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13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time – Detailed Guide

We all have entered our teenage watching Pokemon, and still, whenever we get the time, we are stuck to our mobile screens watching new episodes of the never-ending adventure that is pokemon.

There are so many different Pokemon types that you can find in the series that it gets hard to remember their names. In addition to this, when you are watching Pokemon, you are so engrossed in the story that you forget about the Pokemon and its species.

Well, Pokemon has species, like it or not, but there are more than ten different types of Pokemon species, which you can find in the main series if you watch it closely.

Each species has its ability and cons, making them unique and stand out from the rest of the Pokemon. Today we are going to talk about Cat Pokemon, the ones who look and behave like cats. Yes, you might have seen them, but you were not sure whether they could be termed as Cat Pokemon or not.

Well, don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem by naming some of the well-known cat Pokemon across the series, so you know about your favorite Pokemon a little better. 

A Brief History About Pokemon 

A lot of people might think Pokemon, the medium of television cartoon series, first introduced Pokemon. But that’s where most of the people are wrong. In truth, Pokemon was first introduced as a gaming series for Nintendo, which debuted in Japan in 1996.

The first two games were Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. After its massive success in Japan, the game became quite popular in the United States and worldwide.

The game was launched in the American market by the Game Boy line of handheld consoles. One can play video games any time anywhere as long as the console has a battery. 

The two Pokemon games which were introduced in the American market were Pokemon Blue and Red. In these games, players become Pokemon trainers. They have to capture Pokemon to train them to fight with other Pokemon trainers on the battlefield.

The game was sold out from all the stores, and it became such a hit all around the world that it has formed its cult. 

Where children talk about Pokemon and their capabilities and compare them at lunchtime. Pokemon video games became a huge success. They were one of the most loved video games worldwide and just got beaten by a small margin by the face of the Nintendo console, which is Mario. 

The original game, which first introduced the concept of training a Pokemon and keeping him as a pet, was based on a role-playing mechanism.

In this role-playing model, one has to collect different types of Pokemon to form a team that will compete with the other trainers that have their team of Pokemon.

Most Pokemon are divided into two types. One of them is fire-based Pokemon, and the second one is water-based Pokemon. Each of the Pokemon has its strengths and weaknesses. Children used to play hand games to mimic the battles between the Pokemon. 

Pikachu is the face of Pokemon. The whole world knows about him, the cute eyes and the way he says Pika Pika makes him so adorable and a loving character that if you ever visit Japan, you can see him almost everywhere from the streets of Japan to the bullet train.

Pikachu has become a global icon, and people of every age love his character. After its huge success, Pokemon found its way to the television screens, where it became an instant hit, and both children and teenagers were glued to their TV screens to watch every episode of the series.

You can consider Pokemon to be an Anime as its origin was from Japan. Their tons of books, comics, and even live-action movies based on the Pokemon universe. 

Recently there was a mobile game that inspired people to go out of their homes to find Pokemon. Because of that game, we saw hundreds of people rushing into a park to capture a pokemon.

We saw a massive mob running on New York streets to find out that special Pokemon, which was hard to find. Pokemon Go brought all the memories back of our childhood and allowed us to live our youth once again. 

Types Of Pokemon 

There are 18 different types of Pokemon, which are divided into two main types: water and fire. The fire type of Pokemon is weak against water type pokemon. On the other hand, ice type pokemon are weak against fire type pokemon.

Also, the water type pokemon is weak against electric type pokemon. These are some of the matchups you need to keep in mind when taking out your Pokemon for the battle.

It would be best if you chose wisely as your choice of Pokemon will decide whether you will win the fight or lose it.

A fire type pokemon such as Ember will crush the opponent if he chooses to fight using grass-based Pokemon such as Bulbasaur. Moreover, there are specific abnormalities that can be found easily if one has a sharp eye.

Some pokemon are immune to certain types of attacks from a particular pokemon type. Regardless of how much power the opponent pokemon has in him. 

Why Are Cat Pokemon Awesome To Have?

If you look on the internet, two things are more loveable than a dog, the first one is the cat, and the latter is a pokemon. But what if both of them can be found in one animal?

That’s right, in the Pokemon world, there are certain Pokemon that are based on cat species. These pocket monsters are too adorable yet too powerful to control humans, just like normal cats. Cat pokemon are more friendly than the other Pokemon. They are comfortable around humans and don’t get freaked out easily. 

One of the best examples of cat pokemon and human relationships is Pickachu and Ash, who is the protagonist of the main series. You can see how close they were to each other and know what the other one is feeling even without saying a word.

Most of the time, Ash doesn’t keep Pickachu in the Pokeball because he knows Picakchu is a friend. He won’t be leaving or running away from him no matter what happens. 

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 👌👌

So after telling you a little bit about the Pokemon and cat Pokemon, let’s dive deep in finding out the best cat pokemon best, which you can find in the Pokemon series.

These Cat Pokemon are spread over a wide range of series and games, so if you think you can find all of them in one series, this might not be possible.

But guess what? This will allow you to explore all the other series related to Pokemon and help you increase your pokemon knowledge. We are sure you too want to flaunt your knowledge of Pokemon in front of your friends at the next birthday party. 

1. Litleo

Generation VI gave cat fans a real cat pokemon, which is a lion, and not only did it provide a lion-based pokemon, but the combination of deadly fire and lion was the one which the fans can never forget.

Litleo is the fire type cat pokemon that is intimidating and has a scruffy mohawk of fiery furr. You can’t really pet this Pokemon as it could lead to severe burns on your hands.

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time According to our information, this type of cat pokemon likes to live with pride just like a real lion, which you see in a jungle. Litleo will start to have his own group of Pokemon when he starts to feel stronger and older. 

Litleo takes up to 35 levels to complete. Evolve into Pyroar. Now the Pyroar has one thing which makes it stand out from the rest of the pokemon species. And that is its difference between the male and the female version. You can clearly see the gender as little evolves to Pyroar. 

A Male Pyroar has a full mane just like you thought around his face. On the other hand, if you look at the female side of Pyroar, you will see it has a long blaze of hair that is falling behind her on the back. 

Both the Litleo and Pyroar have quite ferocious attack moves such as hyper beam, incinerate, and overheat. Even though they are of fire type, they are quite normal. 

Well, lions are always welcome in the tribe, and it’s good to have them as they are intimidating and quite useful during battles. 

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 1

2. Glameow/ Purugly

At number two spot, we have Generation IV’s Glameow, which is another normal cat pokemon. Along with this, it is one of the few Pokemon which comes with a humongous attitude.

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 2

But when they are happy, you can feel their purr in the air as they do it quite affectionately. The name Glameow is enough for someone to laugh as it makes sense that this cat pokemon is quite glamorous, and indeed there are no second questions to it. 

Evolution of the Glameow is Purugly, which is the total opposite of the glam kitty which you used to see. After the evolution, the Purugly cat pokemon becomes fat and will be seen as the less attractive Pokemon of the two. 

As a person who loves cats, this is not something we liked about the naming scheme of these two cat pokemon. 

According to the Pokedex, the Purugly tries to make himself look bigger and more intimidating so the opponent can get scared. In case Purugly isn’t a type of cat pokemon for you, then you don’t have to fear him. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

When the evolution is under its way, you can press the B button to cancel the evolution and keep the glam kitty to you. 

The pair of Glameow and Purugly has learned a standard set of moves, which includes both dark and typical move sets. In addition to this, both of them have useful sleep-inducing psychic attacks along with Hypnosis. 

3. Zangoose 

With generation III, we get to see our best of the cat pokemon, which is Zangoose. This cat pokemon is officially listed as a “cat ferret,” with the appearance and the name taken from the Mongoose.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

The animal Mongoose is not related to the cats directly, but it does have all the characteristics which you can find in cat pokemon, just like hyenas and civets. 

When we first looked at Zangoose, we didn’t think it would fall under the characteristics of a cat ferret due to its thick clawed mammal, which has a bipedal red and white color. 

But if you look deep into its behavior, you can find feline qualities that can also be seen on the face, but you have to look for them. 

One of the epic stories came from its in-universe rivalry with the snake Pokemon Seviper. 

If you keep these two in one group, you are surely going to see the fight of the decade as these two will try to kill each other no matter what. 

Zangoose has a great attack, which includes Crush Claw, which is used to be exclusive to it, and no other Pokemon has it. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Seviper vs Zangoose | Pokémon Form Fight

4. Dusk Mane Necrozma 

If you think you have seen everything, then guess what you are in for a surprise? The Prism Pokemon has a robotic kind of shape, which makes him look so intimidating that you might think it can quickly kill off your Pokemon with its one attack. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

But the story is different from what you think it is, as the Dusk Mane has an above-average attack, and it’s relatively slow in terms of speed. As a result, you can consider it the uber tier when you are competing against someone. 

The Dusk Mane uses offensive-type moves, making it possible to tear down his foes like Photon Geyser and Prismatic Laser. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

When you are using this cat pokemon in the fight against fairy, grass, ice, flying, psychic, rock, and steel type Pokemon, you will have an advantage, but that does not mean you have won the fight. You need to be strategic in terms of attacking and dodging the attacks of the opponent pokemon. 

At the time of our research on Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time, we found a video about “Which Mythical Pokémon Is Your Guardian?” which is worth watching. 😎🤴

Which Mythical Pokémon Is Your Guardian?

5. Meowstic

Yes, that’s what the name of this cat pokemon is. You can see that the name comes from majestic. Espurr has a first stage evolution is the “constraint Pokemon” Mewositic.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

With its calm eyes, you will see how it manages to prevent accuracy damage and go through the barriers that use the infiltrator ability. With the help of its hidden power called prankster, it prioritizes the effective attacks that come from the opponents.  

Sadly, the basic stats of Meowstic are just too low to make it an effective competitor. If you are playing a single-player, you can take the help of Meowstic to fight the bugs, ghosts, and several dark types of Pokemon. 

But when you put him in front of fighting type pokemon or psychic Pokemon, you will lose the battle in just a few minutes as it doesn’t have any good damage prevention against heavy damage attacks.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

6. Absol 

It is still not confirmed whether Absol is a Feline or a pure mammal-based pokemon; it does resemble a cat-like face along with a sharp chin and has a battle cry which sounds the same as a housecat.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Absol name was derived from the word absolution, which is often said to be related to disasters. There’s a common folk between the people of the pokemon world that says whenever a disaster occurs, you can find Absol in the nearby forest.

When this cat pokemon shows up near a village, that means a disaster will strike them, and they need to be prepared for it. Some even believe that Absol is the reason for the disaster in the first place. 

In one of the anime series of Pokemon, the writers were trying to clear out the image of Absol by making him the messenger of the disaster which is about to come on the local people. 

It’s a dark type pokemon, and when it reaches its 6th generation, that’s when you get to see its fighting form where it grows wings. Its stats skyrocketed from its previous iterations. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

7. Meowth

Meowth is one of the most loved characters in the Pokemon series. He can be seen with two main antagonists, and he’s always trying to find ways to catch a new pokemon before Ash and his team does it.

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 8

Pickachu being the first Pokemon to be loved by fans. The second pick, without a doubt, is Meowth. He is one of the few Pokemon which can speak in the human language. Thus, it gives him the unique ability to talk to humans and convey his message to them. 

Meowth is a standard type of Pokemon based on “Maneki Neko,” which is said to be a Japanese cat charm that comes with coins and has been associated with good luck. 

Living up to his reputation as Meowth and his evolution Persian has a signature move called “Pay Day.” In this move, both the Pokemon hurl up coins at their opponent, and when the battle is won, the trainer is free to collect the coins.

You can find Meowth in spin-offs of the series and some games which are not officially released under the name of Pokemon. Thus, you can see how much of an influence Meowth has on Pokemon fans around the world. 

People remember him from his team rocket years. Even now, if Meowth comes in front of you in a game, you will smile looking at the old memories of Ash fighting team rocket and their captain, who is none other than Meowth.  

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

8. Mewtwo

If you have seen the live-action movie, you know Mewtwo is one hell of a Pokemon. This cat pokemon is one of the extremely popular Pokemon among fans. It has been present in the current generation since the start of the first game.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide Mewtwo could only be found, battled and if you want to capture him, you need to finish up the game first. On the other hand, Mew was a hidden cat Pokemon, which you cannot find in the normal gameplay.

It can only be captured during the special Nintendo events, and once they are over, Mew has gone from the game. 

These two might not look like cats at first glance as they do not have mustaches even in their initial form, which is Mewtwo. But the official sources have told us another story which says both of them are from “feline.” 

Even the name Mew comes from the sound a kitten makes, and the Mewtwo is the name carried by its clone for the namesake. 

Both of these cat pokemon are psychic types. Both of them, being the legendary Pokemon have stats that are so powerful that they need to be banned from the Pokemon tournaments. 

On the other hand, Mew has been a fan favorite for quite a while among other legendaries, and Mewtwo enjoys a particular type of reputation which isn’t given to any other Pokemon from any of the series. 

Many players try to catch Mewtwo using hacks and cheats. However, so far, Mewtwo remains one of the most formidable Pokemon to catch. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

9. Espeon

We have not confirmed whether this one is a cat or not. Espeon is one of the cat pokemon which came from the many possible evolutions for Eevee. It is quite a famous creature whose name comes from the word “evolution.”

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

During the change of evolution, Espeon first became fire type cat pokemon. It turned out to be electric type Pokemon, and finally, at his third revolution, it became water type pokemon. 

With each new generation, we saw new “eveelutions” added like leafeon, a grass type pokemon, Glaceon, an ice type of Pokemon, and the latest entry Sylveon, a fairy type pokemon. 

Most of the evolutions of Espeon are fox-like, or they are more ambiguous mammals, though a lot of them have feline features. 

If you want to have Espeon, you need to be patient with your Pokemon as you first need to have Eevee to have a high friendship with you in the first place. After that, you need to let it evolve naturally during the daytime. 

You need to make sure that you turn off the evolution at night to give you Umbreon instead of Espeon. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

10. Raikou 

If you think about a beast, we are sure this one cat pokemon must have come up in your mind. Raikou is one of the members of the legendary monster trio, which also includes Entei and Suicune.

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 11

There is a debate among the Pokemon series fans, which revolves around finding the answer of whether the legendary trio is all dog species or all cat species. 

Well, all three of them have shown mammalian with some ambiguous features. But there is no doubt about Raikou not being on the feline side as it represents a sabertooth tiger. 

On the other hand, Raikou is one of the few electric type pokemon. According to the game lore, you can only find Raikou when the thunderstorm is going on. The Raikou can ride the thunderstorm clouds.

In addition to this, Raikou has also appeared in one of the famous Nintendo games: Super Smash Bros: Melle, as both a Pokeball attack and a trophy. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

11. Skitty/ Delcatty 

We were offered some new cat pokemon with the names coming from the word Kitty with generation three.

Well, if you look at this, there are many cats in the game and in the series, which are more on the dark side of the spectrum, meaning they are not as friendly as you think an average cat should be. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

But here’s a sudden change, with Skitty, you get a cat pokemon, which is all cute from all the sides. It has a pink color with a balloon-like tale protruding from its back. It is also one of those cat pokemon that runs for its tail until it gets dizzy and stops doing it. 

Skitty is a regular type of cat pokemon. Still, it is partially from the fairy egg group as it has entered generation VI and has evolved into Delcatty with the help of a magical Moonstone. 

Even though Delcatty is an evolved version of the Skitty, it isn’t as cute as the latter one. Both of them have a move assist, which gives them the power to use their opponents’ move set during the fight. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

12. Luxray 

Luxray is one of the cat pokemon that turns into a big dark lion of darkness and fear from happy, go-lucky furballs. Luxury always comes at the higher levels of the game to make sure that the player isn’t going to win the fight as they used to in the game’s lower levels. 

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 13

Just after completing five levels after evolving for the third time and one for the final time, the Luxray can learn Thunder Fang, which has the best accuracy with more than 95%. 

You can also expect two more physical attacks along with one particular attack, and along with this, you get two status moves, which you get when you are training your black and blue cat for the fight. If you train this cat pokemon to its fullest, you will surely not lose any of your battles without giving a hard time to your opponent. 

Luxray has been a fan favorite since it debuted in the game due to its massive size and shape, making this cat pokemon look quite intimidating.

The design conveys a strong personality and toughness and a dark aura, which is something you are not going to see quite often in cat pokemon. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

13. Solgaleo 

Now here we have another big cat which looks like a cat came straight from Siberia. The Solgaleo is the generation VII which is the mascot of its generation. It evolves from Cosmog and Cosmog.

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

Both Solgaleo and its alternative evolution, Lunala, have taken inspiration in terms of design from galaxies and star constellations present in space. 

You might not be able to find which type of cat pokemon is Solgaleo, but after doing a lot of research and looking through different sites, we have come up with the answer, and that is it’s a Psychic/ Steel-type pokemon which isn’t common as you have already known. 

The stark white is on the fur of the Pokemon makes it pop from the rest of the Pokemon and the mane dangling in the front from the face of the Solgaleo is quite intense, which helps in creating fear in the minds of the Pokemon which is battling against him. 

13 Top Cat Pokemon Of All Time - Detailed Guide

In Conclusion

So there you go. These were some of the cat Pokemon which you might need to have if you are interested in petting a cat in a virtual world of Pokemon.

Don’t worry. You can still take care of your real cat, but if you want a companion that suits your liking and wants to stay with you throughout your gameplay. 

Pokemon are like your pets; they need affection and care from you. If you don’t give them what they want they are not going to fight for you.

The same goes for cat pokemon they need to be taken care of if you want them to win battles for you. No matter how big or intimidating they look they all love a little bit of affection and care. 

The Pokemon world is full of cat species. Pokemon, you need to find out which one is yours and which one is going to help you win the fights in your gameplay.

There is no doubt cat pokemon are stronger than dog pokemon, but at the same time, they are quite hard to tame. But once you do it, they are going to stick with you through the rest of the game and make it easier for you to focus on your gameplay rather than finding new Pokemon to fill up your inventory.