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Top 4 Best NES Emulator For Windows and Android


Did you own a video game? The 90s were an interesting period in most of our lives; if you were a gamer then, you will certainly want the best NES emulator to go back to those days. The anxiety of making it to the last win characterized the weekends.

It must have been easy for parents to manage kids during weekends; as long as the video games are up and running, cousins and neighbors will gather for a whole afternoon.

You would be forced to go take a bite because you are too busy. Actually, fingers would get numb because of long play hours and concentration on Super Mario among other games of the time.

History of gaming

1997 was a landmark in the life of gamers. NES came in to revolutionize the gaming industry; there was no better news at the time than accessing multiple games on Nintendo Entertainment System. Of course, not every home hosted or could afford this.

Owning one in your room wasn’t fun, the scarcity made it more interesting because you would gather and probably play in turns. No time would be wasted; we were all looking forward to weekends and summer for nothing else other than games on NES.

Advancement in technology over the years robbed us of this experience. But luckily, NES has come to the rescue of many by developing emulators where you can access some of the ancient games through your PC.

If you are running windows then you have access to some of the best emulators that can bring back the good old times.

NES emulators

NES is now 15 years old but still vibrant in the gaming industry. The lasts update of their software was in 2017. Evidently, the company is not bowing out anytime soon; they are keeping up with new technology while striving to maintain the old gaming culture.

No better way to entertain yourself other than revising Contra but on your PC. You might be an avid and expert gamer with the new technology but you can agree there is a special feeling that comes with sticking your fingers on the keyboard for the early games.

Nothing against the modern game developments, but NES is rebranded and efficient more than ever. You will rarely encounter compatibility issues.

It is not only easy to customize the settings but also comes with additional tools including a controller for ultimate gaming experience.

Here are Some of the Best NES emulators

Emulators are available for Android, windows, and PC users.

1. jNES

best NES emulator

If you are not bothered with specifications and how the features work, this is the best option for you. No special configuration settings required.

All you need is downloading and launching jNES. All the NES games you miss will easily be accessible.

If you have struggled with installation processes before, you know why an elaborate and direct emulator is first on this list. You can download it for free from the developer’s website.

It has the basic few features for accessing the games; you need nothing more than a simple a NES emulator to go back to the good gaming old days.

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2. RetroArch

best nes emulator

The list cannot go on without mentioning this popular emulator. If you are enthusiastic about enhanced features and new technology, RetroArch is for you.

Any Nintendo game lover has an idea about this emulator; it is one of the early development of NES but still maintains its popularity in the market because of its unique and flawless features.

The emulator addresses two things; smooth transitions and quality graphics, this is all a gamer on PC needs.

Most emulators you might know may have incredible graphics but the flow is compromised, they will lag as you try to rush for a win.

The full range features will require you to seek help from the developer; to set up, thoroughly read the manual for correct installation, which will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.


best NES emulator

For gamers that prioritize graphics, FCEUX won’t be a disappointment. The emulator gives you the ultimate experience in gaming.

You also have a chance to customize settings to fit your individual preferences in games. Actually, you can keep on changing the settings to fit the needs of different games.

Some games require fewer graphics for your concentration and accuracy; in some graphics are everything.

Speeds can also be adjusted to give you ultimate experience in gaming. FCEUX allows you to use a joystick and continue playing; its compatibility and flexibility attribute to its increasing popularity.

Beginners may find it challenging because of the enhanced features; conversely, no expert would want to spend hours on a screen with poor graphics. The answer is always with FCEUX.

4. Nesbox

best nes emulator

For modern gaming enthusiasts, this will be exciting. The emulator allows you to play both online and offline.

Most gamers today like to interact to compete or play in teams. The online platforms courtesy of Nesbox emulator allows people in different locations to play in real time.

It is also convenient if you don’t want to slow down your gaming computer. Instead of downloading, find a suitable browser and play online.

The graphics level are maintained level, nothing to worry about quality of sound and colors. Also, it doesn’t require any settings or complicated setups.


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