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15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby’s Milk Intake

Being a parent is one of the best feelings to have in this world, but with it, comes great responsibilities too, you have to raise a child, take care of their nutrition, health, give them the proper environment, take care of all the issues they can possibly have.

These responsibilities are almost doubled when it comes to being a mother. One of the greatest concerns while raising infants is their proper and timely nutrition.

Breastfeeding is the primary source of nutrition for infants and needs to be taken very seriously.

Breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for the mother and her child too, breastfeeding prevents both mother and child from several diseases and ailments.

Breast milk contains all the ideal vitamins, proteins, fats, and all the essential nutrients that your child needs for their growth.

In addition to that, breastfeeding by the mother reduces her chance of type 2 diabetes and cancer by a significant percentage.

Infants need to be fed every 2-3 hours for the first 2 months and every 4-5 hours after the first 6 months, breast milk comes in really handy in such situations.

Proper sources of nutrients and food are not available at all times, but as long as the child is close to his mother, the option of breastfeeding will always be available.

Knowing the perfect time to breastfeed your child, when to pump your breasts and the proper way of breastfeeding your child can be a difficult task, a task which you can ease yourself off.

In this article, we have a list of the best breastfeeding apps that are trusted by hundreds of thousands of mothers all around the globe.

Make sure you check all of them before choosing the right one for you. Before starting this article, let’s look at how breastfeeding apps work.

What Are Breastfeeding Apps And How Do They Work?

Breastfeeding apps are basically tracker apps, which keep track of all your baby’s habits and derive the best suitable time intervals to feed your baby.

These apps require timely inputs from the users regarding the time and duration of feeding. Many breastfeeding apps can be connected with AI assistants apps like Google Assistant and Alexa for an even simpler experience.

A Breastfeeding app eases the process of breastfeeding by alerting you at the right time and providing you with accurate data you need, to understand your baby’s needs. Breastfeeding apps also double as pumping trackers, they will tell you about the right time to pump.

Let’s now proceed with our list of the best breastfeeding apps.

Best Breastfeeding Apps – Our Top Pick👌

Here is our list of best breastfeeding apps, these apps are trusted around the globe and can be easily installed on your Android or iOS smartphone:

1. HuckleBerry: Baby & Child Tracker, Sleep Experts

HuckleBerry covers the all-around needs of your child, when you install the app, you get everything that you need to track, whether it is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, sleeping patterns, diaper change patterns, and even more for your child.

Best Breastfeeding Apps

The sleep tracker in the app works flawlessly and will help you to analyze the sleeping pattern of your baby and develop custom sleeping plans too.

The breastfeeding timer helps you to limit the amount of nutrition your baby gets so that you don’t overfeed them.

With this app, you can also track the growth of your child by tracking their weight from time to time. There are other features like temperature records, and prescription keepers as well.

Huckleberry App Preview

You can also track the average timings, sleep hours, and a lot more with the inbuilt tracker of this app. The features of the HuckleBerry app are free to use and this app is available for Android and iOS as well.

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2. Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Sleeping Tracker

Yet another fully loaded baby tracker app, Baby Daybook is another highly rated app that takes care of the all-around needs of your baby and aids in tracking all the necessary things about your newborn like breastfeeding tracker, food logging, and many more.

Baby Daybook goes even further into making it a better app and allows you to store the precious moments with your newborn in the form of images within the app.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 1

The app also has features like sleep tracking, diaper change tracking. You can track breastfeeding sessions by noticing the volume with a timer and tracking the timing of each breastfeeding.

The part where this app is absolutely special is that Baby Daybook allows you to sync all the data with other concerned family members like grandparents, uncle and aunt of the child, and others.

Baby Daybook App - Enjoy Easier Parenting!

This makes it very easy for them to make valuable suggestions to you. A piece of good advice always comes in handy.

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3. Baby Tracker – Newborn Log

The Baby Tracker-Newborn Log app does not let you miss even the slightest of your child’s needs. This app is equipped with a feature-loaded breastfeeding tracker that lets you record each session with a timer making it easy to keep track.

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

The app also stores a feature for storing your precious memories. Yes, you can now keep the precious memories of your baby stored safely in the form of photos.

You can take notes of your baby’s activities and movements in the app, you can also take notes of certain habits. The app is also equipped with a diaper log and a sleeping log.

The Baby tracker-Newborn log app is a highly rated one and has cross-platform availability. The app can be used on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

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4. Baby Tracker – feeding, sleep, and diaper

Simplicity stays unbeaten, always! The baby tracker app is one simple app to track all the basic needs of your baby without having to complicate things with a lot of features.

This baby tracker by Amila has all the features you need like a feeding tracker, diaper change tracker, and sleep tracker. What makes this app distinguishable is that you can not only track breastfeeding but also bottle feeding and meal.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 3

The Baby Tracker app is also good for a daily summary of activities, this helps you analyze and evaluate the plans for the next day, week, months, and even years, after all, no plans are bad, it’s the implementation.

You also get a calendar with inbuilt notes, you can keep track of anything special about any upcoming day with the help of notes. The calendar feature also comes in handy when you want special progress made during each particular day.

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5. theAsianparent: Baby Care & Pregnancy Development

Unlike other apps listed above, The Asian Parent app is more of a community of experienced parents around the world.

We simply can’t think of anything better than having experienced parents guide you in the journey of raising your newborn.

You can ask questions regarding breastfeeding, feeding, diaper changes, pumping, and anything related to taking care of your baby. You will get prompt and responsible answers from the community members.

theAsianparent Parenting App NEWEST Features: What To Be Excited About!

If you are someone who likes to help and add to people’s lives, then you can also answer several questions, and help people out. The Asian parent app also is home to the tastiest, easiest, and most fun to make recipes for your newborn.

These recipes are completely safe and have been tried by thousands of parents already. In addition to all this, parenting videos, articles, and verified information regarding parenting and your child’s healthcare are also available on the app. The Asian Parent app is a must-have.

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6. Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker

The Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker is one of the simplest and most effective apps on the list. This app lets you track every important thing about your baby, whether it is a breastfeeding session, a pumping session, a feeding session, or the baby’s reaction to all of this. The app has it all.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 4

This app lets you track and measure the amount of breastfeeding easily with its interactive feature that tells you exactly when to stop.

This app will make sure that you are feeding in the right amount, all you need to do is do a single tap in the app for each breast while feeding and the app will tell you when to stop.

The app also features a baby reaction tool that helps you track the reaction of your baby to each feeding cycle, also, you can track the newborn’s reaction to the first and each solid meal you feed to them.

The app also lets you sync all the data to multiple devices, so the ones who care will always have access to their beloved baby, and their health.

This feature also comes in handy when you have elderly at home who can provide valuable feedback while taking care of your newborn.

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7. BreastFeeding – Baby Tracker

What is better than having an experienced mother by your side to assist you in doing what’s right for your baby? Well, The Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker app is created with all the love from an experienced mother.

This app lets you carefully track the duration and quantity of each breastfeeding session. The app will also remind you when to feed your baby in time. 

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

Life can be a little colorless and boring sometimes, but this app changes all of that as you can customize colors inside the app to make it a bit fun for yourself.

Also, marking different buttons and tabs with different colors will help you easily differentiate between them.

If you fear losing all the precious tracking data you’ve been accumulating for months, then this app will help you sync that data across all your devices, so that you can have multiple backups in case of a rainy day.

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8. ParentLove

ParentLove is the one-stop solution for all your parenting needs, especially the ones related to your baby’s nutrition and wellness. You can be at peace with the app as this app tracks all that you need.

The app houses a precise breastfeeding timer with options related to formula and solid feeding. This app also allows you to track the growth of your baby, by adding all the related metrics.

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

The app also has a solid food feeding tracker that enables you to track a baby’s first response to solid food. If the baby has fallen ill, but thankfully is now recovering, you can keep a track of that too as well with this app.

The app lets you record doctor visits with multiple details and options to store the prescription as well. There is nothing you can miss with ParentLove. After all, the name says it all.

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9. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker – activities log

This easy-to-use app and simply designed app have everything you need to improve your parenting experience. Whether you want to track the breastfeeding sessions properly, or you want to make sure that you pump at the right time, this app has got it all covered.

You can also keep track of all the precious memories, developments of your newborn’s life in the app, by capturing pictures, videos, and even recording sounds within the app. 

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

On top of all this, you can share all these memories with your loved ones too. The app also supports syncing this data with multiple devices so the loved ones can always be virtually there for the baby.

You can also record a baby’s growth by recording metrics such as head size, weight, height, eating habits, and many more.

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10. Baby Feed Timer

Recommended by NHS midwives, the baby feed timer app is all about tracking, if you are looking for something straightforward that does its job perfectly, then this should be your app to go with.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 8

The baby feed timer reminds you of the perfect time to feed your baby. Not only that, this app keeps track of the breastfeeding amount, pumping amount, diaper changes, sleep timings, feeding timings, and even more.

The Baby Feed Timer app can also be used to record solid feeding, the app also features a dark mode making it even easier to use at night.

The app has a cross-platform availability and works flawlessly with Android and iOS devices, the app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App store, and has thousands of users already.

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11. Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer

Ovia Parenting app is known for its accuracy and subtlety in the features, the app is designed to provide an easy experience to the parents who care a lot about their newborn’s breastfeeding and nutrition.

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

This app lets you not only track the whole breastfeeding cycle but also how much each breast was used, the app also tells you when to stop and start. There is a pumping timer to load within the app which makes it a desirable option on the list.

The app has already transformed the lives of thousands of parents and it can transform yours too. 

Download App on Google Play Store

12. FeedBaby – Baby Tracker

This app holds a power of 3 apps in it, this app features a sleep tracker, breastfeeding tracker, and even a diaper change tracker. The app also houses a unique timeline feature that has it all to make it easy.

The easy single-touch interface makes it convenient for you to track each breastfeeding session.

Feed Baby - Baby Tracker for Android

The data within the app can be synced with your loved ones and the app has a cross-platform availability meaning it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

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13. Baby Feeding Log – Newborn Breastfeeding Tracker

The world we live in today is already full of complexities, we certainly don’t want to add more to it, the baby feeding log app is a simple and straightforward app that does what it is designed for in a much easier and non-complex way.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 10

The app features a breastfeeding tracker, a sleep tracker, a diaper changing tracker, and the cherry on top, a dark mode that does not overstrain your eyes when using the app in late hours. The app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store for iOS.

Download App on Apple App Store

14. Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby app is one smart solution for all your needs when it comes to parenting a newborn, the app features a breastfeeding tracker, an easy sleep and diaper change tracker, and a growth tracker as well.

Best Breastfeeding Apps 11

The one feature that makes this app the smartest on this list is that this app can be connected with voice assistant, ‘Siri’ to record diaper changes and other metrics in the app.

The app is currently only available for iOS, but will soon be transferred to other app stores as well.

Download App on Apple App Store

15. Baby Breastfeeding Timer

This easy-to-use single touch app has got all things figured out for you, just make sure you input all the data you have, and the app automatically keeps track of all of this for you, you can track breastfeeding, sleep, diaper changes, and a lot more.

15 Best Breastfeeding Apps To Track Baby's Milk Intake

To add to all of this, this app lets you preserve the precious memories of your newborn by adding photos, videos, and even sounds to each moment. 

Download App on Google Play Store

The Bottom Line

Being a parent is a difficult, but beautiful experience, an experience worth having. While these apps cannot free you of everything difficult with parenting, these apps can certainly help you to keep a better leash at everything. Make sure your baby gets the best of everything.