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9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time – Detailed Guide

The Pokemon world is a world of surprises, and it never fails to amuse Pokemon lovers. The Pokemon kingdom is vast, and it has various Pokemon inspired by animals that we often see around us everywhere. The Pokemon kingdom also features a lot of Dog Pokemon. 

Dog Pokemon look very similar to dogs, and well, they have superpowers to do magical things. However, sometimes, one may feel or question themself if these Pokemon are dogs? And, if you begin to feel the same, hold tight; it’s the Pokemon world so that dogs can do wonders here.

Since dogs are the most loved animals, many trainers look to find themselves a dog-like pokemon. Humans’ love for dogs shows in the Pokemon world because many Pokemon are very similar to dogs. And, each Pokemon that looks like a dog has one thing in common and, that’s, they all look adorable.

More than thirty Pokemon look like dogs, and some of these are rare and hard to find. We’ll brief you about some of the most popular and some of the rarest Pokemon that look like dogs in our list. Most of the Pokemon here on the list are highly competitive and have great skills. 

Each Pokemon that looks similar to a dog is unique in its way, and they can perform tons of impressive things. Moreover, some of the dog-like Pokemon are so strong that they put up a tough competition. The important thing here to note is, some Pokemon that look like dogs are not necessarily dogs. 

Dog-like Pokemon is a combination of other animals like fox, jackals, and more. However, they are still considered dog-like Pokemon because they have some traits of a dog. The great thing about dog Pokemon is, they are both fire type and water type.

Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time 👌👌

1. Smeargle 

Smeargle is one of the most artistic dog pokemon. It’s famous amongst Pokemon fans who adore art and love painting. Some Pokemon fans also call Smeargle a painter Pokemon. 

Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time

The bipedal body of Smeargle might confuse some Pokemon fans but, it’s a dog-like Pokemon that paints beautifully. Smeargle uses their tail as the brush to paint anywhere they feel like painting. The paint comes from within the body of this artistic Pokemon. 

Smeargle weighs around fifty-seven kilograms and is three feet and eleven inches tall. The thing about Smeargle is, they get old but, they don’t evolve. Moreover, one would be crazy to expect Smeargle to attack when engaged in a fight.

Smeargle is generally found near the ruins of Alph and other places like the caves of the artisan. They are normal Pokemon from Generation II; Smeargle is an artist with abilities like a technician. The other power that Smeargle has is that they own tempo. 

The technician’s ability significantly improves the fighting skills as it enhances the weak moves of the Smeargle. On the other hand, the own tempo ability keeps Smeargle from getting confused. These two abilities keep Smeargle calm and out of danger.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Smeargle:-

  • Smeargle is a painter Pokemon, and they paint naturally with their tail. The liquid fluid present in their body is used as paint. The paint is also used to mark their territory.
  • Technician and Own Tempo abilities protect Smeargle whenever they’re in danger. 
  • Smeargle paints beautifully with their tail, and every Smeargle has a different color paint that they use for painting. 
  • Whenever the emotional state of Smeargle changes, it reflects in the color of their fluid.
  • Smeargle can’t be confused, thanks to their remarkable ability that keeps them from getting confused. 
  • Smeargle can copy any move of their opponents with the ability called Sketch. Sketch allows Smeargle to copy the moves of its opponent permanently. 
  • Smeargle is a rare Pokemon that’s considered friendly until annoyed. 

Cons of Smeargle:-

  • Smeargle has a weakness, and it’s called fighting. Smeargle doesn’t have any special attack of their own, but instead, they copy their opponents’ moves. 
  • A Smeargle cannot paint with multiple colors. Each Smeargle has a different color depending on its surroundings. 
  • The speed of Smeargle isn’t too quick either. The opponents may be much faster and quicker.
  • While most Pokemon evolve after a point in time, one shouldn’t expect the same from Smeargle. A Smeargle is one such dog Pokemon that doesn’t evolve at any stage. They grow old, but they were never found in any evolved state. 
  • While Smeargle can copy most opponents’ attacks, they can’t copy all the attacks of their opponents. Opponents can outperform Smeargle with shadow moves.
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2. Manectric 

Manectric is an electric type dog Pokemon that weighs around forty kilograms and is about four feet and eleven inches tall.

Manectric Pokemon has two abilities that make them more potent and effective. Static and lightning rod are the two abilities of Manectric. 

dog pokemon

What makes Manectric unique is its capability to use electricity wisely. Manectric can also fill their muscles with electricity to enhance their speed and movement. Moreover, to recover faster, they also use electricity and get away with the sore body. 

The static ability enables Manectric to paralyze their opponents when they come in contact with Manectric to attack them.

On the other hand, lightning rod allows Manectric to make electric type moves and protect themselves from receiving any electric move. The weakness of the Manectric Pokemon lies in the ground. 

Manectric is an evolved pokemon and comes from the evolution of Electrike. Manectric is more advanced and more powerful than its counterpart, Electrike. After a point in time and reaching a specific stage, Manectric evolves in Mega Manectric. 

Manectric can also create thunderclouds above its head when they collect electricity from the atmosphere. Sometimes, Manectric also becomes responsible for igniting forest fires, and these fires can be scary. However, Manectric is shy as they are always around the places where lightning has fallen.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Manectric:-

  • Manectric is a wise pokemon as it effectively uses electricity to its benefit. Manectric can enhance their speed by filling electricity in their muscles.
  • Manectric can also evolve into a stronger pokemon called Mega Manectric after attaining a specific stage. 
  • When discharging electricity or attacking an opponent, Manectric can be lightning-fast. 
  • Manectric can perform very strong attacks like thunder waves from their mane. Mane is the place from where a Manectric discharges electricity. 
  • Since Manectric is an electric type Pokemon, thunder, or electric attacks do not affect the health of Manectric. 
  • It’s said that Manectric intimidates their opponents so that their attacks become less effective in the battles against Manectric.

Cons of Manectric:-

  • Defense of the Manectric Pokemon is their weakest aspect compared with their speed, attacking ability, or HP. 
  • It’s believed, Manectric Pokemon grows slowly and takes a lot of time to reach the next stage. 
  • Manectric Pokemon struggle against other ground type Pokemon. They can fight vigorously with another type of Pokemon.
  • There are many Pokemon that are neutral to most attacks of Manectric. However, despite everything, they are widely popular.

3. Poochyena 

Introduced in the third generation, Poochyena is a dark type dog pokemon that weighs about 14 kilograms. Poochyena is approximately one meter and one inch tall and will evolve as Mightyena. The abilities of Poochyena include quick feet and running away.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

With the quick feet ability, Poochyena can enhance their speed stat if it has a status condition. The runaway ability, on the other side, provides a getaway to Poochyena from severe or wild conditions and Pokemon. These two abilities protect Poochyena from ending up in situations where they may be defeated.

Poochyena Pokemon struggle in fighting and facing Fairy-type and bug-type Pokemon. Its defense and attacks aren’t as strong as one may except them. But irrespective of all the weaknesses, Poochyena Pokemon escapes danger through run away or quick feet ability. 

Poochyena Pokemon isn’t picky and eats anything that’s fed to them when it comes to food. Mostly, they are considered carnivores. Though Poochyena fears fighting, it’s very strong against some type of Pokemon, including dark, psychic, and ghost.

Snarl and Crunch are amongst the two most decisive moves that Poochyena can use to trick or defeat the opponents. However, despite having these two attacks to protect itself, Poochyena struggles the most against Lucario, Breeloom, and Blaziken.

dog pokemon

Pros of Poochyena:-

  • Poochyena can cheekily get away from dangerous situations where they may be threatened. They use their quick feet or getaway ability to escape from dangerous situations.
  • Poochyena Pokemon evolves into a Pokemon called Mightyena, which is also a dark Pokemon. 
  • Poochyena Pokemon are eager to munch on anything that they are fed. Mainly, they are considered carnivores and eat plants. But their jaw enables them to eat even meat, and they consume it happily.
  • The quick feet allow Poochyena to chase on the prey till the prey is tired and exhausted from escaping the Poochyena. Chasing prey is a great tactic to attain food.
  • Poochyena also has an ability that makes it invisible, and the power is called Rattled. Rattled can deceive the opponents, allowing the Poochyena to knock them out smartly. 
  • Poochyena Pokemon is strong against the various dark, ghost, and psychic Pokemon. Attacks on Poochyena from these types of Pokemon should be potent. Poochyena can resist up to 63 percent of damage from dark or ghost attacks.

Cons of Poochyena:-

  • The defense and special attack of the Poochyena Pokemon are weak and can’t stand strong blows from a fairy or bug-type Pokemon.
  • Even the speed of Poochyena Pokemon isn’t too quick. One of the reasons for their slow movements could be their small height as well. 
  • Though Poochyena love to eat anything, they are a very poor hunter. Poochyena would follow their food but would turn back if the prey targets them instead. 

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4. Snubbull

Snubbull is a Fairy-type dog Pokemon that evolves in Granbull and weighs about seventeen pounds. Snubbul can intimidate its opponents and run away from dangerous situations. Snubbull is only two feet in height and is a dual padded dog. 

dog pokemon

The basic appearance of Snubbull may confuse some Pokemon fans but, it’s a fairy-type Dog Pokemon with a frustrated appearance. Despite being a Fairy-type Pokemon, Snubbul is weak against poison and steel type Pokemon. Moreover, Snubbul is relatively slower than other dogs Pokemon.

Their slow speed is maybe because of their appearance and dual feet, and opponents often take advantage of their slow speed. They are known to have a friendly nature since they get close to almost everyone.

Apart from their slow movement, Snubbul Pokemon have a weak defense, and to protect themselves from attacks, they run away. 

Snubbul tends to have a great sense of smell as they pick smells and track them quickly. Once followed, they tend to reach near the smell quickly. Moreover, small animals tend to fly away from Snubbul because of their appearance.

The boss hit points of Snubbull are maxed at six hundred, allowing the Pokemon to withstand some strong attacks. Higher hit points are one of the reasons why Snubbul is so effective against dark and dragon-type Pokemon.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Snubbull:-

  • Snubbull is a Fairy-type Pokemon that intimidates its opponents to reduce the impact of their attacks. 
  • Snubbul protects itself from attacks by using its run-away ability. Runaway keeps them safe and protects them from dangerous situations. 
  • When it comes to friendship, Snubbul is great at it as they make friends effortlessly. 
  • A Snubbul has a powerful attack against its opponents. 
  • Against attacks from bugs, Snubbul is quite powerful and can resist significant damage. 
  • Dragon-type and Dark Pokemon attacks on Snubbull don’t seem effective because Snubbul can tackle them pretty well. 
  • Snubbull Pokemon also tend to bite their opponents while defending themselves. Bite attack does the damage of six-hit points to the opponents. 
  • Snubbull Pokemon also has an attack named Dazzling beam that does the damage of about one hundred. 

Cons of Snubbull:-

  • Snubbul, a dog Pokemon is afraid of fighting, and their defense is also not that great.
  • Their bite attack tends to protect them, but it doesn’t do much damage to the opponent. 
  • If Snubbull is attacked with poison or steel, the damage could be enough to knock them out of the battle.
  • Snubbul may not stand a chance against Pokemon like Metagross, Deoxys, and Dialga.

5. Furfrou 

Introduced in generation six, Furfrou is a normal-type dog Pokemon that weighs twenty-eight kilograms. Furfrou is a Pokemon from the Poodle category, and its weakness is fighting. The Pokemon is three feet and eleven inches in height and is quadrupedal. 

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Since the Furfrou Pokemon is quadrupedal, they have a great speed that helps them defend themselves from opponents. Surprisingly, the special defense of Furfrou is also useful and quite strong. As the name suggests, Furfrou has an ability called fur coat.

Using the fur coat ability, Furfrou tends to protect themselves and their trainer. What the fur coat ability does is it turns the damage of physical moves in half. Fur coat ability keeps Furfrou from getting injured and knocked out. 

The fur of the Furfrou Pokemon can be groomed, and even the fur coat can be changed into various forms. One may groom and change the fur coat of the Furfrou Pokemon in shapes like heart, diamond, and star.

An interesting fact about the fur of the Furfrou Pokemon is, the furs will keep growing. The furs keep growing until the Pokemon finds someone trustworthy to chop them. Not everybody can cut the furs of Furfrou Pokemon. 

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Furfrou:-

  • Furfrou is a quadrupedal dog Pokemon, which means they have great speed and swift movement. 
  • Furfrou uses fur coat ability to protect themselves from attacks of their opponents. The fur coat ability minimizes the impact of physical blows on Furfrou, making them fight longer.
  • Furfrou trainers can play around with the appearance of the Pokemon by trimming its fur differently. Not many other Pokemon can have their appearance changed.
  • Just like dogs, Furfrou is also a very loyal and smart Pokemon that a trainer can get. Once Furfrou trusts a person as their trainer, they don’t betray the trainer at any cost. 
  • Headbutt attack is one of the most powerful attacks of Furfrou Pokemon. Moreover, Furfrou makes the headbutt attack with a hundred percent accuracy. 
  • The base friendship level of Furfrou Pokemon is seventy. It’s pretty good and makes it a friendly Pokemon that’s nice with pretty much everyone.

Cons of Furfrou:-

  • Furfrou grows old but doesn’t evolve at any point of time in their life span. There are no traces of the evolution of Furfrou. 
  • Furfrou fears fighting as it’s their most weak aspect. One wouldn’t see furfrou cheered up while they are entering a battle. 

6. Houndour 

Houndour is both dark and fire type dog Pokemon that evolves in a Houndoom. Houndour stands two feet tall and is quadrupedal, which means they are quick and move swiftly.

Moreover, to allow swift movement, Houndour is light in weight, weighing just eleven kilograms.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Houndour is gifted with two abilities called Flashfire and early bird. Once an opponent Pokemon hits Houndour with a fire move, Houndour uses flashfire and hits back with a more substantial fire move. On the other hand, the early bird ability lets Houndour wake from sleep early compared to other Pokemon.

Similar to dogs, Houndour is also loyal and very trustworthy Pokemon. A trainer may expect the Houndour Pokemon to listen to all their commands and behave well with others. Once Houndour trusts someone as their trainer or friend, they don’t disappoint the trainer.

Houndour may look fierce, but they also have plenty of weaknesses that opponents use to knock them out. Houndour Pokemon is weak against water, ground, and rock type Pokemon and attacks. Moreover, fighting is also their weakness, and they are never pleased to engage in battles.

Houndour Pokemon aren’t only loyal, and they are smart as well. They know their weaknesses and work in a team whenever they are hunting for food. Moreover, even if a team member gets injured or is sick, the Houndour Pokemon won’t leave their member alone. 

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Houndour:-

  • Houndour is a loyal Pokemon that doesn’t know betrayal. If a trainer earns the trust of a Houndour, it’ll always listen to their command and protect the trainer at all costs.
  • Houndour cries to communicate with their group members and lure the prey into their trap. They are excellent hunters in a group. 
  • A Houndour replicates a more vigorous fire attack whenever an opponent tries to attack them with fire moves. 
  • The speed and stamina of Houndour Pokemon are impressive, and they can move swiftly.
  • Houndour often uses various gases to take their target down. These filthy gases that Houndour uses are poisonous.
  • Foul Play is an attack that Houndour makes with sheer brilliance and brutal power. And the exciting part is, Foul Play never misses its target.
  • Fire, Dark, Ice Pokemon, or attacks can’t do much damage to Houndour. Against all these attacks and Pokemon, Houndour can deal up to sixty-three percent damage.

Cons of Houndour:-

  • Houndour Pokemon is weak when it comes to fighting, but they make excellent guard dogs. However, they also struggle against rock, ground, or water attacks and Pokemon. 
  • The hitpoints of Houndour are only forty-five. There are various Pokemon stronger than a Houndour. 
  • The defense of Houndour is also pretty weak, and they may struggle if continuously hit with ground or water attacks.

7. Entei

Entei is a legendary dog Pokemon that is from the famous volcano category. Entei is a fire-type Pokemon with a unique ability like Pressure. 

dog pokemon

Due to their heavyweight, Entei puts a lot of pressure on their opponent. Extra pressure makes the opponent exhaust their PP rather quickly. Entei is six feet and eleven inches tall with a whopping weight of one hundred-ninety-eight kilogram.

Entei Pokemon is a volcanic Pokemon, so Entei erupts volcano fires whenever it barks. The attack of an Entei is powerful and can do a lot of damage to the opponents. Since Entei is a volcanic Pokemon, their love for magma is eternal, and their fire attacks are deadly. 

An interesting fact about Entei Pokemon is that they don’t breed or evolve, but they multiply whenever a new volcano appears.

Some believe that a volcano erupts somewhere on the planet whenever they bark, and a new Entei is born. One wouldn’t want to mess around with an Entei because these giants aren’t friendly at all. 

However, if a trainer gets lucky to find an Entei, they can teach their Entei new moves easily. Entei may be unfriendly, but they are smart and quick learners when mastering new moves.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Entei:-

  • Entei is a legendary fire-type Pokemon, and they are rare to find.
  • The attacks of Entei are dangerous as they erupt magma, which is so hot that it almost grills their opponents.
  • Entei has one hundred fifteen hit points that make them great for engaging in fights. 
  • The defense of an Entei is also good. Entei can withstand a lot of damage and protect them from various attacks except a few. 
  • Entei is quite robust against Pokemon like a Golem, Groudon, and more. Moreover, Entei doesn’t get damaged by their attacks as it tackles them too well. 

Cons of Entei:-

  • Entei doesn’t evolve at any stage of their life, and one shouldn’t expect them to take the form of another Pokemon.
  • Entei is weak against Onix, ground, and water-type Pokemon. 
  • Since the base friendship level of an Entei is thirty-five, they aren’t friendly. If someone tries to annoy Entei, it may grill them in magma.
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8. Suicune

Suicune is another legendary dog Pokemon, but it’s not fire-type. Suicune is also known as the Aurora Pokemon that is water-type. They are great at defense and can take the opponents by surprise with their defensive moves.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

A full-grown Suicune is about six feet and seven inches tall, weighing about one hundred eighty-seven kilogram. Just like Entei, Suicune also has the pressure ability to exhaust the PP of their opponent quickly. However, this giant of a Pokemon is weak against two very different Pokemon types: grass and electric.

Since Suicune is a water-type Pokemon, it has excellent capability to purify dirty water and make it fit for use. Some believe Suicune runs across the world to filter impure water.

The Suicune Pokemon has emerged from northern waves, and whenever they cross someone, they may feel North winds.

dog pokemon

Pros of Suicune:-

  • Suicune is a legendary water-type dog Pokemon that is rare to find and catch.
  • Suicune can move swiftly and at an incredible speed. They often use their swift movement to their advantage and exhaust the enemy. 
  • The hydro pump is one of the deadliest moves that Suicune uses in a Pokemon battle. This move may combine with Snarl when the match is organized in a gym.
  • Suicune attacks brilliantly with water as it has embodied the grace of springwater. Springwater enhances its attack and movement ability. 
  • Suicune also uses their hydro pump attack in their defense to protect themselves from the enemy attacks. 
  • In Pokemon versus Pokemon matches, opponents trying to take Suicune down with Fire, Ice, Water, or Steel attacks won’t be successful. Suicune is resistant towards all these Pokemon and attacks and can tolerate up to sixty-three percent more damage.

Cons of Suicune:-

  • Since Suicune is a legendary Pokemon, it also doesn’t evolve in any other Pokemon or shape.
  • A Suicune tends to grow slowly and steadily. The slow growth rate of the Pokemon may also increase the time it takes to level up and unlock new attacks.
  • The capture rate of Suicune is merely two-percent. Trainers need to make a lot of effort to catch Suicune.

9. Growlithe 

Growlithe is a fire-type dog Pokemon that evolves into an Arcanine. Growlithe weighs nineteen kilograms and is two feet and four inches tall. Growlithe comes from the Puppy category and has two abilities that make them fierce and smart. 

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Naturally, Growlithe Pokemon is brave and trustworthy, and they don’t shy away from fighting enemies much bigger than their size.

The two abilities of Growlithe are intimidation and flashfire. A Growlithe reflects a more vigorous fire attack after opponents try to take them down with fire moves.

The smelling sense of Growlithe is quite strong, and the Pokemon doesn’t ever forget a smell that it has once recognized.

The base friendship level of Growlithe is seventy, so one may consider them as safe Pokemon for friendships. Whenever approached for friendship, Growlithe mostly responds in a friendly manner and won’t harm trainers.

9 Top Dog Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Pros of Growlithe:-

  • Growlithe, a fire-type Pokemon, evolves into an Arcanine after reaching a specific stage.
  • The primary and special attacks of Growlithe are quite strong to shock their opponents.
  • In gym matches, Growlithe’s most trustworthy attacks are Flamethrower and Ember. 
  • A Growlithe can resist strong attacks from Ice, Fire, Grass, Steel, Bug, and Fairy-type Pokemon. One may expect Growlithe to tolerate and withstand up to sixty-three percent damage from all these Pokemon.
  • Growlithe can also understand and evaluate the emotions of other living beings with their olfactory sense.
  • The patience of a Growlithe is admirable as they can wait patiently for long hours to get an order from their trainer.
  • If a trainer gets their hand on the firestone, they may use the stone to evolve their Growlithe. However, finding the firestone isn’t easy as it is also a rare item.

Cons of Growlithe:-

  • Growlithe has a weak defense, and they may be defeated while defending themselves from their opponents’ attack.
  • Growlithe struggles when fighting against Ground, Water, and Rock-type Pokemon. These Pokemon may give up to one hundred sixty percent damage and knock Growlithe out.
  • Pokemon like Rampardos, Kingler, Landorus, and Excadrill may give a tough time to Growlithe. The chances of Growlithe winning against these Pokemon are bleak. 


The Pokemon world has a lot of dog Pokemon, and some of them have great abilities. While some dog pokemon are weak when it comes to fighting, there are plenty of them who love battles.

Moreover, dog pokemon are available in various sizes, and they have some of the best features to make their appearance even better.