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11 Best Neo Geo Pocket Games Of All Times

Gaming is adventurous and fun but the foundation of having to stick in front of your gaming PC or desktop is extremely troublesome.

This consumes most of your valuable time, and you are occupied enough not to invest your time elsewhere. To overcome such botheration, neo-geo pocket games have been brought up in the market. 

When these games were initially developed, they could not gather much attention and importance from the people, but with time, these games are slowly getting consideration.

When the neo geo pocket games were relaunched in the gaming world, they came up with new and better alternatives being a great platform of amusement to the people. 

For those who love to travel more than usual and wish to have something exciting in their pockets, these new geo games serve the purpose.

Although several better-modified and enhanced games are now within the reach of almost everyone, the nostalgia of playing old-school games on conventional devices goes unmatched. 

Being easily portable and handy, you can always count on them while on a boring journey or when you are with not-so-like-minded people.

These games will surely occupy your attention, and with a neo geo device, there’s a chance that you won’t get unnoticed amongst your friends! 

Though they are a bit costly after they were brought back for the gamers, believe me, these pocket games are worth the cost! You will feel pleased and enjoy getting your hands on these games.

As a result, we have come up with the most liked and enjoyable neo geo pocket games you can carry around wherever you go!

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games – Our Top Picks

1. Crush Roller

Crush Roller is an arcade-based game that initially came in 1981 but did not gain much fame.

It is mainly because of the reason that it matched with an already existing maze game that is Pac-Man. With its relaunch, the game has made certain advancements that have resulted in it being a source of fun. 

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games

The present version of the crush roller supports a multiplayer mode, wherein you can join other friends and double up your enjoyment. Connecting with friends and playing together provides better enjoyment than playing in single-player mode. 

While being in multiplayer mode, two people can play together at a time. But the exciting factor here is that if you roll over a monster, it will be sent to your opponent’s maze. This increases the craziness of the game. 

Along with this, the newer version is better and more vibrant. It supports multiple mazes as well. Unlike the normal version of a guy eating dots, the crush roller offers a changed pattern to the players. Here, you play the game as a paintbrush that paints roads. 

To hinder your achievement you will be having to confront fish-like monsters on the road. These monsters can be blown up if you roll over them, but that is indeed very risky, especially when you are at a good playing pace in your game.

Arcade Game: Crush Roller (1981 Kural Electric, Ltd.)

Once you are done painting the entire road, you will be automatically promoted to the next level. The next level will be tougher and trickier than before. 

Not only this, but sometimes little creatures originate out of nowhere to spoil your already painted area, and then you have to paint it back again. Crush Roller is like a trip back to your childhood, with innovative enhancements. Overall, the game is exciting and fun. 

The graphics provided by the game are colorful and extremely vibrant. This catches the immediate attention of the player. With patience and tricks crushed, the roller can be played well.

2. Rockman Battle and Fighters 

As the name suggests, Rockman Battle and Fighters is a super cool action game that you can get to play on your neo geo device.

Rockman Battle and Fighters combines two not-so-well-known games belonging to the Japanese Arcade. These games were never released on the home console due to their unpopularity. 

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 1

Both of the games, the RockMan Battle, and the Rockman fighters are twisted fighting games and extended versions of the Mega Man. In the game, you are provided with a choice of four characters amongst whom you can choose your favorite. 

As the game is prominently a battle game, you are offered a variety of special weapons to play with. In Rockman Battle, you get to play as a Rockman single-handedly whereas while you play Rockman Fighters, you get a duo of characters to continue the game. 

When encountering the evils in the game, you are provided with three different levels to choose from. Then comes the battle time!

In the battle, the character, as in many others, can jump in the air, move left or right, attack the character opposite to him, use his weapons to hit the opponent, and also fire at the opponent with his weapon.

Rockman - Battle and Fighters (Neo Geo Pocket Color) - Vizzed.com GamePlay Megaman 1+2

As the game progresses, you have to acknowledge different kinds of bosses, who will be ever ready to attack you in the ways possible! There, you must know the defending tricks.

As a fighting game, this does justice. With modified animations and super graphics, the game is fun and thrilling to play. 

The background has a glorious painted look. The game in itself is a considerable development by SNK. The theme music and the background sounds are also acceptable. In the fighting genre, Rockman battle and fighters is a good choice to make.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure 

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket adventure might look like a normal-looking neo geo pocket game, but it is something more than that! The game is super exciting and adventurous.

Sonic the hedgehog pocket adventure is a combined effort of Sega Genesis and Sonic 2, just a little more fun and enjoyment of a game to play.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 2

The game in itself is one of a kind. There are six levels provided to a gamer in the game. They are all extremely innovative and more interactive than the usual Sonic games. Each zone in the game splits up into two levels and in each level, a player confronts sonic elements which make the game super amusing and captivating. 

The game requires you to jump and rush across the loops and holes and then attack the enemies midway. It is a complete journey of inland adventure. After killing an enemy, you get rings that keep the sonic alive. The addons of the game are the bonus points that help the players in increasing their levels! 

The collected rings also serve the purpose of giving “lives” to a player. Holding the ring makes the sonic survive an attack, thus, these rings are of utmost importance in the game. While collecting them might require hard work, using them is super-relaxing.

Sonic The Hedgehog : Pocket Adventure - All Bosses (No Damage)

The sonic will acquire a dash to pass through hills or secret tunnels. This dash helps accelerate the speed of the sonic. The sonic often move around or across faster than your eye blinks! 

The graphics and anime offered by the programmers are amazing and beautiful. They make the game even more appealing. All in all, sonic games are all about speed and accuracy, and honestly, the game matches up to the expectations of both criteria completely. 

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4. Pocket Tennis Colour

Has there ever been anything as interesting and fun as playing tennis over a small handheld device, that too with accuracy and ease? NO!

Pocket Tennis Color is a sporty kind of neo geo pocket game. It is sophisticated and exciting to play. As a player, you can access the game in two modes. They are-

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 3

Exhibition mode:- This is the simplest model provided by the game. It is meant for those who are looking for a quick fun session kind of gameplay. It is easy to operate and super-fun to play.

Tournament mode:- This is the upgraded version of the exhibition mode. Here, the levels get tough and a better and more in-depth insight into the game is provided to the players.

Though the game is tennis-based, you do not have to be bothered about the rules and regulations because the playing method is absolutely simple and effortless. Almost anyone can consider playing the game as their pastime. 

The game functions on augmented reality, not to wonder why it seems so enhancing! The computer side of the game doesn’t pass on difficult shots at the player, again making the game painless.

Either you can enjoy playing the game as a single-player or else you can also double up your fun by accessing the two-player link which is already provided by the game.

Pocket Tennis Color - Pocket Sports Series (1999, Neo Geo Pocket Color) - 1st Level

Keeping the serves faster on the computer side of the game will prove to be more efficient.

For those who have a sporty kink or for those who are die-hard fans of tennis as a sport, this game proves to be the source of their amusement. Once in a while, you can try playing the game, it will be enjoyable for sure.

5. Bust-a-Move Pocket

Bust-a-Move Pocket also known as puzzle bobble in Japan, is a puzzle game that grabbed everyone’s attention quickly and soon after its release.

Behind the bubbles shooting cannon, you will find two characters namely Bub and Bob, placed there to shoot and burst as many bubbles as possible. 

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 4

The only mandatory condition while shooting up the bubbles is that the bubbles must be of the same color and then you have to aim in such a way that three colored bubbles come together. As this happens, all the bubbles disappear and then your game continues with even more tricky placements of the bubble in the game field. 

The game is not as simple and easy as it sounds! To offer variety to a player, the game comes up with different modes. As a player, you can get your share of amusement by playing the game in any of the following modes:

Time-attack puzzle mode– This mode is a time-bound gaming mode, wherein you get a certain amount of time to play your game and win in the allotted period, or else you lose.

Human versus CPU mode– This mode is the common gaming mode that is provided to a player in most games. Usually, this mode is preset as the game begins! Here, you have to have a bubble shooting battle with a computer, converting the usual game into an exciting one

Human versus human mode– Now, this is the mode that makes the game a multiplayer one! To make the game interesting and interactive, you also get to play against a friend of yours, and get to acknowledge who has better skills! This mode is an ultimate source of entertainment in itself.

One-player endless mode– This mode is next to a never-ending race. It will keep you occupied for hours and hours. This mode does not end until you lose the game or your patience.

Overall, the colored bubbles give a vibrant appearance to the game and on a pocket device, the game seems even more interesting than usual.

6. Baseball Stars Color

Another sports game being brought up in the series of neo geo games is the Baseball Stars Color. It is more or less like an original baseball game, just handheld. Well, nothing can be simpler and more exciting than getting to play baseball with merely two buttons.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 5

The better you perform as the upgraded your level becomes while playing the tournament, the more bonus players and bonus teams will be rewarded to you in the game. You can use these added players as relief pitchers or pinch hitters. 

Baseball Stars Color is a multipurpose game in itself, benefitting from which, you can create your team while playing the game in a two-player mode. But then too, you can choose only from the players you have. 

Neo Geo Pocket - Baseball Stars Color

Additional players can not be added as per the player’s demand. This counts as the drawback of the game. Also, in the game, the third baseman is not provided with fine arms, this results in additional infield singles uselessly. 

Moreover, the fields are way too wide and have a huge amount of gap. This results in the ball getting dropped for hits. The graphics provided by the game are also not much to boast off!

Again, this game is a platform for the players wanting to get a spice of old-age baseball games which were played on similar handheld devices. In itself, the game is fun and creates nostalgia for its players. 

7. Magical Drop Pocket

Magical Drop Pocket is the opposite game to that what its name suggests! There’s no such thrilling mystery hidden in the game.

Rather, as a player, you only have to beat characters that are opposite to each other at certain different levels, the exciting factor being that the characters are named after Tarot Cards.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 6

These characters are named the best they could have been, such as the Chariot, Fool, Justice, Magician, High Priestess, Hierophant, Death and Lovers, Empress, Hanged Man, and their final boss- Fortune! 

Though no character is better than the others regarding skills yet these characters are opposite and against each other, as in a love-hate relationship, this adds fun and thrill to the game! The major objective of the game is to match three balls of the same color, which then get removed. You have to be sure of the fact that the rows do not crush when they fall. 

Magical Drop Pocket is more like a handheld puzzle that comes with innovative moves and methods to attack the opponent.

Magical Drop Pocket [マジカルドロップ ポケット] Game Sample - NeoGeo Pocket Color

Being a puzzle game it’s not much enhancing, the only factor bringing the game into consideration is its simple and easy-to-use mechanics. This makes the game a platform for a major number of players. 

Concluding, the game is only about matching colors and moving ahead. The game is effortless to play and can be an option to play on your neo geo pocket.

8. King of Fighters: R2

A hardcore battle game with full-on adventures for the player, King of Fighters: R2 is a prime battling game with the motive of fighting a battle to survive and be in the game.

Those who have a player King of Fighters: R1, will find it easy to access this game as well, the reason being it works in quite the same format.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 7

Like others, this game supports certain types of modes, such as-

Multiplayer mode – In multiplayer mode, the player gets to play with a friend as an opponent. This doubles up the fun and excitement of playing the game.

Human versus computer mode – This is the default setting of the game as you play it. In human versus computer mode, you are supposed to be playing against the computer, meaning that you play single-handedly as a human player. This mode is for easygoing players who do not wish to be involved in many tricks and tantrums.

Customization mode – This is the most extraordinary feature and mode offered by the game to its players. In the customization mode, the user can team up with the players of his preferences.

Before going on a mission, you can opt for the fighters you are wanting to play with! This makes the game a user-friendly one. Moreover, the fun increases with the players of your choice!

The thrilling adventure and fight keep the player stuck to the game for a longer duration than expected. No matter what, you cannot get enough of this battling game.

As a fighting game, King of Fighters has gained much-needed popularity and it is considered one of the best fighting and battling games on the neo geo console.

King of Fighters R-2 [Neo Geo Pocket Color]

Initially, the game offers you a range of 14 top most characters and the list can be increased as you develop and succeed in playing the game well. The graphics and animations provided by the game are worth appreciating. 

The game is bright and vibrant in its outlook. Having a neo geo pocket console with you and not playing this game does not go hand in hand! For once you are bound to try this game because it’s innovative and interesting. 

9. Metal Slug: 1st Mission

Metal Slug is a well-developed and super-enhanced single-player shooting game. On the neo geo console, you are recruited as a Rambo-Esque member after which you have to fight over 16 combat missions. Your main motive of yours as a player is to capture guerilla leader Colonel Bildegaarn.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 8

Moreover, you also have to filter hostile material storage and then you have to destroy it. As a player, you have to shoot and jump and kill enemies, be it computerized or human players.

The game provides a player with five different difficulty levels which are hard to pass and proceed with. This makes the game super exciting and fun! 

The amusement gets incredibly increased when such a game is played over a neo geo device. To remove and kill enemies you are offered a handful of seven various kinds of weapons. These weapons make fighting a thrilling experience for the gamer. 

Not only this, you get to play three different types of missions in the game. They include- 

On-foot mission: This is a one-on-one direct mission in which the player directly confronts the opponents and attacks them instantly.

Tank mission– This mission is like a secret guerilla war. In it, the player hides and then attacks the opponents, thereby defending and protecting himself. 

Air mission– The name says it all! This mission is the one where the player attacks and kills the opponents while being in the air. This mode is an extraordinarily powerful one for the players.

Metal Slug: 1st Mission (Neo Geo Pocket Color Gameplay) | Demakes #46

Therefore, the game is amusing for its players with super-built and enhanced graphics and animations. This is the platform for those who are more into battle and fighting games.

10. Neo turf masters

Neo turf masters is a game for the royals! It is a golf-playing game, surprisingly on a handheld device. It is a nostalgic game bringing all the old-school memories back to you.

Best Neo Geo Pocket Games 9

If you want fast speed and super cool action then Neo turf masters are the best-suited game for you. As your game avatar, you get a range of 6 players to choose from!

The players are also given a unique nickname. The game can be played as a single-player or two players competing against one another. 

The game is presented to you in a relaxing mode. The game is super easy to control and play. With just two buttons, you can play the entire game seamlessly.

Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf - European Cup Neo Geo

Also, you can compare your scoreboard with others effortlessly. Neo turf masters offer you 54 holes, meaning that you can never get enough of this game. This will keep you engaged for a lot of time. For golf players, this game is the ultimate solution and the best source of entertainment and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Neo Geo Games easy to handle and carry along?

Neo geo pocket games are handheld devices on which you can play a variety of different games. Also, these devices are portable so you can take them along with you wherever you go.

2. Are there color options available for neo geo pocket devices?

Yes, to enhance the gamer’s experience and make it more versatile, the neo geo pocket devices are available in various colors and styles. You can choose a device from the following six colors- Platinum Blue, Platinum Silver, Carbon Black, Crystal White, Camouflage Blue, and Stone Blue.

3. Are Japanese cartridges compatible with American devices?

Fortunately, yes. No matter your device, the cartridges can work seamlessly on any of the European, American, and Japanese consoles.

4. Are the Neo Geo Devices and Games available at retail stores?

Earlier the neo geo games and devices could be purchased via the SNK USA’s WEBSITE (www.snkusa.com), but now you can get these games and devices easily available at your nearby retail store.

5. Which is the most recent Neo Geo Game?

The recently developed neo geo game in 2021 is NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1. It is a console game that a player on a Nintendo switch can access.


Neo Geo Pocket Games are a revolution in the ordinary gaming system. With multiple games having enhanced and modified graphics, neo geo games do not lag behind any modernly equipped game.

Purposely, they are designed so that they can be carried along as you travel across places, so you never miss out on your entertainment. Also, there are innumerable games so you can never get fed up or bored of playing them.

Therefore, neo geo pocket games are an absolute source of immense pleasure and fun, and when you can not get enough of them once you start playing them.