the app only by spending 10 minutes a day!  

Best Sign Language Apps

With Lingavano, you get an excellent way of immersing yourself in learning sign language hands-on, and you can also master useful dialogues to improve your overall conversation.

There is an advanced vocabulary trainer that reinforces your memory and helps you retain whatever you learn for a long time. If you are looking for something specific in sign language, there is an extensive dictionary that simply gets you covered!  

Features of Lingavano:-

  • Helps you start your sign language journey effectively 
  • All you have to do is to spend only 10 minutes per day 
  • Dozens of lessons to learn for real-life situations 
  • Everyday dialogues get conversational easily 
  • Helps you master grammar and vocabulary

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 

2. ASL Fingerspelling Practice 

If you are trying to master ASL fingerspelling skills, here is one of the most effective apps for learning sign language for you! There are two different modes in the app dad make learning effective as well as full of fun.

With the receptive mode, you are allowed to watch unlimited fingerspelled words, and you can add just your learning speed based on your comfort and preferences.  

It is very effective for those who are completely unaware of the concept of sign language. And, if you have even a bit of an idea about this concept, you should explore expressive mode.

Best Sign Language Apps 1

In this mode, unlimited fingerspelled words are shown on the screen constantly, and you get the opportunity to check your spelling. This is a wonderful way of learning sign language simply by playing with one of your friends!  

There are some more reasons to be impressed with the ASL Fingerspelling Practice app. You don’t have to worry about those annoying advertisements, you don’t receive any disrupting notifications.

And, most importantly from my point of view, you don’t have to guess repeatedly about any kind of in-app purchases. Only through sign language learning do you know a very effective and distraction-free environment. 

Features of ASL Fingerspelling Practice:-

  • Two different modes for different types of learners 
  • Unlimited fingerspelled words to make it easier for you 
  • Allows you to increase the speed based on your preferences 
  • Expressive mode exclusively for advanced learners 
  • No in-app purchases, no notifications, no ads 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 

3. Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign

How about learning sign language, and at the same time, meeting with a lot of new people from different parts of the world? Sign language ASL pocket sign app is all about making sign language learning effective, easier, and full of fun!

The app gets you connected with a lot of people in the community already learning so much through the app.

9 Best Apps For Learning Sign Language and Practices ASL

By mastering ASL, you can’t only make new friends quite easily, but can also teach your growing kid the much-needed art of communication, as well as can help someone in your family and friends who is struggling with improper or complete loss of hearing. 

The app offers hundreds of video sign language lessons, that are designed as small-sized, and also support you with multiple interactive questions. In addition to learning sign language, you can also learn how to translate different similar languages.

There are multiple fun and interactive questions to keep you engaged throughout your learning. You can also find out various items to me learning even more interesting.

Common phrases and everyday greetings are no less than the “cherry on top” as far as the overall features of the app are concerned!   

Features of Sign Language ASP Pocket Sign:-

  • Hundreds of beautiful video lessons based on ASL  
  • Allows you to learn as well as translate sign language  
  • Fun quizzes to make things even more interesting  
  • An extensive American Sign Language dictionary  
  • Common basic phrases with daily greetings 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 

4. Sign Language for Beginners 

As we all know, learning sign language is considered quite a bit challenging for most people. That being said, there are certain apps for learning sign language that makes things a lot simpler and more practical.

And, sign language for beginners is one such app! The app provides a very easy and fun way of learning American Sign Language with some extraordinary success.

9 Best Apps For Learning Sign Language and Practices ASL

It is an excellent tool for beginners who are trying to master the art of sign language. The app is available free of cost and makes learning interactive with easy-to-follow pictures.  

And, as far as ease of use is concerned, you get very simple and easy navigation to take you through all the functions of the app. With a sleek and chick-friendly user interface, anyone even without advanced knowledge or skill can use this app with utmost ease.

You get almost all the categories of ASL, including, ASL alphabets, ASL basic words, ASL basic phrases, ASL numbers, ASL basic medical terms, and many more!   

Features of Sign Language For Beginners:-

  • A simple yet powerful beginners guide to sign language 
  • Sleek and beautiful user-friendly interface 
  • Contains all the categories of ASL 
  • Interactive and easy-to-follow lessons with pictures 
  • Helps you master the basics of sign language

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 

5. ASL American Sign Language 

If you are good enough in American Sign Language, you will be able to meet as well as interact with a completely new group of people from different backgrounds.

ASL American Sign Language app delivers a very convenient, simple, and enjoyable learning experience that’s not only limited to the basics.

It is a free, but highly effective sign language learning app, more than just suitable for beginners. With the app, you can learn as well as translate sign language without investing a single penny.  

The app features various sign language lessons to make things easier for you. If you are not introduced to the sign language yet, you can use the app to learn all the sign alphabets as well as numbers without any struggle whatsoever.

9 Best Apps For Learning Sign Language and Practices ASL

The app also allows you to easily improve your overall sign language knowledge with the help of an extensive range of vocabulary and important conversation phrases.  

To make things even more interesting, there are several ASL memory games in the app as well. If you want to go a few extra miles to know more in detail about American Sign Language, you can check out a lot of facts and figures already available on the app.   

Thanks to a shortcut feature, you get several readymade buttons that are easily accessible with boat text and voice. In this section, you can seamlessly add your favorite words and sentences for future reference.

If you are aiming to help someone illiterate trying to learn the American Sign Language, you can help them with pictograms that are designed to talk through multiple interactive pictures. 

Features of ASL American Sign Language:-

  • A wide range of organized lessons to learn ASL easily 
  • A complete ASL dictionary to improve ASL vocabulary 
  • Sign language translator to master different sign languages 
  • An extensive range of commonly used vocabulary and phrases 
  • Multiple ASL memory games to explore and play

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

6. Baby Sign Dictionary ASL 

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL is one of the most useful apps for learning sign language, that helps you take out the guesswork of parenting, and become more practical.

To be understood is one of the most fundamental desires of humans, and that’s all this app is focused on! It is featured with as many as 340 signs with real-life video demonstrations to help you teach sign language to your baby.

The app makes the entire process of learning and teaching sign language engaging as well as enjoyable.  

apps for learning sign language

The keyword signs provided by the app are entirely based on the original concept of American Sign Language. And, all the signs are carefully collected for their ease of use, helpfulness not only to early learners but to parents and caregivers as well.

Signs in the app are perfectly categorized in various sections including daily routines, action words, manners and behaviors, feelings and emotions, animals, nature, and more!  

And, the best part is everything is arranged alphabetically for easy and quick access. If you want to test your baby’s overall sign language knowledge and skills, you can also try out various interactive video quizzes that are based on common signs. 

Features of Baby Sign Dictionary ASL:-

  • High-quality videos and graphics optimized for babies 
  • A decent amount of age-appropriate content for preschoolers 
  • Simplified demonstration to try out before starting the actual videos 
  • As many as 340 signs covering all the basics of sign language 
  • Real-life video demonstrations to make it interactive for your kid 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.5 / 5 

7. Sign Language for Beginners – Free apps to learn sign language

Another extraordinary app, designed especially for beginners who want to learn sign language. The app offers a huge array of signs with highly interactive, clear images to describe the respective action with great accuracy.

Various signs in the app are organized into different sections starting with the basics like alphabets and numbers. The list father goes deeper with other sections including, days and times of the day, family members and people, question words, greetings, health, nature, meals, colors, opposites, and a lot more!  

The app also helps you know about different aspects of sign language including 13 facts, brief history, as well as myths.

Best Sign Language Apps 6

You don’t have to try a separate app for learning British sign language, as the app offers a dedicated section to help you learn the British sign language with simple gestures for alphabets, numbers, add a lot of other common words.

This app can be proved as a very handy guide for both American Sign Language and British sign language, and you can refer to it whenever you want with utmost ease thanks to its simple and clean user interface. 

Features of Sign Language for Beginners:-

  • A wide array of signs featured clear images 
  • Serves a daily guide to learning all the basics  
  • Helps you learn about various important facts of sign language 
  • Also featured with British Sign Language 
  • A very suitable app for beginners

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 

8. Hands-On ASL – Hands on asl app

You can easily learn how to expressively and receptively finger spell with the help of one of the easiest apps for learning sign language – “Hands on ASL”! With an interactive, unique user interface, the app makes learning sign language very easy for everyone and it’s providing the best way to learn sign language.

The app uses 3D models instead of videos or still shots. And, these shots can be rotated and zoomed easily with 360-degree freedom, and allow you to see the shapes from all angles to understand the sign language easily.  

apps for learning sign language

There are several quizzes with a distinct game that is tiring for actual real-time practice with words and letters of different spelling speeds and lengths. If you try this app once, I’m sure you will be hooked to beating all your previous high scores every time.

With the app, you can seamlessly exercise your brain and work effortlessly on your new skill i.e., sign language, which can be proved immensely helpful for you to connect it with an entirely new world!  

There are as many as 26 hand signs to accurately learn and review the alphabet. With multi-tiered fingers and spelling practice, mastering the art of sign language gets immensely easier with the app. You can also customize your experience with various skin tones provided by the app!  

Features of Hands-On ASL:-

  • 26 hand signs to effectively learn and review the alphabet  
  • Multiple quizzes to practice at varying speeds and word length  
  • 3D models with the ability to rotate and zoom for better understanding 
  • Customizable hands and skin tones for a personalized experience 
  • Multi-tiered finger spelling practice to help you get better every day

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5 

While exploring the best apps to learn sign language for free and practice ASL, I found a very helpful video “Learn American Sign Language Letters” that really helped me to learn the asl alphabet within a short period of time.😎😎😁

American Sign Language Alphabet | Learn American Sign Language Letters

9. Mimix3D Sign Language 

If you need an app to effortlessly and effectively translate sign language, here is an extraordinary app for you! Mimix3D Sign Language app smartly interprets written and spoken English into sign language with the help of an AI-powered, friendly avatar.

Your sign language learning will only get better with every passing day, as the app adds new signs every week.  

apps for learning sign language

The 3D avatar in the app interprets speech/text input in English and delivers accurate, real-time sign language translations. The app helps you by easing out the entire process of sign language communication with specially-abled individuals from the deaf and hard of hearing community.

It makes understanding the sing language for you, even if you don’t have enough knowledge about the same. That advanced interpretation is designed based on popular signing in exact English format.  

The app doesn’t replace human SL interpreters, and, instead, makes communication with specially-abled people more accessible and practical.

There is also another extraordinarily useful feature in the app. It smartly translates text into spoken words and makes writing easy for deaf individuals with the help of sign language or a text keyboard. 

Features of Mimix3D Sign Language:-

  • Two-way communication including writing and reading  
  • Smartly interprets spoken as well as written English into sign language 
  • A friendly 3D avatar to make things interactive for users 
  • New signs added every week for continuous and effective learning 
  • One of the most effective tools to communicate with deaf individuals

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 


What is the best free app for learning sign language?

ASL American Sign Language, Livango, ASL Fingerspelling Practice, and Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign are among the best applications for learning sign language and offer a wide range of features like fluency in sign language, 10 minutes lessons based on real-life situations, and more.

What apps help you learn ASL?

Sign Language for Beginners, Baby Sign Dictionary ASL, Hands-On ASL, etc. is some of the most reliable applications you can use to start learning American Sign Language (ASL).  

What is the best way to learn sign language for beginners?

Sign language classes, online videos, joining sign language groups, hiring a private sign language tutor, watching and mimicking interpreters, and asking your deaf family and friends to teach you are some of the best, and most effective ways to learn sign language for beginners. 

Can I learn ASL on my own?

No, it is not practically possible to learn ASL without any assistance at all. If you want to begin your ASL learning journey, and want to have meaningful conversations, you will definitely need formal instruction and practice to do things the right way.

However, you can definitely try learning the basics of American Sign Language, like the alphabet. 

How long does it take to learn ASL fluently? 

It entirely depends on the method of learning as well as your own speed. Overall, may take several years of constant practice and regular study to become fluent in any sign language.

On average, you can learn American Sign Language in up to three years with a bit of fluency.  

Is there ASL on Duolingo? 

No, Duolingo is primarily a language learning application and helps you to learn hundreds of different languages very easily. However, the application doesn’t deal with any type of sign language, leave alone American Sign Language. 

Where can I learn ASL for free? 

ASL Connect is one of the largest databases that find everything related to American Sign Language as well as various other deaf studies. It offers a complete range of speed as well as free content designed for both families as well as businesses.  

How hard is learning ASL? 

Learning American Sign Language is not hard at all! Instead, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. A lot of signs used in ASL are commonplace gestures. Children can easily pick up the science, especially if they are eager to use them. 

How much does Duolingo cost per month? 

The Duolingo application is completely free however, if you go for Duolingo Super or Plus, you will be charged $6.99 per month. Before opting for the premium version, you can definitely start with a 14-day free trial. 

Is Duolingo a waste of time? 

Definitely not! It is one of the largest and most admired language learning platforms and makes the overall process of learning not only easier but full of fun.  

Is Duolingo actually free? 

Yes, it is completely free to learn languages on Duolingo. However, if you want to enjoy some advanced features of the app, you will have to pay $6.99 per month after a free trial of 14 days. 

Has anyone become fluent from Duolingo? 

You just cannot become fluent from Duolingo or any other app for that matter. Practice makes a lot of difference as far as learning a new language is concerned.

Add, you can only become fluent if you practice constantly, and engage in conversation with another person fluent in that language. Otherwise, you can’t even reach the halfway stage of becoming fluent in any language.  


All these apps for learning sign language are definitely excellent resources for learning all the basics of sign language. If you are not very friendly with sign language, you should give these apps a try at least once!

Yes, practicing sign language is more effective while communicating with other people. But these advanced apps can make the entire process a lot more practical, add at the same time, full of fun!

Hopefully, I have helped you with enough options, and you will be able to learn the art of sign language with utmost ease, and extraordinary accuracy!