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Best Digital Scale Apps? Here Are The 13 Best Options

Scaling on the mobile phone- that sounds unreal but not impossible. Scaling is usually referred to as ‘measuring’ in many countries. It is the process of weighing a thing.

You must have scaling devices like a weight machine for the same, but performing it over a phone screen is uncanny. Don’t worry; many people worldwide use the screens of their phones as a scaling device. But scaling’s meaning does not stop here. Scaling can mean calculations as well. 

There are many digital scale apps over the internet that might catch your attention. If we talk about physical weighing, of course, neither these applications nor any mobile phone is made to weigh a heavy object because that might cause damage. But, small things can be scaled.

Apart from the apps that can take physical weight by placing an object over the screen, there are two more weighing apps. Firstly, you will find apps that work as a calculator. And secondly, there are weighing apps that connect to any weighing scale machine and make logs into your phone.

Various scaling apps are designed for every kind of business, profession, and personal usage. These apps make it easy to keep track of your progress. 

You will find numerous options over Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to suit Android and iOS users. However, only some applications are legit to use. Others are usually either spam or have little to zero accuracies. 

For on-screen weighing, smartphones consist of gyro sensors. This sensor helps to monitor and track the phone’s position in the space. You need to make sure that an object shall weigh up to 100 grams for safety purposes. 

Your smartphone should be lying on a spring-loaded surface for better accuracy, as you should remember it is just a phone and not a weighing machine. The accuracy will always be a little off but doing this makes the scaling process much better. You can try these apps for minimal weighing and simply enjoy the app.

Best Digital Scale Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Right Weigh Load Scale App

This application is quite interesting because it has proven itself to be useful for truck drivers. It also serves the users who usually get tired of stopping multiple times as the vehicle is overloaded. Right, Weigh Load Scale App is designed to track the weight of an axle group of the truck and trailer. 

Right Weigh's Bluetooth enabled Digital Load Scale: An Introduction

It can be used for regular vehicles with an attached trailer behind for transportation. The data of weights are directly logged into the app and can also be sent as a file.

It has got a collective user experience as well. The joint logs in it work pretty well. The location and time are included in the logged data to provide accurate logging. 

Features you will find in this app:-

  • You can maximize the load capacity
  • Saves time
  • Efficient working
  • Scale name customization
  • Overweight warning
  • Air suspension pressure display
  • Net weight with a tare button

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. Gold Rapid – Digital scale apps for android

It is a scaling calculator rather than an app that requires placing an object over the mobile phone’s screen. With this application, you can calculate your day-to-day gold transactions.

It works as a speedy calculator. You need to add Karat for defining the purity, and the final price will be calculated with the pure weight.

It works for two measurements only; Tola and Grams. Both of them can be changed effortlessly for the live rates that you prefer.

GoldRapid / Gold Rapid || Quick Gold/Silver calculator to apply Karat on gold and get price easily

You need to open the Gold Rapid app, set your weight in grams or tola accordingly, and slide the Karat and rate slider to enter the details. It will show you the net Weight and Total Price as the resultants at the bottom. 

It allows you to select default intervals in the application menu with (rate/ tola) or (rate/ gram). The slider is conveniently designed to suit your needs and provides a good interface.

People who have little to no knowledge about the weight measurement of gold in Karat, tola, etc., can quickly work on this app for the calculations. 

The purity percentile is also available to the limit of 0.999. The deduction per Rati is also present on that one screen. Many gold retailers and wholesalers choose Gold Rapid amongst all digital scale apps for gold-related calculations. 

This app is said to have very few mistakes in gold weight, rate, and karat calculations. As this does not require any physical scaling over the phone’s screen with a piece of gold, it works as a fantastic calculator. There is no tension about the gyroscope accuracy. 

With information on one screen, people do not find it difficult to use and make no mistakes. The risk of mistyping and wrong billing is eliminated.

Features you will find:-

  • The APIs are updated
  • Optimized speed of application
  • Algorithms have become advanced
  • The UI (user interface) is quite nice
  • Easy to use

Download the App on Google Play Store

3. Bluetooth Weighing Scale Terminal

This application connects to any Bluetooth-enabled weighing machine. The weights on it display in synchronization with the weight displayed on that weight scale. Users can monitor their weight within the Bluetooth range. 

Best Digital Scaling Apps

Android phones can be paired with the weight machine using this app. You can log current weights on the Bluetooth Weighing Scale Terminal app easily. Additionally, the data is shareable on Whatsapp or through email. 

You just need to click on “Connect”, and the reading from the weighing scale machine will automatically sync in the app. When the green color pops up, it means that the reading is changing at the moment.

In contrast, the blue represents that the readings on the weight scale are stable. Moreover, only the stable readings log in the application. So, you don’t need to worry about going wrong. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

4. Bluetooth Weighing Scale Terminal 2.0

This application is an advanced version of the app listed before it. The basic functionality is the same- a Bluetooth connection is required to connect the android phone to a weighing machine.

For both of these apps, you need to have a Bluetooth-enabled machine. And it must be paired with your phone beforehand.

The improved features you will find:-

  • Real-time weight on the screen
  • Only the stable reading log onto the app
  • Users can switch on the “Geotagging” in the settings menu and geotag the values. (This requires the GPS to be on so that the location could be shared with the application.)
  • The unit of weight can be easily changed in the menu
  • Good data sharing ability
  • The logs can be shared via Google and other apps like Whatsapp
  • The data can be entered manually as well when Bluetooth is enabled
  • The text box goes yellow during the manual entry

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. Metal Weight Calculator

It is a very fast scaling app for Android users. The interface is designed to provide convenience. It is intuitive and one of the best options to calculate the weight of metals.

It also works the other way- you can get the length of a metal object by entering the weight. 

Best Digital Scaling Apps 1

There is no excess clicking needed on this app for fast results. It does not remove the settings and keep them in place for your subsequent use. It is a significant advantage as there is no loss of data. It supports data for metals like aluminum, nickel, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, and more.

Metal Weight Calculator supports numerous shapes and weight standards including rectangle, tube, sheet, round, S beam, C-type American standard channels, HP-type American wide flange bearing piles, HD- wide flange columns, MC- American channel, HP piles, etc. 

The attractive features it holds:-

  • The small size of the downloadable apk file
  • Does not ask for an internet connection
  • Very fast
  • Intuitive interface
  • Completely free of cost to use
  • There are no background processes

The developers quote “as simple as possible”. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

6. Touch DRO

It is a front-end application, and among all digital scale apps, it works as a DRO project for do-it-yourself purposes. It functions with either an MSP430-based wireless controller or an Arduino.

It can read a wide variety of scales. As it has unique requirements, you can find more details about the hardware required to perform well on http://www.yuriystoys.com/p/android-dro.html

Touch DRO is mainly used for commercial DRO unit scaling and offers all similar functionality. Android’s interface is quite intuitive and easy to read. You can change units and enter data efficiently. 

The advanced and latest version of Touch DRO provides the following features for its users:

  • Mill and lathe modes
  • Easily configurable UI (user interface)
  • Preview for graphical workspace
  • Can support up to six machines without any lag
  • It can read up to three angular axis, a linear axis, and a tachometer
  • Has unlimited point memory virtually kept in an efficient workspace
  • Has machine-specific tool banks

Download the App on Google Play Store

7. Ruler – Digital scale apps for iPhone

Developed by Nix games, it is one of those accessible digital scale apps that scale ruler measurements. The basic unit converter takes reading in mm, cm, and in.

You can change between mm to inches or cm to inches within a go. It calculates length, straight length, area, thread pitch, ruler, caliper, and more.

Best Digital Scale Apps? Here Are The 13 Best Options

Its functioning is very sleek and acts as an excellent easy-to-use tool for any smartphone and iPad. The screen ruler has strokes inflicted for scaling and multiple units of length consisting of an inch, centimeter, and meter for measuring distance

You only need to tap the screen to start working on it. It has proven itself to be the best multi-touch measuring system. You can find the size and area of every object you desire around you.

The features this app holds:-

  • The design of the interface is very stylish
  • It’s so easy to use
  • The calibration is simple
  • Measurements are quite accurate
  • Units can be set in cm, m, in, mm, etc.
  • It consists of graph paper, horizontal and vertical lines
  • There are four measurement modes for a plane, level, point, and line
  • It has 15 languages for translations

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

8. Portable Ruler 2022 – A Digital Scale

A ruler is also known as a line gauge or a rule in many countries. But with technology, digital rulers have emerged. Scaling and rulers are essential in technical drawings, building, engineering, and geometry. Many architects, designers, and engineers use scale measurements for accuracy in a building.

Best Digital Scale Apps? Here Are The 13 Best Options

Now, apart from the technical scales, the same is attainable through a mobile phone. You can use your smartphone as a ruler and also convert scales.

Portable Ruler 2020- A Digital Scale consists of angle and ruler measurements. It includes functions for calculating length, straight line, angles as a protector, and more.

The scale lines are on both sides of the smartphone, so you get a better experience with scaling. It is one of the highly-rated digital scale apps over Google Play Store with a rate of 4.8 stars review. This rating proves how efficient this scaling application is for Android users. If you are one, you should try this out.

Features it provides:-

  • Functional, beautiful, and convenient user interface
  • Measurement is fairly accurate
  • The design is user-friendly
  • There are Variable calibration
  • Supports multiple units, including in, cm, mm, etc.
  • Users can measure on either side of the device

Download the App on Google Play Store

9. UniWin

This app has been developed for industrial weighing purposes. Users can view, verify, and monitor their solution via a mobile data connection or WiFi connectivity.

This app is available in 30 countries globally. UniWin is a certified weight and measurement app in North America and the European continent. 

It requires a license version of 3.0 and more with a working data connection for higher performance. All of your business is brought together in one application. From keeping track of customers and business-related workings to logging in the weight of your products, this app is the best. 

Best Digital Scale Apps? Here Are The 13 Best Options

If you are a big business holder and do not have much time to keep track of your work, this app will help you achieve it all as an all-in-one solution. The functionality of UniWin is impressive. This 4.1 star rated software on Google Play Store can efficiently be connected to any scaling or weighing equipment. 

Its usage:-

  • You can use it for accessing and verifying data across the logs of customers, orders, transporters, orders, etc.,
  • The logging displays all the performed activities, issues, and any errors. 
  • Tallyrol feature is scarce to find in digital scale apps, but UniWin has figured it out. It has weights and measures approved storage weights. 
  • You can keep track of all of your customers and connected clients on this app.
  • All devices’ status includes readers (cards/ barcodes/ OCR/ RFID), weighbridge, traffic-lights, cameras, scales, printers, etc.
  • The transactional history of scaling, loading, and unloading of vehicles is easy to read.
  • You can create reports and even email, print, or screen them on a display device.

Features it holds:-

  • Multilingual for different population
  • Quick login and signup with just a pin code
  • Users can search and filter out both the base and transactional data
  • Can change the status of devices such as weighbridges, scales, opened or closed barriers, green or red traffic lights

How to set it up?

  • There is a manual available at


  • Tap on the Android menu button
  • Select Settings
  • Enter your IP address or the Hostname of the application server in the Connection settings of the app. 
  • You can create a demo connection by leaving the Hostname blank
  • Enter the data for the port/ socket number
  • Connect to the WiFi or any mobile data
  • Set up the other details like language, color, font size, screen size, and so on. 
  • Create your preferences, and it is ready to work!

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. Smart Weighing CAPTELS 

With a 4.7 star rating, this app helps in weighing vehicles with smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth connections. It neither needs a subscription nor an internet network to work. 

Features it provides you:

  • Identifying vehicles with pictures and text
  • Saving the weighings
  • Connection with up to 8 simultaneous connection
  • You can weigh by the wheel and axle
  • Easy calculation of load distribution and total weight in percentile or kilograms
  • Instant visualization of results
  • Print out of the reports of weighings
  • Quick export of all saved data in file formats of .pdf and .cvs

Download the App on Google Play Store

11. Fisherman’s Mobile Weigh Station

This application is exclusively built for fishermen. They can estimate the length and weight of the fishes they catch very comfortably.

If you are a fisherman, you will feel pleased to have found this app for your smartphone. Fisherman’s Mobile Weigh Station is a saving grace for many, with a 4.7-star rating on Google Play Store. 

You will find detailed on-screen video instructions which will show you step-by-step how to use it. It only requires tapping on the three buttons located on the top right corner of your screen. The “Captions” option will display the same.

Estimate the length and weight of the fish you catch using a cell phone app.

It is more than just an application; instead, it acts as a reasonably accurate way to estimate the length and weight of any fish. The data consisting of the picture of the fish and its scale is shareable with family and friends. This app does not ask for much work but only a simple click and scale.

Fisherman’s Mobile Weigh Station uses relativity of sizes to perform scaling. Users only need a fish and a reference object (it could be anything in your surrounding) that is approximately similar in size to that of the fish.

And there you go, your results will be out within seconds. You can perform scaling with this app anytime and anywhere you want. This is the reason why it is one of the best digital scale apps.

Main features:-

  • Simple length and weight measurement of fish without a measuring tape or physical scale
  • Saved profiles of caught fishes and their scaling data
  • Less than 45 seconds is required for scaling
  • Reduces the extra baggage of carrying physical scale or rulers while fishing
  • Picture of the caught fishes are shareable through email, text messages, or social media
  • Stats like day, time, length, and weights are included in the shared file
  • Expedited release according to the catch’s time out of water can be enabled
  • Comments on wind speed, tide conditions, and more can be added 
  • Pictures can also be imported from the gallery if not taken from the app itself

How do you use this app?

  • Open it
  • Enter the fish you want to weigh
  • Click a picture
  • Select its species
  • If you have any reference object, enter its measurements
  • Measure the fish
  • Choose its body type, whether it is hefty, average, or lean
  • You are set

Its working process:-

  • When you upload a picture, measurement lines are shown on the screen. Adjust it accordingly around the fish.
  • Include the reference (for example- knife, lure, foot, etc.) that you can relate to the fish’s length.
  • If a reference object has been used earlier, you can directly select it from the saved history.
  • The scaling of fish will be done. 
  • For better scaling results, if you are taking the picture through the app itself, do not hold your mobile phone at an angle. Hold it flat and stable above the fish in bird-view. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

12. Weight Tracker & BMI Calculator- Perfect BMI

Developed by Riagon, this application has proven itself to be useful for numerous users worldwide who want to keep track of their fitness.

There are many fitness scales and weight tracker apps, but this one grabs most of the attention. Thus, it had to be included in this list under the personal usage option. 

Best Digital Scale Apps? Here Are The 13 Best Options

Rated highly on Google Play Store, Perfect BMI gives out accurate data. You will be assisted with the calculation of your body’s BMI and weight. The fitness goal you are looking for will be successful with it. The goal-reaching date functions on it will leave you amazed. 

You will be able to weigh your daily intakes and enter details regarding your progress. It can calculate BMI and Body fat percentile very easily.

You need to enter the required information, and it will all be calculated. The interface is pretty and designed according to the purpose it serves. You can effortlessly work with this app.

Features it holds:-

  • Instant BMI calculation
  • Current BMI and ideal range are automatically calculated
  • Target goal and weight can be set for better tracking of progress
  • More than one entry is allowed within a day
  • Health range and body fat percentage are scaled according to BMI
  • Statistics on BMI, weight and weight differences are available
  • Dark mode for night
  • Reminders 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Data can be backed up and exported 
  • Pictures can be added
  • Notes can be made
  • Supports both imperial and metric unit systems

Download App on Google Play Store

13. Phoenix Batch Scale 

This is another option amongst Bluetooth-enabled digital scale apps. Phoenix Batch Scale is an effortless application to transfer files of a detailed weight record from one device to another. 

It supports file formats of text, pdf, and excel. It is used as a remote display that offers real-time values. You will be amazed by how convenient this app is.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Conclusion on Digital scale apps

It should be kept in mind that the accuracy of weighing depends upon the smartphone and the developers of the application. It is a fact that not many developers guarantee the accuracy of scaling. For physical weighing, the gyroscopic sensors in the smartphone make a massive difference because their initial purpose is something else. 

With any damage to the phone, these kinds of sensors also fade in performance and even break down. Hence, it is advisable to not depend entirely on the phone to give an accurate weight measurement.

But, for the calculator digital scale apps, you don’t need to worry as it is more of a reliable calculation and logging work. Do not stand back from using these options.