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15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022


Bitbucket is rated as one of the best source code repository services on the entire web. It is among the most used platforms for software collaboration with development projects. In addition, Bitbucket is a very popular hosting platform for open-source software projects. 

Today, Bitbucket is still the first choice for developers who want to publish their open source projects because it offers several collaborative tools that allow users to contribute to software development.

Bitbucket however has its shortfalls. Its enterprise features do not have enterprise migration tools and a security dashboard. The canary deployments and feature flags don’t have any native support and Bitbucket CI/CD is only cloud-based.

Bitbucket is not the only platform to publish, or search for, open-source software to contribute to; there are several others, some more and some less known.

Below is a list comprising the 14 best Bitbucket alternatives.

Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out 👌👌

1. GitHub

Best Bitbucket Alternatives Github

GitHub is probably the best-known web service for those who work with Git. “Git” is free software that enables distributed version management of files. It goes top on our list of best Bitbucket Alternatives.

GitHub provides you with numerous functions, such as the connection to other services such as project management applications or calendars. However, GitHub doesn’t offer tools for CD and CI, so you’ll have to go to third-party services if necessary.

For the repositories, GitHub offers a fairly simple user management system, which, however, offers many features. GitHub is available as a free version, although compared to the Enterprise version, as a “stripped down” version, it does not contain all the features. 

The enterprise version of GitHub offers a high level of security through encryption and rights management. The price for this version is set for a certain number of employees and has to be paid annually. Upwards, that is, if you need more users, GitHub is no problem. 

With the enterprise version, it is also possible to host GitHub yourself. This however comes at some extra charge worth considering when making your decision. 

Another difference between the two versions: the paid GitHub version includes a private repository, while the free version has the repositories publicly accessible. This however comes at some extra charge worth considering when making your decision.   

Another difference between the two versions: the paid GitHub version includes a private repository, while the free version has the repositories publicly accessible. This however comes at some extra charge worth considering when making your decision. 

Another difference between the two versions: the paid GitHub version includes a private repository, while the free version has the repositories publicly accessible.

What Is GitHub? | What Is GitHub And How To Use It? | GitHub Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

2. Azure DevOps Server

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

The Microsoft Azure DevOps is essential in supporting the entire development team during the software development lifecycle. This support runs from the request entry, the implementation of requests, testing, down to the automated deployment stage. 

Its name (DevOps) is coined from abbreviations of Development and Operations, hence Dev+OPs. In today’s industry, this is a trend gaining more traction and acceptance. 

This trend is underlined by studies that show that the implementation of DevOps allows huge efficiency gains. According to the “State of DevOps Report 2018”, the top group achieves 46 times more frequent deployments, 2,555 times more time to go from validation to deployment, 7 times fewer errors, and 2,604 times more bug fixes – a major reason it has found its way into the best Bitbucket Alternatives list.

It would be a mistake to equate Azure DevOps with DevOps. DevOps is not a tool, software, methodology, or process. DevOps should be understood first and foremost as a culture or philosophy that puts development and operations collaboration at the forefront. 

This culture is followed by changes to the mindset, mode of collaboration, as well as a closer-knit development and operations integration over silos. 

DevOps promotes a higher level of mutual trust, more rapid response times and customer generation, and more fluid handling of scheduled and unassigned jobs. 

A lot of these goals are similar to those of the popular agile methods. Azure DevOps support tool is therefore suitable not only for IT or Dev and Ops topics but also for agile projects unrelated to IT. 

In this series of articles, we’ll show you how Azure DevOps can tackle various challenges in agile projects with and without an IT focus.

3. GitLab

GitLab is an open-source collaborative development platform published by an American company of the same name. It is very popular and easily one of the best Bitbucket alternatives.

It covers all the stages of DevOps. Based on the features of the Git software, it allows you to control source code repositories and manage their different versions. 

Its use is particularly indicated for developers who wish to have a responsive and accessible tool.

GitLab claims more than 100,000 organizations using its platform around the world. This represents a total of over 30 million registered users.

Open source, the application is the subject of community development. According to the company GitLab, 3,000 contributors are collaborating on its development.

The San Francisco company claims several customer references. This is the case of the aircraft manufacturer  Airbus, the European Space Agency, the ESN  Sopra Steria, the e-merchant  VeePee, or even the payments expert  Worldline.

The interface of GitLab remains very similar to that of GitHub. However, GitLab offers some practical options:

  • Software testing
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Application security
  • Continuous integration and deployment, etc.

For ergonomic use, GitLab is located on a virtual machine, itself hosted on a web server. This collaborative platform tool is based on a database. 

The administration interface, in particular for the creation of user accounts, goes through an online configuration.

4. Assembla

Assembla is next on our list of best Bitbucket alternatives. It is an all-in-one project management tool specially designed for developers.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

In addition to project management, you as a user also have task management, chats, comment functions, discussions, issue tracking, and much more at your disposal. You will also find time recording and collaboration tools such as file sharing and wikis in the Saas Assembla service.

No installation is required for Assembla as this tool works in the browser. If you want to get a feel of Assembla, you can do so with the 14-day free trial version. 

Users can choose between two program versions – “Workspaces” and “Portfolio”, whereby the first version contains the standard functions, so to speak. 

The second version is suitable for IT organizations that manage several teams and projects and therefore cannot do without central user administration. A ticket system is available to enable you to work through the projects in a clear manner. 

You can attach files and share the data with team members. Even customers can be “integrated” into the tool in order to be able to observe the progress of the project

Assembla is a tool for project and task management that is quite interesting due to its extensive functionalities.

Code Review in Assembla

5. Buddy

Buddy is clearly one of the best Bitbucket Alternatives. This cloud-based CI / CD butbucket alternative provides remarkable building, testing, and app deployment tools for web developers.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

The platform includes over 100 built-in promotions that help simplify the development and deployment pipelines. Buddy offers a range of actions that include builds, tests, deployments, website monitoring, and application management to help with technical integration and monitoring. 

Thanks to the support of languages ​​and frameworks such as Python, Ruby, React, Elixir, Gatsby, Angular, and many others, Buddy can be used by developers from any background.

With Buddy, DevOps teams can create websites or applications, execute SSH commands and deploy applications on any server or in the cloud.

The solution works with a number of Git providers such as GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and other private repositories and enables use in IaaS or PaaS systems such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Heroku, Azure App Service, Shopify, UpCloud, Vultr, and Netlify.

Buddy enables users to get dependencies, compile code, compress CSS, and perform Gulp / Grunt tasks on every push to a branch, on click, or repeatedly. The solution makes it easier to set up and move Docker images and create delivery pipelines.

6. Phabricator

Phabricator is a free, open-source suite of tools designed to support the development cycle of a software project. 

Designed to support both individual users and teams of collaborators, the application platform can be installed locally at no cost, while a cloud-hosted software package with additional support is offered at a monthly fee.

Best Bitbucket Alternatives

In summary, Phabricator includes a browser-based dashboard that provides centralized access to all applications for code review, directory hosting, change auditing, issue tracking, task management, and more.

Thanks to tightly integrated, distinctly named applications, differential features side-by-side code review features to track changes, attaching comments and trivia in lines, highlighting and marking resolutions as complete. These are among the features that rank it among the best Bitbucket alternatives

These can be combined with Arcanist, the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, to streamline pre-shipment review workflows; “Herald” supports automated audits after sending with conditional, general, or individual business rules.to streamline pre-shipment review workflows; 

“Herald” supports automated audits after sending with conditional, general, or individual business rules to streamline pre-shipment review workflows;

“Herald” supports automated audits after sending with conditional, general, or individual business rules.

The Diffusion app then allows you to search for repositories such as Git, Mercurial, and Subversion, as well as local or existing repositories connected to other locations. 

Phriction’s wiki editor fully supports Remarkup in order to compile and track changes to documents, which are organized historically. 

Also benefit from a personalized task management thanks to Maniphest, which allows the bug tracking and the follow-up of the problems and functionalities thanks to tools of personalized fields which determine the tasks specific to a project and search filters, while proposing Kanban-type work boards by dragging and dropping in order to visualize the steps taken.

In conclusion, Phabricator also offers a collaborative peer-to-peer chat application with Conpherence, coupled with the platform’s proprietary Conduit JSON HTTP API to use Phabricator through scripts.

7. LibGDX

LibGDX is a professional, top-notch engine for building high-quality 3D and 2D games, for those who don’t have a professional budget, making it a favorite in our list of best Bitbucket alternatives.

It might not have every one of the shiny parts that platforms like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine possess, however it offers designers the capacity to make games on a similar level as those made utilizing costlier Engines.

LibGDX is 100% free to use, without copyrights restrictions. Similar to costly engines, you work out a solitary source and assemble and test your game right on the PC. For Android games, you can totally sidestep the requirement for an emulator. With regards to creating games for iOS, you need to use RoboVM. 

While libGDX offers designers its entire features set – this set incorporates input management, libraries for Math and Physics, audio components, 2D and 3D particles, advanced graphics capabilities, file support for input and output, and of course, a host of utilities – not as user friendly as some expert game engines.

An important point to note is that it does not have a native-level editor, and it additionally experiences inadequate documentation, which it compensates for via its amazing community resources. For persons with a decent budget as a game developer, they would have a strong reason to consider libGDX.

8. Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM assists you with making new features, converging on schedule, and going distributed while keeping a build.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

The medium resolves issues efficiently and is great in dealing with huge projects. It can handle projects that have 250,000 files and above and it spans thousands of directories. In addition, it is equipped with tools and user interfaces that simplify everything.

Plastic SCM contends well against Bitbucket and works in a multifunctional way – localized or appropriated, utilizing a straightforward visual interface, and handling large binaries neatly.

A client can program merge functionality to build a cutting edge DevOps pipeline, and evaluate diffs or blends visually with the pertinent functionality.

Plastics SCM’s ability to process large data in record time makes it one of the best Bitbucket alternatives.

9. Kiuwan

Kiuwan is a cloud-based 360-degree application security solution that combines automatic code reading with automated, open-source component management. 

We would include Kiuwan on our list of best Bitbucket alternatives because, the platform supports a wide range of technologies and integrates with a variety of tools such as building systems, bug tracking solutions, and code repositories.

Kiuwan’s Code Security Static application security testing (SAST) automatically reads the code, allowing users to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities.

Integration into Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) allows users to directly view and analyze code; Contextual reclamation advice is provided to help codify good practices. Users can configure the critical state level of their applications and view custom reports containing industry-standard security ratings regarding the security of their applications. 

Kiuwan Code Security also complies with security standards including SWE and OWASP. Kiuwan Insights provides Static Code Analysis (SCA) to automate the management of open source components.

Integrations with software development lifecycle tools help manage vulnerabilities, operational risks, and compliance related to the use of open source components. 

Users can generate a complete inventory of all their third-party and open-source components, detect security threats and risks, as well as receive obsolescence alerts.

Intro to Kiuwan - Kiuwan in a Nutshell

10. PhpStorm

PhpStorm is the “Lightning Smart” PHP IDE created by JetBrains and available for developers on Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is important to mention that this is not a free app and users need to purchase a license key to use it to its full potential.

JetBrains gives a one-year free license to teachers, students, teachers, and academic institutes, which both allows you to use PhpStorm and also gives you access to the various products offered by JetBrains.

It is equipped with ready-to-use error prevention for JavaScript, PHP, and HTML. The PhpStorm editor is also equipped with automatic refactorings for JavaScript code as well as PHP.

Code Completion PhpStorm is compatible with different versions of PHP, including generators, coroutines, last keyword, for each list, namespaces, closures, strokes, and short array syntax.

On top of that, it includes a full SQL editor with editable query results. Additionally, it incorporates an SQL editor that permits the editing of inquiry results.

This Bitbucket option is written in Java and clients can broaden the IDE by introducing Plugins made for PhpStorm or simply creating their Plugins. The program works with third-party sources such as XDebug.

The Application is perfectly suited for Linux because of different innovations. On their official website, they advertise that the app is distributed through a Snap package, although it is also distributed through binaries and some Linux distributions also include the package in their repositories.

PhpStorm offers an impressive code editor for PHP with on-the-fly error checking, extended code format settings, code completion, and syntax highlighting.

PhpStorm is a robust package and is high on our list of best Bitbucket alternatives.

11. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio is a rich source code management software and among the best Bitbucket alternatives.

VS Code comes in the form of a web app written in TypeScript and JavaScript. Unlike its big brother Sublime Text (which is based on C ++ and Python), it is certainly not really suitable for handling large code files.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

But that criticism aside, VS Code turns out to be very well designed overall. Its main strength? Propose an architecture based on extensions. Lightweight, the IDE can thus be extended by adding successive components as needed.

“It’s very flexible. You can create your own tailor-made environment. It’s also technically successful and very stable”, attests Damien Mangin, CIO of CCM Benchmark Group (editor of the JDN), who has been using VS Code on a daily basis for more than a year.

Would you like to add another language to the IDE? Easy-peasy. Just download then install the needed plugin that supports it. These extensions are easy to develop.

Microsoft has made provision for the necessary tools. Obviously, the designers have fallen in love with the Game. At the last check-in, Visual Studio Code gives access to more than 4,700 extensions. Originally, only about sixty were offered by Microsoft.

The contributor community did the rest of the work! “There are so many that it is sometimes difficult to find the ones that best suit your needs,” laughs Hervé Leclerc, technical director of Alter Way, a subsidiary of ESN Econocom, an expert in open source solutions.

In terms of functionality, VS Code is very practical in many ways. The tool notably embeds a powerful code auto-completion engine (aka IntelliSense). 

This is the same as that of Microsoft’s paid IDE (Visual Studio). “Compared to Sublime Text which I used previously, this is one of the aspects that pushed me to adopt VS Code. 

But the editor also integrates a debugging console as well as a terminal to launch server commands “, testifies Damien Syren, front-end architect at CCM Benchmark Group.

You may like to read our guide on 29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Try Out.

12. Notepad ++

This free software (Download Here) will be a pleasant swap for Windows Notepad. It permits you to take on multiple documents and it brings color and useful functions.

In the minimalist text editor genre, Windows Notepad is probably the king. Other than writing lines of text uniformly, he doesn’t know how to do anything else. 

This free software, but in English (a translation file is however available), therefore replaces it advantageously. It adds color, a drag-and-drop function to quickly open a document, bookmarks to navigate easily in a long document, or even a zoom function to enlarge the text.

Equivalent to a bookmark, used in particular by the creators of Internet sites to facilitate navigation within a page. A bookmark allows, for example, to go up with a simple click to the top of the page.

Visual Studio Code may not take the top spot on our list but it also qualifies as one of the best Bitbucket alternatives.

13. CSE HTML Validator

CSE HTML Validator, as the name implies, is an HTML page validator, which also works as an editor, useful for quickly and painlessly testing if your pages are W3C validated.

It is enough to read what this software is called to understand its main task: to verify that the HTML pages are valid according to the standards of the W3C.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

CSE HTML Validator is therefore a very useful tool for any web designer or webmaster, as it allows you to check the pages created on your PC, without having to go around the web to upload files.

The product is released in three versions: Lite (free), Standard, and Professional.

Obviously, in addition to the price there are differences in functions, the Lite still does its duty, if you need a good validator, and possibly as an editor you already use another program, its functions may be enough for you. In addition to checking the syntax of the HTML, the features of the Lite version are:

  • Spelling control
  • Fast conversion of tags and attributes to lowercase
  • Automatic insertion of quotation marks for attributes that require it
  • Ability to delete Html tags from a page leaving only the text
  • If you use the template tool, you can change the header and footer of all pages with just a few clicks.

The Standard and Professional versions of CSS HTML Validator also contain other features, including:

  • Validation of CSS
  • Validation of accessibility
  • Integration with other programs
  • Link checking
  • Check the format of email addresses
  • Opening documents directly from the web

In short, a useful tool for editing and validating your code. If you just need an HTML validator to keep ready for use on your pc, the Lite version can satisfy your requests. These features made us include them in this list of best Bitbucket alternatives.

 If you are looking for a lightweight text editor with built-in validation features, consider purchasing the Standard or Professional versions. 

14. Collaborator

Finally on our list of best Bitbucket alternatives is Collaborator. Collaborator is a top-notch tool designed for developers that give top consideration to the quality of code. It’s mostly used by top professionals.

15 Best Bitbucket Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

With the document review tool bridges and the team peer code, there is a huge bridge in the gap between the management team, the testing team, and those in charge of development. This is because they all relate to one platform. 

One major difference between Bitbucket and Collaborator is, Collaborator is used for both Git and code collaboration. Bitbucket, on the other hand, is only a code hosting site for Git.

While running peer reviews, groups can incorporate test designs in order to improve code quality, user experiences, and design records to source code. You would find everything including comments, code changes, and identify defects on specific lines.

You would be able to set participant notifications, review rules, build custom review templates to tailor processes to your needs, create checklists, set fields, and participant groups for a number of peer reviews.

Wrapping Up on Best Bitbucket Alternatives

In creating this list, we investigated similar alternatives and competitors to discover the best solution. We also consider user interface and features. This list creates much room for flexibility as you decide what best meets your needs.

Leave me thoughts and let me know which of the alternatives suits you the most as well as other alternatives you may have tried out.