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11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

Are you simply tired scrolling through the search engine to find the best SSH client for Windows? 🤔 Congratulations, you have come to the right place, indeed! SSH is a cryptographic network system protocol, which provides a secure way to access the network services.

The application is widely used to connect to a remote computer. It helps to achieve secure logins, helps to access headless systems, and secure the transferring of files.

There are several SSH clients available free of cost. However, there are several others that can be accessed after payment. You can go for the latter one if you are looking for advanced features. Check out some of the best SSH clients for Windows:

Best SSH Client For Windows 10: Our Top Picks 👌

1. Windows Terminal

Windows operating systems are lacking the inbuild SSH client form a long time but now Microsoft is providing its own SSH client named “Windows Terminal” which is the best tool for SSH, Powershell, and WSL.

It’s not coming pre-installed in your Windows PC, you need to download it from Microsoft Store, Search for the Microsoft Store in the Windows Start menu and search for the “Windows terminal” and click on the “Get” option to download it.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

This tool is allowing you to use a command prompt, Powershell, and other various terminals in the tab menu.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

You can easily able to SSH your devices from this terminal.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

To use this, just ssh yourusername@yourdestination_IP address like below.

It will prompt you with ECDSA fingerprint, Type “yes” then it will prompt you password prompt.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

The new Windows Terminal

2. Built-in SSH Client

Many of us are using the Windows 10 operating system for a long time but we don’t know Windows 10 has an in-build SSH client that you just need to enable it.

To enable the Built-in SSH client, Click on the Start menu and click on the Settings > Apps and click on the “Optional Features” under the Apps & Features setting.

enable ssh in windows

Click on the “Add a Feature” option

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

Search for SSH, you will find the “OpenSSH Server” option, select this and click on the Install option to install it.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

Now you are able to use SSH in your Windows command prompt and Windows Powershell.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

Now the question is How to use it, it’s too simple to use, For example, to connect to an SSH server at ssh.techncialustad.com with the username “Rumy”, you’d run:

ssh rumy@ssh.technicalustad.com
How to SSH on Windows 10 (natively)

3. PuTTY

PuTTY (Download Here) is the best lightweight and simple program for Windows. It supports not only SSH clients but also Telnet, Rlogin, and SFTP.

Best SSH Client For Windows

It is beneficial in case you are looking for establishing an SSH connection to routers, VMware, network switches and routers. PuTTY allows you to save the session configurations, screen customization and also caters for session logging.

It even has several additional features including, 32 bit and 64-bit clients. The program supports SSH2 and SSH1 protocols. These do not allow for the screen customization feature but are very user-friendly.

The interface of the program is what attracts most of the users and compels them to install the programs. You even have the option to save the sessions that allow quick SSH access. However, it does not cater to any credentials, which is one of the greatest disadvantages.

The open-source software was initially developed for Windows and has been made available with source code. There are several companies across the globe, which find PuTTY to be the perfect pick. Install the program and you will know why!

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the PuTTY that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • PuTTY has a very user-friendly interface and is best suited for beginners.
  • The software is rapid to launch and does not need proper installation like the other SSH clients.
  • It provides you with several options to consider intense configurations
  • The best thing about the software is that it is free; all the users who want to try the SSH clients can simply go for this free option.


  • To have proper authentication, you must convert the certificates into a legit PuTTY format.
  • Multiple sessions cannot be assessed in different tabs under this program.

This is the perfect program if you are looking for a starter SSH client. If not merely scroll to take a note of the other programs. It is one of the best and favorite SSH clients and is trusted by most users across the globe. It is very reliable and has supporting features.

4. Solar Putty

Solar Putty (Download Here) is a program with a multi-tab interface, which has been designed to support several sessions from just one console. Solar Putty is like the advanced version of Putty and supports a lot of many features, which cannot be catered by the latter.

Solar-PuTTY Free Tool Overview

Some of the advanced features given forward by the Solar Putty are an integration of the Windows search, supporting multiple sessions at once, easy saving credentials and access to the recent session.

The program not only supports SSH but also supports several other protocols including, SCP, TFP, and SFTP protocols. The multi-tabbed interface of the program has made it easier to establish a couple of sessions at once, and the best part is that you can even switch back and forth as you wish.

The homepage of the program is very quick, user-friendly, and has an intuitive approach to accessing the sessions. You also have a choice to save the credentials. You can easily establish the SSH session, which is one click away.

The tool is very interactive and can be connected to various servers, including the Cisco Switch. The program also allows you to customize the colors, group the types together, and to organize the sessions.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Solar Putty that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • It is shortcut driven- there are several shortcuts in the program, which help you to access the sessions at one click.
  • The dynamic placement feature allows the session tabs to be placed next to each other at once.


  •   It is not a standalone program- To access Solar Putty; you need to install the PuTTY application.
  •   You need to have additional space on your computer to store two different programs, and this is not possible for all the users.

The user-friendly program helps you to work with the sessions easily and saves plenty of time with the advanced features.

5. MobaXterm

MobaXterm (Download Here) caters to the best support for Telnet, FTP, RDP, XDMCP, Rlogin, SFTP, SSH, and VNC. In no small measure, this program has all the features which are included in the other SSH clients; however, MobaXterm even has a varied range of additional features.

Best SSH Client For Windows

Some of the advanced features include SSH gateway, text editor, plugin support, x server, macro support, SSH tunnels, multi-execution, and much more. The list of added features will drive you crazy if you are looking for advanced features.

The terminal embedded in the program can allow you to highlight syntax and even use a different range of colors on different keywords. You even have the option of building your syntax, which is really awesome.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

This does not have a bust interface and is very user-friendly. In case you’re looking for an advanced SSH client, then MobaXterm is best suited in your interest.

The home edition of this program is free, and in case you are looking for advanced features, then you will have to subscribe to the premium package which costs about $69.

The portable application has the xserver embedded in it and can be extended with the help of plugins. The file transmission through this program takes place only through a verified and secured SSH connection, ensuring that the files are encrypted.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the MobaXterm that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • MobaXterm is very flexible and practically can connect very easily.
  • You can edit or even manipulate the remote files as you wish in the concerned file browser.
  • The multiple terminals allow you to use the tabs at once either vertically or horizontally.
  • There are SSH tunnel controls, which simply make the UI controls so much easier.


  • It is not free, and the program hopes you will pay for the same, and obviously, not everyone can afford the plan
  • In case you split the screen you cannot switch back to a single screen

The flexible program allows you to use multiple platforms even if there are a couple of negatives for the same; it is best suited for the users looking for advanced users.

6. SecureCRT

SecureCRT (Download here) is the SSH client that has a proper Windows-style interference and supports Telenet, TAPI, Rlogin SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. The commercial product has several features that are best suited for all the latest functions you want to run.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

Some of the advanced features include line rewrapping, encryption enhancements, paste confirmation, session management, colour customization, accessing the recent session list and dragging and dropping of multiple sessions.

The program has made accessing much more easily by providing the quick connect option, which will allow you to connect without any configuration. You also do not have to manage sessions on the program.

This program enjoys a trendy choice among the users who are looking for user-friendly and advanced options at the same time. The advanced session management of the program raises productivity and saves you precious time.

The advanced scripting catered by the program allows better configuration and management. Mapped keys, clone sessions, tab groups, repeated commands and titled sessions make it easier for you to have absolute control over the sessions.

It also allows you to have an easy transfer of flies and caters to additional flexibility for transferring files. You can even secure your access by the simple two-factor authentication and ensure tighter security with smart cards.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the SecureCRT that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • The program has keyword shortcuts to make your sessions easier.
  • It has robust and secure authentication and enables data encryption with passwords and public keys.
  • You can easily undertake the regular commands.
  • The Python API can control most of the aspects of the program.


  • The program is not free; if you want to have access to the advanced features, then you must pay for the same.
  • The advanced features make the program lag.

The program has simply been designed to make your experience simpler and is very user-friendly.

7. MremoteNG

MremoteNG (Download Here )is a best-suited SSH client, which supports several protocols and handles all the connection details very smoothly. It supports all of these protocols, VNC, SSH, RDP, ICA, Telnet, Rlogin and even raw sockets.

It can enable multiple sessions opening at one point of time in a tabbed interface. You have the option of creating your folders to organize the sessions according to your preferences and even allow you to store credentials.

This program is not so fancy but should be considered as an essential connection program. Even though the features of the program are minimal, it gives the users a comprehensive base to undertake their work swiftly.

The open-source remote connection manager has several new features for you, and in case you are a graphic designer, programmer or technical writer then MremoteNG is the perfect pick for you.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the MremoteNG that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  •  The program allows sharing connections with its import and export feature.
  • It allows you to open multiple sessions at once in different tabs.
  • It allows you to organize your connections with unique icons and separate folders.
  • The program is open-source and can be accessed by users without any payment.


  • There might be a couple of bugs that tend to cause a technical glitch every time you try multi-sessions.
  • The private keys need to be separately configured.

8. WinSCP

WinSCP (Download here) is mostly used by users merely for file transferring. The basic file manager program has a variety of scripting capabilities. It also allows you to copy a file easily between the remote servers and a desired local computer connection.

The graphic user interface catered by the program is what makes it a user-friendly and intuitive program. The program successfully allows you to undertake all the standard operations while dealing with the files.

WinSCP Tutorial - Connecting with FTP, FTPS, SFTP, uploading and downloading

The popular SSH program allows you to have a user-friendly approach with the help of a graphic user interface.

WinSCP offers both basic and advanced features to the users, including file encryption, portal use, connection tunneling, workspaces, transfer resuming, background transfers, command-line interface, and the transfer queue.

The program also enables file masks, directory caching, advanced transferring, administrative restrictions, custom commands, timestamp conversations, and transfer modes.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the WinSCP that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • WinSCP does not have any PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) after installation of the program.
  • Exceptional compatibility when it comes to accessing a variety of tools
  • It is portable, and no installation is required.
  • It ensures protection and security with the help of a strong password system.


  • The keyword shortcuts in WinSCP cannot get edited for better use of the user
  • The selection method in the program is not user-friendly, and you tend to select more than you need

The compatibility of the program interface is what attracts scores of users to install the SSH program.

You may like to read our guide on 9 Best Winscp Alternatives To Securely Transfer Files.

9. SmarTTY

The multi-tabbed SSH client (Download Here) allows you to support the copying of various files and edit the files at their location. The auto-completion terminal allows file panel and packages management GUI.

11 Of The Best SSH Client For Windows 10/11

You can access 10 sub-sessions under every connection. You need not worry about the multiple windows which lag for no reason, nor have you to consider re-logging again and again with every connection. Simply open a new tab and start working.

The Smart Terminal Mode enables you to navigate the files very easily, and you can view the registered files under the current directory. You can even explore the remote secretory structure of the program with the best-suited Windows GUI.

You no longer have to worry about the long process of accessing the files, simply download and upload the files with the SCP protocol. The program also allows you to edit the files and save the protected files without needing to move them for any reason.

With SmarTTY program, you can easily configure the public key authentication; there is no need to type your password now and then. The private key ensures that you securely store it in the Windows key container.

Furthermore, you need not worry about your password issues since the Unix password is not stored anyplace.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the SmarTTY that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • It is a user-friendly multi-tabbed program and performs tasks very fast
  • The public key authentication allows the users to automatically configure without the need to enter the password
  • You can easily access the graphical application with the program
  • The Smart Terminal allows searching commands and files in one go


  • Fortunately, there are no downsides of the program

The fact there have not been any cons as such reported by the users, itself is stemmed from the fact that the program is simply the best and allows an intuitive approach.

10. KiTTY

KiTTY (Download Here) is based on the 0.71 version of PuTTY. It caters you with an automatic feature of securing your work with a password, which helps you to connect automatically with the Telnet.

The password in this program is encrypted, and privacy is protected at every cost. The program enables you to have a separate icon for every separate session. You can also run local script merely on a remote session.

Furthermore, the same session can be accessed very easily and can start within no time. You can even integrate the program with Internet Explorer and Firefox to make the use much simpler.

The program has a couple of advanced features, which make it desired by several users. There is a smart session filter for the program and a well-defined session launcher.

There is transparency for the program, and you can simply start a duplicate session without any lags.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the KiTTY that makes it add to the Best SSH Client For Windows 10 list.


  • The additional features of KiTTY ensure that you have a better user-experience
  • The start-up sessions of the program allow working on directories
  • The program can store the passphrases without any security issues
  • The auto-login script allows automatic connection


  • There is no scope for the tabbed session, which is probably the worst feature of the program
  • With every new session, the program asks for configuration, and there is no standard configuration to all the session; this can be pretty annoying

📗FAQ’s on Best SSH Client For Windows 10

Below are a couple of queries on Best SSH Client For Windows 10 that everyone is expecting to answer and I did include the same for my readers.

(Q) How can I avoid the errors I encounter while running the programs?

Make sure that you reboot your computer since at times there can be a lag due to overloading of the program.

(Q) Why cannot I run the SSH server and how do I start with the same?

It depends on your windows version; however, open the security settings and check how the installer gets downloaded on your computer.

Then right-click on the installer executer, find it on the Windows Explorer. Click on properties and check the General Tab and ensure that it is unblocked. Now try the installation process again.

(Q) File transferring allows downloading and uploading of the files, how can I delete them?

When any session is running, you must grant the Windows file system permission to access the files. Once the permission is configured then with the help of Windows File Explorer, just select the file and right-click on the same. Select properties and then security options. You can find your desired option there.

(Q) How can I install the SSH service on Windows in a simple manner, since I’m a beginner?

First, run the setup programs, once the setup program screen is displayed, you have to exit all the other windows before you can configure. You need to click on the next.

Second, there is a message indicating the location where the SSH client has installed.

Third, select the program folder, and a new window opens, claiming the installation status. Fourth, once the setup is completed, then you need to click on the finish. The setup is complete.


In case you are new to the concept of SSH clients, then you must go for PuTTY since the program does not even require proper installation. Furthermore, in case you happen to delete PuTTY, it does not affect your computer in any manner.

However, you might not be comfortable with the fact that the program does not cater to open sessions in the tabs.

We have listed the best SSH clients, and there is not even one SSH, which can go wrong. Every SSH client mentioned has both positive and negative aspects, while some of them have additional features. If you know what your needs are, then it is much easier to choose the best SSH client.

If it is challenging for you to choose one specific SSH client, then you can even go for several SSH clients at once. To find out which SSH client suits you best in your interest, just click the hyperlinks mentioned, download the programs and experience the programs yourself.

We encourage all our tech-users to read the pros and cons of the SSH clients well, to ensure that you choose the best for your future sessions. A wide range of list has been catered to, so that you research your SSH clients well and choose the best pick.

Let us know if we were successful enough to provide you with the necessary details of the best SSH clients. You can review your perspective in the comments section below to help us cater to you better the next time.

It is after immense research and plenty of resources that we have prepared a list to help your professional front and make your life easier. We hope it was useful for you!

We would be delighted to know if our list of best SSH clients has helped you select your pick. Was the list helpful enough?

Keep reading our content and informing us of your valuable insights!