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15 Best EaseUS Alternatives To Recover The Essential Data

EaseUS is a software company founded in 2004 that focuses on providing a good digital experience to its users.

The company now has experience in more than 17 countries, and people over 530 million in more than 160 countries use its digital products. The company was established in 2004.

The services that its products provide include disk management files, easy data backup, and recovery of lost data. The company aims to create a better influential platform for the world that is safer and more secure to use.

Also, the purchases made by the people of their digital products are 100% safe and secure. Moreover, for the convenience of the people who use their digital products, the company provides free tech support so that users can easily use their products.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software:-

With the help of this data recovery software, users can recover files from any drive, phone storage, or SD card. The users can do recovery of their files free of cost, and no matter how large the size of lost files is, they will be able to recover their files without any difficulty.

Process of recovering files using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

To recover your files using the EaseUS recovery wizard, all you need to do is download the software; after downloading, open the software and then you need to select the drive in which you want to run the scan, then click on run the scan.

After the scan, it will show the files you can recover, select the files you want to recover, and click the recover button. Your files will be recovered.

Therefore, in such simple steps, you can recover your lost files easing using the EaseUS software.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software:-

Several amazing features of the software are the reason why people use it to recover their files. Firstly, the application of this software is quite simple and easy, which means that users, even beginners also, can use this software without any difficulty.

The next feature is that the scan and recovery process is fast and simple; no matter the file size, it recovers the files quickly compared to other software.

The software works in every data lost case, such as software glitches, virus attacks, system crashes, and deletion of files by the users. Also, the interface of the software is quite user-friendly so that the users do not face any problems using the software.

Another feature of the EaseUS Recovery Wizard is that the users can recover files from any storage drive, such as a ZIP drive, USB drive, floppy drive, and digital camera, using the same simple process.

And the software scans your PC deeply, ensuring you can recover all the lost or deleted files without misplacement. It supports the recovery of data of all formats, and also it works on the versions of Windows.

The other important feature of this software is that it works according to the users. Users can start the recovery process, pause it in between if needed, and then resume the recovery process later. Users can also easily export and import previous scan results and review them.

Cons of EaseUS Data Recovery Software:-

People worldwide use this software, but there are a few disadvantages of this software because of which search for EaseUS alternatives.

Firstly, according to people, the EaseUS software is too costly, and for free users, it allows only the recovery of 2GB files; after that, you need to pay high prices to recover your files.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this software is that it takes too long to recover large files, and in cases where people want to recover their files quickly, it becomes quite irritating.

People who do not know the English language properly cannot use the software easily as the options for choice of language are quite limited. Also, the software interface is quite advanced and difficult to use, so beginners face problems.

Most people, while paying charges, search for monthly plans, so another loophole with this software is that the plans are also not attractive because mostly it has yearly plans that are not much beneficial for the people.

There are only a few monthly plans that charge too much cost in comparison to other software.

Best EaseUS Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

With this wizard, people have also understood its cons and searched for EaseUS alternatives; now, we will tell you about a few alternatives of the software that have overcome the software’s loopholes and led up to the users’ expectations.

Following are the best EaseUS alternatives as follows:

1. Wondershare Recoverit – Best Easeus data recovery alternatives

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the famous and widely used EaseUS alternatives. The application of this software is quiet, and beginners who do not have much knowledge about data recovery can use this software without facing any difficulty.

Also, the setting up process of the software is very simple, and the users can easily administer the software while their files are being recovered.

It helps the users to recover any deleted, lost, or corrupted formatted files; the files can be of any data type and size.

Best EaseUS Alternatives

Along with supporting PC, the software only works on mobile phones, iPods, MP3s/MP4, and other storage devices. According to people, their experience while using the software has been quite amazing, and they prefer to use his software in the long term.

Due to such amazing features, the software is used more than other software.

2. Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman Partition Recovery is one of the best data recovery software as it is an all-in-one software with features of top data recovery software.

Although this data software recovery has subscription plans that are more expensive than its other software, it focuses on meeting the users’ requirements completely.

Since users can recover their files easily and do not face much difficulty, it is the most used data recovery software worldwide.

Also, its users always provide positive results about their experience using the software.

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3. Data Rescue

Users with the free version of this software (Visit Here) can recover files up to 500MB and later need to pay the subscription charges. 

The charges they need to pay are $19 monthly, which can change according to the features the users opt for. These affordable charges are one of the major reasons why people consider it one of the solid EaseUS alternatives.

The other features include that while using this software, the users get the option to search their lost files using several search parameter options; using this option, the users can search their files easily and saves their time and energy.

Since there are various search options, the time the software takes to search the files is minimized, and the users can easily search any file of any type and size.

Best EaseUS Alternatives 1

The software’s interface is also quite simple and user-friendly, allowing users to recover their files easily.

The unique feature of this feature is that it allows customizable settings, which help the users set the software’s features and settings according to their needs and requirements.  

4. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

This software (Get Here) works on certain versions of Windows only, so the users, before installing, need to make sure that the software supports Windows installed on their PC.

Also, the users need not pay commercial and home use subscription charges. They must install the software and easily scan and recover lost, deleted, corrupted, and formatted files.

Users using this software can easily recover their lost files from storage devices such as SD cards, ZIP drives, floppy drives, and hard drives. Also, the software has top ratings from its users because it fulfills their needs completely.

5. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is one of the software that people who are new in the technical world can use without difficulty because its interface is simple and user-friendly, making the software work understandable for them.

Using this software, users can easily recover lost, deleted, and corrupted files, including documents, databases, music, media, and many other data types.

Best EaseUS Alternatives 2

It is known to be one of the ideal software EaseUS alternatives. The users can use this software on any storage device that, includes MP3 players, floppy drives, ZIP drives, SD cards, hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other external devices.

But it works best when it is used on Windows. However, if you are using Windows 10, you should avoid using this software because, according to its users, the data recovery process on Windows 10 often faces technical glitches.

The features of this software are quite advanced and upgraded, so the recovery of files is a simple and quick process. The stored data in this software is divided into various sections and headings, which makes it easy for the users to locate their data at the time of recovery.

The subscription charges of this software are more in comparison to other software, but the software is worth paying the charges because it meets the users’ requirements completely; the users need to pay $67.46 yearly or $44.96 monthly.

6. Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill Data Recovery (Get Here) is one of the most famous and used alternatives to easeus software for data recovery.

And the regular updates and advancements in the software make the users’ experience better every time; this is one of the reasons its use is increasing worldwide because, compared to other software, the software updates more often.

The software is not useful for mobile users as it only supports Windows platforms and works on every one. The software allows users to recover lost, deleted, and corrupted files.

But using this software to recover your files takes longer than other software. After installation, this software also provides data protection to your files on your PC.

After installation, the users can recover files up to 2GB free of cost, but later they need to pay charges, and the plans are also quite affordable for the users.

Also, suppose you are an individual without much technical knowledge. In that case, you should try this software for data recovery as it has a quite simple functioning that you can easily understand.

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7. Photorec

Text-based feature distinguishes this software from other data recovery software (Get Here). It supports recovery of all data types but works best when the user is recovering media files. It is a highly powerful software to use.

The software is free to use, meaning the users only need to download and recover their files easily without paying any charges.

The software’s interface is quite advanced, and these advanced features sometimes create difficulty for beginners as they cannot understand the software’s working properly.

So, users without proper knowledge or support should avoid using this software as they can lose their data completely. Also, since it is text-based software, it is not recommendable for users who face problems using Text interfaces.

But the biggest loophole the users of this software face is that the software makers do not make regular upgrades in the software due to which it becomes outdated in certain technologies.  

8. TestDisk

It is one of the famous EaseUS alternatives. This software works best when the user has lost his files due to any software glitch or virus attack. In such cases, recovering the files using TestDisk becomes quite easy.

An advantage of this software is that users can convert non-bootable files into bootable files. Users having Windows, Mac and Linux can use this software.  

The interface of this software has too many technicalities, making it difficult for beginners to understand its works and use it without difficulty.

9. Stellar

Using Stellar software, users can recover more than 200 file types; these include documents, music, media, and several others.

Also, the interface of this software is user-friendly and graphical, making its use more interesting and fun as they can now use the software without much trouble.

For the user’s convenience, the software allows them to manually add their files to the software.

For the initial days, the users can use the free version of the software, but later, they must pay the subscription charges. But in most cases, users say that the software does not provide the scan and recovery results according to their expectations.

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An important feature of this software is that it counts the number of files you have recovered using the software. This feature is one of the main reasons people prefer to use this alternative of EaseUS.

10. Windows File Recovery

People using Windows 10 and above can use this software to recover their lost files on their PC. People can download it from Microsoft Store (Get Here) and get their files recovered easily. Users can recover deleted, corrupted, and lost files.

15 Best EaseUS Alternatives To Recover The Essential Data

Using this software, users can recover their lost files from any drive or folder, and they can download documents, music, videos, and large files. But there have been cases where the software failed to recover files when the sizes of the files were very large.  

11. Orion File Recovery Software

Orion File Recovery Software (Get Here) is another one of the most well-known EaseUS alternatives. It works only on PCs having Windows. The buying charges of this software are different for commercial and personal use.

People who want to use the software for commercial use need to pay $20, and people who want to use the software for personal use need to pay $17 to buy the software.

Using this software, users can recover any data, such as documents, media, music, and other data types files. Also, the file size does not matter how large; the users can recover it quickly using this software.

The interface of this software is advanced and user-friendly so that people, including beginners in the technical world, can understand the software’s working and use it without any difficulty.

The software allows the users to search their files in any format as they have several search parameter options, so people who use this software do not need to take the burden of remembering the file name.

The feature that distinguishes it from other software is that along with helping recover lost, deleted, and corrupted files, this software also helps maintain the privacy of its users.

For this purpose, the software permanently deletes the information from the hard drive that you want to keep secret.

12. Recuva

Recuva is one of the oldest data recovery software in the technical world. People have been using this software for more than ten years. The features that make the software superior to other software are that it is quite powerful and advanced yet simple to use the software.

Using this software, users can quickly recover a large range of files. Also, the scan and recovery process of the software is very simple.

The most captivating feature of this software is that the users to check the working the software can, take the trial plan and use the software for a few days, and then according to their needs and convenience, can switch to the subscription plans; the subscription plan will unlock more features that they can use which will improve their experience while restoring the files.

The users, along with recovering, can also permanently delete the files they do not want to recover so that it does not hamper their working.

But the software often faces technical glitches, making its use difficult for the users. Also, users cannot find the files they want to recover using this software because it does not have a search option.

People who are beginners in using data recovery software should avoid using this software because the interface is quite advanced and beginners might face difficulty in understanding its working.

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13. Undelete 360

People who use Windows should try this software for data recovery as it does not work on Linux. The free version of this software has certain basic features using which the users will just be able to recover their lost, deleted, and corrupted files.

But after paying the subscription charges, the users can enjoy the experience of the additional features of the software.

Undelete 360 software has two different versions, and the subscription charges for both versions are different.

The first version is the Professional version; for using this version, the users need to pay $39 yearly, and the other is the lifetime version, for which the users need to pay $69 yearly.

Best EaseUS Alternatives 4

The software is perfect for users who need to secure their data from third-party access. The software has a status bar that will record the recovered files; also, people who have paid the subscription charges will now have access to download the original files quickly.

14. Apower Recover

Apower Recover is one of the best EaseUS alternatives that people can use to recover their lost, deleted, and corrupted files because it is easy to use and the subscription charges are affordable.

Users with this software can recover any type of file in their computer, regardless of the file size and type.

15 Best EaseUS Alternatives To Recover The Essential Data

This software is quite reliable as the users can recover their files from any storage drive such as a hard drive, floppy drive, SD card, and ZIP drive without the fear of being damaged or lost.

Also, the advanced and upgraded features of the software make it quite powerful and effective compared to other software.

The users find it convenient to use this software for data recovery as they can start and stop the scan and recovery process according to their requirements.

But the drawback of using this software is that in the free version, people can only recover data up to 100 MB and later, they need to pay the subscription charges.

The subscription charges differ for users paying every month and users paying every year. Users paying every month need to pay $49.95 and every year, users need to pay $79.95.  

The interface of this software is quite simple and user-friendly. It also has advanced features, which provide an outstanding experience to the people who use this application worldwide.

Locating your lost files using this software is an easy task because the software provides several search parameter options. Since the recovery process is also fast, the users do not have difficulty recovering their files using this software.

14. MiniTool

MiniTool is one of the best and most widely known EaseUS alternatives. Using this software, users can recover any data files, such as documents, music, databases, and media. The software is not so advanced in comparison to other software.

The software is quite reliable as there is no risk to your data on this software, and you can easily find your files on it and recover them as the scan and recovery process is also very easy and quick. Users can recover their deleted, lost, and corrupted files using this software.

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Also, the software is quite light-weighted. Due to its basic features, users sometimes have terrible experiences using the software, and the data recovery process becomes quite frustrating.

The software makers have made it mandatory for the users to pay the subscription charges, as if they use the free version, they will not be able to view the scan results for preview.

Although due to its features, the software is not worth using, its reliability factor is why people use it all around the globe.

So, if you are a beginner in using data recovery software, then this software is perfect for you as you, due to its basic features, you will be able to understand its works properly.


Is there a free alternative to EaseUS? 

TestDisk, an Open-Source alternative to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, is the finest free option.

If that doesn’t suit you, there are a ton of other EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard solutions, and a ton of them are free, so hopefully, you can find one that does.

The free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard alternatives Recuva, Glary Utilities, PhotoRec, and DiskGenius, are also worthwhile. 

Which is better stellar or EaseUS? 

Even though it severely lacks additional capabilities, EaseUS is unquestionably the winner in this fight.

Stellar has a lot of bells and whistles for its price, but because of its frequent crashes and subpar performance, it falls short of becoming a top-notch data recovery program. 

Even though EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is more expensive, your chances of getting your data back are substantially higher.

However, you should think about using the free versions of both programs first to see if Stellar meets your unique needs. 

Is disk drill better than EaseUS? 

When evaluating data recovery solutions, being objective enables you to examine each tool’s capabilities in great depth.

According to our testing, Disk Drill offers more than EaseUS in terms of price, usability, and recovery abilities. 

Disk Drill performs better than EaseUS because it has a greater possibility of successfully recovering your information and practical features that will also assist protect your data in the future. 

Is EaseUS worth buying? 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is an efficient file recovery program that is simple but slow.

Additionally, it is pricey for lone consumers to take into account, and it is better suited to small company users than those in huge enterprises, organizations, or government agencies. 

Is EaseUS a Chinese company? 

Founded on August 12th, 2004, EASEUS is a reputable data security and recovery organization. 

From its base in China, CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co. Ltd. has served a variety of clients both domestically and internationally. 

The business, which takes pride in its commitment to consumers, works hard to provide dependable data recovery goods, security products, counseling, and appropriate solutions. 

Which is better Aomei or EaseUS? 

Many reviews believed that AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard suits their business demands more effectively than EaseUS Data Recovery. 

Most reviewers believed that EaseUS Data Recovery is the best choice when considering the quality of ongoing product support. 

Our reviewers liked the approach of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard over EaseUS Data Recovery regarding product upgrades and roadmaps. 

Final Verdict on the easeus alternatives list

So, this is the list of a few EaseUS alternatives. All these software have different and unique features; the users can download the software according to their needs and recover their lost files easily.