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11 Best Telegram Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Today, communication plays a crucial role in every field, starting from education to business. With time and innovation, communication has become easier and faster than we can even imagine, and the internet and smart devices have a crucial role in enhancing communication.  

When it comes to communication, messages are regarded as the best medium that one can opt for. Furthermore, the internet has paved the way for low-cost means of sending and receiving messages.  

You can easily find numerous applications over the internet that offer low or no-cost messaging services. Telegram is one such marvelously designed online messaging application that offers secure communication with its advanced features. It is the most secure and advanced messaging platform operating over the internet.     

However, not all of us like using Telegram because of its dull user interface and searching for attractive alternatives to Telegram.

Thankfully, many other platforms offer secured messaging services over the internet. If you are looking for a switch, you are at the right place.  

This article has discussed some of the most advanced and futuristic Telegram alternatives, and we hope you will find your messaging app from among the list.

Check out the complete article and choose your suitable messaging app wisely.  

Messaging can be regarded as the fastest way of communicating with your close ones. With the advent of the internet, communication has become more convenient.

In the past few years, communication has been revolutionized by various social media platforms that offer free messaging services over the internet.

If you search the web, you can find numerous messaging platforms, of which some are genuine, while others are spam or full of annoying ads.  

Telegram is one of the most renowned and popular messaging platforms that has been operating on the internet since 2013. The platform offers a secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging medium, which is very helpful for the users.

The platform is packed with advanced features, including voice calling, video calling, message broadcasting, media file sharing, and much more.  

The Telegram application is known for its innovative and interactive sticker and graphics. The platform is undoubtedly the best in its category.

However, many people worldwide find the user interface of Telegram to be dull or old-fashioned and do not prefer using it.

If you, too, are searching for the best Telegram alternatives, we hope your search ends with this article. Below, we have compiled a list of some unique and attractive alternatives to Telegram that you will find helpful. 

Best Telegram Alternatives – Our Top Pick

1. Signal: Private Messenger

Signal is considered one of the biggest competitors and a great alternative to Telegram. It was developed and launched by the Open Whispers company on 29th July 2014.

The platform attracts a massive crowd regularly for its state-of-the-art security systems and interactive user interface. The signal is a free-to-use platform and offers end-to-end encryption of voice calls, chats, and video calls, which people find safe.  

With Signal, you can quickly get in touch with people worldwide, which is undoubtedly the best. The app features one-to-one calls and chats with a high preference for privacy.

Best Telegram Alternatives

You also get to organize groups or broadcast messages and calls on the platform, which is very helpful in private and professional meetings.  

Signal also offers interactive stickers and emotes that you can share with your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can even share media files over the platform, which is impressive.

In its recent update, Signal has introduced the vanishing chats feature, under which you can set a time limit after which your messages and other media files would vanish from the chat log automatically.  

With all the innovative and advanced security and other messaging features, the Signal is an ideal and one of the best Telegram alternatives.

You can visit Signal’s official website or download the app from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store for more details.  

Features you get on Signal:-

  • Signal offers the fastest message delivery even with slow internet connectivity. 
  • The platform is the most secure and reliable platform for sharing information privately. 
  • Unlike other messaging applications, Signal is entirely free from annoying ads. 
  • The audio and video quality of the platform is promising and top-class, enabling you to communicate hassle-free with any person across the world.  
  • Signal offers an attractive dark mode that reduces light emission and relaxes your eyes.  
  • It also comes with innovative picture editing options that you can use to make your pictures fun and creative. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

How to use Signal Private Messenger app

2. Google Hangouts 

Adding to the list is another fantastic Telegram alternatives that come from the tech giant Google LLC – Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is an excellent messaging platform designed to suit both professional’s and personal needs.

Like other messaging apps, Google hangouts offer free voice and video calling facilities using which you can easily communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues.  

Best Telegram Alternatives 1

Google Hangouts is the best place for organizing team meetings over video calls, voice calls, and chats. You can start a one-on-one, group, or a broadcast conversation using Google Hangouts, which is impressive.

A notable feature of the platform is that you can add as many as eight thousand participants in a group call on Google Hangouts; however, the call is made using Google meet. You can also form groups for significant discussion and add up to one hundred and fifty participants on the platform.  

Google Hangout is a perfect messaging app that consumes less storage but offers the most attractive features.

Hangouts integrate with various platforms, including google docs, sheets, drive, and many others, thereby making file sharing easy and convenient for the users.  

The platform offers round-the-clock customer service, which is very helpful. You can also change the language on Google hangouts; it offers almost twenty-eight different languages to chat in.

With all the exceptional features, it can be regarded as a fantastic alternative to Telegram. You can get detailed information on the platform through its official website or download Google’s Hangouts app for both IOS and Android devices.  

Features you get on Google Hangouts:-

  • Google Hangouts lets you share all sorts of videos, photos, emojis, GIFs, and much more with all your contacts. 
  • On the Google Hangouts platform, you can make group video calls with up to ten people on one go, which is impressive. You can also add almost eight thousand people if you make the call using Google Meet. 
  • The Messages on Google Hangouts are delivered to the recipient even if they are offline.  
  • You can access your Google Hangouts account from any device, including IOS, Android, and PC.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

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3. WhatsApp Messenger 

WhatsApp tops the list with its fast message and calls services when it comes to popular messaging apps. Owned and managed by Facebook, WhatsApp is a unique web-based platform that enables users to connect with their loved ones.

WhatsApp Messenger is the most downloaded messaging application, with almost five billion downloads on Google Play Store and two billion downloads on Apple’s App Store.  

WhatsApp is packed with fun and interactive features and is designed to suit the needs of almost every user. The application is free to use and only requires a stable internet connection.

Best Telegram Alternatives 2

Like other messaging applications, WhatsApp allows one-on-one and group calls and chats, which is impressive. The platform provides end-to-end encryption of all chats, calls, and media files in terms of security.  

WhatsApp offers users to share all forms of media files across the globe, and you can also back up all your chats and media files on your Google Drive or iCloud accounts, which is impressive.  

On WhatsApp, you can add almost 200-300 people in groups, which is quite remarkable. In its recent update, the platform also offers money transfer services and is the first messaging app to offer such a feature.

All you need is to sync your bank account with your WhatsApp account to transfer money securely. Moreover, the payments are safe and secure and are end-to-end encrypted.

Like Signal, WhatsApp also has the automatic chat vanishing feature, where you can set a time limit for the messages to disappear.  

With all the fantastic features, WhatApp is undoubtedly one of the best competitor and Telegram alternatives.

Features You Get on WhatsApp:-

  • WhatsApp offers high-quality voice and video calls even on low internet connectivity. 
  • The platform offers a secure and safe connection between the sender and the receiver. 
  • Through WhatsApp’s status and story feature, you can share your daily moments with your near and dear ones. 
  • The platform also offers picture editing tools to make your picture fun and innovative. 
  • The transfer of funds has been made simple and safe through WhatsApp’s money transfer feature. 

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4. Facebook Messenger 

As a social media platform, Facebook does not need an introduction; it is one of the most famous and incredible platforms operating on the internet for a very long time now.

Messenger is a part of Facebook and offers specialized messaging services. With nearly 5 billion downloads on Google’s Play Store, the platform is popular among users and offers free messages, voice, and video calling facilities.  

11 Best Telegram Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Like its competitors, Messenger provides one-on-one and group conversations between the participants. It offers an attractive and easy-to-use interface coupled with various other futuristic features.

The app lets you customize font, chat background, contact names, and a lot more, which we find impressive.  

With Messenger, you can share media files, including documents, photos, videos, and much more. The app establishes a secure connection between the sender and the receiver to safeguard the users’ privacy.

You can add up to fifty people on a group video call using the Messenger app. The application offers fun and interactive stickers and emojis to communicate with your loved ones, which is terrific.

The app also has a lite version available for IOS and Android devices; the lite version offers the same services but consumes less space on your device, which is impressive. 

With all the exciting features, Messenger can be regarded as one of the best Telegram alternatives. You can download the Messenger application from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store or access the platform through a standard web browser on your desktop or laptop.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

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5. Skype 

When it comes to video conferencing and calling, Skype is the one that comes to our minds; it is one of the best platforms to organize professional and personal meetings over the internet. With its latest updates, Skype has started messaging and audio call facilities, which is helpful to users.  

With Skype, you can send messages and make calls anywhere in the world for free. Skype is considered a professional video conferencing app for its appealing and easy-to-use user interface. The app attracts a massive crowd regularly for its enhanced and top-quality calling features.  

11 Best Telegram Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Like other messaging platforms, Skype lets you share media files with other Skype users. The platform allows faster and smoother transmission of messages from one location to another.

Moreover, the platform has its presence worldwide, allowing users to connect with people from any possible location. The app’s most notable feature is that it displays subtitles during video calls, making it easier to understand.

With its fast messaging and enhanced video and voice calling facilities, Skype can be considered one of the superb telegram alternative without a phone numbers.     

You can easily access the Skype platform from your desktop or smartphone. The platform also has mobile apps supported on IOS and Android Devices. You can visit the Skype website or download the app for more information.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

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6. Viber 

Viber is another excellent messaging platform and one of the finest alternatives operating over the internet. It is renowned for its fast message-sharing features and enhanced voice-calling facilities.

Best Telegram Alternatives 5
More than messaging

With Viber, you can easily connect to every nuke and corner of the world with ease. It is well-known for its free international calling services; however, you have to subscribe to the platform calling plans to get the entire calling package, which is a significant drawback.  

You can easily track your call and message records on different devices by logging in to your Viber account, which is impressive.

You can download the Viber app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Check out the Viber App without any further delay. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

7. Snapchat 

Are you searching for the perfect platform to share your daily moments and exchange messages with your loved ones? Snapchat is the best app you can opt for.

Snapchat is the most renowned name when we speak of social media platforms. It is known for its interactive and fun picture filters and easy-to-use interface.  

Best Telegram Alternatives 6

The platform helps you connect with your family, friends, and relatives by sharing interactive posts and stories. The platform offers enhanced messaging and video calling services coupled with awesome stickers, GIFs, and filters.

The app even allows users to create their cartoon yourselfs using various facial features and clothing accessories available on the platform.  

With all the innovative features, Snapchat is a must-have messaging application and one of the great telegram apps with no restrictions. Download the Snapchat app from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and enjoy the fun and crazy filters.  

Features You Get on Snapchat:-

  • The platform offers easy photography and videography features coupled with tons of exciting lenses and filters. 
  • You can quickly start conversations with friends using stickers, GIFs, and Bitmoji. 
  • Snapchat offers quick video chat options, where you can add up to sixteen people at once.  
  • You can share both happy and sad moments from your daily life in the stories section. 
  • Snapchat offers a camera roll feature to save thousands of pictures and videos recorded using the app. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

8. LINE 

LINE is one of the most advanced messaging apps that offer inexpensive modes to text and make audio and video calls. The app is well-known for its high-quality free international and local calls.

You can easily share media files including, pictures, videos, documents, and much more, through the LINE application. 

11 Best Telegram Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

With private chat options, LINE also provides community chat features, where you can connect with different people with the same interest as yours, which we think is impressive.

The UI of the app is pretty simple and easy to use. The app also offers cool stickers and emojis that you can share with your near and dear ones.  

You simply need to download the LINE app and sign up to start chatting with your friends and relatives. You can download the app from Google‘s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

9. Slack 

If you are searching for a professional messaging application for your business, Slack would be the correct choice. Slack is a renowned messaging app preferred by professionals for business queries and meetings.

The app establishes a quick connection between employees and employers working on the same project.  

Slack for Android Trailer

The app helps maintain transparency in the work environment with its advanced video calling facilities. The app also lets you edit and share various work documents with your team, which is impressive. Slack is a one-stop solution to all your professional communication needs.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. OoVoo 

OoVoo is another excellent communication platform operating on the internet and caters to all your personal and professional messaging requirements. The app is well-known for its quick messaging and high-definition video calling facilities. 

Best Telegram Alternatives 8With OoVoo, you can easily connect with up to eight people on a single video call. The app is designed to provide interactive calling and texting facilities to users.

You can access the OoVoo app on IOS and Android devices. It is also available on Windows and Mac OS. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

11. Threema: Secure and Private Messenger

Threema is one of the best open-source texting platforms packed with exciting and advanced features. The platform’s best feature is that it allows you to make private calls and texts without revealing your identity, which is quite impressive. 

Threema: Your private life is valuable. Don’t pay with your data

Threema is one of the most secure platforms to communicate with your friends and colleagues. It offers end-to-end encryption of messages and calls, allowing you to communicate securely. The app even lets you share media files, and locations anywhere in the world.  

You can get the application on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, but it is a paid application, which is a significant drawback. However, the high encryption and security features justify the cost.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

✅FAQ on Top Telegram alternatives

Which is a better signal VS Telegram?

Telegram is good, but Signal provides you with a much better security feature compared to most of the apps around in today’s market. The messages on Signals get encrypted end-to-end by default, unlike Telegram’s messages and voice calls.

Is Nicegram the same as Telegram?

Nicegram comes with superb features & capabilities. It is based on the Telegram API and does not provide you with malicious content. Besides, it does not track or share your sensitive data. You can unblock the chats using their website.

Who uses Telegram the most?

Nowadays, countries like Brazil, Spain, and India use Telegram. This is in terms of downloads seen over the last few months. While Brazil and India come with 25% downloads, Spain has around 26% downloads. But it seems that India leads the race with the number of users.

Is Nicegram trusted?

Nicegram can be trusted with your data because it is safe and secure to use. As of now, they have 14 repositories available. You can also follow their code on GitHub when you are not very sure about their safety capabilities.

What is difference between K and Z version of Telegram?

The difference between the K and Z version of Telegram is that they can be observed on both web apps. The WebZ comes with less white space than the WebK version, along with the support for single-color wallpapers.

Why is Telegram harmful?

Telegram is not harmful, but it may not be able to protect your data safely. When you want to use an app that provides you with ample protection, it would be Signal. If there is a breach on the server, it could result in your messages being exposed.

Can a Telegram bot hack your phone?

As of now, you can find plenty of fake Telegram messenger apps on the internet. They are hacking devices, which could include PCs, smartphones, and tablets as well. This is a Windows-based malware that can place your information at massive risk.

Can the government look at Telegram?

Yes, the government of your country can look at your Telegram details if they want to. Some of the data include IP addresses and phone numbers. This is clearly mentioned in Telegram’s Privacy Policy. This is to identify Telegram users and prosecute them if needed.

Does Telegram show your IP address?

Yes, Telegram can show your IP address to ensure that there is no abuse, spam, and other violations of the laws of your country. The details of your devices and the apps that you make use of is collected and kept for 12 months maximum.

Can deleted Telegram chats be recovered?

Yes, Telegram chats can be recovered quickly. You can do that with the help of using the app and choosing the restore option. Doing that helps you to select the backup file that has your Telegram messages, which can give back all your messages on your smartphone.

Conclusion on telegram alternatives

In the past few years, communication has changed significantly and more than we can even imagine. Before communication was expensive and out of reach of the commoner; however, it has become convenient and inexpensive with time and innovation. The Internet has a crucial role to play in modernizing communication.  

Today the most popular or known means of communication are messages; messages have become an inseparable part of our lives.

We send and receive thousands of messages daily to our friends, family members, and colleagues. Many applications over the internet have paved the way for faster and easier transmission of messages; One such web-based platform is Telegram.  

Telegram has been functioning on the internet since 2013 and offers a secure and safe means of communication. It prioritizes the security of users’ data and privacy and offers end-to-end encryption of messages.

However, not all of us would prefer to use Telegram and sort for an alternative. Thankfully, there are many other platforms that are the same or better than Telegram. 

Above, we have mentioned some of the best Telegram alternatives, which we hope you found interesting. And, if you were searching for an alternative to Telegram, we hope your search has ended with our article.