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9 Best Apps Like Yik Yak To Express Your Feelings

Are you in search of alternative Apps Like Yik Yak To anonymously connect and Express Your Feelings?🧐

We got you covered in this post. let’s Deep Dive in:-

Social media and messaging platforms used to be a unique creation a couple of decades ago. But today, they are an extremely common occurrence and handy application.

There are numerous messaging applications and web-based platforms available to the public presently. Each of these applications come with their own unique features, tools, purposes, and functions.

There are quite a lot of different types of messaging applications. Some of them may be for direct messaging, others could be for reading and participating in discussion threads, they could be for sharing opinions, asking questions, discussing topics, posting and sharing pictures and videos, educational talks, and for Navy other purposes. Most people use multiple chatting applications for a lot of different purposes and reasons.

It is an extremely common phenomenon to be accessing a messaging application today. Maximum amounts of communication take place through these messaging applications.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see that the amount of messaging applications is increasing continuously. New social media and messaging applications with new, more advanced, and fascinating features are being launched every year.

One of the most popular and well-liked social media and messaging platforms was Yik Yak. For those who are not familiar with this social media platform, here is a brief overview.

What Is Yik Yak?🧐

Yik Yak was an extremely popular social media platform. It was founded in November 2013 by Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, who happen to be the CEO and COO of the platform.

This application was created to allow people to make, search for or read discussion threads in an approximate radius of 5 miles. Yik Yak is available for iOS users only.

This application grew and prospered in 2013 and 2014 continuously. In fact, within a year of its launch, this application became the ninth most downloaded one in the United States of America.

But its growth halted in 2015 due to cases and reports of cyberbullying. Some anti-cyberbullying features were added in 2015 and 2016, while simultaneously releasing a web-based platform, but these efforts were in vain.

On April 28, 2017, it was officially announced that Yik Yak would be shut down due to decreased use and popularity, and it was finally shut down within a handful of days, on May 5, 2017.

But on August 15, 2021, the official channels of Yik Yak announced its return. Currently, the app is available only for the iOS platform, but there are plans for making it available on Android devices soon as well.

The news of its return tremendously increased its popularity and the people who had been using it, in the beginning, cannot wait to do so again. Yik Yak is definitely an impressively popular and well-liked social media platform.

While it is truly a unique application, there are quite a few other applications that can be used for similar purposes.

Here is a list of 9 other apps like Yik Yak that we will be discussing in this post.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak – Our Pick👌👌

1. Reddit – Dive into anything

Reddit is definitely one of the most popular social media and communication platforms out there and among the best apps like Yik Yak.

It allows its users to post questions, answer questions, discuss news and other similar affairs, access discussion threads, rate and comment on answers and posts, and express themselves anonymously or non anonymously, as per the user’s convenience.

It was founded on June 23, 2005, by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis Ohanian and is currently owned and operated by Advance Publications.

This platform is available in a number of different languages and can be used by anyone in the world. Currently, Reddit has around 500 million users and the count is continuously increasing.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak

The posts on Reddit include a variety of different content including textual posts, images, videos, links, etc. The users can choose to remain anonymous while posting, or keep their identities public.

Therefore, registration is not compulsory to use this application. In spite of this fact, content is carefully monitored and checked on this application.

The posts on Reddit are categorized by subject or content. This categorization is called ‘communities’ or ‘subreddits’. There are over 139 million different subreddits available to the public. Although, only registered users are allowed to create subreddits.

How to Use Reddit - Complete Beginner's Guide

There are strict rules and regulations regarding harassment and cyberbullying. The platform makes sure that such activities are reported, monitored, and handled properly.

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2. Whisper – Share, Express, Meet

What is better than an application that allows its users to express their views freely, ask questions, reply to others’ questions and posts, and talk about their secrets and problems, all while remaining completely anonymous?🧐

For people who wish to remain unknown on social media platforms, such a platform is a dream come true. And this is exactly what Whisper is.

Whisper is a social media application that was launched on March 31, 2021. This application was introduced by WhisperText LLC, a media company which was founded by Michael Heyward and Brad Brooks.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak 1

It is available for both iOS and Android devices. It was originally to allow people to share and post images and video messages while keeping the identity of the sender anonymous, although this fact has led to some privacy concerns.

Ever since 2015, this application has also served as a brand advertising platform for a number of different corporations and organizations.

This application is presently owned by MediaLab. It has claimed to have more than 17 billion page views, with around 250 million users per month and it is available to users in more than 187 countries.

Whisper is completely free for use. It does not have any paid version either. The first thing the user needs to do is create their profile. And this process is incredibly easy and hassle-free, as compared to other platforms.

All the information that the user needs to provide is their username, gender, age range, and location, all of which are kept completely confidential. 

This platform has enhanced its security and content monitoring quite a lot since its creation so as to provide a pleasurable and comfortable functioning to its users.

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3. CuriousCat – Anonymous Q&A

If someone is looking for a platform that allows them to stay in touch with their friends, all questions anonymously and answer questions anonymously.

All while developing and engaging in a close-knitted community, then CuriousCat is yet another one of the best apps like Yik Yak for doing anything and everything that the user wishes to do.

CuriousCat was developed and it is owned and operated by Grand Crew Inc. This application was launched in April 2010 with the purpose of allowing people to chat with their friends, remain connected for as long as they want to, and share their thoughts, feelings, and expressions anonymously. It is now available for users of both iOS and Android devices.

It also allows them to ask questions and answer without revealing their identity to the rest of the users of the application.

9 Best Apps Like Yik Yak To Express Your Feelings

It also comes with a group chat feature which allows the creator to add a lot of their friends in the group and ask any type of questions with the option of remaining anonymous or while making their identities public.

CuriousCat is a great platform for staying in contact with one’s friends. This messaging and chatting platform has more than one million users across the globe.

It is a highly used as well as highly recommended social media platform that can be used to share, express, and discuss one’s thoughts and feelings.

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4. ASKfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously

Another popular and highly used anonymous question and answer platform is ASKfm. It was also created with the vision of allowing people to ask and answer questions anonymously, without any restrictions.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak 3

This application suffered from a major setback a couple of years ago but was able to bounce back and return with a better than ever interface and is currently one of the best-liked social media platforms available to the general public.

ASKfm is a social networking site that was founded on June 16, 2010, by Ilja Terebin and Mark Terebin. This is a Latvian social platform.

It was created with the intention of allowing people to anonymously ask their questions, without any risk to their identities. Its headquarters are in Riga, Latvia.

It was acquired by the IAC in 2014, and then in 2016, it was sold to Noosphere Ventures, which is an asset management firm, based in California. It is available to both iOS and Android users.

This platform has been made available to every person in the world. It is now available in almost 49 languages. Just like quite a few other similar platforms, this application also faced the problem of cyberbullying.

But it acted quickly to rectify the problem by installing better cybersecurity features, enhanced reporting and blocking functions, and increased monitoring of the content posted on the application.

Another feature to enhance the security is the registration of the users before getting permission to access the application.

ASKfm comes in both a free version and a paid version of the application. Different packages are available at different prices, for those who wish to access the paid version of the application.

This application will allow the user to access a lot of random questions and information on a large variety of topics and discussions. Not only is this application intellectually stimulating, but it will also never let the users get bored.

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5. Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback

Tellonym is a messaging application created by three students for other students but is now open to anyone who wishes to join the community.

It allows the users to ask questions, answer them and post their thoughts anonymously or while keeping their identities public, as per the user’s convenience.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak 4

The Tellonym application was launched in April 2016. It is owned and developed by Callosum Software. Currently, its headquarters are in Berlin, Germany.

This application is a cost-free messaging platform, which also ensures that its users identified are kept anonymous at all times. The main purpose of this application is to allow its users to ask their questions with ease and receive efficient and effective feedback in return.

This application has about 40 million users from across the world. Quite a majority of users of this application fall in the age group of 11 to 18 years. The messages on this application are called ‘Tells’.

The users have their own profile which can be used by others to connect feedback about anything and everything from the users. Thus, it is an extremely useful tool for collecting data for different surveys.

Tellonym is extremely popular with teenagers. It also comes with a lot of safety and security features including word filters, language filters, efficient blocking functions, report functions, setting to only allow Tells from registered users, and many other settings that allow the user to have a safe and pleasant messaging experience.

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6. Jodel: Hyperlocal Community

Jodel is yet another one on our list for the best Apps Like Yik Yak and a social media platform that allows its users to post textual threads, though there is a limit on the number of characters that can be used in a single post at once, pictures with small captions and short videos.

This social media application was initially created for student use only, but the community has grown ever since.

Jodel was launched in October 2014 by Alessio Borgmeyer and it is currently operated by The Jodel Venture GmbH. It allows its users to positively or negatively vote or comment on all the content that is being posted.

It operates in a radius of about 10 kilometers. It uses the GPS location of the user’s device so as to look for all those users who are in the vicinity of one particular user.

9 Best Apps Like Yik Yak To Express Your Feelings

This application is available in 4 different languages which are German, English, French, and Finnish. It uses its votes and comments feature to manage the visibility of the posts.

The posts are generally shown and sorted according to the date it was posted on, the number of comments, and the number of votes. Any post with a rating of -5 is automatically removed from the site. This helps to manage all the negative posts on the platform.

While Jodel keeps the identity of its users a secret from other users, it is quite strict with its security measures and content monitoring.

It actively works with the authorities to ensure that no dangerous or unsafe content is being posted. This application is particularly popular with young adults and teenagers, even though it started as a student-only application.

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7. Kik Messenger

Kiki Messenger, also known as only Kik, is an instant messaging app. It works like any other messaging app and allows its users to send and receive a variety of contents like texts, photos, images, videos, links, sketches, web pages, and many other types of files or data to their family and friends.

Kik Messenger was founded on October 19, 2010, by Kik Interactive Inc. It was developed by MediaLab AI, Inc. This application is available to both iOS and Android users.

It is a completely free-of-cost platform. It currently has more than 300 million registered users and the number of users is increasing day by day.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak 6

This application was initially intended to be a music-sharing application. But soon after it was launched, a messaging feature was also added.

This tremendously increased its popularity and soon after individual messaging became available, over a million people registered themselves and created their accounts.

Kik Messenger has very strict policies regarding maintaining the anonymity of the users. It also has strict rules regarding harassment and cyberbullying.

It often works with the authorities to ensure that the platform remains a safe and pleasant place for users to communicate with one another without the fear of being harassed or bullied. It is a completely safe and secure messaging platform with effective and efficient rules of conduct.

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8. Jeti: What’s Happening Nearby

Jeti is a social media platform that can be used to come in touch and connect with people who share the same interests, hobbies, views, posts, and location as the user.

This app can be used to share text posts, images, photos, videos, links, etc. with one’s family, friends, and other people. It is especially useful for connecting with people who are in an individual’s locality.

9 Best Apps Like Yik Yak To Express Your Feelings

Jeti allows users to maintain their anonymity while using the application. Like quite a few other social media platforms, it lets its users create groups and communities using different and unique hashtags.

Since it is a location-based application, the user can get the latest posts and news feed about what is happening in their locality right after signing up and giving their locations.

This application also allows the users to follow their friends and family members, and in return, get followed by them. Jeti is a platform where all the latest news, discussion links, photos, images, jokes, memes, current affairs, etc. can be found as well as discussed. All these features make it an extremely popular social media platform.

Users need not be registered to use this application. It allows the users to positively vote – Upvote, and negatively vote – Downvote, on different posts. Comments can be easily posted, much like with other social media applications.

It also shows the users to conduct polls through itself. Security and privacy are given a lot of consideration and content is carefully monitored on this social media platform.

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9. Vent – Express yourself freely

Vent is the last name in our list of the best Apps Like Yik Yak. As the name suggests, is the perfect platform to let out one’s feelings and frustrations. This application comes with the motto of ‘Express Yourself Freely’.

It comes with the option of keeping the user’s identity anonymous so as to ensure that the user is able to freely express themself without anyone knowing about their personal details.

Best Apps Like Yik Yak 8

Ever since it was launched, Vent became an incredibly popular social media platform as it was clearly made to allow people to ‘vent’ out their feelings and unload themselves off the troubles and hassles of daily life.

The very objective of the application was to let people relieve their stress by sharing it with other people. It is available to iOS users only.

Vent sought to provide a judgment-free zone where people can express their feelings and thoughts freely without worrying about being judged or chastised by others.

It seeks to provide an emphasizing and supporting community to the user which helps the users to gain support and encouragement which might not be accessible to them in their daily lives.

The most basic feature of the application is its “How are you feeling” option. This feature allows the user to choose an option and type their problems, frustrations, or whatever they are currently feeling.

It also comes with specific reaction options, which allows the readers of any post to express their opinions and thoughts on a particular post and show their support.

A supporting and non-judgmental community can prove to be extremely helpful to lift one’s spirits.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous social media platforms and messaging applications available to people. Each of these platforms has its own purpose, features, and uniqueness.

But almost all of them allow the user to find and engage in a fun, helpful, supporting, and interesting community and enlarge their social circle.

A good social media platform can also help the user in becoming aware of their surroundings. It also allows them to see, know, understand and analyze the different viewpoints of other people.

In this manner, it enhances their thinking and understanding capabilities, and this results in people becoming more sensitive and empathetic to others.

It is crucial that any and every user should be aware of the ill effects of such digital platforms. Hate speeches, insensitive comments, and offensive posts could be quite harmful to one’s mental health.

The users should know when and how to report such questionable content and they should be able to manage and regulate their feelings in regards to such content.

If you have used any of these apps like Yik Yak and are willing to share your experience, do let us know in the comment below.