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7 Of The Best Smartphones For Seniors in 2022


Everybody owns a smartphone today. Even kids younger than ten years know how to use a smartphone. With the pandemic hitting in, online classes and many other chores are getting completed with the help of smartphones along with internet connection. 

What would the world become without a smartphone and internet? On that note, we will be taking a look at the best smartphones for seniors in the review.

If you are a senior or somebody who is planning to purchase a new smartphone for your elderly loved one at home, then you have come to the right post. 

Smartphones help you to keep in touch with reality. You get to know the surrounding happenings, without having to depend on anybody. It is heartening to know that seniors do not have to suffer from this predicament. 

The main thing to note is that seniors may not be comfortable with any smartphone. They may not want something flashy, but something that can actually help call, message, or perform minor payment transactions. 

Hence, a smartphone that comes with a large screen, maybe 6″ or larger, is a good idea. At the same time, choosing a device that is simple and effective to use must be kept in mind. No longer do your grandparents have to be left in the lurch using outdated devices. 

While on that, you need to also train them in using the smartphone. This will make sure that they use smartphone calling, texting, emailing, entertainment, making payments, and so on. 

What are the benefits of buying smartphones for seniors?

Let’s face it; elderly people may not necessarily be technology experts. They may not even know what an app is, leave alone downloading a barrage of apps on their smartphone. But smartphones come in very handily for them. 

  • The usage of voice messages 

When people grow old, they find it difficult to send text messages. Writing or typing can be strenuous and cause immense pain on their wrist and arms. Hence, using voice text or message is a lot easier. 

The Siri or similar kind of technology comes to mind. They can simply call out and say what they want. It is useful during an emergency or when they want to communicate with their children. A complete text message and messages can be read aloud. 

Smartphones can also translate voicemail so that the senior person can read it instead of having to listen to it. 

  • Large screen devices

When compared to the qwerty or flip-flop model devices that are relatively small, the smartphone enables the user to view the keys and letters. The text message can be adjusted according to the font that they want and be used. 

  • Emergency details can be stored on the device.

Smartphones come with locks and fingerprint codes. But they come with an emergency mode that lets you access personal details.

For example, when a senior falls down and becomes unresponsive, then somebody can easily take the senior person for medical attention. 

  • The mode of communication becomes easy. 

The mode of communication becomes easy as they can view things easily. Choosing images, photos, messages, and communicating with anybody independently is much more comfortable.

If they are living alone or in assisted communities, then they can keep in touch with their kids and grandchildren. 

The devices can keep them healthy and fit. Several fitness apps monitor the heartbeat, calories burned, and so on. They can help seniors to take good care of their health. The apps allow them to take their medication on time, have meals, work out, and others. 

Best Smartphones For Seniors: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Below is a list of smartphones for seniors for 2022, which you can think of buying for your elderly grandparents, parents, uncles, or aunties. We have also mentioned two ordinary mobile phone options for those who are not familiar with using a smartphone. 

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones for seniors in 2022. An Apple device is always the best and deserves the first rank. We obviously could not begin our review without mentioning the iPhone Pro. 

Best Smartphones For Seniors
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Since the inception of the iPhone, Apple hasn’t looked back. The manufacturer is only making rapid strides in the segment. So why the iPhone for your elderly parent or grandparent? Well, if you look at the larger picture, it has an abundance of features to give. 

The iPhone is a competent device, it is unbreakable, and it comes with a wide range of features. For those of you who haven’t used the iOS device before, it may be a bit of a transition, but it is possible. 

You will be glad to know that the package comes with not only an iPhone but with a wireless plan having unlimited data. The screen is a huge 6.5″ Super Retina XDR OLED display. That means the smartphone offers you excellent clarity and clear visuals. 

It is also resistant to dust and water during those accidental spills that can happen when used by the weak hands of the elderly. The iPhone Pro has a Face ID.

Its camera is astounding with a triple-camera system having a 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP TrueDepth front camera.

The charge is wireless and is fast. The iPhone comes in 4 colors that are pretty good to look at. One user had to say this about the iPhone. He said that his hands used to shake; hence he was looking for a sturdy device. 

He claims that he does not use a case for the device, though he has dropped it a few times. Durability is one of the main reasons he paid close to $1300 for the iPhone, and he is satisfied. We completely agree with this gentleman. 


  • The device is extremely robust and durable.
  • It has a 6.5″ screen that offers you intense visibility. 
  • It has a wireless plan with unlimited data, national coverage, and international capabilities. 
  • The screen is a super retina XDR OLED display.
  • It is dust and water-resistant.
  • The security features are good with Face ID.
  • Its mode of charge is wireless and quick. 


  • It is an expensive smartphone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, no doubt, is a terrific device to gift to elderly parents or grandparents. It is robust, dust, and water-resistant comes with a 6.5″ screen, exceptional features, and an XDR OLED display.

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2. Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M 

If you felt that the iPhone is too expensive, then you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M. It is way cheaper, but you may have to compromise on the features slightly.

The South Korean manufacturer has always been able to be on the good books of the masses. 

Best Smartphones For Seniors
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With the A10S A107M it does the same. Let us start reading the features of it. The smartphone comes with a 6.2″ screen that is quite large. The text and messaging aspects are stunning. 

Of course, you may have visuals like the iPhone, but they are decent. This is a 32GB GSM DUOS Phone. The dual camera of 13MP in the front and 2MP at the rear. This Galaxy A10S A107M smartphone is priced at less than $130. 

You can buy it in 3 color options of black, blue, and red. There is a voice command feature with it, and the memory is quite high at 32GB. The display is at 720 x 1520 pixels, and you also have a micro SD of 512GB.


  • This is an affordable smartphone for seniors. 
  • It comes with a large 6.2″ screen that is an LCD touchscreen. 
  • It has a powerful memory of up to 32GB and a micro SD of 512GB. 
  • It comes with an LED flash. 
  • The device has a voice message ability. 


  • You have to handle it with care. 

Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M should be on your list of smartphones for seniors. The features are intense, and memory is good. However, you may have to handle it carefully. If you are alright with that, then you need only to shell $130 for the device. 

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3. Samsung Galaxy Note8 N950U 

Samsung Galaxy Note8 N950U is next on our review of smartphones for seniors. What is unique about this device? Let us find out—first the size of the screen. The Samsung Note, according to some users, is ridiculously priced at less than $400. 

7 Of The Best Smartphones For Seniors in 2022
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Well, the manufacturer is always known to keep their devices well priced below the competition. According to market data, the Samsung Note is considered for people above 60 years. 

The screen is 6.3″ and is big enough for dim eyes. It is simple to use and handle. Android devices are mostly easy and straightforward to use.

This is a 64GB GSM LTE Android phone. It is slightly more expensive than the previous Samsung device we read about at less than $340. 

It also weighs just .4 pounds. It comes with a touchscreen and stylus. The smartphone comes with a built-in S pen that helps you take notes without you having to unlock the device. This is ideal for those having shaky hands. 

If you like to take pictures, then you can do so even in the dark, using the first dual-camera device that comes with optical image stabilization on both lenses. When you need more control over the smartphone, you can switch to the pro model. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is resistant to dust and water. You can make use of it just about anywhere you want. The smartphone works just fine throughout America.

Besides, it comes unlocked, so if you have to travel abroad, you can do it without concern about your SIM card


  • It has a massive 6.3″ dual-edge super AMOLED Quad HD+ display.
  • The memory is terrific at 64GB with a micro SD of 256GB.
  • This is a dust and water-resistant device. 
  • It comes with a dual 12MP rear camera as well as an 8MP front camera having autofocus. 
  • The smartphone has a stylus. 


  • The device is not reliable, according to some users. 

Samsung Galaxy Note8 N950U is the perfect answer for your elderly parents. Perhaps, their birthday or anniversary is coming up. The Note8 has always seemed to be an ideal gift for your loved ones coming with top-notch features on it. 

4. TCL 10L

TCL 10L is one of the fantastic smartphones for seniors. TCL is typically not used by many young users, but the elderly and those who prefer a durable device like to use it. According to market statistics, consumers of TCL are above 50 years old. 

7 Of The Best Smartphones For Seniors in 2022
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The smartphone comes with a large 6.5″ screen that is FHD + LCD display. We liked the viewing capability of the device, having sharp details. It comes with quad rear cameras having dual-LED flash.

The internet memory is 64GB, and you can use a micro SD for upgrading it to 256GB. In America, TCL smartphones are compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon LTE networks. A distinct feature of the smartphone is the smart key for fast access. 

It is priced at less than $250, which makes it affordable. The device weighs close to 6 pounds that cannot be termed as heavy, but you can feel it if placed in your pocket or handbag. That is a good thing for older adults who may forget things. 

This way, they know that they have their device with them when traveling or even going out for a walk. The audio capabilities of the device are stunning. You can also use the blind mode feature where you know what is going on your screen. 


  • The screen comes with a 6.5″ FHD + Dotch LCD display.
  • It also has quad rear cameras having a dual-LED flash. 
  • The device can be used with major service providers in the US. 
  • It comes with 64GB of internal memory that you can upgrade up to 256GB using micro SD. 
  • The phone is priced at affordable. 


  • It does not come with a brand name. 

TCL 10L is a value-for-money smartphone. When you are in search of smartphones for seniors that do the job, this is the apt choice. It comes with a huge screen, good camera abilities, has a blind mode, and is priced reasonably well. 

5. Jitterbug Smart2 

Jitterbug Smart2 is one of the best smartphones for seniors. We highly recommend this device for seniors. The display size of the screen comes at a decent 5.5″. A notable feature of the smartphone is that it weighs only .2 pounds. 

Best Smartphones For Seniors
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It comes with a 13.0-megapixel built-in camera that has a flash feature. The menu format is quite simple as a single file. It comes with huge icons and fonts that make it easy to use. The phone can be purchased with low plans that come priced at $17. 

Voice texting is an interesting feature found on some top-end phones only. You can speak your message, and it converts it into text format. Then you have to send it to the receiver. The camera is good, and you can easily video chat with your loved ones. 

The camera has 13MP that enables you to share images and pictures of how you are doing at the moment. You can also speak to your medical professionals from home, without consultation or appointment. 

It comes priced at less than $90, which makes it relatively affordable for a smartphone. Does it come with a flaw? Yes, you will have to use only GreatCall as your service provider. Having said all that, this is definitely a worthy smartphone for seniors. 


  • The smartphone comes with a large screen of 5.5″.
  • The camera has 13MP built-in with flash. 
  • The menu is systematic and organized. 
  • It comes as a weight of .2 pounds. 
  • It comes with excellent features on the GreatCall network. 
  • The plans are affordable at $17/month. 
  • The smartphone acts as a safety guide. 


  • You can only use GreatCall as your sole service provider. 

Jitterbug Smart2 is a worthy device that you may want to consider buying for your elderly parents with GreatCall. It is simple to use, comes with an excellent user interface, the monthly plans are good, and the device is affordable. 

Alternative smartphone options for seniors 

It is not necessary that everybody should own a smartphone, especially the seniors. Hence, there are some traditional devices that we found useful to them.

Two phones that are on par with most of the smartphones around today are the JitterBug Flip and the Snapfon ezTWO.

6. Snapfon ezTWO 

The Snapfon eZTWO 3G does not provide quality for smartphones for seniors. But it is one of the best options they can consider. The phone has good volume, large buttons, and 28 font numbers, along with the keypad that speaks. 

7 Of The Best Smartphones For Seniors in 2022
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Isn’t it incredible for your elderly loved one? The phone offers you 5 hours of speaking abilities on a single charge. Otherwise, it can work for more than 118 hours. Most of the service providers work on it, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. 

One user recommended you use the smartphone along with snap Mobile service as it provides you with 900 minutes 1 year from activation. The device comes with a deductible handset replacement available during activation. 

You will be delighted to know that it comes with an SOS button. The pricing is reasonable at only $90. Overall, the device is worth considering when your elderly folks do not want to use a smartphone. 


  • It comes with a barrage of features like huge buttons, a speaking keypad, excellent volume, and a 28-point font.
  • It also comes with 900 minutes of snap Mobile service after one year from activation.
  • They provide you with deductible handset replacement available during activation.
  • There is an SOS button monitoring service. 
  • The device is priced cheap at less than $90. 


  • The reliability factor is there. 

The eZTWO is definitely worth considering when your loved one is not comfortable using a smartphone. That is alright because you have tons of other options in the form of this product. The device has large buttons, a keypad that speaks, has good volume, and is priced reasonably. 

7.  JitterBug Flip

JitterBug Flip is from the manufacturer JitterBug who are known for their smartphones. Yes, they do make them as well as decent traditional mobile phones suitable for the elderly.

If you are looking for a cheap, robust, yet decent device, then the flip-flop model is worth considering. 

7 Of The Best Smartphones For Seniors in 2022
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Let us see why. First, we read the pricing. The device is priced less than $50, which makes it a great gift option for your loved ones. The model comes with huge buttons that can be seen and felt when using. 

The user interface is good, and you do not get to do much with it apart from calling and messaging. When your parents or grandparents are old enough not to understand technology, then this is the ideal option for them. 

We prefer the speaker of the device that is quite powerful. You can find service provider plans that cost less than $15/month. The customer support in America for the mobile phone is sublime.

You can be assured that your elderly parents are safe using this device. 


  • The buttons are large.  
  • The phone is simple to use and comes with a yes and no. 
  • You can choose plans according to your necessity. 
  • The speaker is audible that lets you hear everything nicely. 
  • The plans are quite cheap at $15/month. 
  • The device can be used as a safe product monitoring your health. 


JitterBug Flip is a flip-flop device that comes with basic functionalities. However, you cannot do much with the mobile phone apart from making calls and sending messages. This is a robust device that offers you cheap monthly plans. 

At the time of our research on Best Smartphones For Seniors, we found a video about “PARENTS VS. KIDS” which is worth watching.


Wrapping up 

Choosing a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone is worth your time and money, provided that you have the patience to teach your elderly parents or grandparents the nuances of it. While some elderly people pick up fast, some don’t.

Hence, we have also mentioned two keypad mobile phones that are also popular among those who are not comfortable using the smartphone. Like we mentioned in the beginning, smartphones for seniors do not have to be the only option for all. 

Yes, some of the smartphones mentioned on our list are expensive but come with solid features and are durable. They do not break easily when dropped accidentally. However, we have provided several smartphones that are priced average too. 

Whether you are a senior citizen or somebody looking for a smartphone or device. They should help you remain in contact with your loved ones, then the above options should suffice. The conditions of a large screen, easy to use, durability is covered in most of the devices.

Always make sure to keep emergency numbers on your speed dial. You never know when you might need to make the call. Some service providers have provided dedicated smartphones for senior citizens, you may want to inquire about them in your locality.

Otherwise, the above-mentioned devices can come handy for your cause. Some makers also provide smartphones for seniors with budget packages. So, you may want to take your time and then choose your option.