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7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

The Pokemon world is diverse and full of surprises, which is loved by all Pokemon lovers. The Pokemon Kingdom is vast and full of various Pokemons, which are animals.

The animals inspire the animals in the Pokemon world from the real world. One of the most loved Pokemon is the Snake Pokemon. 

There are many different snake Pokemon in the Pokemon world. There is always one new Snake Pokemon when there is an introduction of a new generation of Pokemon.

The creators took inspiration from animals from the real world. It is the motto of Pokemon of your “gotta catch ’em all”. 

Each Pokemon is a compassionate creature, including snake-like Pokemon. All the Pokemon are creatures that are willing to appease their master. The snake-like Pokemon in the Pokemon are similar to the snakes from our world.

In the most recent releases of Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are more than one new serpentine Pokemon. 

The snake Pokemon is different from each other, and they all have different characteristics. Players will be happy with the different serpentine Pokemon because of their various features. 

Each of the serpentine Pokemon has different characteristics. They all can perform tons of impressive and great things. The serpentine Pokemon is strong and puts out the tough competition for all the other Pokemon. Opponents will have a tough time fighting the serpentine Pokemon because of its unique strengths. 

There are many different types of serpentine Pokemon. Some winding Pokemon types are grass type, water type, flying type, and rock type.

It might look cute and innocent. However, these serpentine Pokemon are dangerous and difficult. The opponents of the serpentine Pokemon have a hard time fighting the snakes. 

The slithering snakes and serpents aren’t as famous as other Pokemon. However, their powers are unique and overpower the competition. 

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time 👌👌

1. Arbok

Arbok is the first generation snake Pokemon. It is a Poison Pokemon, and it evolved from Ekans. Jesse of Team Pokemon obtains an Arbok through evolution. It is the first generation of the slithering Pokemon games. 

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

The sharp teeth and strong body of the Arbok make it one of the most formidable Pokemon to battle. The Arbok’s venom is lethal and capable of poisoning its opponent dangerously. An Arbok’s body has immense strength and is very powerful. 

This is a serpentine Pokemon that resembles the body of a cobra. It is deemed to be the most snake-like Pokemon. Arbok is one of the best serpentine Pokemon. There aren’t many Pokemons that can stand a chance to win against an Arbok. 

The patterns that are on the belly of the Arbok have been studied. There are six variations on the stomach of the Arbok. Two primary abilities of the Arbok are it sheds skins, and secondly, it intimidates. 

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

Pros of Arbok:-

  • The most decisive and most challenging moves of the Arbok is the Acid and Gunk Shot. 
  • Arbok has a lethal venom that can poison the opponent and cause maximum damage to the opponent. 
  • When Arbok wraps its body around its opponent, escaping the strong embrace is impossible. 
  • The Arbok possesses so much strength that it can flatten steel oil drums. 
  • The main moves of an Arbok are the Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot and Acid Spray.

Cons of Arbok:-

  • Arbok is the most vulnerable Psychic and Ground moves. 
  • There are other Pokemon like Azelf, Alakazam, and Espeon that you can use to beat the Arbok. 
  • Any Psychic or Ground Pokemon will win against Arbok. 
  • It’s strength no longer matches the power of Pokemon’s like Gyarados and Milotic. 

2. Eternatus

Eternatus is another powerful snake pokemon. It is the tallest, strongest, and most snake-like Pokemon.

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time 1

This is the most potent serpentine Pokemon that exists in the Externamax form. Eternatus is one of the most formidable Pokemon to fight. 

The opponents have a very tough and challenging fight and try to win against the Eternatus. This Pokemon’s base stat is 690, and it’s the reach of 1125 while Externamaxed, leaves no survivors. 

The signature move of this serpentine Pokemon is the Eternabeam. When the Eternatus uses the Eternabeam, it leaves no survivors. With the help of the Eternabeam, the Pokemon can win any battle and come out as the strongest. 

Eternatus’s main strength is the core on its chest that absorbs all the energy emanating from the lands of the Galar. It is with this strength that allows the Eternatus to stay active. 

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time 1

Pros of Eternatus:-

  • It is the strongest and most potent serpentine Pokemon. 
  • The Eternabeam, which is the signature move of the Eternatus, is capable of killing any enemy. 
  • Eternal’s base strength is 690, and it’s stats reach 1125 while Externamaxed. 
  • It is the tallest Pokemon. 
  • It is a Poison and Dragon-type Pokemon. 

Cons of Eternatus:-

  • The Eternatus isn’t completely immune to attacks. 
  • It is weak to typical coverage moves like Psychic and Ice Beam.
  • Eternatus’s level up learned isn’t as good as others.
  • The Pokemon finds it challenging to win against Dragon Pulse and Earthquake attacks. 

3. Gyarados

Gyarados is one of the easiest Pokemon to obtain in a game. This serpentine Pokemon is one of the desirable Pokemon.

7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

It is one of the most intimidating snake-like Pokemon. This fierce Pokemon’s appearance can overwhelm many of its opponents.

The appearance of the Gyarados is like a dragon. Its inspiration is mostly from Chinese dragons and sea dragons. However, it is not a dragon. The inspiration behind the Gyarados is mainly from the sea serpents, visible on its long body and scales. 

One of the main strengths of Gyarados is that it can quench any flames. The range of fire can be in the usual form to a mega evolution. This strength of the Gyarados makes it a difficult opponent to win against it.  

Like Arbok, Gyarados belongs to the First Generation of origins. In the Lake of Rage, the shiny Gyarados has gained more popularity.

The first sequels that Gyarados appeared in were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. It continues to appear in many series of Pokemon. 

Gyarados is known as ‘Atrocious Pokemon’. The species that it originates from is the Atrocious Pokemon. The best ability of the Gyarados is its ability to attack. 

7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

Pros of Gyarados:-

  • Gyarados has an overly aggressive nature which makes it a formidable opponent. 
  • It can quench flames from a standard range to a mega evolution. 
  • One of the best abilities of Gyarados is its intimidating nature. 
  • It is one of the First Generation of origins. 
  • It is a water and flying type Pokemon. 

Cons of Gyarados:-

  • Gyarados’s special attack abilities are weak compared to other Pokemons. 
  • This serpentine Pokemon is vulnerable to electric and rock attack. 
  • The Pokemon that you can use to beat Gyarados are Zekrom, Deoxys, Raikou, and Thundurus. 
  • Vaporeon can kill Gyarados. 
How Good Was Gyarados?

4. Rayquaza

Rayquaza is a dual-type Dragon, and Flying Legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation III. This serpentine Pokemon is also known as the ‘Sky High Pokemon’. The Rayquaza Pokemon has a long green serpentine with yellow eyes. 

7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

It has a pink lining on the mouth. The Rayquaza is a snake Pokemon. 

The serpentine Pokemon has yellow, linked, and circular markings on its entire body. This Pokemon is one of the few Pokemon that can float and control its levitation speed, direction, and altitude.

It does not change into any other Pokemon, but it can evolve into Mega Rayquaza if it knows dragon Ascent and is holding a Z-Crystal.

 The Mega Evolution is available only from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire onwards. In Mega form, the serpentine Pokemon has a Delta-shaped jaw on its mouth and an elongated serpent body. 

 It is the game mascot of Pokemon Emerald, and it appears on the box art of the game. The main aim of the Rayquaza is to end conflicts when it is needed.

Rayquaza is also part of the weather trio, serving as its trio master. During the Delta Episode, it should be caught to fight Deoxys. 

Pros of Rayquaza:-

  • It has extreme levels of speed and is difficult to catch.
  • As Mega Rayquaza, it is more aggressive and assertive. When it becomes Mega Rayquaza, its body becomes more extended, and it gains more features.
  • It has an epic defense, and it isn’t easy to counter-attack.
  • It has the moves Air Slash, which allows it to fly, and Dragon Tail, which gives it Dragon features.
  • It has charged moves such as Aerial Ace (which helps it fly faster), Ancient Power (which protects it against Rock threats), and Outrage (which helps it get the most Dragon qualities). 

Cons of Rayquaza:-

  • Rayquaza does not outspeed critical threats. 
  • It is vulnerable to ice threats.
  • The Rayquaza Pokemon is weak against Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy moves. 
  • The Rayquake Pokemon is not suitable for PVP

5. Milotic 

Milotic is another kind of snake Pokemon. It is a water-type Pokemon. 

Milotic learns moves like Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Tail. This is one of the most beautiful Pokemon.

7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

Milotic Pokemon isn’t a dragon-like pokemon. Instead, due to its appearance and movements, you can classify it as a sea dragon. The common belief for the Milotic Pokemon is that it is based on mermaids. Milotic resembles a snake and uses moves like Wrap and Coil, making it more like a snake. 

The evolution of Milotic requires a high level of Beauty. This fact makes it the most beautiful serpent-like Pokemon in the sea. The role of Milotic is to calm encounters. 

One of the biggest strengths of the Milotic Pokemon is that it is “Tender Pokemon”. Due to the “Tender Pokemon” as it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to troubled hearts”. 

It is one of the most peaceful Pokemon. It is a Water-type Third Generation. Milotic evolves from Feebas when trading holding a Prism Scale. It maximizes its Beauty with puffins. 

The Milotic Pokemon has many different abilities. It has a marvel scale and has a competitive nature. A hidden capability of the Milotic Pokemon is that it has a cute charm. 

Pros of Milotic:-

  • The Milotic Pokemon is one of the most beautiful Pokemon.
  • It is one of my biggest strengths that it is a “Tender Pokemon”.
  • Milotic Pokemon is strong against fire, ground, and rock moves. 
  • They calm encounters and release a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to troubled hearts. 
  • If soothing doesn’t change the situation, the Milotic Pokemon fights against the opponent. 

Cons of Milotic:-

  • Milotic Pokemon is weak against water and grass moves. 
  • It is more of a calming and soothing bird instead of a fighter bird. 
  • Milotic Pokemon is vulnerable to the dragon and electric actions. 
  • It can be defeated by Roserade, Deoxys, Zekrom, and Electivire. 

6. Serperior 

Serperior is one of the best snake Pokemons. It is a Pokemon, whereas the listicle becomes progressively more snake-like as it progresses. 

Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time 5

Serperior is a grass-type Pokemon. The best thing it is known for is for constricting opponents. It is a Pokemon that is based on the snake species.

The two kinds of snakes that had inspired Serperior are the emerald tree boa and a ball python. Serperior has two fangs sticking out of his mouth, which can be seen when it opens its mouth. However, it is not a poisonous Pokemon. 

Serperior’s glare is exceptionally frightening for Pokemons. However, a Serperior is friendly and pleasant to humans. It has a useful Hidden Ability Contrary. The Serperior is a Pokemon that proves that snakes are the superior species. 

Serperior has a base stat total of 528. When you combine the move Leaf Storm with the Hidden Ability Contrary, it will convert the lowering of its special attack by two stages into an increase of 2 steps. Each Leaf Storm grows more potent with the deadly combination. 

Pros of Serperior:-

  • It is a serpentine Pokemon that proves that snakes are the superior being. 
  • Serperior Pokemon is one of the most potent serpentine Pokemon.
  • It has a Hidden Ability Contrary, which makes each Leaf Storm increase in power and intensity. 
  • It’s a non-poisonous snake Pokemon, even though it has two fangs. 
  • Serperior Pokemon is one of the Pokemon that falls in the category of Regal.

Cons of Serperior:-

  • Serperior Pokemon isn’t poisonous, which is a quality that many other serpentine Pokemon use to their advantage and kill their opponent with their lethal venom.
  • The Serperior Pokemon is vulnerable to fire, flying, ice, and poison moves.
  • If an opponent attacks the Serperior with a bug move, it will be able to defeat it. 

7. Steelix 

Steelix is another snake Pokemon. The origin of the Steelix is the Onix, which debuted in the first Pokemon games. However, Steelix was introduced in the Pokemon games in Pokemon Gold and Silver, which was in generation two. 

7 Best Snake Pokemon Of All Time

The body of the Steelix is either steel or ground. It maintains the serpentine body, which originated from the body of the Onix. Another unique feature of the Steelix’s body is that it has spikes that protrude from its body. 

Mega Steelix has many snake-like features. It’s the body becomes longer than its standard form. The regular spikes have become diamonds, and its head starts looking more armored.

It is believed that if an Onix lives for over a hundred years, its composition changes and becomes diamond-like. 

The Steelix Pokemon is resistant to moves like Dragon, Psychic., Normal, Steel, Bug. Flying and Fairy moves. It is capable of fighting most of the battles because it has an acceptable defense policy. 

There are two Pokemons from the Onix family, and the Steelix is one of them. It is another unique feature of the Steelix. The most vital movement of the Steelix is the Iron Tail and Earthquake move. Max CP of the Steelix is 2414. 

Steelix is a Pokemon that lives underground. It lives further underground than the Onix. Steelix digs towards the earth’s core, and there are records of this Pokemon reaching a six-tenth of the depth of underground. The weakest base stats of a Steelix is the attack base stats, which is 148. 

Pros of Steelix:-

  • One of the best abilities of the Steelix is that it is rock hard, which makes it a difficult opponent. 
  • Another knowledge of the Steelix is that it is sturdy. 
  • The capability of the Steelix to defend itself is immense, and it’s one of its highest stats bases. 
  • It is a steel and ground type of serpentine Pokemon. 
  • The Steelix Pokemon belongs to the Iron Snake category. 

Cons of Steelix:-

  • The Steelix Pokemon is vulnerable to the ground, fire, fighting, and water moves.
  •  Steelix is a Pokemon that doesn’t have a high speed, making it challenging to fight battles. 
  • Many Pokemon can defeat Steelix. Some of them are Reshiram, Lucarios, Darmanitan, and Chandelure. 

The world of Pokemon has many different snake Pokemon. Each one of them has unique capabilities and powers. Some of the serpentine Pokemon are more powerful than the rest.

They all exist in different sizes, nature, and capabilities. In the spirit of many serpentine Pokemon, there exists a need to fight. However, others bring peace too.