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9 Best Legit Money Making Apps That Pay You in 2022

These apps that pay you are real and legitimate. They may not make you rich overnight, but you can earn additional income using your smartphone effortlessly. 

Do you have time and want to make some money? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. You see, today, we will see about some awesome apps that pay you real cash. 

That is right. Do apps make money for you? Sounds too good to be true. But that is the real deal. Apps that can make you money do exist, and whether you believe it or not, millions of users globally are already earning small but decent amounts through these apps. 

We would like to mention; this is not a quick rich scheme or overnight millionaire dream. If you have those kinds of ideas in mind, then please come out of it. This is real, sound, legitimate methods that you can make money from. 

Sure, you may not become a millionaire. But you can lead a respectable life with the income that you can generate from these apps that pay you money. We understand our readers are diverse and would want apps that suit their needs. 

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with an exceptional list, just for you. Our panel has done their research and found some of the top-notch apps in the market for 2021. The list that we have compiled comes in a wide range of markets. 

While you have advertising apps, you also have research apps and investment apps. There is something in it for you, we promise. Each of the apps is worth your time on your smartphone when commuting or during your free time. 

Every dollar has a value for the rainy day, is it not. 

Are apps that pay you legit or a scam? 🤔

To be honest, most of the apps that you find on the internet are scams. The magical words of getting rich soon, overnight millionaire, and so on are fake. We would also want to warn you that some apps can ask too many details from you. 

When that is the case, then please refrain from using them. If at all, you feel that you are uncomfortable using any of the apps, at any point in time, then please uninstall them from your smartphone. 

Your personal data safety is paramount, as you do not want your bank details to be out in the open. To be on the safe side, you may want to read the feedback given by users as well as check if they are registered on the Better Business Bureau. 

We have done that before presenting these apps that pay you real cash. Using these apps, you can credit your bank account with some dollars that will come handy one fine day. 

We have done our part; you only need to decide which of the options will work for you. 

Please consider reading the following review carefully as it comes with a wealth of information. 

Best Apps That Pay You: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Here are some of the best apps that pay you real cash for using them. 

1. Google’s Opinion Rewards

Google’s Opinion Rewards is a product from the search engine giant, Google. The organization does not need any introduction. You know for sure that the app is genuine and reliable. 

Best Apps That Pay You

You can close your eyes and download your app. With the safety aspect covered, let us delve into the functioning of this app. As the name implies, you are rewarded for your opinions on the services that are offered on Google. 

You see, they have partnered with several high-profile producers, manufacturers, and others. They send out the survey forms through Google. Though you are not rewarded with real money at times, you are given reward points for downloading their products. 

These reward points can be redeemed from the Play Store. You need to download the app and sign in. 

You receive around 50 surveys to undertake per month. The surveys depend on the number of users at the moment. But they usually vary between 40-50 surveys or more. These surveys are based on the need of the companies. 

They consider your valuable insights and thoughts on their products. The credits depend on how many surveys you are able to complete per week. As we said, the rates are low, but creditworthy at $2. 

Based on our research, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide. Upon connection with your PayPal account, you can get paid. However, you need to know that the survey is valid for 24 hours and expires. 

Yes, this app comes with a few flaws, like the surveys are sometimes very few per week. The credit on your Play Store can expire, and this is an app-only earning mode. 

Having considered all that, you will accept the fact that this is a service from Google, and you can try it without any doubt. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. Shopkick Shopping App: Get Cashback & Rewards

This is probably our favorite app that pays you cash for walking into shops. You read it right. Isn’t it exciting that somebody pays you to go into stores? The catch is you don’t have to buy it.

Whether you love to window-shop or somebody who likes to pop in shopping malls once in a while, you might download it. 

9 Best Legit Money Making Apps That Pay You in 2022

The app gives you gift cards on all significant brands and clothing. Doing that, you can rack up on the point system of the app, which then gives you gift cards in exchange for your loyalty to them. 

However, is this good for you? 

We liked the part where you don’t really have to do anything much. 

Just walk into your store, scan a few items, and that is it. Of course, the store has to be recognized by the app. They provide you with a list of the stores that they partner with.

You can earn points by going into a store, scanning items, scanning your receipts, browsing online stores, and referring friends. 

For 400 points or kicks, as they call it, you stand to make around $2. When large shopping malls surround your area, you might as well take a walk in there when you are bored or tired of sitting in your room. 

They know what they are doing as they are around 2010. The ratings on both Play Store and iTunes are highly impressive. You not only burn those unwanted calories but gain points for doing so using the app. 

Impulsive shoppers might want to either restrain themselves or avoid this app totally. On the whole, this is one of those apps that pay you cash. 

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3. Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

Are you somebody who keeps making the same New Year resolution of losing weight, only giving it up the very next day? Well, your time has come to make use of the Pact app. This app was designed to motivate millions of people, just like you, to lose weight.

Here is the best part; you get paid for it. We felt that it is one of the best apps that pay you money. You can download it both on your iOS or Android smartphone. What is your excuse now? 

Sadly, it also punishes you when you are not able to keep the pack or promised goals. Earlier, the app was known as Gympact. The concept is simple as everybody tends to value money. The designers have used that and come up with a remarkable idea in the form of the app. 

Health goals are crucial in today’s world that is full of diseases. Even people young at 40 years tend to suffer from different health issues. The best way to stay fit is to exercise and give the body some physical activity. 

Once you have set up your account, you need to pinpoint a gym that you will visit every week. The agreements are then set up. Fines are set between $5 and $50. Each workout will consist of 30 minutes, and each day, there is one workout session. 

The app is able to know through GPS if you are at the gym or not. If you don’t go to the gym, then you can exercise at home for 30 minutes. It can track your moments, with the help of the motion tracker. 

Users are paid through their PayPal account. Few users did notice some flaws like, somebody was not able to log in when he went to his gym regularly and ended up paying a considerable fine. Similar complaints have been filed online. 

Apart from a few, many users have been paid, more importantly, lost weight. We strongly recommend this app for those of you struggling to maintain a regular physical workout. There are some technical flaws that will be rectified in the near future. 

Remember, if you fail on your goals, you end up paying others who can achieve their goals. 

Does it sound fair? 

If you feel that you are lazy, we recommend that you try out the investment app we have given below. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. Swagbucks

If you were not impressed with the Google Opinion Rewards app, then you are in for a treat. The reason we insist on taking surveys online is that they are genuine, reliable, and 100% pay. You can do it from anywhere, including the washroom. 

Best Apps That Pay You

We present to you with Swagbucks. Just like Google, this is a popular platform for surveys. Having been around for a decade, they know what they are up to. You are provided with around 20% cashback for surveys online, signing up, and others. 

They pay you through PayPal at a minimum of $3. They have what is known as SBs that you can trade for real cash. This is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. Today, they have more than 20 million users and $500 million cash. 

The good news is that Swagbucks is legal and comes with a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. To become a member, you have to play games, shop online, and survey, and so on. To redeem users need 300 SBs for $3. 

You can make decent money through this app, provided that you make use of it to your best. We liked the fact that the app offers you a wide range of options.

Instead of sitting idle on your smartphone scrolling Facebook or taking selfies for Instagram, consider using this. 

We need not remind our readers, that it is strictly not an overnight millionaire scheme. When you are keen to spend time earning money legally, then Swagbucks is for you. Perhaps, it can be your entry into the world of making money during your free time. 

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5. Sweatcoin

This is another exciting app that pays you to walk. You read it absolutely correctly. The concept is quite simple because they pay you depending on the number of steps that you walk. Welcome to the world of Sweatcoin. 

Sweatcoin intro video

Surely, you must be wondering that this is a scam. We admit that we, too, had a similar thought when using it.

Well, we can guarantee you that it is a legitimate app, and they pay you to walk. However, your expectations must not reach the sky because you aren’t going there. 

For example, if you walk 1000 steps a day, you will stand to get something by the end of the month. Aside from the monetary benefits, you stand to gain from your health. When you become a user, you gain Sweatcoins for your daily walks. 

You can calculate the number of Sweatcoins at the end of the month and encase it. For example, if you have earned 4000 Sweatcoins, then you stand to get $50 through PayPal. Basically, it depends on your timing. 

You can either encash your amount at the end of the month or annually. Does it make it worth downloading Sweatcoin? Do you need to ask yourself who on earth will pay you to walk? You know the answer to that. 

Few users commended the app because it made them slimmer and healthier. Not to mention, they have lost weight, something which they could not do in a decade. If you are somebody who values your money and health, then you do not have a better option, than this. 

Your health and financial goals are met with this kind of apps that pays you real cash. Sweatcoin has motivated you to walk around just about anywhere for the sake of walking and earn small amounts of money for doing, just that. 

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6. Rakuten – Cash Back Shopping, Coupons & Savings

We have another interesting app that pays your cash coming up called Ebates. It is known as Rakuten today. Rakuten is an app that specializes in cashback with thousands of retailers online. 

Best Apps That Pay You

This is not your run-of-the-mill app. They have been in business since 1998. Ebates Rakuten combined has more than 12 million members and currently has more than $1 billion in reserves. 

If that does not convince you, they are rated highly on both Play Store and iTunes having 20,000 reviews. Now, who among us does not like to shop? When the deal is right, the bill looks sweet and tempting. 

We liked to refer to a friend program on the Ebates Rakuten app. That is because you can make $100 by just inviting five friends and receive a $10 sign-up bonus. As you can see, it is ringing money with every move you make. 

Ebates has partnered with Lyft, where you stand to get more than $20 for your first ride. If you use Postmates, then you can make use of their 10% cashback for delivery orders. 

Is Ebates worth your time and effort? 

Definitely, it is worth everything. Don’t you want to save money on your purchase? Without using this remarkable app, you stand to lose out massively.

Yes, you may save only a few hundred dollars annually, but when you count that for a lifetime, it totals an amount that can buy you a new home. 

We suggest that you avoid making purchases that are not necessary. Trying it a few times can reduce your impulsive behavior. It does not have to try that hard. Using Ebates for essential and vital products can save you immensely in the long run. 

It gives you a reason to be happy at the end of the year when other people have huge bills to pay. We were astounded by the number of deals that we could find on the app.

Not to mention, it is simple to use, and though you may have to wait longer, for payout, it only means fat pay. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Worthy Financial – Earn 5%

If you plan to become an investment or financial planner in the near future, this is the best way to begin your career. Not to mention, you stand to make money through this app. We found it to be a simple investment app that teaches you how to make money. 

You will need to provide your personal and bank details to sign up after downloading the app.

9 Best Legit Money Making Apps That Pay You in 2022

Of course, we would like to mention that, if you are not comfortable in investments or do not want to take any risks with your income, then this app may not suit your needs. 

On the bright side, the low-cost bonds are coupled with small firms. This enables you to place your investments such that there are absolute returns carefully. It comes with 36 months of maturation, and each bond costs $10. 

With a minimum investment of $10, you begin your slow but steady journey into the world of investments. We liked the feature where you can withdraw your money based on interest. Apart from that, there is a free $10 bond for inviting an investor.

Does it come with flaws? Like all investments and the mutual market, there are full of risks and loopholes. But, since we are dealing with small investments, the chances of losing a massive income stands less. 

The only requirement to invest in Worthy investment is that you need to be a US citizen and hold a valid driving license, as age proof. 

When you are somebody who wants to invest a small amount in a small firm, look for a safe method to earn little income, search for a passive option to make cash, then you know what to do now.  

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8. ReceiptPal: Shop, Earn Paid Rewards & Gift Cards

ReceiptPal pays you for taking images of your receipts? As unique and weird it may sound, you get paid for it. We will be straightforward, the app rewards online shoppers. You need to make copies of your receipts and submit them. 

You earn points for doing so. The more photographs you give them, the higher your earnings can be. Whether you shop in a store or online, you can connect it to them. For example, you can link your email id for online transactions. 

The app is able to recognize the receipts. All the crucial details of the receipt should be visible for it to count. You need to make submissions as quickly as possible because they do not accept receipts made after two weeks. 

Transactions made in dollars only count, so other currencies are invalid. You do not want to con them because they use top-notch software for verification. 

So, how do they earn money through this method? 

This is a market research app that analyzes the purchases done in a particular region during a specific time period. This data is then passed on to large business establishments that can plan their next marketing strategy. 

The only downside with this app is that they offer you rewards and gift cards. Those of you wanting hard cash might have to look elsewhere. We thought that ReceiptPal is one of the terrific apps that pay you. 

Think about it, did you ever think that the receipts that you usually discard, can get you something on the side. 

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9. Scoopshot

If you own a top-end smartphone, then why waste its peerless camera features. Instead, click some photographs and get paid for it. Doesn’t that sound nice? Gone are those days, when young photographers scurried for recognition. 

9 Best Legit Money Making Apps That Pay You in 2022

Today, it is no longer a hassle to publish your images or photographs. Perhaps, you are a budding photographer, but wondering where to begin your first shot. This is an excellent day to do that. 

Scoopshot is one of those apps that pay you cash for photographs. They pay you for clicking images at events in a particular area or region. That is because media journalists mostly use these images on their websites. 

Depending on the click, you stand to make money. You do not want the low ratings on iTunes and Play Store to fool you. Several users are minting money clicking worthy images. That is because they have partnered with major media houses internationally. 

It is just a matter of time before your cash bells start to ring. We liked the feature where you get to write a description of the photograph and the price you expect from it. You do not only have fun and excitement with shooting pictures but get paid for it. 

We also found it to be easy to use. You can also take part in the contests held once in a while. Once your photo is uploaded, you are notified when they are sold. You are paid through your PayPal account. 

They put up tasks that are actually in demand, and you can plan your work based on that. Everyone has an eye for detail. You just need to refine it once in a while. You never know that photograph you took out of a whim, will make an international face one day. 

Download on Google Play Store

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📗 FAQs on apps that pay you

(Q) Are apps that pay you a legitimate way to make money?

Yes, apps that pay you real cash, is a legal mode of making money. You could be a student, housewife, working professional, unemployed, or just about anybody.

Why do you want to depend on somebody else for your expenses or pocket money, when there are countless options. 

As long as you own an Android smartphone and have to desire to earn money in a respectful way, then this is suitable for you. 

(Q) Is it possible for you to use several of the apps at the same time? 

Yes, you can use several of these apps to earn money at the same time. They are nothing, but traditional apps, that you download for regular use. The only difference being these provide you with an opportunity to earn money legally. 

The benefit of using several apps to earn money is that you stand some income when something does not click. It is the same as applying for a job. You never apply for a single opening but apply for several of them, hoping for a few responses. 

Likewise, using several apps, give you the massive potential to earn. It boils down to your interest and the effort that you put in each of the apps.

 (Q) Which is the ideal app for me to earn money?

We cannot pinpoint and tell you that because it depends on your interest and preference. Some of you might be good at eating, dining out, and the like. At the same time, others might be homely people. 

So, the kind of personality you have will have a big say on this. We mean, what you like actually to do and put your time into. There is no use in downloading a particular app for its sake and doing nothing about it. 

Remember, merely downloading the app, will not make your cash register ring. You need to do something about it. 

(Q) Can I make instant cash with these apps? 

We tried most of the apps mentioned on the list. To our delight, we can tell you that they give you cash immediately. Most of them also offer you gifts that you can use.

For example, if you are using an app for watching movies, you stand to get excellent deals on a movie shown in the best cinema hall in your city. 

Likewise, if you choose an app for exercising, you will get offers to hit the best gym in town at half the price. Downloading the apps come with their own pros and cons. You will want to find out which one suits your needs and requirements, and then download it. 

In Closing 

Whew, we came across a lot of apps that pay you real cash. You probably need to take a small breather to come back with some newfound ideas on the app that you want to target. We would suggest that you take it slow and easy. 

We can assure you that the apps mentioned above are genuine and legitimate. Otherwise, they would not have found their way on the list. 

Do we have any favorites? 

All of them are useful and pay you, that is the most important thing to know. We have made it as simple as we can for your benefit. 

We encourage you to take your time and learn more about these apps, how they work, how you can make use of them to your maximum potential. Once you are confident that you are ready for the challenge, you can download it on your smartphone. 

Have you used any of these apps before? Did you like what you read in the above review? We would love to know what you thought about these apps that pay you real cash. 

When you have a smartphone and free time, then there is no reason why you do not want to take advantage of these legitimate apps.