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Top 3 Best Firewall Apps For Android


If you are the regular user of the internet you know how much Android firewall security is important for protecting your Android phones from the viruses and prevent your phone from the unlimited internal damage like Privacy Control, granular control and most importantly to block ads on the other apps that don’t need internet access but use internet only to show ads, blocking internet access for these apps stops the ads.

If you want to use a Firewall protection for your Android device, you must know about the best firewall apps for your android device, which is provided by the Google Play Store to download for your phone protection.

Android firewalls are not just used for protecting your device from the viruses it is also the best way to control and protect your data from the internet service while sending out to the other person. It is also a great way to control your phone’s communication via blocking the app, blocking IP Address and controlling bandwidth.

It’s just a way to reduce the risk of security and also could take the integrity of network system. There are lots of applications are launch to protect your Android from the viruses but only three are the most commonly used and best software applications which you should install and use it.

Top 3 Best Firewall Apps For Android

1. NetStop Firewall

It is one of the commonly used application by the users and it is compatible with your devices it can protect your network traffic and also your device from the computer bugs.

It is easy to use and understand software application which can be used by any single person even if you’re new. It has two buttons that is on and off. If you want protection you can on the bottom or vice versa.

it is a best and a normal application which can assess by any single person. It has a number of security features that will best to make you happy after choosing it. It is an essential Firewall app for Android and you can easily assess it by your device permission it is important for everyone who is looking for the best protection.

  • It is simple- just turn on and off
  • It sizes up to 2.0 M
  • Install files up to 5000+
  • Available in current version (1.0)
  • No need to pay extra charges to usual data traffic
  • It does not send any data externally
  • It does not tamper with security or personal information
  • It blocks the network traffic by using VPN service


It had only one con and that it contains too many ads and the only way to stop it press back button when it appears. It has only one con, but overall it is good and rated by 4.5 stars.

You can easily download it from the Google play store. It is effective, safe and reliable.

Download NetStop

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2. AFWall (Root Required)

This is another option for your protection and it is also good because it offers great protection against viruses it is easy to use and understand find the users and you feel much powerful after using it.

It offers total control with a Firewall control which requires root and Superuser access to your Android device you can easily install this application through Google Play Store. It is attuned with all the answers so you don’t worry about it.

It is a front-end application which has powerful Linux Firewall it restrict doors application which is permitted to access to data networks it also controls your traffic within land while connecting through VPN it is a best and has a number of features but why you should choose this.

It needs root which you should know about it or if you don’t know you can easily go to the Google and search about how to root Android that will helps you truly to get to know about the genuine answer in a way to use this application this is a tested application that supports numbers of features so let have some look on it.

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  • It Supports up to 4.x to7.x
  • It imports droidwall rules
  • It works as profile management with UI
  • It will supports roaming options for 3DS and also has chosen able languages
  • It will support VPN, LAN, Tether and IPV6/ IPV4
  • It has lock pattern is also the pin application for the protection
  • It has improved log statistics UI

This application is really good and treated by 4.3 by the customers in all are sharing the reviews on the Internet you can easily get to know about that how much people are enjoying the software it is a shortcut to remove the box and also protect your device from the internal damage. It is now available on the new version that is 2.9.9. The best feature is it has no cons so you just use this and protect your phone easily.

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3. NetGaurd (no root firewall)

If you are not comfortable with root Firewall application so you can try NetGaurd no root Firewall because it is really good and effective for those users were unable to find a route on the internet. It is advanced in healthy no root required application which can individually own and assess by Wi-Fi on mobile data connection it has number of pieces and also the blocking access to the internet.

it can help you to reduce your data uses to save your battery and increase your privacy it has multiple features as well which shows amaze you to choose this.

firewall apps android
Where your application is communicating with


It is effective at a complete solution with an easy and complex way to protect your device without any root of Super user access it is a good way to start and protect your android.

Let have look at its features.

  • It is easy and reliable to use
  • It has hundred percent open source
  • It does not need root and super access
  • It optionally blocks when roaming
  • It logs all outgoing traffic and export PCAP files
  • You have the number of additional themes
  • It can support Android 5.1

Download NetGaurd

Final Verdict

All these apps are wonderful and best way to protect your Android device from the any kind of security damage. Protect your Firewall with the best applications in 2018!


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