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11 Best Dermatology Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Skin

Around 1,32,000 melanoma and approx. 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers detect around the world according to the numbers from the World Health Organization. Yes, it’s imperative to deploy all the plans and every tool for timely detection and intervention.

However, with the extraordinary penetration of the smartphone to the global population, smartphone apps are promising to be an apartment way to deal with skin conditions. No matter what do you want to do, what service you are looking for, there is almost certainly an app for it. 

And, we can safely apply this theory to the concept of skin care and dermatology as well. There are dozens of applications available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

These apps can be beneficial from various points of view including learning about different skin conditions, tracking your skincare regime, and, detecting early signs of certain problems, and more.

In this review post, I have collected some of the best dermatology apps available to make things easier for you as far as digital skincare is concerned. 

Best Dermatology Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Dermion: Differential diagnosis for dermatologists

One of the most innovative dermatology apps for dermatologists and dermatology students. The AI-powered works perfectly for differential diagnosis purposes and can help students and practitioners save a lot of time.

Dermion is the perfect complementary to old school textbooks based on the study of skin and its diseases. Getting a differential diagnosis of various skin conditions is as simple as it gets with the app.

Best Dermatology Apps

There is a very simple and clean search box. You have to type one line case description in it, hit the search button, and view all the related details. You can keep refining the results with automatic refinement suggestions. 

One of the simplest apps to use, Dermion can make lengthy and arduous tasks of differential diagnosis easier, time-saving, and more accurate.

The app covers more than 700 skin disorders, featured more than 10,000 real-life cases, exclusive content from group discussions, journals and, textbooks. You can trust the reliability of the app just like a decent textbook.

Powered by proprietary and cutting-edge machine learning, the app continuously learns about different new aspects of dermatology and can be the ultimate differential diagnosis tool for dermatologists as well as students. 

Features of Dermion:-

  • Fast, accurate, reliable differential diagnosis tool for dermatologists 
  • Covers more than 700 skin disorders 
  • Content collected from more than 10,000 cases, journals, textbooks 
  • Dynamic refinements to accurately narrow down the results 
  • Continuously updated and trained with improvements

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 5.0 / 5 | 1,000+ Downloads

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2. A2Z of Dermatology  

If you’ve been into dermatology, you should be aware of one of the most popular dermatology books “Quick Reference Atlas of Dermatology” by Dr. Ian Williams & Dr. Vivienne Ankrett.

This book has been on the shelves of millions of dermatologists and skincare experts across the world. And, A2Z of Dermatology is an extraordinary digital version of the book.

Whether you are a medical student, a qualified doctor, a nurse, or even an allied healthcare professional, this app can be proved surprisingly handy for you.

With the app, you have access to hundreds of important topics related to dermatology including acne rosacea, alopecia totalis, alopecia areata, acne vulgaris, basal cell carcinoma, blackheads, carbuncle, contact dermatitis, and a lot more. 

Best Dermatology Apps 1

This app is a massive source of information photos who want to master different aspects of dermatology through a modern approach.

Are you preparing for a medical exam? Are you looking for a quick and effective way of learning in detail about dermatology? Do you want to enhance your prognosis and diagnosis knowledge as a doctor?🧐

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this app is undoubtedly designed for you. Easy to read notes on almost all topics of dermatology with excellent illustrations make learning fun and easy with the app. 

Features of A2Z Dermatology:-

  • Based on one of the world’s most popular dermatology books 
  • Deals in all topics in a very unique and modern way 
  • Beautiful and engaging illustrations for simple learning 
  • A massive database of almost all possible skin diseases topics 
  • Simple, enhanced, and easy to use interface

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

3. Dermatology Database

Dermatology database is one of the most unique dermatology apps that help you with access to information on around 300 skin diseases, more than others and of diagnostic and cosmetic procedures, 45 different drugs used for different skin conditions, and a lot more.

A massive database of dermatology is right in your pocket! Created by professional and certified dermatologists, this app makes learning and understanding dermatology easier even for non-medicos. And, of course, medical professionals of different types can also get so much help from the app. 

Best Dermatology Apps 2

The style of illustration makes this app stand out from others. There are more than 450 high-quality images with an extensive glossary of all the terminologies related to dermatology.

Presented by the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, the app is fully functional even without an Internet connection. So, whether you are a certified dermatologist, a student of the subject, or you are a non-medico, simply interested in dermatology, the app has got so much to offer for you. 

Features of Dermatology Database:-

  • 300 diseases related to dermatology 
  • Illustration through detailed photos and descriptions 
  • Gives you the reference of more than 40 dermatology drugs 
  • A beautiful illustration of diagnostic and cosmetic procedures 
  • An excellent source of information even for the general public 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

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Download App on Apple App Store

4. Aysa  

If you are always worried about your skin health, looking for answers to some of the most common conditions related to dermatology, Aysa should be on your list of trying new things for sure!

The app is designed by VisualDX and is a very strong platform to get personalized answers to all your skin-related questions.

With the app, you can screen yourself, get a basic idea of symptoms, and prepare yourself for your next visit to your practitioner. Checking the symptoms through Aysa is as simple as it gets!  

All you have to do is to use your device’s camera to upload a picture of the condition, and, you will get helpful and personalized information, without even worrying about your identity or privacy.

You can explore high-quality content and images that are exclusively designed to improve overall user awareness. The Aysa library features more than 120000 images related to various skin conditions covering all skin colors and types.

You can also understand various stages of about 200 skin conditions, and know, how they look at a certain stage. All in all, a massive source of information for those who want to know different aspects of dermatology. 

Features of Aysa:-

  • An advanced and effective skin symptom checker 
  • Excellent source of information related to dermatology 
  • Features symptom content and images 
  • Learn about various stages of around 200 skin conditions 
  • A simple user interface can be used by anyone 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

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5. Scanoma – mole check

Scanoma is one of the most promising dermatology apps designed especially for scanning moles. Mole is a very common skin blemish that keeps changing its color and appearance, and also grows in size.

If you have one and are worried about it, you can scan it on the app, and find out if it is a suspicious one. You can send the scanned image to your dermatologist, and get the required assistance.

The app quickly checks your moles, informs you if they resemble skin cancer, and connects see you directly with an experienced dermatologist for a professional and detailed opinion. 

App Preview iPhone large

With a powerful combination of a licensed medical practitioner and the power of computer vision, the app assists you learn about different medical conditions related to skin.

You can also get instant feedback on the problems that look worrisome. Simply get your mole checked by a doctor by snapping and uploading a picture of your mole.

Get free diagnosis with the help of an AI algorithm and get professional recommendations right from the comfort of your home. 100% anonymous, your privacy is secure, you don’t have to deal with annoying advertisements, and the app is available free of cost too.  

Features of scanoma – mole check:-

  • Important dermatology articles to keep you informed 
  • Check your mole instantly by uploading a picture 
  • AI scans of your mole and comparison with multiple images 
  • Allows you to get an instant professional opinion 
  • No limit to uploading photos

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

6. Skincare Routine 

If you are struggling to manage your skincare regime, this is one of the most unique dermatology apps for you.

With the app, you are allowed to create a personalized and customizable skincare routine, keep a track of your beauty and makeup products, and learn about their side effects.

Best Dermatology Apps 3

Creating your own, unique beauty regime got very simple with the Skincare Routine app. All you have to do is to upload various products on the app, and you will instantly get a routine for different parts of the day. Add all types of custom products from your favorite brands, and manage them the way you want in the custom tab section. 

Use the routine of your preferences for layering advice. The app lists products in a very handy layering order, along with advice for how and when to use these products.

Track the progress of your skin to understand whether you are getting the desired results are not. Whenever you notice a positive or negative change to your skin, you can add a note directly on the app.

Add comments to these notes to track the progress with utmost ease. Set up reminders and notifications and never get out of your daily skin regime. Set timers for certain products that require a specific waiting time.

Features of Skincare Routine:-

  • Organize and manage your skincare regimen in one place 
  • Add your favorite skin products from any brand 
  • Effectively follow your daily routine to avoid any conflict 
  • Upload and check the details of any product 
  • Customize the products based on your preferences 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

7. Miiskin Skin Tracker & Health  

One of the world’s leading dermatology apps particularly for tracking certain skin changes including moles, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, add more. You get professional dermatology assistance endorsed exclusively by the skin health alliance.

It is a partner to various leading skin cancer organizations in the United States, UK, Canada, add South Africa. The app is recommended by skin experts to their patients in more than 130 clinics and hospitals across the world. Mentioned by Digital Health News, Forbes. USAToday, CNET, Lifehacker, and more.  

The app offers the ultimate solution for healthcare professionals so that they can ensure satisfied services to their patients including telehealth. You can also track changes in moles and other skin conditions simply by uploading close-up images.

Best Dermatology Apps 4

You can also compare the changes through in-app comparison and side-by-side view. The face tracking feature in the app allows you to take selfies from any angle, upload them instantly, and get comparisons.

While uploading your photos, you don’t have to worry about your privacy and security, as the app automatically separates your photos from the normal camera roll and encrypts them instantly to ensure no one can access them.  

Features of Miiskin Skin Tracker & Health:-

  • Upload your photographs and instantly compare the changes 
  • AI-augmented reality is embedded in the app for measuring moles 
  • Automatic and instant skin imaging for tracking changes 
  • Recommended by leading dermatologists to their patients 
  • Dermatology endorsed exclusively by the Skin Health Alliance

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

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8. SkinVision – Find Skin Cancer

Is that annoying skin spot normal or it’s getting cancerous? SkinVision is a reliable dermatology app that gives you the desirable skin assessment within 30 seconds. The skin assessment is affordable and is clinically validated by professional dermatologists.

You can try various features of the app without any cost including multiple skin type quizzes, uploading the pictures of your mole, and even getting information about UV radiation in your area.

11 Best Dermatology Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Skin

Skin cancer is one of the globe’s most concerning health conditions. According to an estimation, one in every five people will get the condition at least once in their lifetime. 

The diagnosis of skin cancer is only increasing every year. Add, early detection with timely treatment can be proved very handy to prevent the skin eruptions from getting cancerous.

That’s why regular skin checks are recommended by dermatologists. Checkups on the app use advanced algorithms and study whether your skin spots or moles have signs of cancer.

The skin assessment service on the app is exclusively assured by a team of professional dermatologists. And, more than 3.5 million people have benefited from the service. There is obviously no reason, why you can’t be the next to join them. 

Features of SkinVision – Find Skin Cancer:-

  • Learn the true health of your skin 
  • Trusted by more than 3.5 million people across the world 
  • Allows you to get accurate assessment results 
  • Map your moles effortlessly and review detailed skin health reports 
  • Get information related to your skin type and risk profile 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

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A Journey Through Your Skin

9. Model Dermatology: Skin Disease 

A mini, enhanced dermatology clinic is right in your pocket with Model Dermatology! It’s one of the most loved dermatology apps that helps you with personalized information on multiple skin diseases including skin cancer.

The app is powered by an AI scanner, instantly scans the uploaded photos, and supports you in finding the solutions to common skin problems. You can also use the app to find reliable dermatology clinics in your area.

How does the app work? You have to submit the captured photographs of your skin. The app will automatically perform the assessment and will help you with relevant information in no time. 

Best Dermatology Apps 6

The AI in the app instantly helps you with solutions for all skin problems by scanning the updated pictures. You can get relevant medical information on multiple conditions including warts, hives, rashes, and even skin cancers.

The AI also supports you with personalized links to useful websites that describe important aspects of skin diseases in detail. The metadata and uploaded images are transferred for diagnosis purposes, but personal data are not restored on the app. 

Features of Model Dermatology:-

  • Upload the skin photographs and get the required details instantly 
  • Performs visual assessment of all types of lesions 
  • Personalized links to leading websites related to skin diseases 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Information related to relevant dermatology clinics 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

10. Eczema Tracker  

Eczema Tracker is one of the simplest and most informative dermatology apps that supports you to view, analyze, track your eczema and skin changes related to it.

You can also know about food allergies and other trigger information directly affecting the condition. The app gives you a detailed analysis of local weather, mold, pollen, and even humidity.

Analyze the allergy or eczema symptoms, identify the flare-up patterns, and have complete control of your skin health. The app uses data uploaded by various users, adds smartly studies about the tendency of flare-ups, and helps you will almost accurate information. 

11 Best Dermatology Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Skin

As we know, eczema is not a result of a single factor, this app enables you to look at unit skin health from all perspectives, and support you with pinpoint factors that are responsible for aggravating the condition.

Furthermore, you can also share your skin health details with dermatologists, and get much-needed feedback on how you can manage the condition, what type of medications you can use, and how you can use them.

As a bonus, you can also explore the HealthKit tool in the app, add track your sleep patterns. 

Features of Eczema Tracker:-

  • Track your eczema in a very effective manner  
  • Get information related to local weather, pollen, and other triggers 
  • Get instant support from professional dermatologists 
  • Gain control over your skin health with a thorough approach 
  • Share the detailed records with your doctor

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.0 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

11. CureSkin 

Last, but definitely not least on my list of the best dermatology apps is CureSkin. If you have tired of trying and experimenting with different skin products, if you have used numerous natural remedies without much impact, I would suggest you give this app a try!

The app quickly analyses your uploaded photos and assists you in solving skin ailments including dark spots, acne, pigmentation, scars, dark circles, etc.

The advanced instant skin check technology up the app enables you to build a personalized and customizable skincare regimen, and get rid of all the problems related to skin. 

Best Dermatology Apps 7

It can be very challenging to find effective skincare tips. Not all home remedies cure your skincare issues including blemishes. With CureSkin, you can get access to instant, almost accurate diagnoses for various skin conditions.

And, you can do it all only by uploading a photo of your face or any affected part of the skin. Answer a few very simple questions related to your health, and get a customizable treatment plan within a few minutes.

Add, if you want to order high-quality skin products suggested by dermatologists, you can do that with the app too.  

Features of CureSkin:-

  • Complete and accurate skin analysis from photos 
  • Your customized skin treatment kit offered by dermatologists 
  • Instant solutions for any skin concern 
  • Allows you to chat for assistance anytime 
  • Detailed instructions and guidance by experts

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.0 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store


These are some of my best dermatology apps packed with highly innovative and useful features. Yes, any of these apps alone can never be affected for any purpose related to self-treatment, diagnosis, or even treatment by a professional.

But you can try and compliment these apps with conventional medical treatments. Whether you are a dermatologist, a student trying to master the subject, or anyone looking to gain some insights in the field, you’ve got at least one app on the list.

You can choose according to your preferences, purposes, and usage. It would of course be great if you can hit the comments section, and give your valuable feedback.