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Ranking All Battlefield Games In Order (Chronologically)

The Battlefield series of games are highly sought after as some of the best first-person shooter games on the market. The games have extensive historical accuracy, mostly based on past and contemporary events.

The series has covered WW1, WW2, and modern warfare, mirroring Call of Duty. Although Battlefield is not as popular as its rival, Call of Duty, it is still fantastic, with far greater historical accuracy and relevance.

Over the years, there have been many Battlefield games; this article will outline all battlefield games in chronological order. The article will also highlight other Battlefield games that do not fit in the chronology.

Battlefield Games in order (Chronologically)

  • Battlefield 1
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield 1943
  • Battlefield V
  • Battlefield Vietnam 
  • Battlefield 2 
  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Battlefield 4 
  • Battlefield 2142

Other battlefield games in order:-

  • Battlefield 2042
  • The Battlefield Bad Company Series

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield franchise and the first battlefield games in order of chronology.

The game was released in 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and was set during the horrors of World War 1 with its campaign split across six different war stories, taking players across the globe.

As with most Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 featured huge multiplayer maps, ridiculous warfare, and out-of-control gunplay. Battlefield 1 incorporated multiplayer game modes such as Conquest and Domination, present during Battlefield 4, and new game modes such as War Pidgeons.

The game featured vehicles seen during WW1, including airships, triplanes, tanks, and calvery. Battlefield 1 also included gas grenades present during the era. The game not only captured the period of World War 1 perfectly but set a new path for the franchise, with added focus on past historical events.

Overall, Battlefield 1 was reviewed well, scoring 88 from critics on Metacritic and a strong user score. 

Battlefield 1 - Gameplay Trailer (Official)

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 is the second Battlefield games in order of chronology and the first Battlefield game to ever release. DICE released the game in 2002 for PC and later rereleased it for MAC OS and origin in 2004 and 2014, respectively.

Battlefield 1942 was set during World War 2. The game focused on cooperation rather than the open-world warfare of its predecessors.

Battlefield Games in order

The game had players capture control points rather than capture the flag, which allowed your team to spawn in vehicles. Battlefield 1942 focused less on first-person shooting and more on teamwork.

The game had multiple multiplayer levels alongside several game modes, including Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Conquest assault.

The game also had various weapons and vehicles suitable to the era, including the assault rifle BAR 1918 and heavy tanks such as the Tiger, and light tanks like the Sherman.

Battlefield 1942 was the first game in the series, starting it all, and laying the foundations for massive full-scale warfare for years to come.

Overall, Battlefield 1942 scored an impressive 89 from critics and an 8.5 from users, making it one of the most highly rated Battlefield games of all time.

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 was also set during World War 2. It is the eighth installment released in the franchise and the third game chronologically.

Battlefield 1943 was the sequel to 1942, including four maps from the game alongside new ones; the game featured up to 24 player mayhem across three maps and classic tanks, vehicles, and aircraft from the era.

Battlefield 1943 also utilized the frostbite engine, introducing destructible environments. The game was released in 2009 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and later, the Xbox One.

1943 launched the series onto the third generation of consoles, offering a considerable challenge to its rival Call of Duty. 1943 helped introduce the large-scale warfare Battlefield, which set the stage for future installments in the franchise, expanding massive multiplayer warfare to new levels.

Overall, Battlefield 1943 scored an impressive 83 on Metacritic and 7.7 from users. Although not as highly rated as its WW2 predecessor, Battlefield 1943 is still highly rated amongst fans of the series.

Ranking All Battlefield Games In Order (Chronologically)

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is the fourth Battlefield game in order chronologically and the sixteenth installment released in the franchise, released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Battlefield V took the series back to its roots, taking players back to the era of World War 2. Instead of focusing on the well-known large-scale battles of WW2, the game took a different approach, with Battlefield V focusing on the lesser-known battles of the war.

Battlefield V revamped the series’ game mechanics while allowing players to, for the first time, open doors and pick up items based on player control. The game also redesigned health regeneration and player movement, giving the franchise a complete overhaul.

Furthermore, the game featured improved customization alongside other quality-of-life features. In terms of the game’s campaign, it is split into several war stories, each covering the lesser-known conflicts of WW2.

Battlefield V also featured a co-op campaign allowing up to four players to complete missions across the campaign, allowing you to experience the lesser-known battles of WW2. The game featured improved class options regarding multiplayer, including the introduction of combat roles and 501 multiplayer ranks.

Likewise, the game also included new maps and classic modes such as Conquest, encompassing massive multiplayer battles and Team Death Match.

The game also introduced new modes, such as Airborne and the Grand Operations mode, which was introduced during Battlefield 1. The game also introduced rolling game modes through DLC drops.

As well as game modes, the game also featured realistic weapons and vehicles such as the Churchill MK V11 heavy artillery tank.

Overall, the game’s reviews were mediocre, receiving critic scores within the mid-’70s on Metacritic and a very poor user score.

Ranking All Battlefield Games In Order (Chronologically)

Battlefield Vietnam 

Battlefield Vietnam was released in 2005 on PC as the fifth Battlefield game in order of chronology and the second game released in the franchise.

Battlefield Vietnam is based on the Vietnam War. The game improved on much of its predecessor, Battlefield 1942, improving class systems with additional customization options.

The game included new maps based on battles within the Vietnam war alongside classic game modes such as Conquest and Team Deathmatch and new modes like Mission, Evolution, and Challenge.

Battlefield Vietnam also featured historically accurate weapons such as the M-19 handgun and the AK47 Assualt Rifle. The game also included era-specific vehicles such as the Vespa, ZSU anti-aircraft vehicles, and helicopters such as the Cobra.

The game was reviewed well by critics receiving an 84 and a user score of 7.5. Battlefield Vietnam was later rereleased as Battlefield Vietnam Redux, introducing new gameplay tweaks and fixes. 

Ranking All Battlefield Games In Order (Chronologically)

Battlefield 2 

Battlefield 2 was the third installment in the Battlefield franchise and the sixth Battlefield game in order of chronology.

Battlefield 2 was the first game set in the modern-day and featured a fictional war between the United States and European Union against China and countries from the middle east.

The game represented a dramatic twist for the franchise, taking players away from the eras of pre-21st-century warfare.

Battlefield Games in order 1

The game featured full scare 64-player warfare online and an expansive single-player whereby players could face computer-generated bots or players. Battlefield 2 featured thirteen maps alongside two game modes, Conquest and Conquest Assault.

Furthermore, Battlefield 2 also featured modern-day weapons such as the battle rifle, the Scar-H, the submachine gun, the MP5, and vehicles such as the battle tank, the M1A2 Abrams, and the infantry fighting vehicle LAV-25.

Alongside the vast range of vehicles and weapons, the game also included expansion packs like the Battlefield 2: Euro Force, Armoured Fury pack, and the Special Forces booster pack. Each expansion pack featured new maps, weapons, and vehicles.

Overall, Battlefield 2 scored well with critics, achieving an average critic score of 92 and a user score of 8.4. As a result, Battlefield 2 is the highest-rated Battlefield game of all time, earning standout reviews. 

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2 (2005)

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is the direct sequel to Battlefield 2 and the seventh Battlefield game in order of chronology. The game took players worldwide, with most events set within the Middle East.

Battlefield 3 once again featured huge 64 players multiplayer mayhem alongside a single-player and a cooperative campaign.

The game introduced a new engine called Destructoid 3.0 alongside the Frostbite 2 engine, allowing players to destroy more objects within the game’s maps. Battlefield 3 also featured quick-time events.

Furthermore, the game had nine multiplayer maps and five game modes, making it one of the smaller Battlefield games in the series.

Nevertheless, the developer’s DICE expanded the game through DLC to include twenty-nine maps and thirteen game modes.

Battlefield 3 also featured a range of weapons and vehicles, such as the M16A3 assault rifle, V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor aircraft, and gadgets and weapon attachments.

Similarly, Battlefield 3 also featured suppressive fire. New color blind accessibility features, as well as enhanced customization options. Battlefield 3 reviewed well, with user cores of 7.5 and critic scores in the high 80’s.

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

Battlefield Hardline 

Battlefield Hardline took the Battlefield franchise in a completely new direction, away from militarized warfare and to the streets.

The game was first released in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and prior generation consoles such as the Xbox 360. The game’s campaign took place from different global locations, with the game’s story divided into different sections.

Hardline puts you in control of detective Nick Mendoza as he seeks to apprehend his partners. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, such as using stealth to complete objectives.

Similarly, Hardlines multiplayer was revamped with Hardline-keeping modes such as Conquest and introduced new modes such as Heist, Hotwire, and Blood Money.

The game featured seven modes and nine multiplayer maps, with more added after release.

Furthermore, Hardline incorporated new police vehicles and helicopters, such as the Rogue Chopper. Hardline was the first game in the series to try something completely new with the cops and robbers style gameplay.

It scored mediocre with critics in the mid-low ’70s and scored poorly with fans of the series. Hardline took a significant risk despite the games’ average scores, taking the series in a new direction. 

Battlefield Hardline - Rescue Trailer (Official)

Battlefield 4 

When you think of a game filled with in-game glitches and bugs, Battlefield 4 instantly comes to mind. When Battlefield 4 was first released in 2013 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and previous generation consoles, the game was ridden by game-breaking bugs and glitches.

Battlefield 4 was the first game released on the fourth generation of consoles fairly early into the console’s lifecycle. Battlefield 4 carried on from where Battlefield 3 left off, keeping much of the same class system and other game features, including killing cams.

The game occurred six years after Battlefield 3, set in 2020. Battlefield 4 takes players across the globe as tensions build between the US and Russia after the war with the Chinese ends.

Once again, the game featured modes such as Conquest, with 64 players, updated graphics, and more destructive environments. Battlefield 4 also added dual-scope weapons alongside various firing modes.

In terms of multiplayer, the game featured one hundred and forty ranks and a vast range of multiplayer modes such as Domination, Gun Master, and Scavenger, and classic modes such as Team Deathmatch and, as mentioned, Conquest.

Battlefield 4 also introduced over fifty vehicles, such as the AH-1Z Viper helicopter, and light vehicles, such as the snowmobile.

The game also improved the gameplay mechanics of its predecessors, with the developer’s DICE improving naval gameplay and combat. DICE later introduced several expansions to the game, greatly improving the quality and quantity of content available.

Battlefield 4 is the thirteenth installment in the franchise and the ninth Battlefield game in order of chronology. The game scored well, with most scores ranging in the low to mid-80s from critics with varying user scores due to the game’s glitches and bugs.

Despite the game being ridden by bugs and glitches upon release, Battlefield 4 is still a standout game, with the game vastly improving over its lifespan, with many fans still playing it.

Battlefield 4: Official "Angry Sea" Single Player Gameplay Video

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142 is the last Battlefield games in order of chronology and the fifth Battlefield game ever released. The game is set in a far future, far after the events of the previous games during an ice age.

Conflict arises between the world’s powers over the last habitable land. The game introduced new game modes, such as the mode Titan, alongside ten multiplayer maps.

2142 also introduced brand-new vehicles and weapons alongside upgraded classes based on the futuristic game setting. Vehicles include A-8 Tiger and weapons like the SCAR 11.

The game also had a vast range of future-inspired graphics. Despite the game being released in 2006, 2142 was ahead in adding futuristic elements to its gameplay, which DICE later expanded with further DLC.

Battlefield 2142 scored well, with critics scoring 80 and a user score of 6.8. 

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2142 (2006)

Other battlefield games in order

As outlined earlier, several Battlefield games do not fit the Battlefield timeline.

Battlefield 2042

Haven’t you heard of Battlefield 2042?. Probably not, well, that’s because it has not been released yet.

Battlefield 2042 is the next installment in the Battlefield franchise and the 10th Battlefield game in order of chronology. Battlefield 2042 takes place in a far-distant future. The game features the classic full-scale multiplayer warfare as its predecessors but on a new level.

That being for the first time, 2042 features 128-player Conquest and Breakthrough modes. The game also features new modes such as Battlefield Portal, which takes players back to the maps of previous Battlefield games, allowing you to play on these maps with updated technology, vehicles, and weapons.

Similarly, the game also includes Battlefield Hazard Zone, a new multiplayer experience with high stakes. From the outset, Battlefield 2042 features seven huge maps and dynamic gameplay, including in-game events, storms, and changing battle conditions.

Furthermore, Battlefield 2042 will feature next-level vehicles, weapons, gadgets, and aircraft suitable for the distant future. Unlike other games, Battlefield 2042 will also feature specialist classes, allowing full class customization, and adding greater depth, challenge, and variation to the gameplay.

The game also includes an updated HUD with an on-the-fly weapon and item customization. In terms of the story of 2042, the game will be set in a fictional future reality whereby the US and Russia will be on the brink of war due to resource shortages and conflicts.

The game will feature in-game seasons and future content. Overall, Battlefield 2042 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2021.

The game will likely revolutionize first-person shooting due to its dynamic gameplay and huge 128-player multiplayer warfare.

Due to the game not being released yet, it cannot rank on this battlefield games in order list. Nevertheless, if it were to rank, the game would rank after Battlefield Hardline and before Battlefield 2142 as the tenth installment chronologically in the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer

The Battlefield Bad Company Series

Like Battlefield Hardline, the Battlefield Bad Company series (1&2) set a new path for the franchise. Rather than having dynamic multiplayer, the game was narrative-focused, focusing on the campaign and story rather than the multiplayer.

Bad Company introduced players to Preston Marlowe, a recent member of the Bad Company Squad set in the future during a worldwide conflict between the US and Russia.

Aside from the story, the game features destructible environments and single-player mayhem. Bad Company 1 and 2 reviewed well on Metacritic scoring within the ’80s.

Both games are regarded as one of the mini-series in the franchise. Although Bad Company likely can be placed in order of chronology, alongside the other games in the franchise, it is difficult to put on the list due to limited points of reference to other games in the series. Nevertheless, the games are some of the series’ best. 

EA Battlefield Bad Company - Launch Trailer


What Orders Are The Battlefield Games? 

Below are the given order of the battlefield- 
Battlefield 1942  
Battlefield Vietnam 
Battlefield 2 
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 
Battlefield 2142  
Battlefield: Bad Company  
Battlefield Heroes 
Battlefield 1943 
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 
Battlefield Online 
Battlefield Play4free 
Battlefield 3 
Battlefield 4 
Battlefield Hardline 
Battlefield 1  
Battlefield V  
Battlefield 2042  
Battlefield 1942 is the first game released in the series, while Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in the game series. 

Is battlefield 1 better than 5?

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 have a good storyline, making them worth playing. However, Battlefield 1 is better in terms of gameplay when compared to Battlefield 5.

Overall, Battlefield 1 adds fresh elements to the series, and you will love playing it if you are up for an FPS Multiplayer game. 

Is Battlefield 1 still alive?

Yes, it is still alive. The game servers seek a peak of 50,000 PS4 players, 30,000 Xbox One Players, and 20,000 PC players. If you play Battlefield 1, you won’t have any issues finding a match.  

What Are Some Of The Best Battlefield Games You Can Play Right Now?

If you are looking for some of the best Battlefield Games to play right now, then you can go for Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 5. These are some of the best Battlefield games that you can consider playing.  

Is Battlefield More Popular Or COD?

COD (Call Of Duty) is way more popular than Battlefield. They have sold more copies of the games when compared to Battlefield.  

Is Battlefield 5 Based On WWII?

Battlefield 5 has maps similar to World War 2. The war game is based on WWII, and some of its elements are also from WWI. 

Final Thoughts on the battlefield games in order of release date

This article has outlined the Battlefield games in order of chronology and those that do not fit in the chronology. Overall, the Battlefield franchise is one of the longest-running and highest-regarded first-person shooter series.

The games have excellent first-person shooter gameplay mechanics and dynamic, open sandboxes for players to explore and enjoy.

There is nothing like driving through a building in a tank as you try and find your opponent or flying high with your friends in helicopters as you seek to avoid incoming missiles.

Similarly, Battlefield is unique in that it has fantastic mechanics, deep lore, and story and encompasses in detail history, all with historical accuracy. We should commend the game for its historical accuracy and how it manages to capture past battles.

From this perspective, the series is also a standout. Likewise, although some may argue that Battlefield is not as polished as other games in the genre, such as Call of Duty, that makes the game so great.

The genuine laugh-out-loud moments of the game are numerous, with most catching you off guard due to the absurdness of the gameplay and constant action and warfare.

Thus, the series is special, holds a place in many gamers’ hearts, and is often underrated compared to its rivals.

The nonstop fun and massive multiplayer warfare will continue in the future with the release of Battlefield 2042, taking the franchise to all-new heights. It is an exciting time to be a Battlefield player.