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7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

In this post, you will find the Best Chairs For Programmers to buy. 😎

The main factor that we consider in this selection is? 🤔

The main factor that we selected for this review is comfort because a programmer sits for more than 10-11 hours regularly. Hence, you must have the right chair that blends your body shape and thigh comfort. 

So without further ado, let’s explore this guide. 📗

There is no denying the fact that programmers play a vital role in our lives. Just like doctors and nurses are a must for society, so are programmers who develop severe and complicated programs for the benefit of humanity. 

Nearly every industry needs programmers to devise solutions to solve crucial issues plaguing their task force. You can find programmers employed in almost all sectors and firms.

This is when, as a programmer, you need to understand how important your body’s health is. Your work is not the same as others for several reasons. The main reason being you spend almost 10-12 hours in front of the desk. 

As if that is not enough, you then have to work at home even during weekends during crunch situations. Senior programmers especially trust this. Hence, you become more prone to back pains, neck and shoulder injuries, and constant eye pain.

As a programmer, you deserve a good quality chair and desk to work on. Not to mention, it is one of the smartest and wise decisions; you can make as an individual. How do you go about things, and where to choose the best chairs for programmers? 

Choosing the best chairs for programmers

This is when we can help you. Programmers require desks and chairs that are ergonomic designs and shapes. Health issues like back pain, and neck and shoulder pains can be avoided by using proper furniture. 

The kind of office chair you choose will help your body’s health and, more importantly, improve your productivity for your firm or business. When you are not sure how to make your choice, then there are millions of people like you. 

Worry not; there are several options in the market for you to choose from. We have selected some of the best chairs for programmers on our list so that you can learn more about the product that you require. 

Remember, the most important office setup is your chair. 

Best Chairs For Programmers – Our Top Pick

1. basyx by HON Mesh High-Back Task Chair (HVL702)

The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair is the perfect chair for those seated in front of your PC or laptop for an extended period. It provides adequate comfort and proper ergonomics, offering the right posture when seated. 

Best Chairs For Programmers
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The chair is black, making it suitable for any sort of décor or working environment. This is a plastic-made chair with metal and a mesh at the back. The dimensions are good at 26.5L X 26.5W X 40.5H inches.

It can easily fit inside a compact space, making it suitable for offices, apartments, and even your living room. The back height of the seat comes at 24 inches. There is no need for assembly, as you can do it yourself. 

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

The back of the chair reclines at a ratio of 2 to 1, thanks to the synchro-tilt feature. This provides you with the right balance and comfort. The armrest is adjustable according to your needs and working requirements.  

You can swivel around 360 degrees offering you complete freedom of movement with ease. The tilt tension is excellent and able to control the recline and speed it. You can use the tilt lock to lock the back when you want to sit in the upright position.


  • The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair has a mesh that is breathable and provides you with ample ventilation for those long working hours. 
  • The office chair for programmers comes with several options to adjust the height and position of your chair for the right posture. 
  • You can quickly move around using this office chair as it rolls on as comes with a base that is made from robust materials. 
  • The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair is very durable, and if used and handled carefully, it can last you several years easily. 
  • The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair comes with a warranty of a 5-year limited lifetime that is one of the best in the market. 


  • The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair may not be suitable for individuals over 250 pounds. 
  • At the same, if you are slightly on the shorter side, then you might not be able to adjust the seat for your optimum comfort. 

The Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair is the ideal choice in the market, as it comes with a 5-year warranty and is made from sturdy materials. 

2. OpenWheeler AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Chair

The AKRacing Style Desk Chair is a fantastic chair for those who want something special in their furniture and not mundane products. The chair is unique and colorful in its way. It comes in 6 colors, including black, blue, red, green, orange, and so on. 

Best Chairs For Programmers
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Depending on your preference, you can choose the tone for your office or home office. This chair adds some life and color to your otherwise dull interiors. The height can be easily adjusted according to your comfort level. 

The armrest comes with proper padding. This being a racing chair, offers you a backrest that is adjustable too. The recliner can tilt to a 170-degree angle that is good enough for even tall people. It also comes with tilt and rock features. 

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

You can use it when you want to sit upright or in a tilted position. The office chair also has a headrest pillow for those long and tiring extended hours. As a programmer, you may need these small accessories to make your work life more comfortable. 

The foam has a high-density cold cure filling made from synthetic leather. It does not deform into the shape of your body. The seat cushion is firm but soft to sit on. The chair can easily take up more than 300 pounds. 

The steel frame is robust and comes with elastic strap supports. 


  • The AKRacing Style Desk Chair is one of the best office and gaming chairs as it comes with sufficient padding suitable for individuals with back pain and spinal injuries. 
  • The racing chair comes with a headrest pillow that offers you the ultimate in-work comfort. You do not feel any strain on your body parts despite sitting for long hours. 
  • The racing chair provides you with several options to adjust it. This way, you can set it depending on your height and posture comfort. 
  • This is one of those few chairs that are comfortable for tall and heavy people who are more than 6’5″ and weigh close to 300 pounds. 
  • The AKRacing Style Desk Chair comes with a soft armrest and pillow cushions that offer you adequate comfort. 
  • The AKRacing Style Desk Chair comes in 6 bright colors. You can choose the color you like depending on your taste and preference. 


  • For new users, the installation can be slightly on the confusing side. Hence, you may want to take some help during that part. 
  • You need to get used to bucket seats as they can be weird to sit and work for some programmers. Tall people may not feel discomfort, but smaller individuals may feel oddly seated for an extended period. 

The AKRacing Style Desk Chair is an all-rounder. Even though it is a racing chair, many programmers have sworn by it. The desk chair provides the optimum comfort level, tons of adjustment modes, and the right posture capability. 

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AK Racing Chair Range Overview

3. ImpecGear Ergo HQ Brand Executive Office Chair

The ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair comes with a host of features that makes it perfect for programmers. The manufacturers have done a fabulous job in designing this office chair.

The molded foam waterfall seat adjustments are comfortable and provide a high-end designer chair. 

Best Chairs For Programmers
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The lumbar support is flexible. You can easily lock the backside when you want to sit straight and work for some time. The seat design aligns with the body shape that offers you ample support for your neck and hips. 

The chair has a measurement of 27″Lx26″ Dx44″H. The manufacturers have offered a warranty of 5 years on the parts and one 1-year on the material. The mesh is breathable that provides you with good air circulation. 

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

It keeps your body calm and relaxed to focus on your programming work. The side-hand rest comes with height adjustment ability. You can even slide the seat for more flexibility. The chair has a chrome metal base, which is smooth to slide.


  • The ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair is a high-quality executive chair that provides excellent lumbar support and seating comfort for long hours. 
  • The company has tested the office, hence the unique design for programmers who have to sit for extended periods.
  • The back adjustment is adjustable to the maximum due to the design of the office chair, which is unlike no other. 
  • The ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair fits individuals who are large and average in size. They can comfortably sit without any sign of discomfort. 
  • The chair comes in 2 exciting colors, green and black. You can choose between the two depending on the office décor or your home interiors. 
  • The ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair comes with a 5-year warranty that ensures you are safe from unwanted expenditures on repairs and maintenance.


  • The ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair comes priced at a very high rate. Not everybody can afford that kind of money. 
  • Few consumers felt that the chair’s material tends to warm their back quickly, causing discomfort during the summer months. 

Overall, the ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair is a perfect office chair to consider for programmers. It is comfortable to sit, large people can easily fit in, and they provide a 5-year warranty. 

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4. Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair

The Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair is a basic but elegant-looking chair that satisfies the primary purpose of comfortable seating for a long duration. As a programmer, that is your main lookout feature. 

Best Chairs For Programmers
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The profile is slim but robust. This office chair is very durable as it comes made from solid material. The cushion is contemporary and offers comfortable seating. The seat also has a waterfall design that ensures less pressure is placed on the thigh. 

Additionally, adequate blood circulation is not affected when seated for extended periods. The armrest comes with sufficient padding that ensures your wrists are placed comfortably. 

The material used to design the chair is metal leather. It is designed in Canada and has been in business for several years. Alera office furniture comes with all the factors that one can want, like ergonomics and styling, and cheap price. 

The office chair comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The manufacturer is known for its stringent testing procedures that ensure that you receive an excellent product at the end of the day. The wheelbase is a 5-star-shaped base that has casters for sufficient mobility.

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

You can easily adjust the height of the seat by using the lever. It is light and easy to access with your hands. The tilt tension is proper too. You need to use the knob placed below the seat, and you can adjust the pressure likewise. 

Depending on your body shape and height, the chair comfortably reclines without hassle. It comes in 3 vibrant colors, namely black, white, and red. You can choose the one that blends in with your office décor or matches your preference. 


  • The Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair comes with an elegant design that includes the waterfall feature, which reduces the stress on your knees. 
  • The office chair comes with a contemporary design that suits both modern and classic interiors and is suitable for office and home use.
  • The Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair is made from high-quality leather that provides durability.
  • The material is easy to maintain and prevents spills of oil and water on it. This improves the longevity of the office chair. 


  • Some users feel that the armrests are not adequately padded; this causes little discomfort when seated for an extended period. 
  • The Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair comes with a simple design that does not have too many features. 

The Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair is an elegant-looking office chair. Though the features are simple and basic, you can enjoy longevity and comfort factors if you purchase it for your office or home purpose. 

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5. Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Steelcase Gesture Chair comes made from a well-reputed brand, Steelcase. The office chair is robust, comes in several colors, and is very comfortable. You can use the 3 height adjustments, excellent back support, and seat flexibility. 

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The dimensions of the office chair are 23.63L X 29.05W X 44.5H inches, and the seat offers you a depth of 21 inches. You will be delighted to know that it is the first programmer’s chair that has several technologies embedded in it, more postures, and ample flexibility. 

Using the 3D LiveBack, the chair can understand the movements of the spine of the user. It beautifully contours the body’s posture, letting you sit for several hours at a stretch. The armrest is right as you can place your wrist comfortably without stress. 

2 intuitive, simple-to-use controls can quickly respond to the adjustment. While the front knob controls the height and depth of the seat, the back knob can easily control the backstop and the tension. 

The seat comes with air pockets that are found below the foam, which provides you with ample comfort and support. 


  • This is a very durable office chair that comes with a robust build and design. Not to mention, you can move around with ease. 
  • The Steelcase Gesture Chair has a seat cushion with excellent fabric and a cushion placed on it instead of the hard mesh. 
  • The leaning tension lets you have adequate support, and your posture on the office chair does not matter at all. 
  • The office chair has an elegant look, and it enhances the décor or office interiors giving your room a very professional appearance. 


  • The Steelcase Gesture Chair is slightly on the heavier side when compared to most of the office chairs available in the market as of now. 
  • The office chair may not be very suitable for short people because of the stiffness at the back. However, it is perfect for those who are 6′ and above. 

The Steelcase Gesture Chair can be considered one of the best options for a programmer’s chair. It comes with the 3D LiveBack that allows you to use it comfortably because of its contours with your body shape. 

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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair Review

6. AmazonBasics High Backed Office Chair

As a programmer, you like to sit on a chair that offers you not only comfort but also looks appealing to others. You can maybe be performing a plethora of work, like writing your program, replying to emails, having discussions with colleagues, and so on. 

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022
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The AmazonBasics High-Backed Office Chair appears like a high-end model but costs significantly lower than theirs. The office chair comes with decent features and provides you with reasonable comfort. 

The dimensions of the office chair are 29.1L X 26.1W X 45.5H inches. The seat depth is 1 inch, and you will require assembling. This is an entirely adjustable chair, offering you personalized comfort.

7 Of The Best Chairs For Programmers in 2022

The AmazonBasics executive chair comes with adjustable settings, a butterfly seat plate, and a curved contour for excellent support to your knees. It also ensures that your body is rightly aligned when seated for those long hours at work. 

You can quickly raise the seat by pulling the control handle. It is simple as you need to get up a little bit to ease off the pressure on the office chair. The height of the adjustment is from 41.34 to 45.08 inches.

The tilt of the chair is also nicely controlled. You can rock to and fro or decide to sit in the upright position when you want. It is located just under your seat. Users have commended the upholstery of the leather chair. 

It comes with superior-made leather that gives your chair the ultimate appearance and looks. Not to mention, the seat cushion comes with extremely comfortable padding. The armrest is padded, offering additional support to your wrists at all times. 

The office chair comes in elegant but classic colors of black, brown, and white. A typical executive chair, you could say. 


  • The office chair gives your room or home office the right kind of ambiance that you are looking for. 
  • The chair can accommodate programmers who are more than 250 pounds with ease. If you are a large person, then you can consider this office chair. 
  • The AmazonBasics High-Backed Office Chair comes well cushioned at all sides. You can also adjust the height of the office chair according to your requirements. 
  • The office chair provides you with a 360-degree swivel quickly, and also the leather offers you excellent comfort when seated. 
  • The AmazonBasics High-Backed Office Chair rolls smoothly on the flooring according to your needs and offers you immense flexibility. 
  • It comes with the 1-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer, AmazonBasics. 


  • The AmazonBasics High-Backed Office Chair does not come with armrests and backrests that are adjustable, and this will cause some discomfort if seated for long hours. 
  • Some users also found that the chair needs assembling. This is true for those of you who are new to office chairs. 

The AmazonBasics High-Backed Office Chair may not be your high-end chair, but it sure does come with some high-profile features that you, as a programmer, will find useful in the long run. 

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Best Chairs For Programmers: What To Consider

There are a few factors that you must know before buying the best chair for programmers. This helps you to make the right decision on the chair. As we read in the beginning, a programmer’s job is not the same as other office goers who have more physical activities than them. 

A programmer sits for more than 10-11 hours regularly. Hence, you must have the right chair that blends your body shape and thigh comfort. 

The first thing to ensure is that you need enough width and depth for your knees and thigh area. Since you will be seated for 2-3 hours at a stretch, your lower limb comfort is crucial for your body. This is a must for those of you who are large and tall above 6’4″.

Choose a chair that comes with a waterfall design. This helps in absorbing the shape of your body. The waterfall design is one of the most popular designs in the office chair.

These chairs are priced between $200 – $300 and more. As a programmer, you do not want to compromise with the waterfall design and cut costs on this critical feature of the chair. 

The reclining backrest is another feature that must be present in the office chair. When you sit for long hours per day, it puts a strain on the lower back. At the end of the day or the next morning, your lower back screams in pain.

Hence, you need a chair with more than a 120-degree angle recline. This supports your lower back, which distributes pressure on the body. It protects the lordotic curve, which is the natural inward curve present on your spine.

The padding present on the programmer’s chairs is another factor to consider. The padding should not be soft or too hard; it should be just the right amount of comfort.

This helps it to contour the shape of your body. When it is hard, then you will feel discomfort after a few hours. Not to mention, it will not offer you adequate lumbar support.

The armrest comfort level is also an important feature that should be verified before you purchase the office chair. Your body is positioned such that you may need to use the armrest consistently when typing or using the PC or laptop.

It must come with proper padding and help you become accustomed to your posture. You need to know that the armrest eases the pressure on your neck and shoulders. 

Finally, the material of the chair needs to be noted. Experts recommend suede material because it is not very hot compared to leather.

Though leather chairs give it an elegant look and appearance, sitting long hours on them causes too much heat. This can be very uncomfortable if you are living in a tropical region. 

Apart from the above factors, you may consider using supportive desk accessories. The ergonomic office accessories include keyboards, trays, monitor arms, task lighting, and height desks, which are adjustable that help you work comfortably. 

📗FAQ’s on Best Chairs For Programmers

Below are a couple of queries on best office chairs for programmers that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What kind of chair is best for programmers?

The best chairs for programmers include Autonomous ErgoChair Recline, ErgoHuman High Back Chair, Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair, Gabrylly Mesh Chair, Humanscale Freedom Task Swivel Ergonomic Chair, etc.

Is a gaming chair good for coding?

Since the gaming seats are ergonomic, they are beneficial for programming. They offer expanded solace, which is required while sitting for extended hours.

Which chair is best for long working hours?

Top chairs for long hours of sitting are CELLBELL C104 Medium-Back Mesh office chair, Savya Home Apex Chairs Apollo Chrome BaseHigh Back Engineered Plastic Frame office chair, AB Designs Mid back ergonomic office chair.

Are chairs with arms better?

A chair with armrests will likely support your back and neck more than others. It will reduce strain on muscles and take away the load from the back.

Is a gaming chair good for your back?

Yes, gaming chairs are good for the back. They are more beneficial than cheap office chairs or desk chairs. The high backrest and neck pillow offers more support in these chairs and comfort.

What kind of chair is the healthiest?

The best chair is one that supports all body parts. The essential elements include the neck, back, and shoulders. A high-back chair with an adjustable headrest sounds about right.

What’s the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

The most obvious difference is the mesh backs. The gaming chairs have solid backs, while the office chairs have mesh backs to benefit airflow and keep things cool during long work hours.

How do I choose a computer chair?

A good ergonomic office chair must have a good seat height. The height must be easily adjustable. Another crucial aspect is seat width and depth. There must be enough width for the user to be comfortable.

Should I use armrests while typing?

It is not recommended to use armrests while typing. If your desk or chair has an armrest, use them only during the break. The rest should be used to rest the palm heel, not the wrist itself.

What is the problem with a chair without armrests?

A chair without armrests will not be able to provide leverage to the user while getting up from the chair.

(Q) Are gaming chairs suitable for programmers?

Yes, gaming chairs can be used by a programmer. That is because you can adjust the height and the backrest of the gaming chair.

Not to mention, these chairs are high-performance chairs that enable you to sit for long hours without any stress on the back or neck area. 

As a programmer, you will look for chairs that come with adequate support and comfort so that you can work those long, extended hours without breaks in concentration. Lastly, the gaming chair has excellent ergonomic support and rectifies your bad posture. 

(Q) Why do office chairs sink?

Most of the chairs that come with a gas lift tend to sink when they tend to malfunction. Perhaps, the piston is not working correctly, or the spring has broken. If your office chair keeps going low, then the valve is not working correctly, and you have to replace the piston or the office chair. 

It is advisable to replace the office or programming chair because you do not want to hurt yourself when you sit down on the chair. Often, programmers have hurt their back or legs by sitting on broken chairs unknowingly. 

(Q) What is the correct cost of the best chairs for programmers? 

The cost of the best chairs for programmers cannot be accurately said. That is because it entirely depends on your usage, your body torso, and your comfort level. Just because a particular brand model is comfortable for your programmer friend, it is not necessary to be the same for you. 

Luckily, we have listed chairs that are moderately priced and are mostly affordable. You have chairs that are priced at even $100, that are comfortable and durable. However, if you can afford it, we recommend you go with executive chairs that cost a little above $300. 

(Q) Are programmer chairs sold for $100 reliable?

As we said earlier, programmer chairs are available for $100 and are quite robust and durable. Some programmers or working professionals prefer budget-friendly chairs since they need to buy them bulk. 

When that is the case, then $100 or $200 will suffice your office or home office requirements. However, if you are tall and a large person, then you can also consider gaming chairs that are just unbreakable. 

(Q) Are programming chairs helpful?

Programming chairs are helpful because they help you focus and concentrate on your work. As we read in the earlier parts of this post, programming is a job that involves intense concentration on the programs by the programmer. 

Unless the individual can focus on the task at hand altogether, errors and bugs will keep on arising. To help them out, manufacturers have developed chairs specifically for programmers after extensive research on their working habits. 


Choosing the best chairs for programmers need not be a tough task, provided you know your options. The above-listed chairs for programmers are some of the best available in the market at the moment. 

As a programmer, we cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right kind of chair for your physique. Cutting corners and shortening your budget for furniture accessories like office chairs, desks, and so on put you on the path of severe stress and eventual injury. 

Since you are a programmer, and most of your work is done in front of a PC or laptop, you must ensure that you protect your both and overall health.

You can do that by getting the right kind of programmer chair. I hope that the above factors are considered before purchasing the programmer chair, and the list of chairs is useful in your purchase.

Remember to take your body and health seriously so that you can be productive for yourself, and avoid spending your medical insurance at an early age due to spinal injuries. 

Reap the rewards of using a good quality office chair with decent ergonomic features and comfort levels.