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9 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Buying and DropShipping


If you are in search of AliExpress alternatives, you might have landed in the right section of the internet. Whether it be related to Dropshipping or simply for buying goods directly, AliExpress is one of the most popular sites on the web.

You will find every category of products you can think of at the most affordable price as well as the products you never knew even existed before.

However, there are certain aspects that multiple buyers and drop shippers such as yourself might not be satisfied with the service overall.

The shipping charges are massive for certain countries, delivery takes way too long, and similar methods that might compel you to switch. So, we made a list of some of the best AliExpress Alternatives that might benefit you better whether it be for business purposes or simply buying goods.

Let us look at the list of best AliExpress Alternatives.

Best AliExpress Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. DHGate

Among all, we do have our favorites that have tons of benefits and features. DHGate is one of the most popular online marketplaces for dropshipping and buying goods from every category you can think of. There are over 2.2 million sellers on the platform from all around the globe with 22 million product listings.

Best AliExpress Alternatives

The possibilities are endless and you can find every product you might never have heard of. Similar to AliExpress, DHGate is a huge name in China and has sold millions of products each year.

Unlike other sites, this is both B2B and B2C platforms where you can sell the products at a wholesale price as well as buy products from anywhere just like other e-commerce stores. All the sellers here are monitored rigorously so that you can maintain the trust on the platform and get the best service.

Moving on, DHGate is free to use and does not cost a penny to register or create an account in any manner. You can even download the app from the play store and keep yourself updated with the orders you have placed.

The UI is pretty basic but very easy to use. Overall, the shipping time takes between 5-15 days that depending largely on the shipping city and also the delivery city.


  • Shipping time is much better than other sites
  • Millions of products are listed
  • Product quality is great
  • Free to use
  • Easy to use interface


  • Customer care support is not great

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2. Banggood  – Easy Online Shopping

Here we have another brilliant site named Banggod that provides every service you will find on AliExpress and is much easier to use. All the high-quality goods are imported from China with excellent customer care support.

It is one of the best sites for buying different kinds of products such as gadgets, and other products that are generally not available on your eCommerce stores. 

Best AliExpress Alternatives 1

Some of the countries the goods are delivered to are Europe, America, etc, which takes around 2-30 days to deliver. In other countries such as South Africa, Argentina, etc, it might go up to 90 days.

So, it all depends on where you live and the kind of product you have ordered. Banggood has over 37 warehouses all over the Globe that allow certain countries to get lightning fast delivery.

Apart from this, you can even list the products for your Dropshipping business and sell products conveniently. The most important reason people look over such sites to buy goods is that the products listed here are not available in any local or national stores.

Countries such as China, Hong Kong, and other countries have varied lists of products in the best budget, especially gadgets. Furthermore, you can pay for your product from 40 different secure payment options including cash on delivery to selected locations.


  • Safe and secure platform.
  • Multiple payment options are available.
  • Inexpensive and high-quality products listed.
  • Supports dropshipping too.


  • The refund policy is time-taking and hectic.

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3. Gearbest

If you are looking for the best AliExpress alternatives that are safer and deliver all your products in the perfect conditions, Gearbest is the one you can vouch for.

Not only can you find local brands of the country it is supplied from but also some of the top brands and original products too at the best price available. 

9 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Buying and DropShipping

This platform features a rather strict supplier system where each of them is provided with a rating where you can filter out top sellers and maintain the quality overall.

On top of that, to make sure that all the products received are genuine and of high quality, each of them passes through multiple quality check processes such as inspection, testing, tracking, and much more.

Since the products are shipped globally, each product is priced in a similar manner to make them cost-effective for all consumers.

Since this platform is mainly based out in China, you can easily find some of the top brands such as Xiaomi, ASUS, Lenovo, OnePlus, and other related products. There are tons of gadgets designed by such brands which are not available to other countries.

You can easily know more about them and one for yourself too super easily through Gearbest. It has multiple warehouses from around the globe and the delivery of the products depends largely on it.


  • Good customer service
  • Tons of offers available
  • Low and affordable price ranges
  • Hundreds of brands are available
  • Quality products


  • Shipping takes time for multiple countries
  • Delivery charges are massive for selected places

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4. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a brilliant platform based in New Zealand that acts as a bridge between wholesalers and retailers all around the world.

If you have been struggling to get your site for dropshipping and selecting the products through AliExpress, this might be the best option for you to be on board.

Unlike other sites, Salehoo focuses mainly on dropshipping and getting genuine products to all the drop shippers.

How to Use SaleHoo Directory & Market Research Labs for Your eCommerce Store

You will find over 8000+ suppliers from across the world that are highly trusted and reviewed personally. However, this is not free to use service. You need to pay a small amount yearly or monthly to get access to over a million products from thousands of sellers.

There are multiple packages you can select such as SaleHoo directory, SaleHoo Dropship, and tutorials. Everything you need to know and get started with your Dropshipping business can find it here.

Moreover, you can even negotiate and make deals with the suppliers to set the best price for your customers. All this gives you leverage over other eCommerce platforms.

You might not be able to buy products directly from here similar to AliExpress, however, it offers much more than that and helps you get started with your business.


  • Reliable and low-cost suppliers
  • Millions of products listed
  • Free guides available for beginners
  • Unlimited one-on-one customer support available
  • Perfect for dropshippers and wholesalers


  • Higher priced subscription
  • Not for buying products directly

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5. DealeXtreme (DX)

DX is one of the most popular sites designed for Gadgets lovers that features China’s extensive market and has over a million customers worldwide.

Similar to AliExpress, this too provides Affiliate programs and dropshipping products that allow resellers from around the globe to earn money by selling distinguished products not easily available in other stores. The UI is pretty clean and very easy to understand.

9 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Buying and DropShipping

You can download their app on your Android as well iOS smartphones and get hundreds of deals and discounts on your favorite gadgets. As per the stats, DX features over 100 different categories to choose from and about 210,000 items.

They add more than 1000 listings each day to keep you updated on the latest designs from hundreds of different brands in the world. Another interesting factor of this site is that it provides a genuine warranty on any of the products you purchase.

For customers and countries that are near the suppliers and warehouses, you can even get the opportunity to get their products delivered within 24 hours. These are listed as MVP products but it depends on which country you belong to.

If you are into reselling products, you can earn a massive commission by selling products listed here. Each product has a different commission and you can choose accordingly.


  • Fast shipping service
  • Cheap and low priced products
  • Perfect for buying gadgets and tools
  • Stable application for smartphones
  • Good commission rates for affiliate programs


  • The issue with payment options

6. LightinTheBox

Here we are with another alternative to AliExpress that is Lightinthebox. The site is pretty similar to the other sites you might have come across and is available in multiple other languages too.

Best AliExpress Alternatives 4

There are basically three core categories that you can list the products under such as apparel, gadgets, and home & garden. In fact, you can even get customized products based on your location and the seller.

This platform follows certain quality control care from sourcing to delivering the products. Lightinthebox is a company started in China and has all its warehouses situated in the country itself.

Hence, the shipping time and charges might be a little higher for different countries and policies. However, there will be no compromise made with the quality of any of the products. From packaging to delivery, each of these steps is taken care of properly and thoroughly.

To keep track of your orders, you can download the apps on your smartphone and never miss an update on the new products that are listed. With each day, there are thousands of new products that are added and you can get them at the best wholesale rate. If you are a reseller or someone looking for genuine parts, it is the best platform you can look into.


  • Multiple rewards and credit programs are available
  • Proper quality protocols are followed
  • Easy to access mobile applications
  • Attractive discounts


  • Warehouses only set up in China
  • Shipping takes time

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7. GeekBuying

GeekBuying is yet another site designed by tech enthusiasts that lists millions of gadgets and other technical products such as smartphones, drones, wearables, laptops, etc.

You can get the best brands on the eCommerce store as well as the local stores at affordable prices. GeekBuying allows you to filter the categories and choose the products based on prices, brands, and other specs.

9 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Buying and DropShipping

Moreover, you can even add the products to your wish list and wait for amazing discounts in the future. Unlike other sites, this platform has multiple warehouses across the world that allows faster shipping services to other countries.

It even features a single-day delivery service to multiple locations. Shipping might take around 15-30 days depending on the products as well as the destination address.

Some of the locations where GeekBuying has set up its warehouses are Italy, Poland, Germany, etc. Moreover, there are multiple sections where you can get student discounts, youth discounts, and much more.

If you are a reseller or dropship, you can apply to their affiliate network and add products from the site. Similarly, you can even download the app on your smartphone to get access to all the products easily.


  • Good discounts are available for everyone.
  • Special discount offers for bulk or wholesale orders
  • Up to 20% commission rate for affiliate marketers
  • You can enjoy a 1-year free repair warranty on electronics.


  • None

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If you are in search of a verified and trusted store that can be the best AliExpress alternatives, TomTop is the site you can go for.

Well, similar to all the others we have listed, the UI of the platform is pretty much the same as the former but highly secure and easy to navigate. It specializes in daily needs products including garden items, mobile accessories, clothing, and similar products.

Not only can you order a single item for yourself, but also get bulk orders at the lowest possible price. If you are looking forward to starting your own reselling business or an online store, all the best products are listed here with attractive commissions.

TomTop is a verified platform and one of the suppliers of Alibaba. This e-commerce store has been verified on multiple other platforms as well such as PayPal, McAfee, and multiple others too to make sure customers can trust the sellers here and order products without a doubt.

Moving on, TomTop has one of the best return policies as well as providing good warranty services. Most of the items sold here can be put up for a refund or even exchange within 45 days of receiving it. Also, it even provides a 1-year of repair warranty to a wide range of products.


  • Attractive methods to earn points and rewards.
  • Earn a high commission through an affiliate program.
  • Excellent return policy on selected products
  • Verified sellers and suppliers


  • Issues with customer care executives
  • Long shipping time.

9. Bonanza

Well, to follow a different approach than simply longing for an alternative, you can go through Bonanza. You will find over 20 million products on this site and feature 50000+ entrepreneur sellers.

The UI is pretty easy to follow and you can choose to either buy or sell products on Bonanza itself. From getting branded products to high-quality handmade items, this is the ultimate online marketplace with amazing potential.

It is a seller-centric online marketplace that focuses on helping other sellers to get the maximum benefit for their products. You can create a seller account and enter the dropshipping business with few simple steps.

It does not ask its sellers for any listing fee, monthly store fees, or any other hidden charges for that matter. Unlike other listing sites such as Etsy, Bonanza pays for all the advertising costs and helps you reach your potential customers.

All the products listed here are the discounted price which you may not find on the most popular e-commerce sites as well.

It is excellent for buyers but a lot better for newbie sellers who are looking to sell their products with zero investment cost. All you need to do is list your product and get started.


  • Build exceptional seller stores.
  • No inventory or listing cost
  • Features multi-item editing capabilities
  • Create your own marketing campaigns


  • No app for smartphones
  • Lesser number of views as compared to other premium sites.

10. SeeBiz

If you’re looking for an American alternative to Aliexpress that’s both free and offers an enormous product variety, give SeeBiz a try.

As one of the best B2B wholesale marketplaces, SeeBiz has been purpose-built from the ground up for wholesalers. And it isn’t just a marketplace, it’s a full-fledged business networking platform as well.

Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers can come under a single platform and share their business updates easily.

SeeBiz features 1000+ vendors and 600000+ products. This means you’ll quickly discover the products you need. Once you register on SeeBiz, you’ll be able to freely post, share and interact with other wholesalers without any barriers. Conducting B2B business has never been easier.

9 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Buying and DropShipping

Feel as if your business could use more exposure? SeeBiz even takes care of that. With its dedicated team of expert marketers, SeeBiz markets your business for you free of charge

Marketing mediums include but are not limited to high-quality blogs, social media posts, informational images, videos, etc.

At the moment, SeeBiz is providing services in the United States only. However, it’ll soon expand to serve wholesalers around the globe. SeeBiz requires no registration or hidden fees whatsoever. Even the profit you make on products sold is yours to keep.


  • Completely free for buyers and sellers 
  • World’s first business networking platform for wholesalers 
  • Great for retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, etc. 
  • Over 1000 verified vendors 
  • Over 650,000 products 
  • An easy-to-use interface 
  • Free marketing for businesses 
  • Amazing deals and discounts 


  • No Integrations with other software yet 
  • Each vendor has its own return/exchange policy 

How to choose the right AliExpress Alternative

Since we have listed the best AliExpress alternatives, it is important to look over some factors that will help you select the right platform for you.

It depends largely on location, sellers, customer service, and much more. Let us look at the factors you need to take care of while choosing the best AliExpress Alternatives.

1. Buying, Selling, or Both

The foremost aspect that you need to be clear about is whether you are looking to buy affordable products, enter into the reselling or dropshipping business or both. Well, AliExpress fulfilled all such needs, and now if you are looking for something better you can refer to the list above. Some of the sites you will see here such as GearBest, DHGate, and others give leverage to the buyers with millions of products. 

Similarly, if you are looking for an affiliate network and wholesale and business, Bonanza, Geekbuying, and others in the list fulfill the need. It is important to have a clear head on what you are specifically targeting.

2. Shipping

Another important factor that determines the capabilities of the site is the shipping and delivery time of the products ordered. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, make sure to check out their service and read more about it.

Most of the sites such as AliExpress take a good amount of time to deliver to faraway countries such as India. If you are from India, your package might take around 20-25 days to deliver. Or else, if your country does have multiple warehouses for the platform, you can even receive it within a day.

3. Payment Options

Next up, we have different payment options on all the list of platforms we have mentioned. Whether you are looking to buy a product directly from the site or through dropshipping, you can choose a payment option that might fit perfectly for you.

The most common form among all is through PayPal. Multiple sites here are verified by the tech giant and offer assistance any time of the day.

4. Customer Service

Above all, every site or store must have decent customer service so that customers can easily get their queries resolved based on shipping time, refund, return, and much more.

Since these sites have international shipping involved, the customer service is mainly the least impressive. However, if you find a platform that assists you in the best manner for anything, you might want to choose it as the best AliExpress alternatives.


Here we are with everything you need to know about the best AliExpress alternatives and how you can choose the site for your benefit. We have tried and tested out each site so that you can rely on them too.

There are hundreds of reviews on the web with claims that these sites are scams and not legit. The main reason for such reviews is due to a lack of good customer support and a longer shipping time.

However, the moment of truth is that international orders do take time and it ultimately depends on the location of the delivery.

These sites are mostly based out of China since you will find some of the most affordable and cheapest products on the web especially gadgets and other electronics. You can even create your own store and sign up for drop shipping or affiliate business.

Similar to AliExpress, these sites have attractive commissions for resellers or wholesalers who are looking for products to market and sell.

If you are into dropshipping, all the sites listed above are legit and gives an excellent list of products that you cannot miss out on. People from all around the globe are looking for genuine and affordable products, and here are the stores you can visit.

If at all you are using other sites not listed here and have been providing the best results, do let us know in the comment section.