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27 Top Programming Blogs To Improve Your Coding Skills


Learning to code is not easy. If you’re an entrepreneur or a designer, you may think coding is unnecessary, but it doesn’t matter if website development is your profession or if you have a passion for web development; you should know the basics of programming.

With the current AI and machine learning trend, programming is becoming more critical and beneficial in your day-to-day life.

As a programmer, you can easily benefit from looking for coding blogs and coding news to keep up-to-date developments in the programming field. To make your life simpler, we’ve hand-picked some of the most fantastic coding blogs to keep you up to date.

Programming blogs are the best way to read about the latest trends, innovations, and discoveries in the programming world. They’re essential for any coder looking for tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can make their work easier.

These blogs and websites can help you level up, whether you’re just getting started or have years of expertise.

Best Programming Blogs – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Stack Overflow Blog

Stack Overflow is a website that maintains a blog. The blog comprises company posts, engineering, insights, and podcasts. It is among the best programming blogs. The blog is updated regularly with new stuff. There are many exciting write-ups with quality information.

The Stack Overflow Blog has all the latest news about the company, its products, technologies, and other relevant content for the developers. It is a programming question-and-answer website that has created an outstanding blog for visitors.

Best Programming Blogs

The blog is filled with articles related to technology and other exciting things. You can visit the Stack Overflow Blog to read about different topics regarding programming and coding.

2. freeCodeCamp.org

If you’re looking for an excellent programming blog, freeCodeCamp.org is one of the finest. This blog features tutorials on coding (JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, etc.) and does so in a very easy-to-follow manner.

Best Programming Blogs 1

They are an open-source community where people who want to learn how to code come to practice. They have over 200 free coding exercises, support for all levels of experience, and a vibrant community of developers ready to help each other succeed in learning how to code.

The freeCodeCamp.org blog was first published in October 2014 to provide free coding tutorials to everyone interested in learning from scratch. The blog also offers interactive challenges that quickly help users learn more about programming languages and concepts.

3. Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer is for anyone who wants to be a better software developer. The topics vary from career advice to tips and tricks on how to code faster, the mental aspects of being a software developer, and much more.

They have a passion for programming and learning, and they’re not afraid to show it in their writing. They’re here to learn and help others learn with them. There’s no fluff, no filler. Just straightforward advice that gets straight to the point.

Here at Simple Programmer, they strive to create content that will help you in your career or as a programmer learning new things.

4. Joel on Software

Joel on Software is among the well-known programming blogs on the internet. A new entry is published monthly, offering insights into programming and software development from a creator’s perspective. This blog is a must for anyone interested in learning about the challenges of starting a software company

The articles on Joel on Software are as informative as they are clear. The blog is easy to navigate, and the topics are arranged in an organized manner. Also, the fact that the author is an expert in his domain helps this site. His name alone gives it credibility. The writing style is clear to comprehend and grasp.

5. Lambda the Ultimate

If you enjoy programming and want to connect with others who share your passion, you may consider following Lambda the Ultimate.

Its author works hard at spreading news and information about the programming languages community, and he does so well. It’s one of the best blogs for programming that even includes game reviews.

6. Dev Community

The DEV Community is a blog made for software developers and programmers. It is a blog where you may get various information linked to your subject. They write their content in an easy-to-understand manner, so even people with no programming knowledge will grasp the concepts.

27 Top Programming Blogs To Improve Your Coding Skills

The blog also contains a social network to connect with like-minded professionals, making Dev Community a valuable resource for software developers and programmers.

The blog is routinely updated, so you can ensure that everything is up to date. It has a reputation for being genuine and honest.

The DEV community is, in short, an excellent website for software developers. It’s a place where all kinds of people can come together and help each other out.

If you are looking to better yourself by learning from others, the DEV community will surely be the best destination for you to visit. There’s no doubt that it is among the best blogs for programming on the web right now!

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7. Envato Tuts+ Code

Envato Tuts+ is among the best blogs for programming and is an excellent website for programmers of every level. It’s filled with so much important information for coders of all skill levels, and there are lessons for everyone from amateur beginners to experienced professional developers.

There are tutorials on everything from Flask web development to social media integration with WordPress and more.

Envato Tuts+ Code provides something for everyone, whether you’re an expert seeking to brush up on your abilities or a newbie who has never coded before. It has over 75k followers and publishes three articles per week.

8. InfoQ

InfoQ, with over 1.5 million developers reading it each week, is one of the most popular programming sites on the net. Not only that, it is highly influential. So what makes this site so successful? Of course, this can’t be identified with any certainty. 

27 Top Programming Blogs To Improve Your Coding Skills

The articles’ clarity and range of topics allow anyone to pick up some good tips, while their depth also makes them suitable for more advanced practitioners of the field.

They organize conferences that may be interesting if you look more at interviews with community members who share their knowledge in an actual speech than in a plain article.

9. The Go Blog

The Go Blog features articles on programming languages. It is an excellent blog for anyone interested in the programming language, who wants to learn about or engage in discussions on the technicalities involved in developing the language, or who is trying to get started with it. All articles published are thorough and provide a lot of helpful information.

The followers of the blog are from across the world. The blog covers both technical and non-technical topics. Readers find the concepts, frameworks, software updates, and news very helpful to move ahead in their careers. It has over 17k followers and publishes 1 article per week.

10. David Walsh Blog

David Walsh Blog is a blog that covers most areas of programming that you can think of. Anything from web development to games programming to graphics programming will be included on the blog.

What’s great about this blog is there are thousands of free tutorials available. So if you’re looking for free coding tutorials, this is probably the best place to be. In addition, the source code is there, and you can use them as samples or learning resources.

David Walsh Blog is a well-written programming blog that gives tutorials, provides information about frameworks, and offers insights into marketing and coding. David Walsh has a very distinct writing style, and it’s one that you need to get used to. Over time, you will learn to appreciate the content better.

11. JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly is among the best-curated newsletters for those interested in keeping abreast of the latest and greatest in the world of programming. The key reason for its success is that it exclusively publishes high-quality, up-to-date articles on the latest programming news, tutorials, and projects.

JavaScript Weekly is a blog that publishes JavaScript/Node.js articles once per week. The pieces are not recycled content and are very well researched. The blog is well known in the developer world and has a big following of over 18k followers.

12. React

React is a blog that provides readers with helpful insight into the React JavaScript library and ecosystem. It’s an excellent resource for developers and designers interested in React. Still, it’s also great for anyone who is intrigued by and curious about the innovation that is being brought to life by the React development team.

React is quickly becoming a favorite among JavaScript developers. By following React’s blog, you will be aware of this open-source community’s latest trends and news.

Best Programming Blogs 5

The React blog covers various topics, all relating to the JavaScript framework. Its posts are generally of high value and provide exciting insights into the inner workings of React.

It has over 20k followers and publishes 1 article per week.

13. Java Code Geeks

Java Code Geeks is just one of the best programming tutorials. It has about 8-9 articles per week and nearly 20k followers. You may subscribe to their feed for the latest updates.

It is among the best blogs for programming. It will be beneficial in learning Java technology and developing Android applications.

This is a reliable blog for those who want to keep updated with all the new programming stuff. Synchronization between the site and social media accounts helps it remain active even on trending topics.

14. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks continues to be a must-read for any web designer, whether you are a CSS novice or expert. This blog is among the best blogs for programming. It has approximately 113K followers. 

27 Top Programming Blogs To Improve Your Coding Skills

CSS-Tricks is a resource for CSS-related information, and it is even among the most popular resources for developers. It publishes 14 articles every week, and all of them are extremely useful for people who deal with programming languages.

15. DZone

DZone is a programming website with an extensive information library for programmers. It is free with hundreds of free publications. It has many categories for developers to find the best topics for them. It has featured articles, code snippets, and templates for developers to get the latest knowledge on programming.

It publishes over 100 articles every week, is updated day after day, and has over 11K followers.

16. Changelog

The changelog is an independent media company that aims to be the best source of information for developers. Their weekly newsletter covers essential topics, and their podcast is excellent and has over 10k followers.

It is an information journal focused on providing news and podcasts to web developers. It contains articles sharing the experience of leading software engineers, helping their readers to stay abreast of what’s new. Professionals in programming write their articles, so you know that the quality will probably be very high.

17. Engineering at Meta

Meta is a trendy blog in the field of engineering. It covers infrastructure systems, open-source, connectivity, data center engineering, and developer tools. The author of this blog publishes newsweekly.

27 Top Programming Blogs To Improve Your Coding Skills

Updates are published regularly, keeping the followers updated about innovations. This blog has numerous followers who have commented on drafts and offered feedback on different courses of action.

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18. 8th Light Blog

This is one of the top programming blogs, with over 10,000 subscribers. It publishes 1 article per week. You will find excellent programming and software engineering content written clearly for anybody to understand at this site.

8th Light Blog is well known for its blog on software craftsmanship. The best blogs for programming can generate high traffic so that you can use their content and traffic to your absolute advantage.

In short, if you’re trying to make money from blogging, it’s good to follow the best blogs for programming so that your knowledge level matches theirs.

19. The Morning Brew

The Morning Brew is one of the Microsoft-related blogs with some fantastic articles. It provides codes, explanations, and links to other materials and tools designed for beginners who want to learn to program. The blog is ranked among the Top 100 Programming Blogs at Feedspot.

The Morning Brew is a programming blog that comes out once every weekday and publishes five pieces of fresh content on its site.

20. Engineering – The GitHub Blog

It is an excellent blog for developers who write mainly about adapting engineering practices for the modern world of software development. They’re currently hosted on GitHub pages.

The blog for GitHub (Visit Here) is an always-updated source of valuable information for programmers in a wide array of fields and programming languages.

The blog is updated daily by the team at GitHub, which allows the users of this service to stay informed on the newest developments related to application development. The topics selected are engaging, innovative, and essential to any developer, regardless of their experience level. Great tool!

It is among the best blogs for programming. It has 23K followers and publishes 1 article per week.

21. Google Developers

If you’re a newbie or an experienced developer, staying updated on what’s new in the Google world is crucial.

Google developer’s blog is the best source for knowing about Google’s new technologies, new updates, and interviews of great tech personalities.

Best Programming Blogs 8

It is the best place to get all updates on what’s new in the world of Google. Everything you need to make your apps, from trends and news to tutorials, is there. It publishes three articles per week.

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What A Day In A Programmers Life Is Actually Like

22. Jon Skeet’s Coding

Jon Skeet’s coding blog is among the best blogs for programmers/developers. It is mainly aimed at those with programming knowledge who want to stay updated on the industry. It has over 16 thousand followers, and Jon frequently writes to keep readers engaged.

The blog aims to simplify the real-world problems of software development by improving coding skills. The blog is updated weekly and publishes 1 article per week.

23. High Scalability

If you are building a scalable, high-traffic website & blog, this is a blog worth following.

High Scalability is among the best blogs for programming. It helps you build successful, scalable websites and publish 1 article per week, and it has approximately 55K followers. 

If you are building a startup where you need to scale your website horizontally, then HighScalability.com is one of the best websites to you should subscribe to.

24. CodeProject

CodeProject is an excellent addition to your blog listing if you’re interested in programming and creating Software. The topics cover an extensive range of subjects, which means that there’s something for every kind of Programmer to enjoy.

The blog is managed by professionals who do their job sincerely without fraudulent activities. They also have different articles on software development, C++, Java, and other topics.

25. Hacker News

Hacker News has become a go-to resource for developers, hackers, and programmers of all kinds. Even better, there is a strong community of commenters. Hacker News is worth reading if you want to become more involved in the programming community.

Many programmers closely follow hacker News. The site is administered by Paul Graham’s investment firm and business incubator, Y Combinator.

And there is no doubt that it has some of the best insights on computer science, programming, and general technology news, not just in blogs but the whole web.

26. Spotify Engineering

Spotify Engineering is among the best blogs for programming. You’ll find some great articles about web development and Software development as you read through them.

Spotify Engineering shares doers and thinkers’ experiences, techniques, and trends across our engineering organization.

Best Programming Blogs 9

It is an excellent source of information from infrastructure industry professionals. The blog covers various topics ranging from DevOps and different programming languages to job search and more. Their content is centered on Spotify and its culture and tools, with the most widely known being the infamous “Spotify Explain” series.

27. The Daily WTF

The Daily WTF has influenced many programmers, particularly bad code. One can imagine that if you want to be a good programmer, it is crucial to know how not to program. They are sometimes exposed to so much code that works correctly and is correctly designed code.

They do not appreciate the significance of bad code, nor do we always recognize the possibility that this may happen ourselves.

If you are a Web developer or run a startup and have perused the many blogs on web development over the years, you should know about Daily WTF. 

The Final Verdict

The best way to get acquainted with programming is to start small. Whether it be with Logo or Scratch, you should understand programming fundamentals.

This article aims to motivate you to learn something new, take a different approach, and focus on your programming education. The world is currently experiencing means that learning fundamental programming concepts can help you in your future career.

There will be numerous programming blogs out there that you can use to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of programming. No matter what programming language you’re interested in, there will be a blog dedicated to it.

There are hundreds of programming blogs out there to keep you up to date with the industry’s biggest headlines. Most of them will pique your interest in one way or another, each with unique insights and experiences that make them compelling reads.

These blogs and websites offer great content to help you learn more about programming languages and trends. The best part is, that you can read their top posts for free! So if any of them look attractive, be sure not to miss out.