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25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

Do you have the curiosity to know about the best pc games of all time? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

The year is 2022! Humankind is trapped inside their houses. So, what could be the best way to spend all this leisure time? Playing online PC Games.

Now that we have all the time in the world, why not stay home and get the virtual world’s best experience? This article will introduce you to the most popular PC games ever. 

PC games have been around the corner for a very long time. We have tried to incorporate all the entertaining games that could enthrall you, from action games to point and click games.

Gaming on PC may be expensive, but it brings you an infinite catalog of games, where every story is home to fresh and fun ideas. The world of gaming is a planet full of adventures, mystery, surprises, missions, and unforgettable encounters.

This list is a mixture of older and up-to-date games spread across multiple decades. So time to replay your childhood memories and, at an equivalent time, create some new by playing video games.

Let us thrive with our cognitive abilities as we take you through a journey where your free time will depend upon all the sound decisions you’d take. Remember! YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE! Let’s make it fun! 

This quarantine, get to experience the virtual world of the gaming universe and be a pro gamer.

Best PC Games of All Time: Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Rocket League

It is soccer, but you will play it while driving your funky-colored racing machine. Playing against other drivers, your main goal is to shoot the giant ball into the field’s goal.

Score goals and win the race. Rocket League is one of the best PC games to date. Its simplicity and colorful video graphics accentuate its features. You will never get enough of scoring goals while you drive your rocket-powered cars.

Rocket League® - Rocket Pass 6 Trailer

The game was released on July 7, 2015, for Microsoft Windows and Playstation by Psyonix. Rocket League is the continuation of Psyonix’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, which was released in 2008.

The game is available in single and multiplayer mode—players’ target is to shoot the enormous ball into the opponents’ goal. The rocket power cars are designed so that they can jump to hit the ball in mid-air.

A speed boost is awarded to the players who can cover the needed distance, enabling them to cross the field faster. Throughout the game, layers can position their cars to hit the ball towards the goal: Dodge, jump, spin. Nudge and shoot. But make sure your racing machine wins the race.

The game can be played both online as well as offline mode. In 2015, an ice-hockey-inspired mode named Snow Day was introduced where the players are competing against each other inside an ice rink, and a hockey puck replaces the ball.

Dropshot mode was a March 2017 update. The arena is changed into a hexagonal field made up of tiles, and the goal is to break a hole into the opponent’s floor with the gigantic ball.

The hole should be big enough to score a goal. Psynox has planned to make the premium game available for free in summer 2022.

When you get to soccer and racing at the same time, you would be thrilled to get the best out of both worlds. Undoubtedly, the Rocket League is the first rank holder of our top 20 best PC games of all time.

2. Overwatch

Overwatch has appealed to a player base of 50 million due to its fantastic line-up, modes, and maps. The multiplayer first-person online shooting game could be enjoyed with friends over the weekend.

You could release your stress by concentrating on your target after a very tedious day. This game will cause you to ditch your worries.

Overwatch Gameplay Trailer #2

Think you have it in yourself to know the heroes in and out and make them win the battle and take control over your targets? Challenge your friends and fusillade to win. The game deserves to be on our top 20 best PC games of all-time list.

Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016, for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One by Blizzard Entertainment. Later Nintendo Switch version was released on October 15, 2019.

Two opposing teams are formed, with each team comprising six players. Players are provided with the opportunity of selecting valiant expedient heroes from over 30 characters having their intrinsic facets. The winning team is rewarded with loot kits, which provide cosmetics to spruce up their heroes. 

Zestful players will enjoy this high-octane gameplay, which will make them use their technical skills beyond their limits.

Blizzard is known for its colorful and real graphics. Overwatch has set the bar high for all the game developers out there, with its unique but realistic portrayal of characters. 

Each location is carefully designed to accurately reflect the real world’s position, which had been its muse. In a match, dialogues take place between characters, making the game more engaging and realistic. 

By sanctioning players to switch characters mid-match, the game meliorates the player’s strategy-building ability. Overwatch 2 is on its way to release with wide-reaching map locations and upgraded characters. 

3. Undertale

Subdue the monsters or get chummy with them. It’s your choice! Beware for every decision affects your destiny.

Undertale is a role-playing video game, where the player’s only mission is to bring back the child on the surface of the earth, who has sunk into the Underground, a cloistered area underneath the earth’s crust.

Best PC Games of All Time

The game’s specialty is that you could be a killer or a mate to monsters. This game may be fun and lighthearted, or aggressive and grim, depending on the direction chosen.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your GOOSEBUMPS days back. Don’t regret your decisions! Fight or consociate. 

Undertale is an RPG released on September 15, 2015, by indie developer Toby Fox for Windows, OS X, and LINUX. Later, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch versions were brought out to the public. 

The player is required to solve puzzles and explore the secluded area, monster hometown, full of caves. The player will challenge the monsters to battle, buddy them or run. The player’s decision will affect the game’s storyline and development.

The dialogues are used uniquely, which portray the feelings and emotions of the monsters. The enemy attacks will change based on the relationship, connection, and interaction between the player and them.

It is possible to win the boss battle without killing any of the enemies. Be confident, think along, and make the right decision. Remember, monsters also have souls.

Undertale is the place where you are in charge of your emotions and intellect. Balance both of them, and WELCOME BACK TO EARTH. 

Play this fantastic game that has successfully made its way to our list of top 20 best PC games of all time.

4. Cities: Skylines

How could we not include Cities: Skylines on our top 20 best PC games of all time listAre you ready to build and plan your city? Cities: Skylines is an open-ended city construction game that makes the player responsible for the urban area’s functionality.

Players manage the road building, water supply, public transit, public utilities, and other critical components required to create a community efficiently.

Cities: Skylines Official Trailer

Upgrade your planning and managerial skills while considering the budget. Nothing comes for free! The game may come across as a child’s play, but the bigger your city grows, the more tasks are there to tackle. 

The game was released on March 10, 2015, for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It was developed by Colossal Order, and Paradox Interactive was the publisher.

The game encourages the player to start constructing a small portion of the area’s plot. As the community develops, proper road plans are being developed, and business, retail and residential developments are being built. 

The players are responsible for creating a society or civilization and having adequate jobs for the inhabitants. They are permitted to turn areas of their town into districts that would enforce new laws and regulations, tax policies, and road construction according to each district’s requirements. 

The game makes the players experience the real world’s spirit as the map editor allows them to create their maps using real-life locations’ geographic features.

You’re also responsible for the monetary aspect along with the physical aspect. The player must ensure that the revenue is higher than the expenditure. One may invest in office buildings or warehouses. Yet, in the end, one needs to make sure the people benefit from the investments.

Get exposed to more prominent buildings, better transportation facilities, schools by unlocking new levels and growing your city.

Your city! Your rules. Enjoy this lighthearted game on weekends and show off your mettle to govern a civilization.

5. Her Story 

The role of the detective has always intrigued us at some point in life. Adults or kids, haven’t we all been thinking about how adventurous and thrilling it would be to solve cases using bare minimum clues?

Her Story is an immersive mystery-solving game in which the player has to solve a missing man’s case by observing multiple police interviews. Observe, analyze, and make your theories. Remember, your every move will either lead to a clue or return to square one!

Her Story was released on June 24, 2015, by Sam Barlow for Windows, IOS, OS X. Because of the plot, character interactions, and gameplay, the game has received numerous acclaims.

Her Story Trailer - Out Now on All Platforms!

Sitting inside a police archive, the player needs to watch various interviews of a woman and join the snippets together to make a story out of it. 

There will be times when you’re going to be optimistic or positive about your hypothesis, but the next clip could screw you up, making no sense of the theories you’ve made earlier.

Since the clips are broken and dispersed, there’s no way you can play them in an ordered manner. You may replay the excerpts, but the counting would have to be within your memory.

The game’s graphics build the atmosphere. The person seated in front of the screen is not explicitly revealed as they’re framed by shades of neon colors, retaining the game’s mystery theme.

Her story has all the suspense and spellbound moments that a mystery thriller film needs. In comparison, it is more social, interactive, and you are the detective who has to crack the puzzle to solve the murder. 

Would you be able to solve the murder mystery? Do you have the patience to go through every clip? Will your prejudices impact your judgments, or will you be able to work on the case with an open mind? It is your interpretation at the end of the day.

Play this fun and captivating game of mystery-solving and find out all the answers you are curious about.

Give this detective role play game a chance, and you will be able to realize why we have put it on our top 20 best PC games of all-time list.

6. Sekiro: Shadows die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows die Twice is one of the best PC Games of all time. It is a third-person action-adventure video game in which a ninja or shinobi seeks vengeance on a samurai clan that has attacked him and abducted his lord, who has the elusive ability to fight death.

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice | Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

The road is packed with violent fights, blood plays, and sword games. Experience the 16th century Sengoku period in Japan and get to be a real samurai.

The game was released on March 22, 2019, FromSoftware for PS4, Windows, Xbox One. The game is only playable in a single mode.

Rather than targeting an opponent’s wealth points, the game’s action revolves around using a katana (sword), challenging and maintaining their postures until an opening emerges, and you finish them off with a death blow.

Stealth elements allow the player to automatically kill the enemy if he effectively gets undetected inside the range. 

The more you progress into the game, the more challenging the attacks will be on you. You’re going to have to use your abilities to catch any strike; however, as you fight your way deeper into the game, attacks get tricky, complicated, and unpredictable. Use your prosthetic arm and katana to dodge, escape, and cope with every attack.

Suppose the Wolf (shinobi) dies in the middle of the game. In that case, he can be resuscitated at the same moment, provided that he has the power of resurrection obtained by killing and defeating more and more opponents. 

Get access to more strength, weapons, and various explosive equipment as you continue to level up. 

7. The Binding of Isaac

It is a roguelike video game where our hero must go through mazes filled with monsters to defeat his mother and escape his unfortunate fate.

Isaac must use his tears as weapons and fight the unspeakable horror. It is a top-down dungeon crawler game with a dark and heavy back story. The game was released on September 28, 2011, by Edmund McMillen for Microsoft, OS X, and Linux.

Best PC Games of All Time

It is a single-player game where the player controls the child’s character who has fled into the monster-packed basement of his house to escape his mother’s brutality.

The game’s most enticing elements are the discovery of new items and experimenting with different object combinations. New items may or may not act for Isaac’s favor. They add to his strengths, but they can also alter his look. Beware, at the end of the game, our hero may not be recognizable. 

The game is divided into nine floors. The player must fight the monsters on each floor, and at the end of each floor, the battle between the boss and our hero occurs.

The primary tool of the character is his tears that are mixed for a bullet. While he can use other guns and equipment acquired during his travel, they are in limited numbers.

Patience is the secret to your victory. You can get irritated battling monsters, but the attacks don’t co-occur once you reach a room. Instead, you get time to watch the enemy and devise tactics to defeat them.

Fight your maniac religious mother at your final stage and unlock new powers throughout your journey. But remember! Should you die, you must begin from square one. There is no chance of resurrection.

Danny Baranowsky, the game’s composer, was drawn towards the game as the blending of silly background music with the gothic and dark theme created a beautiful paradox.

Isaac deserves to be on the top 20 best PC games of all time list; after all, he has to defeat his mother, and we are here to praise his courage.

8. The Path

Are you a fan of the horror and thriller genres? Then you are in the right place. The Path is a psychological horror game that is inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. YES!

25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

You read it correctly. This game psychology is unique as it brings you your favorite childhood fairy tale in its spooky and gothic glory. Experience your favorite fairy tale in the modern period and BEWARE of the wolves. After all ancient times or the modern world, evil and goodwill always coexist.

The Path was released on March 18, 2019, by Tale of Tales for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

The single-player game enables the player to choose from the six sisters with unique attributes. One by one, their mother sends them to their sich grand mother’s house.

As per the fairy tale, the sisters are expected to reach the house through a path surrounded by woods. Now here comes the player’s role in affecting the plot.

Are you going to be able to curb your curiosity about roaming the wild, or are you going to give in to your wishes and succumb to wolf-filled forests? Either way, be ready to deal with the unseen consequences.

The Path provides an immersive adventure, experimentation, and discernment experience through a specific gameplay style designed to submerge yourself fully in its dark themes.

The game is designed in a way that there is now a winning point or strategies. Instead, the developers’ main aim was to explore the game. The player is expected to select the Path full of hurdles and woods to face the situation and unravel the plotline.

It is not supposed to be played conventionally. It’s not storytelling either. Players are supposed to unravel the plot partly by playing the game, and partly in the story should unravel in their imaginations. 

It is easy to play, but its execution is amazingly complex. It is enigmatic, often perplexing, and maybe a little more unnerving than fun. Thinking of it as an immersive fairy tale will make it less maddening and maybe even a little magical. 

Do you wish to find out whether you end up at your grandmother’s home safely? What happens if you choose to encounter the Wolf?

Will the Wolf take the form of a ghost or worst, of an evil man? Find out by playing this engaging, psychological horror game, one of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

9. Minecraft

Minecraft is a multiplatform 3D sandbox adventure game. It’s comparatively an easy game where all you need to do is mine, extract raw materials and construct structures.

Quite often, the players are required to fight the monsters to make this adventurous. Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011, by Mojang Studios for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

The game offers both single-player as well as multiplayer modes. It is first-person perspective gameplay, but the players are allowed to choose a third-person perspective as well.

The game world consists of rugged 3D objects, mostly cubes, and liquid generally referred to as “blocks, ” representing diverse materials such as trees, lava, rocks, and more.

Players are supposed to build these boxes. Players will have to pick these blocks, mine them, and then position them elsewhere to create or build structures.

The game offers five modes: survival mode, Hardcore mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, and Spectator mode.

Players envision the universe through their imagination and use the blocks to create a world out of their envisage.

Even if the game is easy to play, one will have to fixate their attention while constructing complicated figures.

While playing this game, kids can learn more about shapes and geometry through this game. They will be exposed to the world of raw materials, and one can take advantage of it and educate their kids about rocks and soil.

Moreover, players are given a chance to turn their imagination into something concrete. Something visible. In the end, the world made by the player will be the result of their handwork.

Real Reason Minecraft Is Popular Again

So are you ready to indulge in this game where you get to create your universe? This is one of the best PC games of all time, which is a children-friendly game.

The only time parents need to keep a watch on their kids is when they play with unknown online users. But once you get the hang of the game, it will be challenging for you not to place one more block.

10. Fortnite

Don’t worry, gamers, we have got your back. We hear you, and without any second thought, Fortnite is on our list of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

Fortnite is an online third-person shooter game where you are dropped inside a lobby with hundred players, and you start looting and searching for weapons as you strive to be the only person standing and surviving at the end of the game.

Fortnite was one of the games that trailblazer the battle royale genre during the game’s initial release. Soon it gained nearly 125 million players in its fan base.

This game is indeed one of the best PC games of all time. Along with the Battleground, Fortnite soon managed to acquire the hearts of both adults and children, blessing them with euphoria.

Fortnite was released on July 25, 2017, by Epic Games for Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and numerous other platforms.

Fortnite is released using the same engine, with three different game modes, each has identical graphics, art assets, and game mechanics. Three modes- Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative is free to play, where players are given access to significant potions and weapons without an exchange of money, Fortnite: Save the World follows a pay-to-play mode where the players must pay for acquiring valuable equipment.


The unique design of the characters appeals both to adults and children. Visuals are made lighthearted and cartoony, creating a playful and fun ambiance. 

The players can play the game with a designated partner or in a group of four. Through the fight, players must acquire weapons to protect themselves or launch attacks.

11. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a single-player role-playing game where an amnesic detective is in charge of solving a murder case and is in a quest to find his own identity.

An RPG WITH AN AMNESIC COPE! Do you think you have the ability to play the amnesic cop’s role and make him solve the mystery on the wrong side of the tracks?

The game was released on October 15, 2019, by ZA/UM for Microsoft Windows. Later, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and MacO S versions were published.

DISCO ELYSIUM - Release Date & Features Trailer (Official)

The plot takes place in a war-torn town. Unlike traditional games, the single-player role play game does not have combat-focused gameplay. Instead, the officer will have to use his skills and improve them to handle the incidents and progress.

The character can engage in a conversation with other non-playing characters to get clues or hints regarding the murder. 

The skill-based game incorporates four skills, mainly Intellect, Psyche, Physique, and Motorists. The player upgrades these skills by gaining skill points after completing new levels.

The independence the character provides to form is astounding. One can communicate with the other NPC, in whatever way they choose. 

The main protagonist’s shallow and dirty look may affect the mood of the players. But the magic of the game is how the player can reforge the hideous lump of guilt into something new. 

Interrogate memorable characters, take bribes, or commit murders. Become a hero or an utter human tragedy at the end of the game.

Play this game and show that an intoxicated and amnesic mind can successfully use its brain if talents are appropriately used. Disco Elysium is indeed one of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

12. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Lego Marvel Superheroes is an action-adventure game where all our Marvel superheroes are battling against Loki and Doctor Doom, who seek to conquer the earth using the Doom Ray of Doom device.

25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

The game is everything a Marvel fan could ever wish for. It would be too cruel of us not to include our Marvel heroes in the top 20 best PC games of all-time lists.

The game was released on October 22, 2013, by Traveller’s Tales and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Windows, IOS, Android, and more such platforms.

Marvel Superheroes’ presence draws Marvel’s fans as they are thrilled and intrigued to experience how it likes to become their favorite superheroes in a fictional universe.

The main lego mini superhero characters match the appearances of the actual heroes. The gameplay alternates between action scenarios and puzzle-solving events.

All my Marvel buddies! Doesn’t it feel incomplete without Stan Lee’s cameo appearance in the Marvel Universe? Worry not. The developers of the game are aware of the hearts’ wishes. The game contains a mission named Stan Lee in Peril, where the character of the cofounder of Marvel Comics is introduced.

Avengers! Are you ready to save the world from getting destroyed? Let’s play the game and help our heroes.

13. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is an interactive story and walking simulator game where the player controls the character named Stanely, an office worker, who one day finds himself abandoned in his office building.

Best PC Games of All Time

No traces of his colleagues could be traced. The character is guided by the narrator’s voice to get on the proper Path. The decision to obey or disobey the narrator’s instructions are in the hands of the player.

Every decision taken will affect the progression and end of the plot. Get to know more interesting facts about one of the top 20 best PC games of all time, and we are sure you would be addicted to it.

The first perspective single-player game was released on July 31, 2011, by Galactic Cafe for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The narrator voices his recommendations at each of the game’s major intersections, but if the player wishes to obey their intuition, they are free to do so. According to Stanley’s choices, the narrator’s dialogues will be adjusted.

The narrator may seem like an antagonist at some point in time, but he is also as helpless and desperate as you are. His personality will change depending on the choices you will make.

In response to the player’s choices, the map may deform, glitch, load into something new, or the game could restart.

The game manages to create anticipation among the players, as every choice will bring unpredictable outcomes.

14. A Hat in Time

Adorable and courageous characters deserve to be in the top 20 best PC games of all time. A Hat in Time is a platform adventure action game inspired by 3D platform games such as Super Mario 64, Spyro the Dragon, and many more.

If you are in the mood to play a game just for fun while chilling, this platform game with adorable characters is the right choice for you. Help the Hat girl return to her planet by finding her’ Time Pieces”.

A Hat in Time - Cute-as-Heck Accolades Trailer

The third perspective platform game was released on October 5, 2017, by Gears for Breakfast and was published by Humble Bundle for Windows and MacO S.

The game can be played both on single players and in multiplayer mode. The game is set up in an open-world environment.

The plot of the game is captivating and intriguing. The player can gather different objects, solve puzzles, and use a paraglider to battle enemies. 

A new challenge mode named Death Wish was introduced in 2018. Every level is entirely different from the previous ones, and an omnifarious layout of the missions prevents the adventure from becoming repetitive. 

What are you waiting for? Explore the cute universe and have a delightful experience saving The Hat Girl.

15. Celeste

Celeste is a platform game where the player controls a girl named Madeline, who is on her way up the Celeste mountain while overcoming various deadly hurdles. Once you are into the game, you will be able to feel the depth of the game.

Celeste Launch Trailer

The game is not just about mountain climbings but has a much deeper insight into it. The more you progress, the game will make you aware of Madeline’s mental health issues.

You will be the one in charge of dealing with and analyzing all the circumstances that arise due to her mental health.

The single-player platform game was released on July 25, 2018, by Matt Makes Games for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and more.

The story’s primary antagonist is Part of Me, the personified version of Madeline’s mental illness. She tries to confuse Madeline and discourages her by continuously making her realize that she would never succeed climbing that mountain. But in the end, Part of Me is doing this because of Madeline’s fear, as she knows that she is not a mountain climber.

Leveling up will upgrade your skills. The beginning is simple, with standard jumps and climbs. But once you progress into the game, complex actions are needed to perform by Madeline.

The player may need to leap through a series of rocks, run over a hole, bounce off the back wall, hop through a warped door, and fly to the next floor, all without finding a safe spot.

Throughout her journey, Madeline will need to acquire new objects, which will help her overcome the obstacles.

The more the game progresses, the spookier environment is created. The light blue and golden skies are turned into red monsters and dark environments. The background music gets more intimidating and scary to match the dark theme of the game.

The game has the power to make you emotionally attach to Madeline. You can empathize with her, and you feel her sufferings and fears throughout the journey.  Celeste does justice to its position of being one of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

16. Control

Control is an action-adventure shooter game. The player will play the role of Jessen Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret agency responsible for observing scenarios that lead to violation of reality laws.

Faden is tasked to traverse the FBC’s paranormal headquarter- the Oldest House, to defeat Hiss’s powerful enemy, who is responsible for the corrupted reality. Control is undoubtedly one of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

Control - The Foundation Expansion Trailer

The third-person shooter game was released on August 27, 2019, by Remedy Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and more.

The only single-player mode is available for this game. Throughout the game, the player will acquire new powers and need to revisit every corner of the Oldest House to collect objects, upgrade their skills, find clues, or complete missions, all while fighting against the antagonists and firing bullets at them.

The paranormal encounters with ghosts and aliens make the graphics of the game more intriguing and exciting.

As the missions get completed by the player, more areas of the Old House are unlocked, providing the player with more side quests, which would help Faden obtain save points.

The gameplay of Control may be a little complex, but once the player figures out the solutions, they will be able to clear levels, missions, and side quests.

17. Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a point-and-click adventure game revolving around FBI agents Reve and Reyes, who have arrived at Thimbleweed Park to solve and investigate a murder mystery.

25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

Throughout the game, the two investigators are introduced to various characters. Will they be able to solve the murder mystery? Try out this enthralling detective game, which has made its way on our top 20 best PC games of the all-time list.

Thimbleweed Park is one of the best pc games of all time, especially for the point and click game lovers. As the plot unravels, one can feel the aura of the supernatural comedy.

The single-player, third-person game was released on March 30, 2017, by Terrible Toybox for various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, IOS, and more.

The player starts with Reyes and Reve, but as the level goes up, the player is responsible for controlling five characters.

Like the traditional point and click games, players need to select from the list of verb commands for the character to perform any action such as talking, picking objects, or touching objects. 

Verb commands are used to converse with other characters, connecting two objects or picking newly found equipment in the inventory.

The storyline of the game is divided into numerous chapters. To proceed to the next chapter, the player must accomplish the given goals or missions by solving puzzles. In some instances, more than one character may be required to overcome challenges.

The plot thrills the players as unpredictable encounters take place. Expect some ghost encounters, fellas!  

Observation skills are needed to solve the puzzles. Most of them could be solved by joining two objects, but some may need you to use logical reasoning to solve them.

So, are you ready with your pen and paper? Head on to the game and help the detectives solve the mystery.

18. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a supernatural mystery game that revolves around Alex, a teenage girl who visits a local island to spend the weekend along with her friends.

A strange myth exists on that island, as it is believed that if the radio is tuned to a particular frequency, it will allow you to hear ghost noises.

Best PC Games of All Time

She must unravel the mystery of the haunted island as she and her friends are met with several supernatural encounters. Oxenfree will always remain superior and will always be one of the top 20 best PC games of all time. 

The single-player game is played from a 2.5D perspective. It was released on January 15, 2016, by NIGHT SCHOOL STUDIO for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, and more.

The game follows a walk and talk mechanism where the dialogues appear in bubbles above Alex’s head.

The player is provided with two or three dialogue options. Once the player clicks on the desired dialogue, the story progresses. The developers have done a fabulous job in making the game engaging. Now and then, the player needs to choose a dialogue, which is then spoken by Alex to indulge in a conversation with other characters. 

The chosen dialogue affects the relationship Alex has with the other characters.  Sometimes a thought bubble would appear above Alex’s head, which would hint at the vital information about the character or object that Alex is thinking about. 

Whatever the player makes Alex do influences and affects the storyline of the game. It may destroy a relationship or strengthen one.

The game requires an understanding of body language. The player may be required to analyze a character based on their attitudes towards them.

One of the main attractions of the game is the natural flow of the interactions between characters.

Unlike other dialogue interactive games, where it seems to appear more as a reading line scenario than actual conversation, Oxenfree is designed so the player can choose to listen, interrupt, or ignore the other character’s opinions or remarks. The characters would even react to your silence in case you choose to ignore them.

Overall if you are here for a story-driven game with memorable characters and vocalization, Oxenfree will not disappoint you. 

19. Planet Coaster

Have you ever dreamt of owning your amusement park? What if you are given the liberty to build your coasters according to your imagination?

Would you be daring and build a complicated path for the coaster, or would you play it safe? Planet Coaster is a construction and management stimuli game where the player is responsible for building his coaster park and managing it. 

Planet Coaster: Official Launch Trailer

The game was released on November 17, 2016, by Frontier Developments for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and more platforms.

The only single-player mode is available for the game. The players are required to build their amusement parks. The player’s achievements could be shared via the Global Village mechanism.

Three modes are provided to the players: Sandbox mode, Challenge mode, and Career mode.

In the Sandbox mode, the player can enjoy unlimited funds and unlocked features of various rides.

The challenge mode requires the player to build an amusement park with limited funds. At each stage, the player is plunged into a challenge that they may embrace or reject. After completing each challenge, the player is rewarded with useful tools, equipment, or a sum of money.

By opting for career mode, the player will be responsible for achieving the given objectives. They may be asked to hire a janitor or build a roller coaster.

In 2016, a new mode name Crash mode was introduced, where players could construct incomplete and let them crash into the park’s visitors.

Along with rides, the players can choose to build the buildings and the scenery of the park’s surroundings. 

Constructing an amusement is not a matter of joke. As the owner of an amusement park, the player is responsible for maintaining the rides, keeping the customers happy, and, more importantly, taking care of the employees. 

It is a game that consumes your mind when you’re not playing it, and when you’re, it’s utterly captivating. 

The amusement park building game has become one of the candidates of our top 20 best PC games of all-time list.

20. Outer Wilds

Next in our list is Outer Wilds has been capturing our hearts since 2019. We are sure you all had expected it to be on our list of the top 20 best PC games of all time.

Outer Wilds is an action-adventure game where a solar system is trapped inside a 22 minutes time loop. The player is the new employee of the Outer Wilds Venture, searching for answers and getting out of the loop. In the role of ana architecture, the player will have to explore different planets and find out the solutions.

25 Of The Best PC Games of All Time: Definitive Guide

The game was released on May 28, 2019. It was designed by Mobius Digital and was published by Annapurna Interactive.

The single-player game is from a first-person perspective, where the players are responsible for finding out the reason behind the resettling of the 22 minute time loop after the sun goes supernova.

The player’s mission is to talk to Nomai, a race of an extinct aliens who had been to the solar system thousands of years ago.

A translating device will be handed over to the player to converse with the alien. Once the sun goes to supernova, the player will die on that spot. The next day will restart from the home planet. 

The gameplay’s main catch is that everything restarts from the beginning once the player dies, except the knowledge gained while exploring the solar system.

Are you ready to find the answers relating to the strange happenings in your surroundings? But you must not fear death, for every morning you will have a new life.

21. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best PC games of all time

As the title suggests, this is the third game in the Witcher series. The world, story, and characters are all inspired by the Witcher novels, but everything takes place after the novels complete their story.

The main protagonist, Geralt, is the Witcher – a professional, specially crafted and trained monster hunter. The best part about these games is that you never feel like you’re on an actual quest.

Most games will give you a destiny, or a goal that only you can achieve. Not The Witcher. In this game, you’re just, sort of, there, and then stuff happens to you. You can try and follow the storyline, or just lose yourself in this amazing open world.

The characters are incredible, the quests always come with an interesting twist, and the writing is exceptional.

This is truly one of the best games I’ve ever played which is the best pc game of all time.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review


22. Half-Life 2

Best PC games of all time

If you ask any fan of single-player shooters what is the best game ever, over 90% will definitely tell you to try Half-Life 2.

The entire game is shrouded in mystery, with many horror elements, and unanswered questions. And yet, it is so damn amazing, that it still has gamers craving for more, even now, 13 years after its release.

People are so desperate for the sequel to this game, that Half-Life 3 jokes have actually become a meme, and are here for at least a decade. And honestly, I can understand that.

The game doesn’t sound that impressive when you hear what it’s about – opening portals to another dimension and then having to fight hostile aliens that came through.

However, the game is much more complex than that, and it provides us with a truly amazing experience. Oh, and you get to use a crowbar.

23. Dark Souls

Best PC games of all time

Next, we have Dark Souls. This is one of the most difficult games to beat that you will ever play. You get no explanations, no guidelines, and no easy options.

Your only hope is to strategize and try multiple approaches to the same problem until you find something that works. Each boss is more difficult to beat than the previous one, and the main currency within the game is souls.

The game rarely helps you out when it comes to things like armor and weaponry. Everything is insanely expensive, and the loot from enemies is useless more often than not.

What’s important for you to remember is that this game, and this entire series in general, require tons and tons of patience.

Also, “YOU DIED” will be the two most common words in this game’s dictionary.

It is definitely not for everyone, but it definitely is one of the best games ever, since each win will be followed by an overwhelming sense of accomplishment which makes it fit in the best pc games of all-time list.

Dark Souls 3 Review
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24. Portal 2

Best PC games of all time

If you’re a fan of puzzles, logic, physics, and insane computers that are constantly trying to kill you, then this is the best game for you.

Portal 2 is the game about, well, portals. You get equipped with a portal gun, and you try to solve multiple portal-related puzzles, while the computer that operates the place constantly taunts you.

There is a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries that surround the place, and the lore of the game is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Much of it seems fun at first, but as you delve deeper into the lore, you actually find out that the story is pretty dark.

I won’t spoil anything here, but you should definitely try it out, it has been a classic ever since it came out.

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25. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

best pc games of all time

I won’t lie, Skyrim is easily my most favorite game ever, no contest. It has been an amazing journey ever since I first started playing it, and that has not changed ever since.

You can play the game as a standalone, sure. However, a lot more of it will be much clearer to you if you’ve played previous installments as well.

This entire series is one big, complicated story, with gods and demons, dragons and cults, and lots and lots of side quests.

Now, I know that a lot of people don’t especially appreciate Skyrim. This especially includes those who grew up playing Morrowind and Oblivion, and for them, Skyrim is an abomination because it took away the class system. However, it’s really not a bad game.

It still allows you role-playing, and it lets you do things your way, just like the previous ones.

Better graphics are definitely a plus, and since the game takes place 200 years from the moment Oblivion ended, it also gives us tons and tons of new lore.

Not to mention all the mods that enhance this story even more, and let you fulfill pretty much any desire.

Wrapping Up

Did you have fun playing our top 20 Best Computer games of all time? Did we manage to expose you to all the magical realms that you were unaware about? And of course, you must have come across familiar names which made you feel like “Ah! This is home.”

As we continue to get through the pandemic’s tough time, let us not sulk at our houses, worrying about the unknown. Instead, let us take advantage of the time we are getting and spend it with our family members.

What is better than having hot chocolate on a rainy day, as you play video games with your siblings and get immersed at that moment? This quarantine, let’s make memories which we would treasure.

All the PC games lovers, we understand that video games are just not games to you; they are an emotion that makes you happy. We hope to provide you with all the fantastic video games you could play to your heart’s contents.

All the newbies welcome to the gaming world. Be ready to experience the virtual world full of magical creatures, aliens, and monsters.

Fight, attack, or defend, it is your move to play. Be a detective at day or a warrior at night, the gaming world will surely intrigue you, and by the end of the day, you would be whipped for them. Rember, once you GAME IN, you can not GAME OUT! 

This concludes our Top 20 best PC games of all time. We have tried to provide you with a diversified selection of various game genres.

We have managed to include every type of game on our list, from action games to point and click games.

So what are you waiting for? This quarantine, be a pro gamer, and let us know which one you enjoyed the best? Did your favorite games make it into our list? Let us know about your favorite games in the comment section below, and we will go and check them all out.