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5 Android applications for professionals

Mobile phones are mostly used for personal communication and entertainment purposes. The Android operating systems allows literally millions of applications for these two uses. But have you ever thought of using your mobile for something truly professional?

Apart from making documents and checking your email, mobile phones can also be used for a host of professional uses. Medical personnel, law enforcement officials, accountants and other professionals can use Android apps to boost their performance.

This article will give you some insight into what types of professional applications are available on the Android Platform. Some of them may be for you, some not.

But this will definitely open your mind to the possibility of using your phone for a more serious purpose. Remember your mobile is with you all the time and it is a great tool to have on the go.

So any application that works to enhance your productivity is going to help you earn more and achieve more in your everyday life.

Here are the Top 5 Android applications for professionals:-

1. Medscape:- (Rating 4.4) Download Now

5 Android applications for professionals

For medical representatives, Medscape is a great app. Free on Google Play and it connects physicians, patients, nurses and medical students as well as other healthcare professionals.

Within this environment, numerous health-related questions, issues and situations can be discussed in the community of more than 250,000 physicians worldwide 24/7.

Issues related to drugs, medical conditions, procedures, consultations and drug interaction checking are discussed. You can share the reports and ask about what kind of procedures you need.

Whether you should take some medicine or you should take some primary care for your health issue or you should seek a proper medical attention.

With this app, physicians can share their experience of similar cases and take advantage of each other’s expertize. This is a great way to stay up-to-date as a health care professional.

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2. Photo Studio Pro (Rating 4.6) Download Now

5 Android applications for professionals

This application is for professional photographers. With many filters to choose from, you can make lots of changes in your photos.

This offers wide-ranging tools like text, photo compositing, color correction, lens boost, sharpen the images, stickers, shapes and much more.

There are 200 filters available that can truly transform a simple image into a work of art, simply with one tap.

Although you have to buy this application it is worth a try. It is useful for people who work on their online blogs where they have to make their own wallpapers and instead of spending too much time to learn Photoshop they just have many options on this mini photo studio. Note: this application is popular among women.

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3. Remote Desktop Manager Download Now

5 Android applications for professionals

Remote Desktop allows you to connect with remote PCs through your mobile. This is a great way of handling out of office tasks while still keeping your PC in your access.


You cannot always take your complete PC with you and if you are on a business trip and have forgotten some important document on your office PC, then the remote desktop will definitely help you get access to the document. Imagine how many headaches you can avoid simply by using this application.

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4. Book Keeper Accounting (Rating 4.4) Download Now

5 Android applications for professionals
This software helps you keep records of all your financials. Bookkeeping, accounting, GST, Invoicing, Inventory, you name it and this software does it for you.

This is a great tool at your hands to keep up-to-date data of expenses and revenues.

Instead of noting down your ongoing expenses in a diary, why not keep log them using this app.

This will not only save you time but also generate reports that will help you determine where your money is going. So be smart and use this accounting application to help you stay ahead of your colleagues.

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5. US Cop (Rating 4.7) Download Now

5 Android applications for professionals
This is the number on law enforcement app on Android and can be used by law enforcement personnel to process accident investigation formulas, brake efficiency, narrative templates, different tire size speed calculator, Lidar test instructions etc.

This app will help the officers on duty to calculate the details they need in an efficient and correct manner.

Pill identifiers are also included in this app which help the officers determine the nature of any illegal form of pills that they take into custody at the scene of the crime.

It also helps cops and detectives in determining the reasons behind the crimes as it contains a database of old cases and hence it quickly searches through the data and allows possible crime motives. Legal updates are added by the American Police, Public Agency Training Council and US Supreme Court!


While 99% of mobile users use their phones for communication and entertainment, your phone can also help you in your profession.

All of us know that you can create documents and check your email on your mobile, but the world of opportunities goes beyond that. Professionals of all sorts can search for applications on Android that can help them advance in their respective professionals.

You can increase your productivity and use the knowledge of others to help you on your way to success and using a professional Android application like the ones discussed above are a great way to do that.

Try out some of the application above if you fall into any professional they are related to or search for more apps on Android and you will surely find one or two that are applicable to your profession.

And if you are not even a professional yet, and are studying, then there will be apps that can help you achieve better grades. The message of this article is to use your phone to gain a decisive advantage compared to your peers.