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9 Of The Best Google Voice Alternatives To Consider in 2022

If you are a business owner, it is crucial to make use of the best VoIP app for your smartphone or PC. It can either make or break your business. The marketing strategy is vital for any small firm to succeed in a challenging market. 

It comes as no surprise that many small businesses are making use of Google voice for performing their regular operations. The Google voice was released into the market in 2009 itself and had been going strong. 

The VoIP service has been used by millions of users globally. It comes with some exceptional features like you can ship textual content messages and do telephone calls. Today, you will find tons of participants in the race for the number one slot. 

A small search online can provide you with several Google voice alternatives. They come with several options and features. So, finding a dependable service can be a challenging task. We have got you covered in that aspect. 

Google voice is a free app that provides you with a sublime experience. The app provides you with access to different phone numbers for receiving phone calls. You can also send and receive text messages. 

The numbers that you receive can be redirected. You can also choose the device on which you want to get notified about your important calls. Additionally, it provides you with some superlative features like filtering spam messages, screening calls, voicemail, etc. 

Importance of Google voice alternatives for small businesses 

For any small business, using cost-effective solutions is the only way out to float in the market. As it is, times are challenging due to the pandemic. Many firms and businesses have closed down because of a lack of funds. 

This calls for innovative solutions, and using Google voice alternatives may help your cause. The service does not have the required features for a small business.

Hence, when you use a service that was designed for small businesses, then you can ensure you are right on track. 

Several clients or individuals can use the same line. This ensures your consumers do not get frustrated or angry with you. We want to let you know that Google’s voice is not the only option. You can find several alternatives for offering you exceptional services, features, and stability.  

Best Google Voice Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

The number of applications is only growing each day. Google is the best platform for serving your requirement. But, as a business owner, your needs may vary with time.

1. WhatsApp: A Flexible option for Smartphones

Most entrepreneurs and firms tend to search for a cheap calling management solution. We do not blame them. If you are one among them, then you will want to make use of WhatsApp. This alternative tool is growing at a rapid pace. 

It is safe to say that the call management solution is more popular than the Google option. You can make use of it for any calling requirement.

Best Google Voice Alternatives

Some of the features include sending audio and video files; you can also send documents instantly. 

You can do them internationally too. This is extremely useful for those of you dealing with clients abroad. Sadly, this solution is not meant for everybody. When you need a sublime call management solution for file sharing during travel, then it might not work ideally. 

WhatsApp is the ideal solution if you are a small firm with less than ten workers. When you have installed it on your smartphone, you can make calls, send messages, transfer audio, and video files to another person who has the app.

2. Grasshopper

We now come to one of the most transcendent Google voice alternatives. Welcome to the name, Grasshopper. If you are familiar with call management solutions or VoIP’s, then you might have heard about it. 

This is the perfect solution for making enterprise calls. Using the system, you can now perform a wide range of operations. Some of them are auto greetings, offering solution calls, adding brokers, and others.

Three Real Stories from Three Real Businesses

The software is able to provide you with better options like cellular fax signature; fax transformed to PDF files. If you are somebody who often works on PDF files, then this feature comes in handy. 

It also allows clients to choose their own numbers. This gives them an upper hand as you can now perform services of your liking using the number of your own preference. If you have the number, then you need just to install the call management solution. 

You will be delighted to know that the tool offers you 800 number sequences, which should suffice any mid-range business. Additionally, you can make use of the 24/7 customer support provided through social media and calls. 

Using the call management solution can drastically improve your business. It also allows your business to work on automated instructions.

It helps you connect with your clients instantly. Since you will be using your Grasshopper Caller ID, clients will not see your actual number.

Grasshopper is right for small companies, although it may be a costly alternative over Google Voice. The pricing begins at $26 per thirty days; however, you may take pleasure in a 7-day free trial earlier than deciding to purchase the service.

3. MightyCall: virtual phone system for small business

MightyCall is one of the common names in the VoIP sector. You can find several firms and businesses making use of it. This alternative comes with a barrage of features. Users noticed similar features found on Grasshopper, and rightly so. 


It is developed for small firms and has an inexpensive package for you. We also felt that it is well-organized because you do not need too much setup. You can choose the kind of call management features you want to use. 

Some of them are important numbers, toll-free numbers, and others. You can add these numbers to your smartphone. For those of you who have a digital number, you can add them efficiently, for no need to pay an additional price. 

Best Google Voice Alternatives

For enhancing your communication, you can utilize the system on several options. The best Google voice alternatives provide you with unlimited calling, and you can forward names. You can use it both on your iOS and Android smartphones. 

MightyCall is one of the best alternatives as it provides you with several features. The package is right, providing $19.99 a month.

You can also make use of the free trial to ensure that the call solution can meet your requirement. 

4. VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is a name that defines reliability and trust. The call management solution is the best option for small enterprises. The 24/7 customer support is excellent among most of the VoIP services available in the market. 

VirtualPBX Web Phone

A few of the notable features are the intercom facility, monitoring real-time, and exceptional name studies. This call management solution enables you to personalize digital telephone techniques. It comes with customized greetings, option codes, and automatic listing. 

You can also combine the instruments in your enterprise in a single location. This helps you find what you are looking for instantly. Not to mention, you can find out whether your calls are actually being received or not. 

It comes as no surprise that VirtualPBX is one of the best Google voice alternatives. You can choose between toll-free numbers, native numbers, and important numbers. You can store more than 800 numbers on the call management solution. 

That is sufficient for a small business. You can make use of this call management solution on your iOS and Android devices. It provides you with some second-to-none plans for its intense range of features only at $13 per month.  

5. Line2

When you are on the lookout for a smashing call management solution, then it is Line 2. Line 2 is the best alternatives in the market. The tool is suitable for a wide range of devices like PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

9 Of The Best Google Voice Alternatives To Consider in 2022

So, it does not matter if you work on any of the devices, as mentioned above. The VoIP service helps you do calling and messaging for small firms. You need to select the number, configure your account, and the call solution is ready to work. 

The VoIP service comes with a barrage of solutions and comes with separate private and business calls. It is a useful feature for small firms and entrepreneurs. It also enables you to have flexibility due to its operational abilities. 

When you want to scale up your production, then choosing a marvelous tool can help your cause. Unlike other call management solutions that are ridiculously priced, Line2 is not expensive. 

The rates start at less than $10 and are ideal for small firms. Once you purchase the plan, you stand to use unlimited calls and texts in America. You do not need much of the hardware for installation. 

The installation is a breeze, and you can configure your account seamlessly. Entrepreneurs can now communicate with their clients effortlessly.

The business plan of the call management solution enables you to have unlimited calling and unlimited texts in America. 

On the whole, Line 2 is unrivaled Google voice alternatives that come with all the main elements for making it an excellent tool. If you are a small business looking for a sublime option, then you have it.

6. Telzio

Subsequently, we have Telzio, which is another excellent option for Google voice alternatives. This VoIP service comes with operation on the cloud and offers you terrific calling functions. It is suitable for small firms and businesses.

Telzio - Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

The call management solution provides you with cheaply priced communication services. You can set up the tool without much hassle. The user interface is reasonable and provides you with a knowledgeable look.

Let us look at the features. It offers you unlimited call options. Using this option, you can make several calls. The service also comes with unlimited extensions and SIP accounts. These features are suitable for a small firm. 

The call management tool offers you a cloud solution. It helps when you plan on scaling your production, and your communication needs will increase. The tool works flawlessly on PC, laptops, and smartphones. 

You can choose from the numbers that you want to be based on the toll-free and international numbers. Based on your requirement, you can do so. It also comes with additional features like name forwarding and a web-based management panel. 

We feel that it is one of the best alternatives to Google. The rates are excellent and affordable. You can make use of the calls that come at less than $0.1/minute inbound and cost $0.1/minute for outbound calls. 

Telzio is one of the best alternatives for a small enterprise. If you want to use the free extensions, you might want to consider using it. The package comes with $50/month for limitless customers and consists of 1,000 minutes of free talk.

7. Monster VoIP

Next on our list, we have Monster VoIP. This is a familiar name that comes to mind when you think about Google voice alternatives. If you want to use a VoIP service, then choosing it may give you a better choice for your small business. 

Best Business Phone System Los Angeles | Monster VoIP

The call management solution has always been known to provide excellent customer service along with first-rate customer service. Their features are useful for small teams communicating with their clients at any given point in time. 

Besides, they want to offer business clients and users sublime integrated communication services. We were highly impressed with the telephone techniques, video conferences, and voice recordings of the solution. 

Using the tool, you can choose a named queue and the auto attendant. You can also make use of the name recording, choosing the number of add-ons, native number, limitless toll-free, and voicemail transcription. 

According to some users, customer support is second to none. They are polite and professionally answer all your questions. The call management solution comes with two packages of customary and skilled. 

Using the customary package, which starts at $22.99, you get limitless minutes in America. This also comes with cloud hosting services. The skilled package starts at $28.99 and works flawlessly on your MacBook or PC, it comes with CRM integration and name recording. 

8. RingCentral 

Don’t let the low rank fool you because RingCentral is another fantastic choice for choosing as an alternative. It is a cloud-based platform. That means your data is safe out in the open. 

9 Of The Best Google Voice Alternatives To Consider in 2022

You can expect more from this top-notch software than just an online phone system. It comes with more than 3 million clients globally. We felt that this tool is suitable for both small businesses as well as large-scale operations. 

Some of the software features include cloud PBX, phone number, voicemail, call management, Internet fax, and others. You would be happy to know that the app comes with several apps that can integrate with it. 

Working on the apps makes your business profitable. Some of them include Office 365, Dropbox, Outlook, and others. 

9. Skype

Skype is one of the most common names as far as VoIP is concerned. You might have heard the term before. This free service is a decent Google voice alternative. Users have complimented the app for being one of the most reliable call management solutions. 

9 Of The Best Google Voice Alternatives To Consider in 2022

The users are charged on a monthly basis, and it comes with a barrage of features for use on smartphones and PC. It is ideal for small businesses as it can support online calls, meetings, voice, and messaging, including more than 200 participants in one call. 

You can integrate your meetings using their free but secure features. You can combine communication using Outlook using enterprise-grade security. It ranks among the best conference call solutions around the globe at the moment.

Overall, Skype is one of the best free Google voice alternatives any small business can consider using for themselves. It helps in collaborating and sharing files worldwide.

But, when you feel that you deserve more, then you can switch to a paid version for supporting larger teams. 

10. CloudTalk: Cloud-based call center software

If you are in need of a tool that can help solve a wide array of challenges for your business, look no further.

CloudTalk is a global solution that can boost your sales teams’ productivity, build better customer relationships and support your business’s overall activity by way of its comprehensive phone system software. And yes, it’s cloud-based.  

This remote-ready call center software is hosted and managed by a third-party provider, so you can focus on what’s really important — growing your business.

Smooth communication across your company and with your customers from around the world is part and parcel of running a successful business. A cloud phone system empowers you to do just that – and more.  

CloudTalk has multiple features that will add great value to basically everything you do. All of the features you’ve been missing in Google Voice — call statistics, call recording, integrations (e.g. Zendesk, Pipedrive), automated callback, smart queues and more — are available here. 

9 Of The Best Google Voice Alternatives To Consider in 2022

An advanced IVR system is one of the flagship features of this alternative to Google Voice. Manage your inbound calls and route them based on predefined criteria. With this feature, you can easily configure your call flows with just a few clicks.  

Add a personal touch to your voicemails, text messages and greetings and customize them to your heart’s content. International numbers from more than 140 countries are a must for conducting business around the world. Toll-free numbers are a nice perk, too.  

You can also port your existing numbers to CloudTalk or route a call to anyone in your company seamlessly. And if someone from the ’90s tries to reach you, the Fax to email feature ensures you’ll never miss it. 

The list of features goes on and on. As a solid alternative to Google Voice, CloudTalk allows you to automate inbound call distribution, routing customers to specific agents and making the management of your call flow a cinch.  

Considering all of the features and adjustable options that allow you to optimize the platform to your needs, it’s a foolproof tool for an affordable price. Try it free for 14 days or jump right into one of several available plans. 

Ready, Steady, Go: We are Launching Our Remastered CloudTalk Go Application

Switching from Google Voice

For some of you, making the switch from Google’s voice to another service provider may be a tough transition. But it does not have to be that way if you make a note of a few pointers that we have mentioned below. 

Given below are some considerations that you would want to make when you switch. 

Your account

The account used on Google’s voice is of two kinds. The light version and the complete account. The former comes with limited features like transcription and personalized greetings. The comprehensive account, on the other hand, comes with port support and a telephone number. 

You can forward your calls to several numbers, distribute text messages, and perform other features. Hence, when you change your provider, you might want to change your account completely. 

That gives you complete leverage on your account and your new phone number and setup’s subsequent features. 

Porting your number 

If you want to use your existing number after signing up, then you want to know how to do it. But you have to unlock the number. That is quite simple for you to do. It is priced at $3 or comes for free. 

When you have unlocked the number, you can now use your existing number on your new call management solution. When the new service provider wants your porting process, then you will need to give them your voice number.

The porting process is not tedious, but it may take a few days for the entire thing to get completed. So, you might want to remain patient and use your old Google voice number, meanwhile.  

Our verdict 

In the review, you can find some of the best Google voice alternatives. Each of them comes with its own features and benefits. We have ensured that we have covered most of them here. 

We do not deny that Google’s voice is capable enough for meeting your requirements. But it would help if you had something that is better. When your operations tend to depend on your regular business heavily, then you need a service that can give you more features. 

Through this review, you can decide on which VoIP service to use for your business. Since you are not happy with Google’s offerings, you can use apps like WhatsApp and Grasshopper to offer you efficient service. 

When you are in search of professional service, then you might want to consider Skype or RingCentral. These service providers know what their clients are looking for in them. We will let you be the judge as you know your business better than the rest. 


We have ended our discussion on Google voice alternatives. It is safe to say that Google’s voice is one of the best apps for making calls for your small business. However, due to an increase in customer service, you might want to consider using other alternatives. 

With the help of the alternatives, your requirements are served and met in a better manner. Forwarding calls, and automating call recordings with the help of CRM systems are now possible.

These options provide you with the kind of functions, services, and features you are looking for. It helps your modern-day business operate well. You can find an abundance of these. Some of them are embedded with excellent VoIP capabilities.

The alternatives enable your business in the messaging and calling aspects. Hence, you can now make use of the best service suppliers that we have mentioned above. It is time for you to decide what is good for your small business. 

You would want to select the VoIP service that meets your needs and has a versatile package.