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19 Best Altimeter Apps To Get Info About Your Current Position

Altimeter apps help the trekkers and hikers find the exact altitude they are at the trekking time. Several tools are available to help you measure the altitude but are quite costly, so it is better to use several altimeter apps that can be used on your android and iOS devices and are completely cost-free.

These applications help you to keep track of your position all the time, and some of these applications have the features of a GPS tracker and compass installed in them, which makes it easier for the users to use these applications.

Use of Altimeter Apps

These altimeter apps measure the altitude above a certain reference point. There are several factors on which altimeter applications depend to measure altitude. These factors include barometric pressure, radar, and LiDAR.

Every factor has its advantages and disadvantages, as barometric altimeters are cheap and have easy installation. Still, they do not provide the exact altitude when air temperature and moisture levels change.

The altimeter apps that depend on radar and LiDar mostly provide exact altitudes as they determine the altitude and topography from the ground leading to accuracy in the results. These applications are based on electromagnetic waves. But the users of these applications require a special license, and these applications should also comply with the FCC guidelines.  

GPS altimeter applications receive signals from four or more satellites, and with the help of these signals, they determine the altitude. The benefits of using GPS altimeter apps are that these are easy to use and implement and use advanced technology. Still, the biggest loophole is that these applications do not provide the most accurate results and are expensive also.

Types of Altimeter Applications

There are different types of altimeter apps that have different and unique features. First is the digital altimeter; this altimeter does not have any dial and just has a digital display. These are used in modern aircraft and are very useful for pilots as they provide all the information on a single screen.

The next is the Analog Drum Pointer Altimeter. This altimeter is similar to automobile odometers as it has a single pointer and a two-way drum that has an increasing number. Usually, the pointer range is – to 99 ft, and the drum will display hundreds and thousands of feet.

Another type of altimeter is the Analog three-pointer altimeter. The features of this altimeter are that it has three-pointers on a circular dial. Every pointer displays different altitudes as one pointer displays hundreds of feet, the other thousands of feet, and the last pointer displays ten thousand feet increments.

The last type of altimeter is the Encoding Altimeter. This altimeter is a bit difficult to use as it converts the altitude into the Gilham Code; the Gilham Code is an 11-digit binary code. The aircraft transponder sends this Gilham Code to the ground level, where they decode the Gilham code to know the exact altitude.   

The several altimeter apps that can be used on Android and iOS devices are as follows

Best Altimeter Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Compass

It is an application that provides accurate elevation and altitude measurements to users. It also shows the geographical direction. Other features of this application are that it has a simple interface and works on both Android and iOS devices. Beginners also use the application comfortably as the application’s working is quite simple.

Altimeter Apps

The other unique feature of this application is that it provides the sunrise as well as the sunset time of your current location, and it can also provide other additional information about your current location. It also shows results in offline mode.

However, despite all these benefits, people sometimes do not prefer to use this application because when connected to the internet, it displays too many customized ads, which becomes frustrating as it hampers their task. People who want to use this application can download it from the Play Store.

Download the App on Google Play Store

2. GPS Tools

Along with measuring the elevation and altitude, this application is useful for navigation, compass, and weather forecasting.

Since the application can be used for so many purposes, it is a perfect application for anyone who fancies a good trekking experience or is indulged in adventures and outdoor activities.

Altimeter Apps 2

People who are traveling can use this application to find and locate their area. Even if people are in areas where there is no internet, then also they can use this application as it works in offline mode as well.

But this application is not of much use to the people in topographic areas as the application provides no access to topographic maps.

The interface of the application is quite advanced, so the users get results that are highly accurate and precise. Also, people who do not have good quality mobiles can use this application as it is battery efficient. It measures altitude from the sea level.

People who do not have much technical knowledge also find this application quite easy because it displays the measurements on a single screen, making it simple for the users to understand.

GPS Tools by VirtualMaze

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

3. Altimeter Professional

Altimeter professional is another amazing application that helps measure altitude and elevation from the sea level. It does the same using both GPS and barometric sensors to ensure 100% accuracy in the measurements. Additionally, it provides weather forecasting and navigation to the users.  

Altimeter Apps 1

Besides that, you can even maintain detailed records of your locations and heights during your treks so that you may relive them moments later. Also, the flexibility is great. The application provides altitude and elevation measurements in meters and feet, so it becomes quite easy for the users to understand the measurements.

Moreover, it has GPS and location-sharing features, so you can remain connected with your group, even if you go too fast or are left far behind. However, you can only use it on Android devices.

Altimetro PRO - android

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4. Barometer & Altimeter Pro

This is not just an application to measure altitude and elevation, but it also helps measure temperature and humidity levels.

People can also know details of the current weather conditions using this application. The use of this application is simple and easy. The application provides measurements by using the sea levels.

Altimeter Apps 3

This application is the most trusted application by the users as it provides the most accurate results in no time. Although a simple interface is useful for the users, sometimes it becomes a bane.

Due to the simple interface, the application does not support advanced technology, and that’s where it becomes a little restrictive.

Barometer & Altimeter

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. Altimeter and Altimeter Widget

Another great application to track your altitude, elevation, and location with accurate measurements is the Altimeter and Altimeter Widget app. It works using an inbuilt barometric sensor and has a GPS to ensure accuracy in the data it provides.

Altimeter Apps 4

Besides that, it has advanced features and functionalities like a widget option on the home screen, taking snapshots, and using the application even in offline mode.

However, the ads can become irritating, also because they make the processing slow. Moreover, it’s built only for Android users.

Download the App on Google Play Store

6. My Elevation

My Elevation is another amazing application to help you find your altitude and elevation measurements above sea levels. Additionally, it has a GPS tracker to help find and share your location so that you’re never lost or separated from your group.

Altimeter Apps 5

Additionally, the application has a weather forecasting feature using which you can have precise information about the weather during your trek and plan it accordingly for a better experience.

However, while it has such amazing features, a loophole is that it doesn’t work well in the offline mode and will entirely give up when you lose the cell networks.

DS Altimeter for Android

Download the App on Google Play Store

7. Altimeter GPS – Best free altimeter app for android

The application uses GPS satellites to provide altitude, location, and elevation information to the users. Hikers and trekkers find this application very simple and useful as the results are quick and the information provided is simple to read.

Altimeter Apps 6

The major advantage of this application is that this application can work both in online and offline mode. Also, it provides measurements both in meters and feet according to the choice of the users.

The unique feature of this application is that the information it provides is in the form of charts that are easily comparable and allow the users to take snapshots of their location.

The results of this application are highly précised.  But there are glitches in this application often because people do not find it comfortable to use the application.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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8. DS Barometer

This application has a simple interface and is stable and secure to use. It uses sensors and GPS to provide altitude and elevation measurements. The application works in online mode only and can provide your location history also while using the internet.

Altimeter Apps 7

You can track your location easily with the help of this application in real time. Also, the usage of the application is quite simple. It is a type of radar and LiDAR altimeter. The application shows the altitude and elevation measurements in both meters and feet.

However, it displays too many ads while using the free version. So, the users prefer to take the paid version of the application.

Download the App on Google Play Store

9. Altimeter Pro

It is one of those applications that provide the most precise results, and it gives the measurements based on sea level.

It uses the GPS of your devices to provide the measurements. It has a simple interface and is quite simple to use, and it provides readings that are easy to read.

Altimeter Apps 8

This application works well in both online and offline modes. It can also provide information about navigation maps to the users. It can provide you with precise location information in remote areas also.

However, using the application can drain the battery of your phone very quickly. So, it will be a wise option to take your power bank along.

Download the App on Google Play Store

10. My Altitude

This application is useful on iOS devices because it may not work well on android devices.  It can help you know the altitude and elevation measurements easily.

The application uses the sensors and GPS of your device; since the GPS and sensors of iOS devices are powerful, the results are quite accurate and precise.

Altimeter Apps 9

Even if your device does not have advanced sensors, the application also provides accurate results quickly. This application works in online mode only, and it also allows users to take pictures while using the application. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

11. Accurate Altimeter

The application uses satellite signals to provide measurements of altitude to the users. It provides accurate results to the users even when in offline mode. This application also provides altitude measurement by using the pressure sensor of your device.

Altimeter Apps 10

The results provided by using this mode are also quick and accurate. It also areas on your elevation maps, and thus application can be used in remote areas. The other features of this application are that it is easy to use and also provides altitude history to the users.  

But the loopholes of this application are that if the device does not have a good internet connection, then the application can provide misleading and inaccurate altitude measurements. Also, the users face the problem of too many ads while using this application.

Accurate Altimeter for Android phones

Download the App on Google Play Store

12. Smart Altimeter

The application works both in online and offline modes, and it provides measurements in meters and feet also. The results of this application are quite precise. It is a perfect application for trekkers and hikers on their journey.

Altimeter Apps 11

The additional features of this application are that it allows the users to take snapshots while using it, and the users can also record their trekking history with the help of this application.

The application provides information to the users through easily comparable charts. It measures the altitude from the ground level.

It also provides the option of weather forecasting and a smart compass to the users. These amazing features of this application improve the users’ experience while trekking.

Download the App on Google Play Store

14. Altimeter Offline

This is the most suitable for travelers who are going to places that have low or no internet connection, as this application works well in offline mode also. The application also displays the geographical coordinates of your location. There are chances when the users do not get highly-precise measurements, but it is decent enough to use.

Altimeter Apps 12

The application has an inbuilt tracker that makes it easier for the users to track their location while traveling. The application can be used to get the altitude and elevation everywhere, such as for trekking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and also for climbing mountain peaks.

The interface of this application is quite simple, so if you are looking for an advanced interface, then this application is of no use to you. The application works well both on Android and iOS devices.

It has an amazing feature that the users can share their location as well as their experience on social media with the help of this application.

The application is user-friendly also as it shuts down the GPS tracker as soon as the application is closed, so that excess battery is not drained because of the application.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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If Earth Rotated at the Speed of Light, There'd Be No Time

15. Commander Compass Go

This is a powerful application and works in both online and offline modes. The application uses the GPS tracker of your device to provide the altitude and elevation measurements of your current location.

Altimeter Apps 13

The application also has the features of a speedometer, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, and several other features. The unique features of this application are that it can track multiple locations concurrently and keep a record of the locations tracked by the users. The users can also measure the distance and the angle they traveled.

Along with the altitude and elevation measurements, the application can also measure the position of the sun, moon, and stars. The application is quite advanced as it uses both calibration and compass methods for measurement.

The users, for their comfort and convenience, can copy and paste links from this application and then search for them on the internet using different formats.

Download the App on Apple App Store

17. Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL

This application will help you get accurate altitude measurements of your current location. The application will use the GPS of your device and provide you with altitude and elevation measurements.

Altimeter Apps 14

Even when the users are out of range and do not have an internet connection, then also the application will provide accurate altitude measurements. According to their choice, the users can select the option of GPS or barometric in the application to get the altitude measurements.

The unique feature of this application is that the user can submit the name and address of the location they want to know the altitudes. The application has an advanced and attractive interface.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

18. Altimeter +

Altimeter + is another application suitable for people who love trekking and skiing. The application helps people to know their exact location with the help of GPS.

It measures the altitude by using both GPS signals and barometric signals. Also, the users can keep a complete record of their trekking. The application also helps you know the history of your current location.

Altimeter Apps 15

The altitude and elevation measurements done by this application are highly-precise and accurate. The application also shows maps to the users that have full information about the peaks. The users can also do an average calculation of altitudes with the help of this application.

The other features of this application include that when the user measures the altitude using barometric measurements, the measurements can be shown in both imperial and metric units according to the user’s choice. The application works well in online and offline modes and provides accurate results. It works only on iOS devices. 

Download the App on Apple App Store


Is there a free altimeter app?

Yes, Barometer & Altimeter Pro, DS Altimeter, Altimeter by Pixel Prose SARL, and Altimeter by EXA Tools, etc. are some amazing free altimeter applications you can try to effortlessly find accurate altitude and get the best out of your hiking and trekking experience.  

What is a good altimeter app?

Compass, GPS Tools, Altimeter Professional, My Elevation, Altimeter Pro, etc., are great altimeter applications and can be immensely helpful in finding altitude.

You can even use these wonderful apps to find the compass, weather forecasting, navigation, and more. 

Can I use my iPhone as an altimeter?

You can easily download and use altimeter applications like My Altitude, Altimeter GPS, Travel Altimeter & Elevation, GPS Tools, and Altimeter: Elevation & Compass to Use your iPhone as an altimeter.  

What is the best free altimeter app for iPhone?

Using the built-in compass on your iPhone is the best way to find altitudes without much problem. It comes with a built-in elevation feature and measures the altitude quite effectively and accurately.

If you want to use a third-party application, you can try using the My Altitude application, which is available free of cost and can be used perfectly on an iPhone.

Does my phone have an altimeter? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any altimeter application present on your phone by default. However, you can try some amazing third-party applications to check your altitude without hassle.

Most often than not, the accuracy of these applications doesn’t vary much as they always use the same method to calculate altitude, and you can rely on them.  

How accurate is the iPhone elevation app? 

Elevation tracker for iPhone this is elevation data provided by the GPS receiver of your iPhone, which is usually about 10 to 30 meters.

And it means the elevation displayed by the elevation tracker for iPhone is likely to be inaccurate by around 30 meters at any point, usually depending on your location and Internet connection.  

How accurate is Google elevation? 

According to a study on vertical accuracy of Google elevation records, the accuracy was 8.68 meters when the experts compared the recorded data from 18,000 geodetic control points in the United States.  

Can Google maps show elevation? 

You can instead use Google Earth pro to check out the elevation without much hassle. For that, you have to enter your address or location in the search bar.

You will see layers in the upper right corner of the map, choose terrain in the popup menu, and then tap “X” to close the menu. Now, you can see the elevation in feet simply by zooming in, as there will appear a fainty along the contour lines on the screen.  

Is Google Earth Pro accurate? 

It is not cent percent accurate but is better than most third-party elevation applications. According to a study on the accuracy of Google Earth Pro, it has presented an average error of 1.45% on-road, 1.61% off-road, and 1.73% for curved paths, respectively.  

How accurate are Google Maps property lines? 

Property lines on Google Maps are not that accurate, and you shouldn’t rely on them, especially for factual information. Google Maps are only designed to provide a basic idea of where the property lines exist.  

How do I find elevation on Android? 

You don’t have to ponder much, as there are so many amazing, simple, and easy-to-use altimeter applications you can download to find elevation on your Android device easily. Some decent names are Compass, GPS Tools, My Altitude, Altimeter Pro, Smart Altimeter, etc. 

Final Words

So, these are the several altimeter apps that help you know the exact altitude and elevation measurements of your location quickly. The users can use these according to their needs and devices.

We hope this was helpful and you’ve downloaded the application you like best for your next trek. Happy Trekking!