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Top 3 Best GPS Apps for Android For Navigation


Did you get lost? That should not be happening in the 21st century. With all the data and tools available on the internet, it is simply unacceptable. This post will help you to find Best gps apps for Android.

If you are using an Android phone, you have more than enough resources to find your way to any part of the world. Of course, there are remote areas that may not be covered yet; but still, you can’t afford to go blindly.

There is no new place meaning you won’t go anywhere no one has ever been. If someone has been there then there must be data about the place. If not photos, a description. GPS App for Android is the answer.

gps apps for android

Previously, reading a map and using compass directions was an admirable skill. It still is but not as relevant as it were.

Technology is revolutionizing every field and navigation is not immune to this. You carry your compass but don’t forget to charge your Android phone.

The platform has multiple GPS apps that give you more than the sixteen-compass direction points. GPS apps on Android are elaborate and accurate.

The features are improving by day; the apps help you identify specific points. Besides sceneries and popular places in wherever you are, malls, food points, gas stations, hospitals among other basic facilities are highlighted on the apps. You are simply safe with Android GPS apps.

No network coverage?

Not a problem. If you are deep in the desert or in a foreign country with expensive data roaming charges, you can use the app offline. Yes, you can download a specific map of your destination or base on your intended itinerary ahead of your travel.

You will miss nothing on the app while offline; all online features including voice will be available. While the apps offer the same services, there are wide variations on basis of features.

Respective developers have unique creative levels that make each unique and suitable for different needs.

Here are the Top 3 Best GPS Apps For Android

Google Maps

Obviously, this was to come first. The app deserves the attention, it is effective and efficient; whenever top apps on Android are being listed, Google maps will feature, every time; irrespective of the ranking criteria.

gps apps for android

On navigation, it is the best. It has a full range of features that allow you to maneuver your dream destination while miles away.

Most people use it online, and it is efficient this way but doesn’t mean you can’t use it in poor or no network coverage.

However, you need to customize the settings and navigate to special features to make sure all the features will be working when you get deep in the forest or desert.

You say you might not need a map in such an environment but it is everything you need.

A forest or desert has no landmarks, you will need more than the four or sixteen compass directions to get to your desired spots. Google maps is richer than you think.

To prepare for offline use; go to settings, a custom area then drag the window to a specific place on the map you wish to download. Usually, your local area is saved on the map; it updates whenever you are online.

The saved maps can easily be viewed on settings>Your offline areas.

Note: the App deletes offline maps after 30 days; you might want to download maps you need on the specific day of departure. Also, there is a storage limit of 2GB. Work your way around this by only saving the necessary places.

Download Google Map

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MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

It is free to download this on your Android. You don’t have to stick to Google products. This is equally efficient and effective. There no hidden charges for this app, once you download it you are free to use the maps for as long as you wish.

The app is unique; there is no online option. This makes it ideal for all your GPS needs, whether you are in New York City with all the internet stability or deep in Amazon, this will be effective.

Downloading and installing the app is preceded by an automatic download of more than 200 maps of individual countries.

gps apps for android

If you have space and want to explore the world on your phone, you can download all these maps. But you can opt to identify specifics and get them ready for your trip.

The maps are organized; you won’t be confused. There is no standard of map categories, some are exclusively countries while some are in smaller regions; it depends with a population of a place.

It is easy to use. When in need of the map you downloaded, launch the app and tap on Navigate.

The offline map will launch with all the data of that place. Enhanced features on the navigation include route simulation, route replays, and live odometer. Yes, they work offline.

Download on Google Play Store

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CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav Navigation

The app is a great trip planner. It gives you at least three route options where you have to choose the best based on your preference, whether it is an adventure, speed or comfort. Each route has numerous waypoints for you to explore.

gps apps for android

Besides, you can access hotels and restaurants while offline. The best part is you have a seven-day free trial for premium features that include 3D maps.

Download on Google Play Store

All of the GPS Apps are useful but only if your smartphone is on; keep your battery charged!

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