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13 Best Figma Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Before we proceed with our detailed list of Figma alternatives it is essential to have a clear idea of what exactly is Figma and how does it function.

In today’s technologically advanced world where information technology is booming and computers are taking over the world, software prototyping and vector graphic editing have become an essential and integral part of a developer’s professional life.

The tools which help in activities like software prototyping and wireframing are also immensely popular among artists, engineers, and visual designers. 

One such extremely useful prototyping and graphic editing tool is Figma. The idea for developing a tool like Figma was generated in the minds of two young students from Brown University in the year 2012, they then worked on their idea and finally had an amazing outcome ready in the year 2015.

However it was available for public use in 2016, in 2019, the launch of the Figma community took place which allowed the developers to share their work with the world by exhibiting it on this platform. Most people use Figma as a means to develop a user interface.

After Figma became popular many other competitors came into the market and these competitive Figma alternatives took the market by a storm. Though many people still prefer Figma as the best tool to pursue their work, many others find various Figma alternatives a better choice. 

Now that we have established a clear idea of Figma and its functioning, without any further ado let’s dive into our carefully curated list of Figma alternatives. 

Best Figma Alternatives: Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

1. Adobe Experience Designer

First, in our list of Figma alternatives is Adobe Experience Designer also known as Adobe XD, this amazing tool is available for Windows and Mac OS platforms. It comes packed with fascinating features which are a developer’s dream.

Best Figma Alternatives

The free version of this tool comes loaded with captivating features. Therefore it is a great Figma alternative for you if you are on a tight budget.

It provides the user with easy and hassle-free ways to develop a user interface and work on user experience development without making it complicated. 

Further, this tool is a great fit for you if you are looking at creating animations along with prototyping and creating interesting layouts and designs.

 The feature of this tool that makes it stand out is that it allows the users to co-edit a project, which means that two users can work on a project side by side. Also, the wireframing options are far above satisfactory.

The allowed cloud storage capacity is 2GB, and the document history of the last ten days can be viewed. The cloud library is enormous and the users can choose from a number of options in the font library, however, the unpaid plan doesn’t permit the users access to all kinds of fonts, their access is limited to the basic ones. 

Other features are:-

  • It allows the users to share the file via link sharing and has file exporting options in four formats namely PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF.¬†
  • This is a vector-based tool which is yet another reason why¬†it is a great Figma alternative.¬†
  • Using this¬†tool¬†the users can open their files directly on other Adobe platforms such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.¬†¬†
  • The designs created using this tool are responsive, which means that they can adjust automatically according to the size of the screen.¬†
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2. InVision

Next up in our list of Figma alternatives is InVision, this is a fascinating tool that makes prototyping super easy and helps save a lot of time and effort.

Best Figma Alternatives 1

The important feature of this tool is that it helps in creating elaborate designs for user interface development as well as the improvement of user experience. 

InVision used to be a membership-based platform, nevertheless,  it still allows users who are not members to collaborate on projects with the members.

The collaborative features of this tool are pretty efficient and make it one of the best among other Figma alternatives. It allows the developers and designers working together on a particular project to add comments and view the comments of other developers and designers as well.  

The tool comes with the option of either free usage or paid plans, the paid plans unlock more specifications, options, and features for the user.

There are two kinds of upgrade packages available for the user to choose from, the first package comes at 7.95 USD, whereas the second one comes at 9.95 USD, these packages are cheaper as compared to the upgrade options available for Figma.

The upgrade which costs 9.95 USD is known as the Enterprise plan, this plan can be easily modified and customized according to the needs of specific organizations. 

Other features are:-

  • This tool provides multiple levels of customization, thereby making it extensively easy for the users to make changes.¬†
  • It can be easily installed and used on both Windows as well as Mac OS devices and platforms.¬†¬†
  • Using the free¬†plan¬†the users can complete a total of three projects and add up to ten active users to it.¬†
Intro to Invision Studio | Beginners guide to Invision Studio

3. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is also worthy to be in our list of Figma alternatives. Launched in June 2008, this amazing app has several interesting and captivating features. This tool stands out among the other Figma alternatives because it focuses specifically and exclusively on wireframing.  

Balsamiq Mockups has an interesting and extremely useful academy that helps people who are at a beginner level vis-à-vis wireframing, to learn and grow their skills, before starting actual work or alongside working on a project. The tool provides a vast number of learning resources like videos and articles to learn from. 

The only drawback with this tool is that it does not have any free version, however, there is a 30-day free trial. That being said the prizing plans are highly adjustable and can be readily modified.  

The first and foremost payment plan available costs 9 USD per calendar month or a total of 90 USD per calendar year.  This plan allows the users to work on a maximum of two projects.

The costliest plan is 199 USD per calendar month and comes to a total of 1990 USD per calendar year. This plan allows the users to work on a maximum of 200 projects. 

Other features are:-

  • Although this tool is unique in several ways, it does draw certain basic design principles from Adobe XD.¬†
  • The tool is available as a desktop app for the cloud, it can be run on both Windows and Mac OS platforms and devices.¬†
  • The tool creates wonderful user interfaces and can also be used to design mobile apps, desktop-based software, and web apps.¬†¬†
Balsamiq Cloud Intro

4. Pencil Project 

Next in the list of Figma alternatives we have the Pencil Project, this is a unique and sophisticated tool that can be used for prototyping and designing user interfaces. This tool has a set of amazing features that you can’t ignore. 

The main feature of this tool that differentiates it from all other Figma alternatives is that it is not vector-based. Additionally, it allows users and especially organizations using it to attain a specific source code, thereby offering a commercial license, however, this commercial license shall not be redistributed once allotted.  

It can be used extensively to create graphical user interfaces, there is a range of pre-built shapes and designs that can be used to create user interfaces and improve user experience. The shapes are split up into varied categories of designs. 

Other features are:-

  • The¬†astounding tool can be used on both desktops as well as mobiles.¬†
  • This tool is completely free for use and is open-sourced.¬†
  • The files created using this tool can be easily exported as PDF, PNG, SVG, and even as web pages.¬†¬†
  • The latest version of this tool, namely Pencil 3.1.0 has an addition of stability features and many other new features.¬†

5. Sketch 

One more amongst the best Figma alternatives is Sketch, released in September of 2010. The sketch comes loaded with numerous awesome features. 

Like Figma, this software also uses vector-based graphic designing as the basic principle and is far superior to many other Figma alternatives when it comes to user interface development and improvement of user experience. 

Besides, it can be used by multiple users to collaborate on a single project and brainstorm together to maximize the accuracy and outcome of the project.  

Sketch in 2021: A platform for the entire collaborative design process

It allows a free trial period of 30 days, however, that is the only free period and the tool does not have an option for a free version. Using the paid plan users can make sure that multiple viewers can see the project.

The payment plan for this software starts from a minimum of 9 USD per calendar month and costs 99USD for one calendar year. Therefore this costs much less than Figma.  

Other features are:-

  • Sketch has a good level of compatibility with other programs such as Adobe Photoshop¬†¬†
  • The work curated and compiled using this tool can be exported in various file formats such¬†as¬† PNG, JPG, PDF, WEBP, SVG, etc.¬†¬†
  • This tool is developed specifically for Mac OS platforms and devices.¬†

6. Lunacy 

Lunacy falls next in our list of Figma alternatives, this tool has some unique and very significant features. The first and foremost reason which puts this tool on our list of Figma alternatives is that it is absolutely free. 

Best Figma Alternatives 2

Just like Figma, Lunacy also allows its users to create vector-based graphic designs. This software is absolutely compatible with other platforms such as Sketch and allows the users free access to in-built resources such as vector illustrations, design icons, etc. 

The tool comes equipped with an option to function in sixteen different languages, thereby is extremely user-friendly for people using languages other than English.

 One more fascinating feature of this software is that it can work offline as well, therefore does not always require a steady internet connection. 

Other features are:-

  • It is extremely light weighted and requires very little space to function on your device.¬†
  • Lunacy is completely ad-free even after the fact that it is completely free of any charges.¬†
  • It provides an excellent support system to the users by helping them learn using videos, tutorials, documentation, etc.¬†

7. Webflow 

Launched in 2013, Webflow is also one of the best Figma alternatives. Developed in San Francisco this tool has reached the world and is quite famous among its users as one of the best substitutes to the infamous Figma.  

One feature which sets Webflow apart from all other Figma alternatives is that it is a SaaS platform. This tool helps to create interactive user interfaces.  

Best Figma Alternatives 3

Further, the tool allows its users to collaborate with other users and developers on the platform, so as to brainstorm together and complete the project by getting inputs from various developers. Thus, leading to the best possible outcomes.  

There are numerous exclusive features available only on the paid versions. The paid version costs 15 USD per calendar month if purchased on a monthly basis and 12 USD per calendar month for a yearly subscription.  

Other features are:-

  • Not only¬†it¬†helps in developing actual websites¬†but also¬†mock-ups.¬†
  • Webflow¬†offers a pretty generous free plan.¬†
If life were like web design ‚ÄĒ Webflow

8. Gravit Designer 

Acquired by Cowpland Research Laboratory, Gravit designer falls next in our list of Figma alternatives. The features of this tool are what make it stand out from others of the same class. 

13 Best Figma Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Gravit designer is compatible with a large number of platforms and can be run without much hassle. It can be installed on a variety of systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Chrome OS. 

Besides, Gravit designer comes with a free version. The only drawback with this free version is that it can be run only online. Therefore to use it one needs to have all-day access to the internet with great connectivity. To work offline, one can purchase the paid upgrade which starts at 49 USD per calendar year. 

Other features are:-

  • It gives the user access to an unlimited amount of cloud storage and many other cool features.¬†

9. Axure RP 

Next up in our list of Figma alternatives we have Axure AP, this tool is popular among users and developers for the reason that it has all the features of Figma, specifically the ones used for user interface development, prototyping, and wireframing.  

It has a WYSIWYG interface which stands for what you see is what you get, a software with such an interface has the ability to reflect the finished product as it is, this is also known as a drag and drop interface.  

Best Figma Alternatives 5

Users have claimed that among all other Figma alternatives and even Figma itself the outputs produced by Axure RP are the best and most realistic. This tool allows users to create HTML- based website previews with utmost ease. 

Another astounding feature of this tool is that its user interface is highly adjustable and very flexible, it can be easily adjusted according to the screen it is being viewed on, be it on the screen of a phone, a desktop computer, or even a tablet.  

However, this app has no free version, it costs 29 USD per calendar month when payment is made on a monthly basis, and 25 USD per calendar month if the subscription is yearly o.r. yearly payment is made.

The next upgrade to the tool is even more expensive, it costs 49 USD per calendar month when the payment is made on a monthly basis, and 42 USD per calendar month when payment is made on a yearly basis.

This makes the software much costlier than Figma, but the amazing features compensate for the price.  

Other features are:-

  • It can be installed and run on both Windows and Mac OS devices and platforms.¬†
  • It can also be used to create word documents for use in app development and website management.¬†¬†
  • No matter which¬†plans¬†you pick, you can create unlimited prototypes and add as many reviewers as you wish to.¬†¬†
  • There is an option to try these plans for free for 30 days.¬†

10. Moqups 

Moqups is another great addition to our list of Figma alternatives, much like Figma, this tool has certain captivating features. Wondering why to choose or not choose Moqups among the other Figma alternatives? 

Firstly, the wireframing features offered by this tool are excellent and so are the prototyping features. The software provides the users with access to real-time collaboration on projects, which helps them to develop the best kind of outputs and make it a success. 

Several users have testified that the collaborative features available on this tool are the best and are so easy to use.  

Best Figma Alternatives 6

The free version of this tool provides an abundance of features to the users, however, the paid plan has much more to offer. As you might know, Figma charges its users on a per-use basis but this software charges only on either a monthly or a yearly basis.  

The cheapest plan comes at 23 USD per calendar month if the payment is made on a monthly basis and the charges come down to 16 USD per calendar month if the payment is made on a yearly basis.

The next upgraded payment plan costs 69 USD per calendar month on a monthly cycle and 69 USD per calendar month on a yearly cycle.  

Other features are:-

  • The tool enables more than one developer to work on the ongoing project seamlessly.¬†
  • People with no training or a weak technical background can use them with utmost convenience.¬†
  • The best part about this tool is that all the payment plans include access to work on unlimited projects.¬†

11. Fluid UI 

Next up on our carefully put-together list of Figma alternatives, we have Fluid UI, this tool is very different when compared to other Figma alternatives.  

Over time the users of this wireframing tool have claimed that this tool is much faster than other similar tools which are primarily because the basic working concept of this tool is pre-built user interface kits, which drive up the efficiency level and make it quick. 

13 Best Figma Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

The collaborative features that Fluid UI offers are outstanding, these features allow the teammates working on a project to leave comments on the work for the developer to read and then take action.  

The most fascinating feature offered by Fluid UI is that it gives the users free access to player apps so that they can test the prototypes they create on any device. This includes mobile phones and tablets as well.  

Moreover, the payment plans are cheaper as compared to other Figma alternatives, they start at a price of 8.99 USD per Calendar month and 99 USD per year if the yearly subscription is chosen.

The next paid upgrade level costs ‚ÄĮ$19.08 per calendar month and $229 per year if a yearly subscription is chosen.¬†

Other features are:-

  • The tool provides an option for different prototypes to interact with each other.¬†¬†
  • This is not a cloud-based service or a local app but is more like a browser-based platform, or a web app.¬†
  • The paid plans open up a wider number of features for the user.¬†

12. JustInMind 

Last on our list of Figma alternatives is JustInMind. This tool can be used extensively for prototyping and wireframing. It has some really interesting features to consider over Figma. 

This tool has gained enormous popularity among its users for being one of the few Figma alternatives which offer a realistic view of the finished project.  

Best Figma Alternatives 8

The user interface and user experiences developed using this tool are extremely responsive. Thus, users have the ability to adjust according to the device they are being viewed on, they can adjust according to the size of the screen. 

The paid packages of this tool offer a variety of features and open up many new avenues for the user, the price for the paid package is 29 USD per calendar month if the payments are made monthly and 19 USD per calendar month if the payments are made on a yearly basis i.e. yearly subscription. There is another payment plan which comes at 39 USD per month on a monthly cycle.  

The tool provides an option to seek a perpetual license which comes at 455 USD per user and 795 USD per user depending on the period and the package available.  

Other features are:-

  • The tool helps the developers attain a sense of how their work would look when completed and finalized.¬†
  • It allows the upload and download of a number of file types; Thu, making it easier for the user to work with a number of files without any conversions.¬†
  • The¬†JustInMind¬†app is available for quick and free downloads on both Windows and Mac OS platforms and devices.¬†

Closing Remarks-Figma Alternatives  

In a world so dependent on information technology and computer sciences, developers and designers need to have certain software and tools on their belts that make it easier for them to create successful projects in the competitive environment they are subjected to. 

The purpose of this list was to talk in detail about the features of each of the above-listed tools and then to help our readers choose the best Figma alternative which suits all their needs and Is compatible with their devices and runs in a way that is suitable for them to work with.