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35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

Searching For Apple Watch Apps? Here is The List of Best Apple Watch Apps That Are A Must-Have.

Apple, as a Gadget manufacturer needs no introduction; it is known for its high-end tech gadgets, including iPhones, Watches, Airpods, and much more. The products from Apple Inc. have become a status symbol, and are known for their superior quality, brand value.  

Apple products are expensive, but the product’s features, quality, and customer service justify the cost. To date, Apple has successfully developed many products, and each new product by Apple has some innovative features.   

In the recent past, Apple introduced innovative smartwatches with tons of unique features. Watches are something that we use regularly, and they were initially developed to know time.

But, with technological advancements, watches have also evolved to become smartwatches and possess features similar to a smartphone.  

With the Apple watch, you can do many exciting things including, tracking fitness activities, receiving calls & notifications, tracking sleep hours, and much more.

All these functions require specific applications to be installed in the watch. Many applications are available on the internet for Apple watches, but only a few are trusted, while the others are spam.  

In this article, we have listed down the best Apple Watch Apps that are a must-have in your Apple watch to clear your confusion.  

Best Apple Watch Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In the early 2000s, people didn’t know that watches can be used for more than just learning time. We had never imagined a watch that could act as a smartphone, but with rapid changes in science and technology, watches evolved to become the best portable smart device that one can use.

In the recent past, watches started to lose their charm, but many tech companies came forward and revived the beauty of watches with their innovation and technology. 

Today, everyone wants to own a smartwatch designed to make our lifestyle convenient and efficient. Many tech giants worldwide promise to offer the best smartwatch, but many fail to stand by their words. On the other hand, there is Apple Inc. that offers the best-in-class smartwatch with fully loaded exciting features.  

Apple watches are known for their state-of-the-art security and activity tracking features. There are many apps available over the internet that help make your Apple watch more efficient.

Like iPhones, the Apple Watch has its own App Store, which houses thousands of applications suitable for the watch.  

On the Apple Watch Space, there are many categories of apps that enhance the functioning of your Apple watch. There are traveling applications that enhance and ease your daily commute.

There are productivity apps that increase productivity and help you utilize your time efficiently; you also get access to many gaming applications on Apple watches.  

With all the applications available for the Apple Watch, it might be confusing for the users to choose the best among them.

If you, too, are confused about which apps you should install on your apple watch – this article will clear all your doubts. Give the article a read, and we are sure you will find the best Apple Watch Apps from the list below.  

Traveling Apps For Apple Watch 🚓

Watches coupled with navigation and GPS features are the most efficient and productive commute devices. If you travel a lot, check out this list of Apple Watch Apps best suited for traveling. 

1. City Mapper: All Your Transport

If you use your watch for navigation on your daily commute, then City Mapper (Download here) is one of the best Apple Watch Apps that you can install.

City Mapper is explicitly designed to map out the city routes for more manageable and hassle-free traveling.

Best Apple Watch Apps

If you are in London, Newyork, or Paris, then City Mapper will be the best application for navigation and GPS tracking. The application offers precise and accurate information about traffic, Travel time and includes minute details of all the routes.

The application also informs you about the nearby bus stations, train stations, and cabs with their expected arrival time. It also shows all the bus stops on your journey routes, making it easier to travel.  

The application’s best feature is that it shows the ETA and the traffic condition on your chosen route; it also recommends the best route to reach a place quickly and conveniently.

The latest update of the application has come up with advanced routing systems for scooters and bicycles, making it easier for you to get around the city. 

The application works on LTE, with the help of which you can quickly get back to the location of your accommodation when you have left your phone in the location.  

2. ETA – Live Traffic Alert

Sometimes it so happens that we tend to figure out the best way for our commute, but we can’t make calculations for the time of arrival. But, with ETA on your Apple Watch, you can quickly know about the expected arrival time on your chosen route.  

ETA (Download Here) is a must-have Apple Watch Apps that keeps you updated about the traveling time while going to your chosen location. The application also shows the traffic conditions and reports delay on the way to your commute.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 1

The application will help you quickly calculate the traveling time from your current location to your home or any other location you choose.  

3. iTranslate 

If you are going to a foreign land for vacation or work purposes, iTranslate (Download Here) is a must-have Apple Watch Apps. The Application is the best language translator that fits right on your wrist.

The application provides the translation in around ninety languages and is accompanied by a sleek and user-friendly interface.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The application comes in two versions; a free service version and a paid version. The free service offers limited language translations and features, while the paid service offers a wide variety of features coupled with unlimited transitions. The paid version of the application costs $6-7, but the features justify the subscription charges. 

The application supports voice and location detection features which are pretty impressive. If you turn on the location option, the application detects your location and starts translating in the local language of the area. Isn’t that amazing?  

The application allows on-the-go translation, which is an exciting feature. In this translation feature, all you need is to tap on the watch screen to start the translation function. 

iTranslate for Apple Watch

With all the fantastic features mentioned above, iTranslate can be considered the best traveling apps for Apple watches.  

4. TripIt – The Travel Organizer

TripIt (Download here) is one of the best travel organizers that you can opt for. The tagline of the application justifies its functionality. If you are a daily or an occasional traveler, TripIt will help you organize your travel plan in an orderly manner.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

We all know the pain and discomfort we all go through while planning a trip. Even though we plan every part of the trip cautiously, we still miss some aspects of the trip, which we regret later. TripIt solves the problem by organizing all your travel documents to help you travel hassle-free without leaving your documents behind.  

The TripIt application helps you successfully organize all your documents as per the order you need them on your journey.

You need to upload all your documents, including ticket confirmation mails, hotel booking records, and other such documents, on the platform for the application to work. TripIt will arrange the documents in order, and once done, it will notify you of the same.  

When you link your mail Id to the application, in that case, things become even more accessible, as the application accesses all the mails and finds all travel documents, and arranges them, which is an impressive function.

Introducing TripIt for Apple Watch

The application truly works like a miracle; it notifies you when to leave for the airport so that you do not miss your flight.  

Once you configure the application on your phone and watch, it starts working on the arrangement of the documents. Once the arrangement is made, you get to see all your traveling details on your watch screen in an orderly manner.

Suppose you are at the hotel; the watch will flash all the documents you need at the reception to check-in. Isn’t that impressive? 

The application also has a paid version that adds more exciting features, including live flight tracking, seat finding, and regular notifications. But, you can always opt for the free version, as it offers all the necessary features you need while traveling.  

Loaded with all the impressive and unique features, TripIt is one of the most recommended Apple Watch Appson on the list.  

5. Uber 

Uber (Download Here) is an impressive application for requesting cab service right from your wrist. Though the application does not offer much feature as it does on a cellphone, it is still one of the best Apple Watch Apps available on the Apple watch space.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

Unlike the Phone app, it does not support estimating fares but allows you to order a cab without using your phone. The application also intimates to you the estimated arrival time of the cab, which is quite interesting.

If you use Uber for your daily commute, then the Uber watch application is a must-have. Check out the fantastic Uber application for Apple watches. 

6. Apple Maps 

Apple Maps (Download Here) is another excellent and well-designed navigation and GPS tracking application from Apple. The application isn’t very popular among users, but it works fine with Apple watches. The application supports voice recognition and assistance and can be operated through Siri.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 5

All you need for the application to work is to ask Siri to help you find the best route to your location. Once you input your destination, the watch application will direct you to your location through the best possible route. The application indicates when and where to turn using the watch’s vibration sensors, which is impressive. 

With the Apple maps application, you will be confident and won’t be confused about the routes on the journey to your destination. 

Fitness And Health Apps For Apple Watches 🎏

Smartwatches have become the latest and most wanted piece of fitness equipment; for their active fitness tracking sensors and health tracking features. People nowadays pay more money to own Apple watches for their fully loaded fitness features.  

The Apple watches are well known for their high water resistance capabilities, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, and other enhanced health-tracking features.

There are numerous apps that you can install on your Apple watch to track your daily fitness and health activities accurately. The apps mentioned below are a must-have for every fitness enthusiast out there.  

1. Arm Speed Analyzer 

If you are a Cricket player, Golfer, or Frisbee thrower, you must know that arm speed matters the most while throwing a ball or a frisbee.

Arm Speed Analyzer (Download Here) is one of the best fitness apps for Apple watches. The Application is a well-designed speed tracker that analyzes your arm’s speed while you throw a ball or a frisbee.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The application uses your watch’s accelerometer to analyze the exact speed of your arm while you move it. The Arm Speed Analyzer is the best fitness app for professional Aethelets, Crickets, and even Baseball players. The app helps you judge your arm speed and improve your throw to enhance your gameplay.  

The application provides a simple and sleek interface coupled with active speed tracking. The application covers four aspects of arm speed; current speed, recent acceleration and speed, personal best arm speed, and previous top arm speed. The application stores the speed records simultaneously with each track, making it easier to access them later.  

Even though the application is a simple arm speed analyzer, it can even track your kick speed with your Apple watch tied to your feet. But, it is highly recommended not to use the application for measuring kicks publicly as it might seem weird.  

Overall, the application is a great fitness tracker and a must-have for every sports enthusiast out there. 

2. Watch To 5K – Couch to 5km Run

Watch to 5K (Download Here) is another wellness application designed out of frustration – Yes, you read that right. The developer of Watch To 5K was irritated with other 5K applications requiring you to carry your iPhone with you during the training, which is quite frustrating.

The creator of the Watch to 5K application designed it in a way that it does not require an iPhone to function.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 7

Watch to 5K is a fantastic training application that helps you achieve a 5k run distance over a time of nine weeks.

The application organizes a customized training plan as per your requirement, which generally includes three runs in a week for around nine weeks. On successfully completing the goal, you will see yourself achieve 5K in around thirty minutes, which is impressive.  

The application is well-designed to fit beginners who want to train themselves for running 5K in nine weeks. The plan of running exercise would keep changing from week to week to help improve speed and stamina.

The application shows all the critical reports on your watch screen, including your heartbeat rate, pace, burnt calories, etc. The application stores all records of your run in the Apple health app, which you can access easily.  


The application is simple, efficient, and easy to use, and it helps you reach your goal of 5K in no time. If you too want to burn calories and achieve a distance of 5K – Go check out the application. 

3. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

Strava (Download Here) is one of the latest and most reliable fitness tracking applications designed for Apple watches. The application is loaded with enhanced GPS tracking features that track your running and cycling activities.    

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The application runs fine on the Apple watch and tracks every movement while the watch wearer runs or cycles. The Application pins the distance covered by the runner or the cyclist onto the watch screen, making it easier to improve and enhance.  

If you are a professional cyclist or a runner, the app is a must-have for you. It will help you track the pace and distance covered, allowing you to improve and perform well. The app does not require an iPhone to work, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your phone with you while training.  

4. Pear – Personal Fitness Coach

Pear (Download Here) is one of the finely designed Apple Watch Apps, and it is more like a personal training and fitness application that helps you plan your daily fitness activities. The application is so designed that it can function without iPhone, making your workout session convenient.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 9

The application has hundreds of workout exercises that will help you increase your stamina and burn calories. The application has all types of exercises ranging from Yoga to HIIT to Cardio and much more.

You can select the workout you need and start with ease. Each workout on the application has a set of levels to help you improve and lose weight quickly.  

The application offers direct communication and coaching from health and fitness trainers, which will assist you through your workout session.

The workout becomes more exciting and engaging when you get coaching from an actual person rather than a robot. So, if you are willing to train yourself, Pear is the best training application you can opt for.  

5. Apple Fitness Plus 

Adding to the list, another excellent fitness application designed by Apple Inc. – The Apple Fitness Plus (Download Here). The Apple Fitness Plus is all you need during your workout sessions, and the application provides an interactive interface covering all the minute details you would need while working out.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The fitness application from Apple is purely subscription-based but provides cutting-edge service, and hence the subscription charge is justified.  

The application is built precisely to fit your watch; it tracks all your activities using the watch sensors and even notifies you of the activities on your phone’s screen, which is pretty impressive.  

The app is an absolute miracle for its top-notch response to all the commands. The application even motivates you with its timer in tough training sessions. The best part of the application is that it lets you share the subscription with up to 6 members, which makes it cost-effective.  

The app boots up automatically once you install it on your Apple watch and displays reports based on the type of workout you select on your iPhone. The application is even supported on Apple TV and iPad, making it easier for the users.  



6. Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary

Moodistory (Download Here) is another excellent health and well-being application designed for Apple watches.

Most of the health and fitness Apple Watch Apps are made to record and analyze physical health. But, Moodistory is a unique health app that keeps track of your mental health rather than physical health.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 11

In Today’s busy world, mental well-being is the most important aspect, yet we all ignore it at times. But, Moodistory makes it easier for you to track your mental health and helps you overcome stress and pressure.  

Moodistory offers the fastest means to record and track your mood to improve and provide a proper shape to it. With the application, you can quickly record all your thoughts and feelings and store them in the Phone’s app, making it easier for future use.  

The application is best suited and a must-have for those with high mental stress. It will help you to phase out all your feelings and understand the pattern of your mood. You quickly get to see the changes in your mood when you record it with Moodistory.

The app helps you to identify the elements that trigger your mood. It even shows the elements that light up your mood and the ones that bring your mood down separately. You can use the data recorded using Moodistory in counseling sessions.

Moodistory is the most recommended application on the list that helps you understand your mood and enhances your mental health.  

7. Work Outdoors 

Work OutDoors (Download Here) is an all-in-one outdoor activity tracking application designed especially for Apple watches. The app is well-designed to actively track your cycling, running, and other outdoor activities.

The app comes with customizable display options, with which you can choose how to display the reports of your activity.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 12

The app comes with exciting GPS tracking systems to be used offline, making navigation easier. The app is flooded with many features to make your workout sessions enjoyable and effective. The application is free to use but provides best-in-class services.  

8. Swim.com: Swim Tracker

If you are a swimmer and don’t find Apple watch’s swimming app compelling enough, then Swim.com can be a savior for you.

Swim.com (Download Here) is a swim tacking app designed to fit the Apple watches; it offers active tracking of your swimming activities that can be stored and accessed later.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

Swim.com is regarded as the best Swim tracking app for its advanced features, including post-swim analysis and live feedback.

The application helps you track and store all your swimming activities in a single place, making it easier to access. It helps you know your flaws and work on them to improve your performance.  

9. Peloton — at home fitness

Peloton (Download Here) is another exciting exercise app built for Apple watches, though the name closely relates to a racing term. But, the application is designed to enhance the workout experience for the users.

With Peloton, you can easily track a colossal variety of exercises, including cycling, running, HIIT, Yoga, and much more. It is a one-stop solution that helps you keep track of your training sessions.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The application offers a helping hand while your meditation, which is another impressive feature. Peloton is genuinely a state-of-the-art app that tracks your activity; also, it gets you all motivated with its live video and music streaming features, supported on an iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

The watch application covers a lot fewer aspects of the training. However, the data it displays helps a lot in improving the performance.  

The Watch counterpart of the application reports heart rate, pace, and distance traveled for all sorts of exercises, which is impressive. The application collabs with Apple’s health application to keep you updated about your health stats.

With all the impressive and unique features, Peloton is a must-have app for sports and gym enthusiasts out there. 

10. Seven – 7 Minutes Workout 

Think of all the things you can accomplish in under Seven minutes (Download Here); pretty tricky, right? But if we say that you can achieve fitness and sound health in under 7 minutes, would you believe us?

However, Seven is an innovative app build to help you get fit and burn as many calories as possible in under 7 minutes.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 15

The app promises to deliver a fit and active body if you are ready to spare seven minutes of your day. You don’t need equipment or a gym for the workout in the Seven-minute Workout app; all you need is seven minutes and your Apple watch.  

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to perform the exercise correctly, you better keep your phone’s screen on to see the exercise and learn. However, if you know how to do the exercise, then the phone might not be necessary.  

The application is wholly packed with advanced features to motivate, analyze, and record all your workout sessions, making it easier for you to improve and become fit. The app is built to teach healthy exercise habits to users to become fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.  

11. Streaks Workout 

Streaks (Download Here) is another innovative activity tracking application that helps you quickly track your exercise stats, making it easier to improve your workout performance.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

With Streaks, you get no excuse to skip your daily exercise, and the app offers plenty of customization options to make the workout effective and comfortable for the users.  

The application lets you choose the type of exercise you are comfortable performing and the workout time.

If you want short but practical workout sessions, you can choose six minutes workout, and if you want an extreme workout, you can opt for the extreme mode, which takes thirty minutes. With all the fantastic features, Streaks can be regarded as a good workout app. 

12. Start With Yoga 

Start With Yoga (Download Here) is an excellent option if you have a yoga habit but can’t find an appropriate app to track your yoga activities.

The best part is, unlike other apps, Start With Yoga does not require an iPhone to function; it has an independent Apple Watch app, which is quite impressive.

Furthermore, the application was built to avoid phones during Yoga sessions as phones become obstacles in concentration.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The app has an easy-to-use interface and helps you design your yoga session through pictorial illustrations. The application also offers five pre-organized sessions, which you can also opt for. Select the time for which you want to hold your position, and the app will measure and analyze your efficiency, helping you improve.  

The app is primarily designed for beginners and might not be interesting for professional Yoga instructors or practitioners. But, with all the cutting-edge features and activity monitoring, Start With Yoga can be considered a great application. 

13. Nike Run Club 

Nike does not need an introduction; It is a famous brand among sports enthusiasts known for its innovative, trendy, and high efficient shoes.

Nike and Apple are well known for their collaborations in the sports world. Nike Run Club (Download Here) is the latest innovation developed by Nike in collaboration with Apple. The application has improved monitoring systems and other innovative features. 

The app suggests you a good time for a run with the help of Siri; it also shows you the stats from your previous runs, making it useful for you to improve your efficiency.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The Nike Run Club app offers a simple yet premium interface, compared to other running apps available for Apple watches. The app is built to track and store all your run stats throughout the month, making it easier for you to judge your performance.  

The app is loaded with innovative features, including audio guidance and challenges to motivate you and make your running sessions effective. The app is designed appropriately to fit all the info you need while running and avoids unnecessary information.  

14. Nike Training Club 

Here is another marvelous training application from Nike. The Nike Training Club (Download Here) is built to induce the habit of regular exercise among the users. The Nike Training Club will act as a personal fitness trainer and assist you through the training sessions.

The app is designed keeping in mind all kinds of workouts, including HIIT, Yoga, and much more. The app covers more than 200 workouts to improve your strength, stamina, mobility, and endurance. The app is completely free for Apple Watch users, which is outstanding.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 19

The app offers flexible customizations to suit your needs; it covers all the aspects of training and helps you improve and achieve fitness and health.

You can choose your daily exercise plan from the list of various personalized exercises. The app even provides suitable plans based on your previous workout sessions, which is an excellent feature.  

With the Nike Training Club app, you can plan and organize your exercise schedule on your phone and check your stats on your watch. The watch app is reliable and offers a simple yet efficient user interface.

While you work out, the watch displays all the necessary information that you would need, including heart rate, oxygen levels, number of reps, and time.

The app is an excellent combination of simple design and effective tracking. Unlike other training apps, Nike Training Club offers all sorts of workouts for free, which makes it the most affordable app in the category. 

If you are a fitness freak, you must check out the Nike Training Club without further delay. 

15. HeadSpace: Meditation & Sleep

Ever felt that your life has become monotonous and stressful? Want to have some relaxation? HeadSpace (Download Here) is here to help you out. HeadSpace is another beautifully designed health app available for Apple watches.

The primary function of HeadSpace is to make you stress-free and calm. The app helps you become mindful and relaxed without putting in much effort.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The watch app of Headspace acts as a coach and helps you take a break from your busy schedule. It also tracks your mood and reminds you to take a break when necessary.

Isn’t that amazing. All you need is to pick an exercise or meditation and perform it for the allotted time, and this will help you calm down and relax.

The innovative SOS feature of the app notifies you to take breaks at regular intervals to prevent you from mental strain. The app will act as a savior and help you lead a stress-free and healthy life; it will also help solve your sleeping problems.  

With all the fantastic features, Headspace is an excellent application, and it does help you lead a stress-free life.

But, the high subscription fees of the app can give you stress: The monthly subscription costs between $11-13, whereas the Yearly subscription costs around $95-96, which is pretty expensive. However, all the premium features that the app provides justifies the high subscription fees.  

Relaxing Wind Down Body Scan: Switching Off for Deep Sleep with Sleep by Headspace

16. Lose it! – Calorie Counter

Lose It (Download here) is a marvelously designed weight loss app that helps you lose weight without having to go through diets, weight loss supplements, or fat bills of weight loss programs.

Instead, the app helps you track and manage the number of calories you consume in a day. With the app’s help, you can set a calorie intake goal and measure it with the actual calorie intake, thereby keeping a record of the excess calorie intake.  

Best Apple Watch Apps 21

The app integrates with other fitness apps to help you achieve your fitness goal; it tracks your overall nutrition and calorie intake daily.

The app has an innovative feature, where you can communicate with other people through peer groups; these groups will motivate you can help you achieve your fitness objective.  

The Lose It application also helps you with your regular exercise sessions; all you need is to set a goal and focus on achieving it with the app’s help.

For all the features of the app to work, you need to have your iPhone with you. However, with the help of the watch application, you can stay updated on your calorie intake. 

17. Happier 

Adding to the list is another great app that focuses on mental health; Happier (Download Here) is another excellent that helps you focus and concentrate in the present, rather than being distracted. The app helps the users to become mindful and careful throughout their day.  

The app tracks your mood and helps you to uplift it when you feel low. All you need is to tell the app about your feelings, and it will respond with motivational quotes to make you feel encouraged and motivated.

Happier lets you take short breaks between work to meditate and focus through its active mood tracking feature. The app lets you share your happy thoughts with the Happier community and other peer groups.  

If you are not happy or stressed with your lifestyle, Download the Happier app and lead a healthy and happy life. 

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Sleep Tracking Apps For Apple Watches 🧚‍♂️

We often neglect our sleep schedule; sometimes, we sleep for 2 hours, and sometimes we sleep for 8-10 long hours. Unhealthy sleeping habits can lead to an unhealthy life and invites many diseases over time.  

However, there are numerous Apple Watch Apps that help you monitor your sleep throughout the night. These apps help you to have the correct amount of sleep and lead a healthy life.

Let us check out some of the best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watches. 

1. NightWare 

NightWare is 1st app on the list is an exceptional sleep tracking application approved by the FDA and is specially designed for ex-army or ex-military personnel.

However, ordinary people can also use the app, but only after being advised by a doctor or sleep specialist. The app is brilliantly designed to help people recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder nightmares. 

With the help of Apple Watch’s Heart rate tracking and motion sensors, the app intimates you when you have a nightmare. Then with the help of a haptic engine, it breaks your nightmare without disturbing your sleep. Isn’t that marvelous?  

The app keeps track of your sleep, heart rate, and motions with the help of watch sensors; it does the tracking for the initial ten to twelve days to understand your sleep pattern.

FDA Clears NightWare for Apple Watch

Once it gets hold of your sleep pattern, it knows when you are having a nightmare. On sensing a high heart rate, the app identifies that you are having a nightmare; it then interrupts the nightmare with a faint vibration.

If the nightmare doesn’t stop, the app increases the vibration intensity until your heart rate is standard. The app is only available through the US Veterans health care system with the help of a proper prescription.  

2. Sleep Cycle 

If you are bored with or can’t find enough features on the Apple watch’s sleep tracker, then you must try Sleep Cycle (Download Here), an advanced Sleep tracking app built to fit the Apple Watch.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The app provides a sleek and user-friendly interface and monitors your sleep schedule with the help of Apple Watch’s heart rate sensors and accelerometer.

The advanced alarming system of the app helps you wake up gently from sleep without getting all rushed, which is impressive.

The app helps you get a detailed view of your sleep records and also helps you get a sound sleep with its sleep guides and audio. With all the great features, Sleep Cycle is an excellent and must-have app. Moreover, the app is free to use, making it more popular among users. 

3. Nap Bot – Sleep and Nap Tracker

Nap Bot (Download Here) is another excellent sleep tracking app designed especially for the Apple watch. The app helps you track and record your sleep; It also helps you identify all the disturbing factors that affect your sleep schedule. 

Best Apple Watch Apps 23

With its advanced tracking features, the Nap Bot identifies all the annoying elements that affect your sleep and intimates to you the time they occur.  

The Nap Bot has a premium version that costs $0.70-$1 per month and around $10 per year. The premium version has more exciting features, including sleep history data and sleep pattern analysis.

With the help of Sleep history, you can quickly get a detailed overview of your sleep timings and trends. On the other hand, the Sleep pattern analysis helps you identify your sleep trends and all the elements that affect your sleep quality and quantity.  

The application works closely with the Apple health app, allowing you to analyze your health. The app displays the recorded data in tabular and graphical formats, making it easier to understand. Check out the Nap Bot application in the app store. 

4. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker 

Want an extra pillow while sleeping? Take the Pillow that fits right into your Apple watch and tracks all the activities you do while sleeping. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker (Download Here) is one of the best sleep tracking apps available for the Apple Watch.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The app offers an interface similar to Apple’s Activity tracking app and works just the opposite. The Apple Activity tracker tracks all your activity throughout the day; Whereas, Pillow tracks your activities while you are asleep. Isn’t that brilliant? 

The app provides a detailed analysis of your sleep schedule and helps you wake up gently for a cheerful day. The app also integrates well with Apple’s health application to provide a detailed overview of your health and fitness.  

The app is an excellent combination of sleep-tracking and an alarming system, and it allows you to track and record all the noises you make while sleeping.

It also integrates with iTunes and allows you to set music to wake you up gently. Pillow Sleep Tracker is a must-have and highly recommended app for the Apple Watch with all the fantastic features.  

Pillow App Science Test: Apple Watch Sleep Review

Music And Podcast Apps For Apple Watches 

Music, Entertainment programs, and Podcasts offer us a way to escape our busy lives and have a little time for relaxation. Music affects our lives in many ways; it helps us calm ourselves and enjoy every rhythm.

With the list of Apple Watch Apps mentioned below, you can hear your favorite music, podcasts, and cricket scores without having to go through your iPhone.  

Without any further delay, let’s check out the list of some fantastic music and podcast apps available for the Apple Watches. 

1. Spotify 

In the world of online music streaming, Spotify (Download Here) is the most famous and well-known name. Spotify is ruling the music industry with its high-quality music and podcasts. The platform offers a sleek and user-friendly interface with a minimal subscription fee.

Best Apple Watch Apps 25

The app started streaming its music and podcasts directly into its newly designed Apple watch application in 2020. This means, now you don’t have to carry your phone around to listen to your favorite music or podcast, isn’t that great? 

All you need to stream music through the Spotify watch application is your Apple watch with a cellular network. If your watch is the latest one and supports cellular data features, then you can enjoy music from anywhere without your iPhone.  

Whether you stream music with or without your phone, the Spotify app is a great music application that helps you control your music navigation right from the watch, which is a good feature.  

2. ESPN: Live Score Updates 

Most of us enjoy watching sports; if we don’t get a chance to watch it live, we somehow manage to get the live score updates and still enjoy it with full enthusiasm.

If you are a sports enthusiast, here is the most impressive Apple Watch app to provide you with live score updates – ESPN Live Score (Download Here).  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

ESPN is the world’s leading sports channel that covers numerous sports events worldwide. The channel launched its live score application for the Apple Watch, which offers live commentary and scores updates of various sports events.  

The app also helps you stay updated on all sports news worldwide, a fantastic feature for sports lovers. Go check out the ESPN app without any further delay.  

3. Overcast 

Overcast (Download Here) is the most famous and well-known podcast player available for Apple Watches.

The Overcast allows you to stream podcasts simultaneously with Homepods and other Airplay devices with its latest update. The new update also has a voice boost feature that enhances the audio quality of the podcasts.

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & MusicThe app even allows offline playback of podcasts with a minimal subscription fee. With Overcast, you can choose from the list of hundreds of exciting podcasts with adjustable playback speed. You can also customize your podcast playlist with the help of the app, which is pretty interesting.  

The app offers free streaming of podcasts, but as usual, the free version is full of annoying ads. If you are uncomfortable with ads, you can go for the paid version, which costs approximately $10.

And if you can manage listening to the podcast with ads, we recommend you go for the free version. Overall the app is excellent for podcast lovers. 

Other Essential Apps For Apple Watch 

At last, we present to you the list of some fantastic apps that you might need in your day-to-day life. With the help of these apps, you can do the needful with your daily activities. So without any further delay, let us check out these awesome apps for Apple Watches. 

1. Lens For IG 

Most of us are highly active on social media; we share our thoughts, ideas, and memorable pictures on different Social Media handles.

Instagram is a popular social media platform where people share their daily activities through creative videos and pictures. If you are an Instagram lover, Lens For IG (Download Here) is an excellent app for you.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

Lens for IG helps you scroll through your Instagram account right from your Apple Watch, which is quite interesting. With the larger screens of Apple watches, the Lens for IG app allows you to do almost everything with your Instagram.

The app is divided into 7 valuable sections, where you can search profiles, scroll through activities, check out history, and much more.  

The app does not allow you to share photos using the watch, which is a significant drawback. However, with all the exciting, features the app is a must-have for Apple Watches.  

2. Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Do you find it challenging to manage your bills and finances? Do you often forget to pay your bills on time? If yes, then Mint is the perfect solution to your problem.

Mint (Download Here) is a marvelously designed app that helps you manage your bills and payout each bill before the due date.  

The app detects the due dates of the pending bills and arranges them in order, starting with the one to be paid at first. As mentioned earlier, the app also helps you manage your finances by recording and keeping track of money earned and spent, which is remarkable.

Best Apple Watch Apps 29The app is divided into three sections allowing you to glance at each with just a slide of fingers. Furthermore, the app provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, making it popular among users.  

How to use investing apps

3. Messenger 

The app is the short and simple version of the Phone app – Messenger (Download Here) for Facebook. The app is specifically designed for Apple Watches and lets you dive into your Facebook messages right from your watch.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The app has some exciting features that help you to read and reply to messages. You can easily have a glance into your Facebook message section without going through your iPhone.

With the Messenger watch application, you can quickly reply to messages with short and sweet replies. The app even has some exciting built-in stickers that you can use while replying to texts. Isn’t it amazing? What are you waiting for? Go check out the Messenger app now.  

4. Carrot Weather 

Are you worried about getting drenched in the rain or tanned in the sun? Here is a fantastic weather forecast app that might help you out – The Carrot weather (Download here).

The Carrot weather is a beautifully designed weather forecast application that saves your day with accurate weather information.  

35 Best Apple Watch Apps For Traveling, Fitness & Music

The app offers a simple yet informative interface to help you understand the weather properly. It also provides a detailed overview of everyday weather, allowing you to plan your day carefully.  

In The End… 

The Apple watches have been around for a while now and are regarded as the most advanced gadgets. With its cutting-edge sensors and features, the Apple Watch keeps you updated on your health, fitness, and all the activities that take place around you.

The Watch also helps you get a glance at all the activities taking place on your iPhone. You can control music playback, take pictures, and reply to messages using your Apple Watch, which is very impressive.  

However, to get all these features to work, you need different apps to be installed in your Apple Watch. Furthermore, there are plenty of apps available on the internet for Apple Watches, but most of them are spam or full of ads.

However, if you are looking for the best Apple Watch Apps, we hope your search has ended with this article. 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the most useful and exciting apps for the apple watch that will help you focus on your physical and mental health.

Some of the apps mentioned above will also help you monitor your sleep schedule, while others will allow you to enjoy music and entertainment programs right from your Apple Watch.