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11 Best Automation Testing Tools To Ensure The Quality

Testing has become one of the most common procedures in the technology and computer sectors today.

It is now counted amongst the major aspects of the product development cycle and all the checks and tests that are required to create any product and bring it up to a satisfactory level as per the needs, expectations, and requirements of the creator.

With the advancements and improvements in technology that only increase and enhance with time, testing procedures and practices are getting more complex and sophisticated, mainly due to the fact that the products and services available to the public are also advancing rapidly. Automation testing is one of the ways in which testing has been modernized, enhanced, and improved.

Automation testing is a computerized process used for testing software and other technological products so as to ensure that all of them are working properly and efficiently, and therefore meeting all the expectations and requirements that they are supposed to have.

In simpler terms, an automation testing tool checks whether or not software or product is working just how it is supposed to without any unwanted problems or errors.

It checks the software, product, or equipment for any and all defects, problems, bugs, dysfunction, errors, or other similar problems that can occur at any stage of the development of the product.

While a lot of testing can be done manually as well, automation testing often offers more advantages and benefits. It can be used and accessed at any time of the day. This procedure uses scripted sequences to check and examine all software and products.

There are a lot of automation testing tools available for any individual or organization to use. These have their own features and characteristics, each diverse and unique in their own way.

Here are a handful of the best automation testing tools available on the internet for the use of general people.

Best Automation Testing Tools – Our PickπŸ‘Œ

1. Selenium

Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tools available on the internet to be used by the general public.

It is an open-source platform that consists of a number of different tools and techniques that can be used and accessed for supporting web browser automation. It is extremely popular for its excellent functioning, efficiency, and effectiveness.

This platform was originally developed in 2004 by Jason Huggins to be used as an internal tool to be used at ThoughtWorks. Selenium is completely free of any cost for any and all users and can be used to validate and check any type of web application at any web browser or any other platform.

This automation testing platform was specifically created and designed to be used by experts and professionals. Thus, any person who wishes to use this platform should have advanced coding and programming skills to effectively use it.

Selenium consists of a number of different components that work together to give the best possible service to all of its users.

Some of the more important components of this platform are Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, etc. This platform allows the user to create advanced automation scripts.

Best Automation Testing Tools

Selenium is counted amongst one of the most popular automation testing platforms. It is highly reviewed, highly ranked, and has one of the highest numbers of users for this particular work at this platform. It is definitely worth being checked out by any potential users.

2. Appium – Automation for Apps

Appium is another open-source platform that offers excellent and impressive automation testing facilities to all of its users.

It is mainly used for running, managing as well as handling scripts for different software and products, and for testing a number of varied and diverse applications like native applications, hybrid applications as well as mobile-web applications by any and all users.

Appium was founded in 2011. The developer and founder of this platform are Dan Cuellar. This automation testing platform was originally known as iOSAuto and it is written in C# language. This platform is supported by multiple operating platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

It also supports the user of many different programming and coding languages like C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and many more.

This platform was actually based on Selenium itself, using HTTP protocols. This platform is based on server architecture. It also supposedly uses vendor-provided automation frameworks.

This automation testing platform is also incredibly easy to use and impressively user-friendly with a wonderful interface and effective layout design.

Appium has gained massive popularity in the last few years. This is mainly due to the stability, efficiency, effectiveness, and proficiency that this platform is shown to ask of its users.

Appium Architecture Explained | How Appium Works | Appium Online Training | Edureka

It has proven to be quite an impressive platform for individuals as well as businesses that require the use of automation testing for their work.

3. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a highly efficient, effective, and quite impressive automation testing software.

It is known for having a highly specialized IDE interface for testing and managing any and all API, web, mobile, and desktop applications with maximum accuracy and proficiency. It has often been popularly described as an all-in-one automation testing tool.

This software was created, developed, and launched by Katalon, Inc. Katalon Studio was originally launched in January 2015 for internal use only. Although afterward, it became available for public use as well.

The version of this software created for public use was launched in September 2016. This platform is compatible with a number of different operating systems including Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, etc.

This platform has a wide variety of features and tools for effective and efficient automation testing of one’s software and products. It offers a dual interchangeable interface for managing and creating test cases.

Best Automation Testing Tools
Built for continuous testing

It comes in the form of a manual view for all the less technical users of this platform and in a script view along with syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion that is now suited to the experienced testers.

This automation testing platform follows the pattern of the Page Object Model. The creation and development of this platform were also designed after Selenium and Appium.

This platform can be integrated and used with a number of different tools like qTest, Git, Kobiton, JIRA, Slack, and many more.

Katalon Studio is well-known and accredited for its effectiveness, efficiency, stability, and popularity. It is a highly appreciated and highly used automation testing platform that has even been recognized by the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice automation testing software market.

Katalon Studio – A Quick Introduction

4. TestComplete

TestComplete is another one of the most wonderful and efficient automation testing tools available on the internet.

This platform can be used to access and perform automated testing for a number of different types of software, products, and equipment that are supported by different operating systems like Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, etc.

This automation testing platform was developed by SmartBear Software. It was originally launched in 1999 by a company called AutomatedQA.

The stable release of this platform was on March 31, 2020. This platform offers to test for a number of varied and diverse application types including iOS, Android, Windows, Web, HTML5, Silverlight, WPF, Flex, Flash, VCL, Java, and .NET. This platform performs automated testing options like functional testing and back-end testing.

TestComplete can be used to create and automate a number of different and diverse test types created according to different software or products.

11 Best Automation Testing Tools To Ensure The Quality

Some of the main features of this platform include Keyword Testing, Scripted Testing, Test Record and Playback, Distributed Testing, Bug Tracking Integration, Access to Methods and Properties of Internal Objects, Test Visualizer, Data-driven testing, Extensions and SDK, and many more.

This platform supports a number of different coding and programming languages including Python, JavaScript, VBScript, etc. as well as other testing techniques and methods like data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, distributed testing, and regression testing.

This automation testing platform is incredibly easy to use and has an impressively user-friendly interface.

5. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a highly recommended, highly appreciated as well as high and incredibly reviewed, and ranked automation testing platform.

This software allows all of its users to create and perform automated browser tests easily and effectively. It is a safe, secure, scalable, reliable, and adaptable automation testing platform.

It was founded and launched in 2017 by Asad Khan and Jay Singh. This company has a competent, innovative, and responsible staff consisting of over 200 employees.

It currently proclaims to have more than 500 thousand users and customers across the globe and this count increases day by day.

LambdaTest was created with the aim of providing the public with an integrated testing platform that can be used by professional testers to create, manage and handle any and all types of tests.

Best Automation Testing Tools 2

This platform allows its users to access responsive, feasible, and effective testing facilities to all of its users. LambdaTest offers end-to-end encryption while providing all of its automation testing tools and features.

This platform offers most of its features to its users without any costs or charges but some special and advanced tools and features have to be paid for.

LambdaTest offers a number of different and useful features for automated testing of software, applications, and products.

These include automated cross-browser testing on more than 2,000 web browsers and operating system platforms, integrated working with special tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis CI, etc, automated screenshot testing, and many more.

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6. Cucumber

Cucumber is also an immensely popular automation testing platform that can be used to create, manage, handle and perform automated testing on a number of different software, applications, products, equipment, etc.

This platform uses the Gherkin language to create as well as define test cases for its working and functioning.

This automation testing platform was founded and launched on July 13, 2018. It has been developed by a highly competent team of developers that include Aslak HellesΓΈy, Joseph Wilk, Matt Wynne, Gregory Hnatiuk, and Mike Sassak.

The cucumber testing platform was originally written in the Ruby programming language. Therefore, initially, after it was launched, this testing platform was exclusively used for Ruby testing and as a complementary platform for the RSpec BDD framework.

SmartBear Hackathon

Cucumber supports behavior-driven development (BDD). The use of Gherkin language in this platform allows the expected software behaviors to be displayed and specified in the form of logical language so that they could be understood by all of its customers. It is also proficient in executing feature documentation that has been written in business-facing text.

Cucumber is now able to support and work with a number of different coding and programming languages like Java, JavaScript, etc. It has multiple features that allow smooth, effective, efficient, and impressive functioning.

The codes of this platform can be executed on other testing platforms like Selenium. This automation testing platform is devoted to delivering an enhanced and improved user-end experience.

7. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is another one of the best cross-platform automation testing tools. It was previously known as QuickTest Professional (QTP).

This platform can be mainly used for providing tools and facilities for refrain testing and functional testing that is completely automated, for software, applications, and products.

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) was released on July 1, 2019. The developer of this automation testing platform is a company called Micro Focus. This platform supports keyword interfaces as well as scripting interfaces.

Best Automation Testing Tools 3
AI-powered intelligent test automation

It also provides its users with the opportunity of having a graphical user interface. This platform uses the VBScript or the Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripting language for creating, managing, and specifying any and all testing procedures and their subsequent manipulation and application.

This platform was originally designed specifically for testing different and multiple types of software applications and web-based environments.

It is majorly used as a UI-based test case automation but it can also be accessed to perform non UI-based test cases like web services testing, API testing, database testing, and file system operations, to name a few.

All of its supported technologies depend on the version of this automation testing platform that is being used by any person.

These are available in different programming languages like Java, Web, WPF, .Net, Siebel, Oracle, Delphi, Stingray 1, Powerbuilder, SAP, Flex, Terminal Emulator, VisualAge Smalltalk, and many more. This software is only compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

8. WorkSoft

WorkSoft is one of the more diverse and unique automation testing platforms. This software can be used to make, create, modify, control, and edit all of the tests that any of its users can use to check and look for any possible errors, problems, and troubles that may be found in any applications, software, or products that can be checked.

WorkSoft was founded in 1998 primarily as a software company that has a special emphasis on the automated functional testing frameworks. It is presently headquartered in Addison, Texas. The current CEO of this company is Tony Sumpster.

This company has two main products that are used for performing most of its required and necessary functions. These two products are the WorkSoft Certify and WorkSoft Analyze.

This company has automation platforms for business process discovery, test automation as well as documentation that supports enterprise applications including different types of applications like web applications and packaged applications.

11 Best Automation Testing Tools To Ensure The Quality

This automation testing tool mainly works for SAP specifically. But it also tests and automates Concur, Ariba Network, SuccessFactors, Syclo, etc.

WorkSoft happens to be the only platform that offers continuous automated testing to all of its users while being completely code free.

This automation testing platform was originally created to cater to the needs of large corporations and enterprises that mainly deal with or manage important business processes. This software provides its users with an integrated tool for test data management.

9. IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) is one of the most popular automation testing tools available to the public on the internet.

It is highly acclaimed, has received wonderful reviews, and is well-known for its quick and smooth functioning, effective working, and efficient testing tools and techniques. This platform works as an automated testing tool for both functional testing as well as regression testing

This software is designed to support a number of different types of applications including web-based, .Net, Java, Siebel, SAP, terminal emulator-based applications as well as PowerBuilder. It works to provide automated testing abilities and features for functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing.

This automation testing platform offers a wide variety of advantages and benefits to its users. It has a storyboard testing feature that is best for simplifying the visualization of the test that is being created or performed and allows editing of the test codes using natural language as well as rendered screenshots.

It is one of the simplest and easiest platforms for creating, handling, and managing automated tests.

The test scripting feature of this platform can be used to combine and record all the actions taken by the user and it also comes with many different customization options along with intelligent capabilities for script maintenance. This platform can also be integrated with other software and platforms.

10. Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is another one of the best and most proficient automation testing tools available on the internet.

This software can be used to perform automated testing for both webs as well as desktop platforms. Telerik Test Studio supports automated testing for functional testing, software performance testing, mobile application testing as well as load testing.

11 Best Automation Testing Tools To Ensure The Quality

This software was released on September 10, 2020. The developer of this automation testing platform is Telerik.

This platform supports a large number of programming and coding languages including HTML, AJAX, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, WPF, and many more. It also supports quite a lot of test execution platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Chrome, and many others as well.

This platform is only compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is well equipped with a wide range of effective, useful, and interesting features that are all a delight to work with. Some of them include scriptless test recording and playback, element abstraction and reuse, visual debugger, etc.

It easily counts amongst one of the best automation tools that act as a comprehensive test automation solution. This platform has been repeatedly reported to be reliable, effective, functioning smoothly, and being able to support a wide variety of data, coding, and working platforms.

11. SoapUI

Another incredibly impressive open-source web-based testing platform, SoapUI is used to test Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfers (REST).

This platform can be used for performing a number of varied tasks, including but not limited to invoking, development, simulation, inspection, mocking, functional testing, load, and compliance testing, and for many other tasks.

SoapUI was initially released to SourceForge back in 2005, followed by a stable release on July 14, 2020. This platform was developed by SmartBear Software. It was originally written in Java and Groovy. SoapUI is a cross-platform software. This platform also supports IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.

The core features of SoapUI, as mentioned above are inspection, invoking, development, simulation, and mocking, functional, compliance, and security testing.

But it has a premium version as well. This premium version is called SoapUI Pro and it is a commercial enterprise version of the platform. The premium version has a lot of useful and interesting features to offer to all the subscribers.

Some of the extra features that are provided with the paid version of the platform include WSDL coverage, WSDL refactoring, composite projects, form-based request editor, table inspector, requirements management, XML inspector, Doc inspector, DataGen TestStep, DataSink TestStep, XPath Wizards, XPath Assertion Wizards, Schema inspector, and numerous others.

Some Final Thoughts

An automation testing tool can be an extremely useful and complementary software that not only helps in correcting the errors, problems, and mistakes of any software, products or equipment of the user but also makes it easier and simpler to deal with, handle and manage one’s products and creations.

It is, therefore, necessary for each and every person who wishes to use an automation testing tool to find and choose the most appropriate testing platform, one that is compatible with their systems, is effective and efficient and is best suitable to deal with their particular products. The software being used should be as accommodating as possible with the demands of the users.

Each automation testing platform differs from the other. Each one has its own features, tools, specializations, functioning methods, advantages, disadvantages, and platforms that they are compatible with.

It is essential that every user carefully considers and checks each of their options before finalizing any one of the options of the automation testing platform in front of them.