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13 Best Fraction Apps To Learn Fractions In Incredibly Fun Way

If you’re a student who wants to know how to figure out fractions and solve fraction problems, then you have indeed reached the right place.

Fractions can be overwhelming to many students, but no more with the list of the best Fraction Apps, we have curated in this guide.

Fractions are not liked very much in general, but they are essential for understanding decimals, percent, and many other things beyond mathematics. Some apps and sites or games will help the learner better understand fractions. 

Students have a tough time going from decimal numbers to fractions. But with Fraction Apps, they can explore a variety of interactive activities and games to explore this idea in a fun way. It also offers a chance for teachers to see how their students are performing and intervene accordingly.

In this list, we have identified a range of apps and games that can help students study fractions. The motivation behind our site is to make available resources that we feel are the best fraction apps on the web.

Best Fraction Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. SliceFraction

Slice Fractions is one of our favorite Fraction Apps that teaches kids many fundamental math concepts, including adding, comparing, and rounding fractions.

Use the special pick in each level to slice ice and rocks into different fractional parts, and clear a path so the Mastodon can cross safely. This game will challenge your kids with fun while they learn.

Slice Fractions: Math puzzle game

The game consists of more than 140 physics puzzles that involve slicing, adding, taking away, and dividing objects by a fractional number. Each puzzle is carefully designed to elicit the best possible understanding from the player.

The first problem for kids (and adults!) who enjoy solving fractions puzzles. Slice Fractions teaches fractions by slicing ice and boulders into fractional bits, which fall to the ground and clear a way for the Mastodon.

Kids will truly be engaged in rigorous problem solving with fractions. Solve the puzzles to help our hero, Manny the Mastodon, escape.

It helps children understand fraction concepts and practice fraction skills without using words. It is designed for children aged 8 to 11 years old, but many younger children enjoy it.

The player can choose 25 different avatars, such as a robot, a cat, or an alien. Among the many useful free apps (with a paid version) available in the App Store for Android, it provides rapid answers.

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2. Squeebles Fractions

Are your kids ever moaning about fractions? Squeebles Fractions app is a game that will help break the barrier between understanding fractions and enjoying them.

Students will have to help the Squeebles make cakes for a cake show. They must get back the stolen ingredients from the Maths Monster to do this. 

Best Fraction Apps

The app features four mini-games and a reward scheme to encourage and motivate children to keep playing. Fraction is an app that teaches children how to divide, compare and add fractions. Help the Squeebles make cakes for their Cake Show by recovering ingredients stolen by the Mathematical Monster.

Children have to solve problems to get back each stolen component to help Sally, Bubbles, and Mandy bake cupcakes, truffles, and brownies.

The app focused on children and encouraged them to play the four mini-games with a reward scheme. You can even tap on the Squeebles in the characters list at any time to see a picture of them! 

After downloading the Squeebles app, you will find that it includes four mini-games. All of these mini-games contain the same theme, which is fractions.

However, each one has a distinct theme and cast of characters. It’s one of the most useful paid apps, with a Pro edition available in the App Store for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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3. Adding Fractions 

The fractions app has been designed to help you get familiar with the different steps involved in adding fractions together and give you plenty of opportunities to practice using them.

The addition is an important math concept that students will need to learn in the classroom and on the SAT. This app is a fun way for students to build these critical skills as they play alongside their friends.

Students will play against others in class or even compete with their friends to see the best at adding fractions. Trying to figure out how much your favorite lunch costs?

Use this app to practice adding fractions so you can quickly and easily figure out how much to pay for your meal.

Adding Fractions Math Game

It’s appropriate for both middle and high schools. This app allows you to enter your answers directly on the screen or write using your finger or a stylus. Handwriting recognition makes it easy to correct any mistakes you might make.

All of the examples used in this app involve situations that most students encounter when learning about fractions for the first time, such as a cake being divided between two people or a box containing some candies being opened up and its contents shared amongst friends.

The app’s handwriting recognition allows you to draw answers directly onto the screen, helping your understanding by eliminating any possibility of misreading your work.

One of the most helpful premium apps available on Android, iPhone, and iPad in the App Store. Students will benefit from this app by practicing their math skills, learning how to add fractions, and competing against their friends, all while having fun!

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4. Fractions: calculate & compare

It is a free online fraction calculator that displays solutions step-by-step making the solving process easy and understandable.

The problem is solved with simple equations, where all values are whole numbers and complex ones where it’s possible to insert variables or decimals. A dark theme is available for your comfort.

The app can solve fundamental problems and complex questions with fractions, decimals, and percentages. All you need is to enter the given value into the calculator.

All calculations are presented in decimal form, fractions, or percent. This is so simple even a kid can do it.

Fraction Calculator app

This fraction calculator app is the one you need, an easy-to-use scientific tool for solving fraction problems. The calculator presents the result in fractional and decimal forms. Besides, basic operations also support percentages, parentheses, and decimals clearing fractions. 

The app is available for all of your devices so that you can use it on your phone, tablet, or computer. There’s even a printable version for those who want to work out problems by hand!

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5. Fraction Challenge

Fraction Challenge is an educational app designed to help you learn or refresh your memory about mathematical operations with fractions.

Children will have to solve problems using their four essential functions to win in this game. They’ll have to choose the correct answer in their heads before they put it down on paper.

The Fraction Challenge children’s app is fun to solve operations with fractions. It contains many functional exercises for elementary school students and people of all ages.

Best Fraction Apps 1

The application contains nine different categories: – Addition and Subtraction with the same and different denominator – Multiplication and Division of Fractions – Equivalent Fractions – Operations with fractions in binding – Division into equal parts – Multiplication by a bit.

It is a game designed for pupils and teachers. With it, you can play with your classmates or alongside them in multiplayer mode while working on your arithmetic.

Participate in both individual and cooperative activity types. Improve your skills by training every day and proving to be the fastest among your friends.

The game’s primary goal is practicing fractions and estimating them without the help of a calculator; this app is available for download for free on any device that has an internet connection.

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6. King of Maths

King of Maths is an app that teaches basic math skills such as algebra, geometry, division, fractions with fun games. The app is designed with an eye on making learning enjoyable for kids.

The app gradually provides users with challenging math equations with adaptive difficulty levels with two hundred levels.

Best Fraction Apps 2

It is a fun and engaging way to teach children to solve math equations. It has different levels, from the most straightforward 1-digit addition and subtraction to complex equations like quadratics.

It’s an excellent tool for teachers who wish to help their pupils improve their reasoning and thinking abilities while having fun. They can also be used by parents who want to help their children develop their math skills without devoting too much time to it.

The app is developed to help your child learn basic math skills. This empowers students to build a solid knowledge of fundamental math concepts such as addition and subtracting.

The app is focused on making math fun for children with basic math skills. It has a variety of games that are suitable for kids from 3 to 13 years old.

 It has a paid version available because it was developed to improve children’s mathematical knowledge in elementary schools. The app also has an option to allow the parents to see what their children are doing in the app and how they are performing in each game.

Over 9 million students worldwide have used King of Maths in classrooms and homeschool settings. The app supports Android and iOS devices. Windows 10 devices and Kindles.

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7. Slice Fractions 2

Slice Fractions 2 is a paid-for app that, from the outside, looks and feels like a video game. However, as you start playing with it, you’ll see that it’s instructing you on the fundamentals of fractions.

This app may be helpful if your youngster is having trouble with fractions. It comes with games that teach kids how to solve equations and work with bits. This app also has some weird but funny characters that kids will love, especially the turtles and monkeys!

Slice Fractions 2 continues the first game, “Slice Fractions,” designed to help learners practice fraction concepts in a game environment.

EN - Google Play Promo Video

 It is a brain game that anyone of any age can play. It is an app that offers a challenging yet fun way to practice fractions.

It is a game about creating fractions and adding them. You can develop fractions or use the virtual dice to create your unique fractions. Whatever your approach, you’ll be sure to have plenty of fun with this game!

The latest addition to the popular Slicing Fractions series. This sequel features new 3D graphics, a news story, and more levels than ever before. It is a puzzle game where you have to slice and dice the entire screen to make triangles.

Slice Fractions 2 is easy to find and share on all platforms, including Android, iPhone & iPad.

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8. 4th Grade Fractions Maths LITE

4th Grade Fractions Maths LITE app is designed to help you practice and learn fractions in a fun way. It uses drawings to ensure that students can use the app efficiently and better understand the content.

It is a lite version of the math app with some restrictions for the 4th grade. This application allows learners to easily follow along by drawing a fraction on their device, which will then be turned into an image on the app, and they can compare it to their changes until they get it right.

The colorful drawings with numbers help children understand what they should do. They only need to click on any image to learn what it symbolizes.

13 Best Fraction Apps To Learn Fractions In Incredibly Fun Way

The app also supports individualized learning goals to reach their learning objectives and track their progress successfully. The developers also included a teacher mode to check how well the students are doing in their practice sessions.

This app gives kids a taste of how fractions work by introducing division, multiplication, and addition concepts. The app is free, and it can be played offline.

It has a custom interface designed to teach kids at their own pace, with no need for an internet connection.

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9. Fraction for beginners

Fraction for beginners is a useful app that could help you learn fractions faster and more effectively. It provides learning materials such as exercises, equations, and solvers to assist anyone with their fraction-related needs. Its goal is to make learning enjoyable and straightforward by using a range of interactive elements.

This tool is meant for people who struggle with fractions, like children and adults. Fraction for beginners is an educational app that provides math learners with guided questions, exercises, and solutions.

Best Fraction Apps 4

The app’s queries are auto-generated from randomized numbers with non-deterministic solutions. That is to say; there is no way for you to get the answer correct by memorizing answers.

It is the only app that provides a variety of differentiated content for students of all levels and proficiency.

This tool allows users to take a quiz that is auto-generated with randomized numbers. This tool also generates questions different from the numbers to ensure that memorization does not work for passing.

The app is equipped with a new feature called Solver, a mini calculator that will assist users in solving common fraction problems. This app is an offline iPad app that teaches fractions. This app is available for all of your devices, and it’s free!

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10. Fraction Calculator Plus

Fraction Calculator Plus is a fraction calculator app that will help you with your everyday fraction problems or even more complex ones.

It is the best way to solve fractions easily, quickly, and intuitively. With this handy tool, you can find any single denominator without hassle. It is the most efficient way to solve common fraction issues and more difficult carpentry calculations.

Fraction Calculator Plus for Android

The app comes with easy-to-use features and functions that make it easy to express fractions as decimals or whole numbers, convert between fractions and decimals, simplify fractions in any form, solve for x and y coordinates in equations that contain fractions, use radians instead of degrees when finding the unknown angle value in a correct triangle equation.

It is designed to help you solve all sorts of fraction calculations. You can solve compound and straightforward fractions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The ultimate tool for every woodworker or DIYer who is constantly struggling with fractions problems, helping you deal with even the most complex and challenging to solve fraction questions.

It is a must-have tool for woodworkers. It allows them to calculate, convert, and simplify fractions in seconds. This app also offers a variety of options, including the ability to measure in fractions, convert between different unit systems, and more. 

The app’s ads allow for a revenue stream, and in-app purchases are available if you want to spend more.

A fraction calculator is a simple tool that will help you learn fractions fun and easy. You can use it on your phone or tablet. This fraction calculator is easy to use.

It has a simple interface and features, like an undo button, detailed instructions, and the ability to save your work for later use.

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11. Fractions calculator and Training

The fraction calculator is an accessible, intuitive, and easy-to-use tool. It gives you solutions to any problems involving fractions, decimals.

This app includes handy features like copy & paste, history list, and zoom in/zoom out. All of these allow quick and effective application usage by both beginners and experts alike.

13 Best Fraction Apps To Learn Fractions In Incredibly Fun Way

This app is an essential fraction calculator that does analytic fraction computations between fractions and rational numbers. It has an elegant input system and provides you with a step-by-step solution to every calculation you may perform. It is perfect for students and teachers that need to deal with fractions.

You may use the fraction calculator to evaluate a math expression with fractions and utilize the end outcome, or you can use it to study the processes of computations for math courses.

It’s a simple app to help you and your kids teach fractions available for all of your devices and free. Fractions are difficult to calculate, but you can quickly determine your answer with this app.

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12. Zap Zap Fractions: Virtual Fraction Tutor

Zap Zap Fractions is an incredible iOS mobile app through which you and your kids can learn fractions within minutes. It is an engaging, interactive way to teach children these mathematical concepts in a fun way.

This app will be a new way of teaching children mathematics, but it’s still important for parents and teachers to provide proper guidance and support for learning.

13 Best Fraction Apps To Learn Fractions In Incredibly Fun Way

This app is a fun way to learn about fractions in a format that children love. It uses touch screen technology so that children can easily interact with the app.

Zap Zap fractions is an excellent math game designed for children between the ages of 5-12 years. It’s free as well on all devices!

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Final Verdict

Fractions have always been a complex subject for both students and teachers. Learning fractions was never easy for children; there was also a lot of work for teachers. Teaching fractions needed a lot of time; one had to show how to work with fractions and understand the fraction concept.

With the help of advances in technology, fractional math can be taught and mastered with apps, sites, and games.

The above fraction apps are great for students to learn how to do fraction problems and master fractions. All the apps in our roundup offer excellent solutions that will help your kid learn how to do fractions.

Our apps are so user-friendly that a child can solve fraction problems with them. The goal of Fraction Apps is to provide a resource for families and educators to find the best fraction apps available and allow users to explore various learning activities and games. I hope you find the best apps to learn fractions in this article.