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11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

The fast-moving world and corporate life demand us to spend more than a healthy amount of time in front of the monitor. The generation is now obsessed with television series and gaming. These activities are undoubtedly harmful to your eyes.

Spending that amount of time in front of television and computer monitors can affect the health of your eyes terribly. They cause a plethora of health issues apart from the eyes.

However, the most affected organ would be your precious little eyes. Eyes are the windows to the world, they say. Every beautiful thing in nature is a feast for your eyes.

Therefore, to enjoy everything right, you must care for your eyes. We cannot restrict ourselves from watching television, playing games, or sticking our eyes to computer monitors. 

It has become inevitable now. It might lead to immense eye strain and headaches. You can do a few eye exercises to avoid such turbulences in your eyes.

You can find many applications on the internet that helps you with giving your eyes the right exercise. Your brain might question why we suggest you use mobile applications while your eyes are already tired of the mobile and laptop screens.

The fact is that these exercise applications are harmless to your eyes. And, by following their instructions, you can easily save your eyes from all the strain the monitors and screens cause.

In this article, you will find a few of the best eye exercise apps for android and IOS that we hand-picked for you. Practice eye exercises properly to protect the windows that let you admire nature’s beauty.

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Best Eye Exercise Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Glasses Off – Eye exercise to improve eyesight

Glasses off is an Israel-based eye exercise application. While looking into the computer screens can drain off the eye’s moisture, doing eye exercises using applications like this is important.

Working for a long time in front of a computer screen increases the chances of hyperopia in adults and teens.

Doing the exercises with this application provides helps you overcome such challenges. It also helps overcome the usual problems that people face.

Best Eye Exercise Apps

It includes something like being unable to read certain words in a paragraph. Practicing the exercises prescribed in the application for just fifteen to twenty minutes thrice a week can improve the health of your eyes.

This application is an excellent alternative to reading glasses. Most users of this application reported that their experience with it was phenomenal.

It still stands out as one of the most reliable eye exercise apps you can find online.

GlassesOff - How it works

The application has a unique feature that maintains a report of the progress you make every day. Doing so motivates you to do the exercises every day without getting bored. It acts as a reward system that makes you love doing the exercises.

This application tests your vision first to give customized exercises for your eyes. Therefore, every client is a special one when it comes to Glasses off.

This application is the best fit for anyone who is not allergic to certain medications. They can also use the application after consulting their doctors.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

2. Eye Recovery Workout

Eye Recovery Workout is one of the best Eye Exercise Apps on the internet. More than twenty thousand users have reported finding this application extremely useful.

Most of them said that the improvement in the health of their eyes was very evident. All users were satisfied, making this application the most reliable. The application became popular for its user interface.

The eye recovery workout application has a simple user interface that is very easy to understand. Even beginners can use this application without having to work hard.

Best Eye Exercise Apps 1

The application teaches easy exercises, which you can practice any time of the day. The application’s beep system makes it easy to know if you are doing the exercises right.

While work life might drain your eyes, a little exercise in this application can help you relax your eyes. You can use this application to treat your eyes during your hectic work.

It will take just a minimum of five minutes. However, those five minutes will relax your eye muscles and help you concentrate on your work more efficiently with the eye exercises video.

Download the App from Google Play Store

3. Eye workout – Best eye exercise app for iPhone

Eye workout application encourages you to train the muscles in your eyes. You might wonder how anyone could train their eye muscles.

While you need to hit the gym and work out hard to main the muscles in the other parts of the body, your eyes say, “Hold my tear”.

This application provides easy exercises that help you strengthen the muscles in your eyes. You can practice the exercise during your free time from the chair you sit in and do your work. 

11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

You can use this application during your break as a treat for your eyes. The exercises in the application help reduce the strain on the eyes.

According to the feedback, it has improved the eyesight of thousands of users. The application consists of fifty programs in total.

It is split into ten sessions, with five different exercises in each session. You can go from one session to another as you make progress. It enhances your vision multiple times and improves the health of your eyes.

Eye health is as important as the health of any other organ. Most of the time, people ignore it as long as they can see things.

However, keeping a check on your eye health will keep you from undergoing a plethora of problems in the future.

Download the App from Apple App Store

4. Eye Care Plus – Eye exercise apps For  Exercises & Training Plans

Eye care plus are the best application for people that lose their eye health because of stress. The developers of this application guarantee to restore the vision that people lose because of working for a long time in front of computers.

While watching series and movies are a pleasure to us, they strain our eyes on a different level.

11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

The best thing about this application is that different sessions depend on your budget. It prescribes short exercises that last from three to five minutes for people with tight schedules.

It offers a twenty-minute long session if you have more time to relax. The application maintains records of the progress you make every day.

This will help you see the changes you have made in the health of your eyes. Working on your eye muscles is one of the best things to treat those poor little eyes that strain so hard working.

You can use this application both online and offline. This feature is one of the most appealing features, making it one of the most popular applications among corporate employees.

It helps you recover from both short-sightedness and farsightedness. This application works wonders for people who do not like wearing glasses.

The application ensures that it restores your vision if your only worry is the stress and strain computer and mobile screens cause. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

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5. Eye workout – Eye exercises for double vision

This application best fits you if you hate seeing an ophthalmologist. The application has a set of beneficial exercises that helps restore your eyes’ visual activity.

Watching movies and gaming can be hard on your eyes. Eyes are so tender, and hence they need proper care.

The application has perfectly mechanized exercises that benefit your eyes in the best way possible. You can set the timer according to your schedule as this application is extremely user-friendly.

Best Eye Exercise Apps 4

You can easily fit the exercises this application provides into your schedule as it only takes five minutes. You can do these exercises during your break time.

You can use this application on your IOS and Android, which makes it special. It gives you a lot of other features, like recording your progress and giving you the positive results you expect. It helps restore the visual activity of your eyes lost due to stress and overwork.

This application has heaped a lot of positive feedback and reviews from consumers. Almost all its users have reported evident improvement in their vision just after their first session.

This application has gained many loyal and loving customers because of its excellent quality.  

Download the App from Apple App Store

6. 100% vision – Bates vision recovery method

100% vision bates method is one of the top-rated applications that help you relax your eye muscles. This is one of the most recommended applications on the internet.

The application gives you multiple tests to determine the kind of exercise to suggest according to your level.

11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

There is also basic level training for your eyes that will help them relax and reduce strain. The application records your progress throughout the process.

The unique feature of this application is that it conducts games that improve your visual activity. It also records your progress and rewards for the same.

The reward system motivates you to participate in more games and exercise daily. You will also get extra points and bonuses for activities you perform outside of the schedule.

You can use this application as you please whenever you are free. There is no fixed timing for using this application. Therefore, you can try to fit it into your planner wherever there is a space.

Download the App from Google Play Store

7. Eye exercise free:  Eye training

Eye Exercise Free: Eye Training application is the top-most application ophthalmologists recommend for eye exercises to remove glasses.

This is because ophthalmologists developed this application to improve the eyes health that lose their visual activity to excess screen timing and mobile usage.

While watching videos on your mobile screen causes strain in the eyes, you can use the same mobile screen to regain the loss.

11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

This application has over fifty exercises you can practice daily or thrice weekly. The application lists the reasons and the effects of most factors that affect the eyes.

You can see all the theoretical explanations regarding the factors that cause eye problems and how the exercises help you overcome them.

The exercises in this application are all universally checked by professionals and are highly reliable. You can schedule your exercises according to your planner.

The application provides multiple exercises that are both easy and effective. The best thing about the Eye Exercise: Eye Training application is free. You can download and install it from a safe source to enjoy its privileges.  

Download the App from Apple App Store

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8. Eye exercises to improve eyesight

This application is an eye simulator. It is one of the best applications you could opt for if you are a computer user. Most people now need to spend time in front of the computer to feed their tummies. It has become necessary.

Learning computer languages, programming, and designing are a few of the well-paid jobs of today. To have a high standard of living, we need to sacrifice a few things.

11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

However, losing your vision should not be one of them. You must use applications like Eye exercises to improve your eyesight.

You can use the planner in the application to schedule your daily exercises. This application also allows you to create your exercises.

You can do what you like and still get all the benefits the application could provide for your eyes. Spending five minutes doing these eye exercises daily can keep you from wearing glasses and contact lenses for the rest of your life.

It is important to think smart during times like this, especially when you are someone who spends more than two hours in front of the computer monitor every day.

Download the App from Google Play Store

9. Blink

Blink is an interesting eye exercises games application. The moment you log into the application, you will be able to see a lot of eyes on the screen.

A pair of those eyes will start mirroring the movement of your eyes. The application has three modes: acute vision, anti-stress, and break.

You can choose your preferred exercises and start working out right from wherever you sit. Spending a surplus amount of time watching television and staring at the computer screen can deteriorate the health of your eyes.

They slowly diminish their visual activity and lead to short or far-sightedness. It could lead to many other problems, including wearing glasses or contact lenses for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, it could even lead to surgeries. Therefore it is important to take care of the health of your eyes while you can still rescue them. This application has exercises that help restore the visual activity in your eyes.

It also helps to diminish the eye strain that stress causes. Doing these exercises for ten minutes daily will increase your eyes’ life. It helps keep them safe, healthy, and away from wearing glasses.

The break mode is one of the most difficult exercises in this application. However, with practice, you can get it right.

The application is soft on your eyes. The brightness, colors, and fonts are in the right configurations that cause no harm to the eyes. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

10. Eye exercises – Eye exercises for computer users

This application is one of the best eye exercise apps available online. The first moment you launch the application, it asks you to fill in certain details like age, gender, and vision problems.

The application will process the information you provide and create a customized program.

Best Eye Exercise Apps 8

The exercises in this application are simple and easy to understand. Most of the time, computer and television screens drain out the moisture in your eyes.

It causes many conditions like dry eyes and lazy eyes. The exercises in this application help you overcome those eye problems. The application allows you to choose the time and length of the sessions. 

Therefore, you can choose any time you are comfortable with during any day. The length of the sessions goes from three to thirty-three minutes.

You can choose any amount of time within that. The corporate world has put everyone in a position to sit in front of computer screens for most days.

Entertainment has made it impossible for people to ignore television. It is important to spend at least five minutes doing these eye exercises to save your eyes from harmful rays and any eye condition.

Download the App from Google Play Store

11. Optics Trainer: Vision Therapy and Eye Exercises

Optics Trainer is a simple yet elegant application for eye exercises. The background, colors, and fonts in this application are so pleasing to the eyes of the users.

The application allows you to schedule your exercises. It also reminds you to practice the exercises you chose when you scheduled them.

The application has a simple interface that is easy to learn and use. Even beginners can learn to use this application in no time.

The application has a compilation of the best eye exercises that help you relax and reduce stress.

Optics Trainer: Vision Training Trailer

Eye strain is one of the major causes for people to go for glasses. Doing the exercise in this application will help you prevent such situations.

The application allows you to exercise at your own pace. It reminds you of the exercise only in the time you set for reminding. It is an excellent application for people who face problems like dry eyes.

Eyes drying out due to spending more time on the computer monitor can cause serious problems if you fail to pay attention to it initially.

Therefore, if you do a lot of computer programming and designing, you should install this application and start the training immediately.

The application consists of a few of the best exercises to help you quickly eliminate eye fatigue and dryness. Most of the users have given positive reviews regarding this application.

If you wish to see faster results in improvising your visual activity, the best thing you can do is install this application. As simple as it may seem, it is still one of the most effective eye exercise apps.

Download the App from Google Play Store

While exploring the 11 Best Eye Exercise Apps To Improve Your Eyesight, I found an awesome video on “10 Simple eye exercises to improve eyesight at Home, ” worth watching.😎😎👍👍

10 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Vision at Home

Eye exercises for computer users:-

If you regularly use the computer in your workspace, do the exercise below to improve your eyesight.

  • Rotate eyeballs in a circular motion
  • Place the warm hands over the eyelids
  • Press the eyelids by using one finger for 10 seconds

Here are some more Preventive tips for computer users:-

  • Adopt Proper Posture
  • Use Blue Cut glasses
  • Have Proper Lighting
  • Maintain an arm’s distance from the screen
  • Use Antiglare screen
  • Get Regular eye checkups
  • Eat eye-healthy foods (carrots and spinach)
Computer Vision Syndrome - Exercises and Preventive Tips | Eye Exercises for Computer Users

📗FAQ on Best eye exercises apps 

How can I exercise my eyes with my phone? 

The 20-20-20 rule is considered helpful in easing digital eye strain. According to this simple rule, you must look at something placed 20 feet away for 20 seconds at the duration gap of every 20 minutes while constantly working on a laptop or computer.  

Can I exercise my eyes to improve my vision? 

While eye exercises have no scientific value for certain conditions like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, various refractive errors can be improved with the help of eye exercises.

Vision therapy, in particular, has shown some improvement in focus and alignment conditions.  

Is there an eye test app? 

Yes, Peek Acuity is a very effective smartphone application developed by eye experts to enable anyone to test visual acuity only with the help of an Android smartphone.

With the app, you can easily check whether you need further eye examination from an expert. However, it is not designed to replace the traditional detailed examination from a qualified doctor.

How can I improve my eyesight in one month? 

Palming, eye-rolling, refocusing, blinking, and the 20-20-20 rule, etc., are some very effective methods to improve your eyesight if there is no serious cause behind reduced eyesight.  

How do I get my 20/20 vision back? 

You get serious eye strain if you constantly work on a computer, especially for long stretches at a time. To reduce the strain and your 20/20 vision, you can try the 20-20-20 method.

That means look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. If this method doesn’t work for a few days, consult a certified eye specialist to find the potential cause behind your inaccurate vision, and get the proper treatment. 

How do I restore my eyesight? 

Restoring eyesight is not as easy as it is assumed very commonly by people. You need proper treatment along with correction glasses to improve your eyesight.

However, you can maintain your vision by wearing sunglasses, eating a wide range of vegetables, avoiding smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition, the “20-20-20 rule” is also quite effective, in which you have to look about 20 feet away from your eye for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. 

Which fruit is good for the eyes? 

Fruits are rich in antioxidants and are very good for eye health. You can add red berries, red and green bell Peppers, Kiwi, broccoli, tomatoes, grapefruit, orange, and guava juice to your diet to maintain your eye health. 

Can eyesight go back to normal? 

It entirely depends on how bad your eyesight is affected. If it is minor, it may return to normal after a few months of using prediction glasses.

However, some people also clean and correct their eyesight using eye massages, eye exercises, and relaxation techniques. But there is no scientific value to these methods. 

Which vitamin is best for eyesight? 

Vitamin A is very important for eyesight, as it is crucial in maintaining a clear cornea, the outside layer of your eye.

Vitamin A is also an important component of rhodopsin, a protein already available in your eyes that allows you to see even in low light conditions. 

How can I improve my vision without glasses? 

Proper diet and exercises, resting your eyes quite often, reducing eye strain, shifting focus, moving your eyes up, down, and around, and regularly visiting your optometrist can help you improve your overall vision without glasses. 

How can I prevent my eyesight from getting worse? 

Always try to protect your eyes from short wavelength visible light, high-quality glasses to get protection from the sun, eat a balanced diet, do regular physical exercises, get an eye checkup annually, and avoid smoking completely. 

Which vegetable is good for the eye? 

Collard greens, spinach, and kale are very for the eyes. They are rich in vitamins C&E. They also contain carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, plant-based forms of vitamin A, and reduce your risk of eye diseases, including cataracts and AMD. 

Is there an app for eyes exercise for improving eyesight?

Several apps offer eye exercises to improve eyesight, reduce strain, and promote eye health. Popular options include:-

Eye Care Plus (Android) – Personalized eye exercises, eye tests, and eye health advice.

Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans (iOS) – Relaxation, eye training, daily plans for better vision.

Vision Therapy (Android) – Various eye exercises for visual skills, alleviating eye strain.

GlassesOff (iOS, Android) – Aims to reduce reading glasses dependency through vision improvement exercises.

How can I exercise my eyes with my phone?

Exercising your eyes with your phone can involve eye exercise apps or straightforward relaxation techniques. Try these exercises:

20-20-20 rule:– Using your phone, take 20-second breaks every 20 minutes, focusing on an object 20 feet (6 meters)
away, reducing eye strain.

Blinking:- Close and open your eyes to refresh them and minimize dryness.

Eye rolls:- Look up, slowly roll your eyes clockwise, then counterclockwise, 5-10 times in each direction, relaxing muscles.

Near and far focus:- Holding your phone at arm’s length, focus on small text or an object, then shift focus to distant
objects. Repeat 10-15 times for improved focusing.

Palming:- Close your eyes, cover with palms without pressure, breathe deeply, and relax for 1-2 minutes.

Keep a healthy distance from your phone screen (16-18 inches) and adjust brightness for comfort. Eye exercise apps offer structured exercises. Consult an eye care professional for persistent discomfort or vision issues.

Do eye strengthening exercises work?

Eye strengthening exercises may improve some visual functions and reduce eye strain, but overall eyesight improvement remains limited.

These exercises benefit:-

1. Eye strain reduction, especially during extended screen time.

2. Enhanced eye muscle flexibility, aiding focus and coordination.

3. Alleviating computer vision syndrome symptoms, like dryness, fatigue, and discomfort.

However, eye exercises don’t cure vision problems from refractive errors or medical conditions. Consult an eye care professional for advice, corrective lenses, or treatments for these issues.

What is the 20 20 20 rule for eyes app?

The 20-20-20 rule, a guideline for reducing eye strain during extended screen time, recommends 20-second breaks every 20 minutes, focusing on an object 20 feet (6 meters) away, relaxing eyes, and preventing digital eye strain.

Though there isn’t a specific “20-20-20 rule for eyes” app, many apps remind users to follow this rule, providing notifications or alarms for breaks.

Popular options include:-

ProtectYourVision (Web-based):- Customizable break reminders.

Eye Care 20 20 20 (Android):- 20-20-20 rule notifications, eye exercises.

Time Out (macOS):- Custom break reminders, 20-20-20 rule included.

Explore various platforms to find apps that fit your needs and help practice the 20-20-20 rule regularly.

✅Final Verdict on eye exercise apps

In conclusion, you can use the best eye exercise apps to remove and protect your eyes from underlying problems.

In this world, where staring into screens has become inevitable, we must know how to protect our eyes from the evil rays they emit. Straining your eyes too much can lead to a plethora of health complications.

All those sleepless nights will look fun until your eyes dry, and you cannot stop tearing up. Prevention is always better than cure.

If you can save your eyes right from the beginning, why wait till the end? Those mentioned above are a few of the best and top-rated applications you could find online. 

Though the internet can confuse you with hundreds of options, you have to filter the best among them to get all the benefits you expect. We tried to lessen your burden by reducing the long list of options to an elegant eleven.

All the eleven applications listed in the article are exemplary in protecting your eyes. You can compare them and go for the one that meets all of your expectations.

You need to stay equipped in a world always ready to defeat you. Equip yourself to fight the eye problems that might occur due to spending most time in front of computer screens. You can save yourself from headaches to surgeries with a small step you take now.