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5 Of The Best Cheap Car Speakers in 2022 – Reviewed

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One very much undeniable fact in modern-day society is that a very substantial amount of our time every day is being spent in a car.

Whether driving to work, or out for a fun ride with your friends, or driving your kids to school, or just stuck in annoying traffic, a portion of your day must be dedicated to the interiors of your car.

Truth be told, staying inside your car with nothing to inspire the mood or lift your spirit can be a quite frustrating experience, no matter how comfortably designed your car interior is.

This is why so many people have resulted in playing their best music selection while cruising on their cars to lift their mood and bring in all the fun.

It goes without saying that man have always enjoyed music and music has been part of his story, right from the very beginning, evolving with time in the way it is being made and consumed, as well the instruments used to play it, to fit with the trend and technologies of every passing generation.

Thankfully, modern technologies have gifted us with high-quality equipment to allow us to play music anywhere and anytime for utmost satisfaction and enjoyment. One of such music-playing equipment is the car speaker.

The technology of car speakers has been available for some time now and has been evolving also to keep pace with the various advancements and upgrades in society.

A number of years ago, cars only had one speaker. But then, all thanks to evolving technologies and the growing popularity of car speakers, there are a wide variety of options to choose from now, with different specifications to suit your particular audio needs and provide a more optimized result for your ultimate listening pleasure.

While it is true that listening to music in your car delivers a perfectly great experience and has the ability to turn very boring situations into a fun experience, a bigger truth is that the amount of fun you can have listening to music in your car depends very largely on the quality and specifications of the car speaker you are using.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of people are subjected to endure a sound quality they will not listen to at home, seeing that most times, factory built-in speakers that come with cars do not provide the best audio experience.

Putting this into consideration, it becomes necessary to upgrade your car sound system if you must enjoy the kind of optimized sound that you want.

But then, most of the available high-quality car speakers in the market are really expensive, making it quite difficult to get a good quality speaker on a low budget.

Fortunately, though, there are a few high-quality car sound speakers available today that could very much compete with the expensive ones and give them a run for their money.

But they are difficult to come by. In this article though, the work has been made easier as we will review some of the best low budget car speakers under $100 and give you some more tips on how to buy and care for your high-quality car speakers.

Best Cheap Car Speakers: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. TS-A1676R Pioneer Car Speaker

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When it comes to the technology of sound speakers, especially car speakers, the Pioneer speaker brand is one top force to reckon with.

Having stayed in the industry for many years, gathering top experience in sound technology, and constantly updating their models to meet up with evolving trends and advancements in the industry for the provision of high-quality sound output and steady top-notch performance with each of their updates.

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The TS-A1676R Pioneer Car speaker is one model from the brand’s TS-A series which is popular for its amazing up-to-date features and next-generation technologies.

Just as is typical of the Pioneer speaker brand, this particular model has been botched up with the same great quality equipment that the TS-A series is known for and has packaged it into an incredibly sleek and affordable pair of speakers that perfectly fits for a low budget.

Just like other speakers in the Pioneer TS-A series, this speaker is designed to provide a high premium sound quality with a matrix cone structured Multilayer Mica that is built for the provision boosted midrange sound response and deep bass that is extremely smooth.

The speaker comes with an additional midrange driver that gives it an edge over most other speakers in the competition of producing clear and precise drums, guitar riffs, and bass lines that other low-quality speakers would miss out on.

More, the speaker adds a little more sizzle to the songs you play through it, because of its inbuilt dome tweeters that function to pick up details on a high frequency.

The speaker is amazingly efficient and comes with superb power handling with its continuous RMS power at 50 watts and its peak power handling at 320watts, providing you with ample power.

Also, if you use an amp, you are set to get better performance from this speaker, operating with an appendance of 4 MHz.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The TS-A1676R Pioneer Car Speaker that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cheap Car Speakers to get in 2022.


  • It is designed with top quality materials to make it durable and serve for a long time which makes it put in our best cheap car speakers list.
  • It produces a well-balanced and rich sound output
  • Its mid-range frequency reproduction is quite good
  • It eliminates distortions, even at high volumes


  • To enjoy its functionalities to their fullness, you will need an amp.
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Pioneer 6.5" Speaker Unboxing TS-A1676R Coaxial
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2. Fostage R165X3 By Rockford

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The Fostage R165X3 Rockford is a stylishly designed car sound speaker system that delivers amazing up-to-date features at a very affordable price. Easily outdoing other products of the same price range and some even higher-priced products.

Surprisingly, the car speaker is designed with many high-quality materials to ensure strong durability and quality performance that will definitely last a lifetime.

The design comes with rubber around it to help enhance its performance and sound output. Surely, this product is a huge upgrade from the OEM model.

Just like the rubber that surrounds it, the speaker also has a polypropylene woofer cone to maximize its bass response.

Unlike most other budget car speakers that are frequently known to be problematic either at its high end or low end, this speaker exceptionally makes a difference as there is barely any case of sound distortions in its output at both ends.

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Its mid-range tones are of exceptionally good quality and perform great for the listener’s pleasure. More, the speaker has an amazing frequency response range, from 52Hz – 20 KHz. This allows it to effectively handle just about any audio task you might throw at it. And its 3-way setup contributes to helping it create a full spectrum of clear tones.

Its 4 ohms of impedance allows the speaker to seamlessly pull enough power, even from an OEM head unit. Notwithstanding, the speaker performs poorly in the aspect of power handling, even though it pulls enough power. And this is its biggest downside.

Cranking this speaker up to blast at very high audio volumes without damaging the speaker or experiencing heavy sound distortions might not really be possible, seeing that its power peaks at 90 watts and it has just a 45 RMS watt of running power capacity.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Fostage R165X3 By Rockford that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cheap Car Speakers to get in 2022.


  • It comes in a super chic design
  • It is designed very solidly to look and feel much more expensive than they actually are.
  • It has an excellent bass output, with an average high and considerable good midrange tone
  • It is very affordable, considering its many features


  • Because of its weak power handling, it does not really perform quite fine when used at high volumes.
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3. JBL – GTO638 Car Speakers

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The JBL brand has made a name for itself in the sound speaker industry as a brand that makes high-quality sound-producing and durable sound speakers for a low budget price.

You can trust that with this model, it is no different as the brand has maintained its standard in designing it, producing a very great result.

The GTO638 car speakers by JBL come with a Plus One woofer cone that is patented and has a bigger surface area than all other models that are in competing in this price range, up to 25% more surface.

The speaker is also surrounded by a strongly built durable rubber to help in boosting the of its bass response performance, as well as to enhance the speaker’s durability.

More, the speaker is a 3-way coaxial speaker, built with a Mylar-titanium alloy tweeter that is claimed by JBL to be at the same grade as home theater sound systems and another super tweeter that is adjustable, extending its capacity to handle a wide range of high-frequency sounds.

More, the model comes with yet another incredible technology which is an inbuilt cross over network that allows an opportunity for a smooth transmission between the tweeters and the woofer. Causing the mid-range sound output to carry a natural high-quality performance.

Because of the presence of the My-Ti allow build of the speaker, there is a very significant increase in its power handling compared to other models at the same price range at a peak power of 180 watts and a continuous RMS power of 60 watts.

This amazingly high range of power handling will allow you to crank the volume up to a very high volume without even the slightest distortion.

More, its 2 ohms impedance provides it with a capacity to pull enough power from any amplifier or the head unit you are using it with.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The JBL – GTO638 Car Speakers that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cheap Car Speakers to get in 2022.


  • It comes with a full capacity JBL audio-enhancing technology
  • It carries high-power drivers that help it to deliver amazingly incredible sound across the board which makes it put in our best cheap car speakers list.
  • It also comes with an extra adjustable tweeter
  • Its power handling is superb
  • It is quite affordable for its many amazing features


  • Its tweeters can sometimes prove to be too bright for sounds
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4. Audio DB651 By Polk

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If you are in search of a speaker that will deliver very high-quality features and amazing sound functions for a low budget price, then the Audio DB651 speaker by Polk is the ideal solution for you.

It offers a very wide range of functions, even more than you can imagine for a very affordable price.

The speaker is a dual component system that has the ability to function with head units, as well as factory systems and many other components in the sound aftermarket.

The Polk speaker brand in itself is a well-known brand name in the sound speaker industry, trusted by many sound lovers to always provide amazing functionalities, and with this particular model, the brand has gone well ahead of itself to combine a number of its best sound components and features in addition to years of experience and expertise into designing this top-quality sound equipment.

The speaker comes with a Silk Polymer-made Dome tweeter and Mica Cone-made Woofer produce an amazing quality sound performance that is soothing and pleasing to the listener.

These properties also allow it to respond brilliantly at all levels of its volume. More, the speaker is ‘marine certified’, which means that it provides many versatile functions to serve a variety of audio needs for its users.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Audio DB651 By Polk that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cheap Car Speakers to get in 2022.


  • The speaker functions very efficiently for both water vehicles and cars
  • Its cross over filter feature allows for an adequately pitched sound production
  • The speaker does not get heated, even under very high volumes due to its built-in liquid-cooled technology
  • Its high capacity wattage allows it the opportunity to pair with even a basic amp


  • Installing the speaker into some car models might prove to be a difficult task sometimes
  • It comes in an open-air design that limits its bass output if it is not placed inside a box.
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5. CS-J620 Car Speaker By JVC

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Although it is not certain if this speaker will blow your car off or not, one thing is certain; the speaker provides an array of quality services and is a great option for upgrade to people who wish to change their follow-come car speaker to something more qualitative and refined.

More, the speaker is very much affordable for people who wish to get a good quality speaker for a low budget price. In fact, the speaker is easily among the most affordable car speakers available in the market at a $20 price.

The speaker features cloth and rubber around it to help it pick frequencies that are at a low range of 35Hz, giving its midrange sound frequencies more precision and making the high-end frequencies have more depth.

By extending the speaker’s high-frequency range to 22 KHz the highly powerful tweeter that is built into the speaker allows it to produce more precise and refined quality sound than the factory-built car speakers.

Its drivers and other intelligently built-in features function coordinately to provide a complete range of sound for the listening pleasure of its user. It definitely is a huge improvement in follow-come car speakers.

The speaker has the capacity to handle a high range of power supply at about 30 watts of continuous RMS power and also comes with a sensitivity rating of 92 dB.

Although the rating of the speaker’s power handling peaks at 300 watts, which is about the same ratings as some speakers that are even costlier in the market, you might be prevented from cranking the speaker to a very high volume by the lower continuous power ratings which makes it to put in our best cheap car speakers list.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The CS-J620 Car Speaker By JVC that earned it a spot in our list of Best Cheap Car Speakers to get in 2022.


  • The speaker is extremely affordable for people who want a low-budget car speaker system.
  • The speaker is a considerable huge improvement from the OEM car speakers, providing better features and functions


  • There is a presence of distortions when the speaker is tuned to a high volume.
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Best Cheap Car Speakers: What To Consider

It is already an established fact that car audio speakers come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Naturally, the specifications and features of these speakers go a very long way in determining how well the speaker will function for you and how much you will enjoy the speaker’s output and its sound quality.

Thus, it is very important that you have a basic knowledge of car speakers in the least to allow you to make an informed decision that you will not regret.

Here are a few things you definitely should consider when shopping for a car speaker upgrade to suit your personal taste:

Type Of The Speaker:-

 this is a very important consideration you should make before going on to select a speaker upgrade for your car. You should know that there are majorly two types of car speakers which are the full range and component speakers.

Component speakers are designed to offer the best sound qualities you could find anywhere, featuring various separated speaker Components like tweeters, woofers, etc., all separated to offer ease of movement for the speakers around the car, ultimately leading to an overall better quality sound. These types of speakers are most times priced at a higher rate.

Full-range speakers, on the other hand, are designed to carry all the speaker components in one single package. They do not really cost much and can very easily be installed in your car.

Built-in with the capacity to deliver any range of sound, the speaker is the ideal option for people who want an upgrade for their OEM car speaker.

Speaker Sensitivity:-

 sensitivity entails the measure of output a speaker can produce with the power subjected to it. For instance, if the stereo system in your car is low powered, 15 watts RMS for every channel and below, a perfect speaker for it would be a speaker on the high sensitivity range, starting from 90db and higher.

For high-powered speakers, externally installed amplifiers or aftermarket stereo systems the perfect speaker option would be speakers that are designed with lower sensitivity ratings.

Sound Quality:-

 this is one very important consideration you should not neglect when shopping for a car speaker. Definitely, what you want is a speaker that will deliver very high-quality audio performance. This feature is what most sound lovers seek in their car speaker upgrade, you will love it too.

A speaker’s sound quality can be determined by studying its frequency range. Normally, car stereo systems come with specific frequency ranges. The speaker reproduces better sounds, as wide as the frequency ranges go, normally peaking at 20, 000 hertz and the lowest range of just 10 hertz.

Power Handling:-

 power handling is one other feature to consider when making a selection for a high-quality car speaker. Power handling entails the amount of power supply that the speaker is able to handle.

It is normally measured in watts. When considering this, you should note that the key feature to watch out for is its maximum RMS, instead of the peak power handling as a lot of people make the mistake of assuming. A car stereo that is low-powered requires a sound system at the range of 2 – 50 watts RMS instead of 10 – 80 watts RMS.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Car Speaker

Having invested in a good quality car speaker upgrade, you must have to make sure it is adequately maintained and cared for if you wish to use it to its full potential for a long time.

Maintaining your car speaker system isn’t really a much-complicated task if you have the right information on how to do it. Listed below a few tips that will help you to take proper care of your car speakers and allow them to function to their full potentials, providing you with premium audio performances at all times:

Avoid Overdriving The Speaker:-

Overdriving your speakers has the capacity to kill them even faster than you can imagine. When this happens, distortions are created that would ultimately fry the speaker amp rapidly.

The gains of your amplifier have been set to match the output levels of your car’s head unit during installation. You sure should avoid going to touch the gain knobs again after completion of the system.

If you notice distortion or crackle in the sound output at a high ranged volume, what you should do is turn it down or you might just be risking a damaged car sound system. If you want a louder volume, you will have to get more power.

Always Check On Your Power Connections:-

 your car’s power cables transport a lot of currents to allow the sound speaker system to function fine. If you must maintain a steady output performance for your car’s audio speaker, then you must have to check on the power connection cables regularly, from time to time.

There are very probably a lot of vibrations going on in your car when you crank the speaker up. These vibrations might cause power cables to loosen or corrode.

Thus it is important to always check and make sure they are intact if you must enjoy an audio performance that is stable. The same thing goes for the terminals of your battery and every other block for power distribution in the system.

Protect Your Car Speakers:-

 it is true that the speaker takes up a large chunk of the space in your booth and still will want to pack something into the speaker like groceries, and other supplies, but this stuff might actually cause damage to the speaker, from hitting it to filling it with dirt.

It is then important to protect your speaker from these kinds of damages. You can achieve this by always keeping the trunk clean and you might also try to put grills on the speaker.

Clean Your Speaker Regularly:-

 one of your speaker’s enemies is dust and dirt. When the speaker is exposed to dirt, little particles of it slip into the equipment and cause damages to it.

The ideal thing to do then is to clean the speaker regularly. In doing this, however, you must make sure to use adequate cleaning materials, and avoid using a liquid as they might contribute to the problems of the speaker.

Listening to music while in your car is a totally amazing experience. But then, how much enjoyment you get from this experience depends on a number of things, chief of which is the car speaker you are using to play the songs. We have discussed a few things that would help you immensely to buy and enjoy the best of car speakers.