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15 Great Games Like Overcooked To Play in 2022

The Overcooked franchise consists of two games, Overcooked and Overcooked 2; both games are simulation games that have you take control of a kitchen to progress through the game’s campaign.

Both games feature large campaigns, having you cook at different locations through single-player or couch coop multiplayer. The Overcooked franchise is well known for its couch coop, with the games being playable with up to four players.

Overcooked 1 and 2 are great games to play with friends, with the couch coop being brilliant fun while also being infuriating if one of your friends messes up an order.

The two games were later rereleased as Overcooked All You Can Eat, encompassing both games and extra content. Regardless, the Overcooked franchise is great fun and a fantastic simulator series.

There are also several other great games like Overcooked. This article will outline these, highlighting the 15 great games like Overcooked that any fan of the couch coop genre will enjoy.

Great Games Like Overcooked: Our Top Pick👌

  • Moving Out
  • Catastronauts
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Cooking Mama Series 
  • Tools Up!
  • Gang Beasts
  • It Takes Two
  • Cooking Simulator
  • A Way Out 
  • Fall Guys
  • Space Food Truck
  • What the Fork 
  • The Cook Serve Delicious Series
  • Snipperclips 

1. Moving Out

Moving Out is a simulator game developed by developers SMG studio and Devm games; Moving Out was also published by Overcooked developers Team17 Digital.

The game takes direct influence from the Overcooked franchise, using physics-based gameplay to make couch coop once again the most fun and infuriating experience on the planet.

Moving Out puts you in the shoes of a furniture arrangement & relocation technician with the sole task of “moving out” clients as you grow your business and seek to save the town of Pack more from danger.

The game features classic gameplay found in the Overcooked series, with physics-based gameplay making even the simplest piece of furniture feel like a ton of bricks.

The game is excellent and fun, and at its best with couch coop, as you work with your pals to successfully move out clients from their houses. The game is a blast and reviewed well on Metacritic in 2020, with scores in the mid-’70s and user scores in the 7’s.

Moving Out is a game like Overcooked. If you enjoyed the cooking simulator, then you will love Moving Out. It is an excellent game.

Moving Out - Out Now!

2. Catastronauts – co-op games like overcooked

Catastronauts is a top-down action simulator game, much like Overcooked. Instead of cooking up a tasty treat, though, you are instead tasked with defending your ship from enemy invaders.

Games Like Overcooked

Originally released in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, the game featured similar couch coop-based gameplay to Overcooked with the need for perfectly timed actions and manoeuvres.

One false move by a teammate might cost you a defeat and even your ship. The game is great fun to play and a good party game to play with friends.

The game is like Overcooked in that it features a similar top-down simulator experience but with a different premise.

The game reviewed well on Metacritic, with a score of 78 from critics. Catastronauts! is one of the least known simulator games and should be played by more people. It is a great game more should enjoy.

Catastronauts Release Trailer | Multi Platform

3. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Although Ultimate Chicken Horse does not have the same graphical art style or gameplay as Overcooked, the games are still very similar.

Both games have heavy party elements attached to them, with Ultimate Chicken Horse involving level-based coop fun, in the form of platforming.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a lot of fun pitting you against your friends in free for all platforming to get to the other side of the obstacle course, the first person to reach the objective, and the other side wins. However, you lose if you get hit by an obstacle or fall, meaning you cannot start over.

The game also allows each player to place an object with the potential to make the level easier or harder.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a great laugh to play with friends and features the same couch coop gameplay present in Overcooked.

Although not similar in design, both games have the same coop fun and high stakes gameplay. Thus, the game is like Overcooked.

Overall, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a great game scoring high critic scores of 80 on Metacritic with user scores in the 7’s. If you need a party game to play that is simple and a ton of fun, try out Ultimate Chicken Horse, it is a real laugh.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Launch Trailer

4. Cooking Mama Series 

The Cooking Mama Series is not similar to Overcooked from a graphical and gameplay point of view but a simulation perspective. Both games are cooking simulators in their own right, and both put you in the sweat of the kitchen.

The Cooking Mama series of games was first released on the Nintendo DS in 2006 and took the world by storm due to its cute, cooking gameplay and relative simplicity.

The game involved a series of minigames that allowed you to construct a recipe. Cooking Mama was hugely popular amongst children and fans of the series, releasing several games across multiple platforms.

Games Like Overcooked 1

The series also expanded, releasing Crafting Mama and Babysitting Mama on the Wii. The series is still very popular to this day, although the games have declined in popularity due to lackluster reviews, with the latest game in the series Cooking Mama: Cook star releasing in 2020.

Nevertheless, it is still a great series and is similar to games like Overcooked with cartoonish graphics rather than real-life style cooking simulation. 

Cooking Mama: Cookstar Trailer - Nintendo Switch

5. Tools Up!

Much like Moving Out, Tools Up is an example of a game that takes inspiration from Overcooked.

Tools Up! is a top-down simulator game that has you race against the clock to renovate homes with and without friends across campaign missions and the game’s party mode.

The game has you decorate, paint and carry out other duties of a renovator. You can play Tools Up! with your friends, making the job of renovating technically easier but, in reality, a lot harder.

Tools up is a game like Overcooked in that it features near the same gameplay, but instead of cooking to a time limit, you are renovating apartments. The game also leans on a similar art style to the Overcooked games.

Overall, Tools Up! scored mediocre with scores in the 60’s and user scores around 7.3; nevertheless, if you want to scratch the itch of couch coop games, it’s worth your money.

Tools Up! | Official Reveal Trailer 2019 | (PC, XBOX, PS4, Nintendo SWITCH)

6. Gang Beasts – multiplayer games like overcooked

The couch coop genre is saturated with games of similar nature; Gang Beasts is a completely new and fresh couch coop game similar to Overcooked in many ways.

Gang beasts is a coop fighting game released in 2017 which has you and your friends fight for supremacy across multiple different stages with the singular goal of being the last one standing.

The game features brawler gameplay and makes you do everything in your power to chuck your opponents off the edge, whether that be sticking to your friends and pulling them off or kicking them.

The game is an absolute blast to play and the perfect party game. It is sure to raise tensions in the room and have you and your friends screaming at each other.

The game is highly sought after as one of the best party games like Overcooked out there as it features non-stop laugh-out-loud coop gameplay.

Although popular, Gang Beasts reviewed standard with critics, scoring 68 and around the high 6’s from users. Despite, this if you enjoy annoying your friends, this is the game for you, although they might be your friends anymore after playing it. 

Gang Beasts - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

7. It Takes Two – Games like overcooked adventure action game

It Takes Two is a coop adventure action game developed by award-winning game studio Hazelight and published by EA.

The game is purely a coop experience being built from the ground up to accommodate two players. The game puts you and your coop partner in the shoes of Cody and May, a couple going through a relationship crisis who have been turned into dolls and tasked with saving their relationship.

Games Like Overcooked 2

The game consists of various gameplay mechanics alongside a multitude of different story beats, creating an immersive storytelling experience that is also challenging; the game is full of adventure and action and is a real treat to play.

It Takes Two is a game like Overcooked in that both feature heavy coop gameplay and emphasis the necessity of teamwork and cooperation.

It Takes Two is one of the best reviewing coop games of all time, receiving an 89 from critics on average and a user score in the high 8’s to low 9’s.

The game is a masterclass of coop gameplay and mechanics and a fantastic game to play with friends, family, or partners.

It may test your patience with them, but it will be worth it in the end. The game is a heartwarming experience and one of the best coop games ever.  

It Takes Two Official Reveal Trailer

8. Cooking Simulator

The cooking simulator was always going to make this list due to its premise. Cooking simulator was first released in 2019 by Big Cheese Studio as one of the first major cooking simulators on PC and console.

Cooking Simulator is, as you guessed, a game focused on simulating the workings of the kitchen. Unlike Cooking Mama and Overcooked, Cooking Simulator is much more realistic, featuring a 3D kitchen, classic cooking utensils, and over 60 different recipes from across the globe.

A cooking simulator is an adult’s cooking game accurately simulating what it feels like to cook and be in a kitchen.

Furthermore, the game gives you the ability to cook a range of recipes and the chance to cook your own. Despite the game’s seriousness, it is very fun to play, with you feeling like you are in a kitchen under pressure.

Cooking Simulator, for obvious reasons, is similar to Overcooked in that both are cooking simulators. Although very different, they are still of the same genre of game.

Cooking Simulator Trailer

9. A Way Out 

A Way Out is similar to It Takes Two in that it doesn’t feature the same gameplay nor art style of Overcooked, but rather the intensity of the cooperative gameplay.

A Way Out follows two prisoners in Jail who put their pasts behind them to help one another escape prison. The game places you and another player in control of the two characters as you try and escape the prison.

15 Great Games Like Overcooked To Play in 2022

Completing A Way Out relies on perfect cooperative teamwork, crucial for you and your teammate to escape the prison. The game has a great story with epic twists, turns and surprises you would expect from a game of this ilk.

A Way Out is a fantastic cooperative experience and game-like Overcooked. It features great coop gameplay and a gripping story that makes this game a definite must-have.

A Way Out is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, reviewing well when first released in 2018. The game received scores of 78 on Metacritic from critics and a user score of 7.8.

10. Fall Guys

Yes, I know Fall Guys and Overcooked look and play very differently, but they are very much the same. Both games feature multiplayer components and emphasize a similar cartoon undertone.

Fall Guys was one of the most popular games on the planet when released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2020.

The highly addictive nature of chasing those crowns and winning the battle royal got players (Myself included) heavily addicted to the game. Fall Guys was a cultural phenom when it was released, showing the gap in the market for great party games.

The game involved you completing a series of Total Wipeout style challenges against other players in battle royale style gameplay.

If you fail to beat a certain number of players, you lose and cannot progress to the next round. The game was highly competitive and the perfect party game to play with friends, full of moments filled with laughter and the occasional temper tantrum.

Fall guys is a game like Overcooked due to both being party games with a strong competitive element to them. Fall Guys reviewed well on Metacritic, scoring an 81 and a user score of a 7.

Although Fall Guys are not as popular as it once was, it is still great with an active player base. You can’t beat it when it comes to multiplayer fun.

Fall Guys - Jump in on August 4

11. Space Food Truck 

Space Food Truck is a similar game to Overcooked in that both are cooking simulators. The game also featured cooperative play, much like Overcooked.

Space Food Truck uses deck-building gameplay to cook rather than analog controls to run around and make dishes, as shown in Overcooked.

The game has you use cards to build recipes, working with your teammates to construct the best possible plate while delivering it to neighboring planets before your ship falls apart.

Thus, much like Overcooked, the game is full of tension and high stakes against the clock, making gameplay both fun and frustrating at the same time.

Overall, the game is very similar to Overcooked. Both have similar art styles and are cooking simulators, with the only difference being the deck-building elements of Space Food Truck. Space Food Truck’s reviews have generally been positive due to its originality. 

15 Great Games Like Overcooked To Play in 2022

12. What the Fork

Although lesser known than the other couch coop games on this list, What the Fork is a coop game released for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

The game takes classic elements from Overcooked, such as the time-based high stakes couch coop gameplay and similar art style, and adds a twist – forklifting.

Instead of being a cook, the game has you drive a forklift and stack boxes, compete with friends to complete challenges, and even against them in VS mode.

What The Fork is similar to Overcooked with related gameplay under pressure. The game is like Overcooked in many ways and one of the best couch coop games out there. What the Fork is yet another great addition to the Couch coop genre.

15 Great Games Like Overcooked To Play in 2022

13. The Cook Serve Delicious Series 

The Cook Serve Delicious series has been serving fans of the series for years. The popular cooking simulator is one of the best simulators and cooking games in general.

The most recent game released in the franchise is Cook Serve Delicious 3, the last game in the series and the most well-rounded, featuring game mechanics from the first two games.

Cook Serve Delicious 3 has you take your food truck across the United States, feeding customers and building your reputation. You will have to have expert cooking skills, though, if you want that reputation to build with the game being notoriously tricky to master.

The Cook Serve Delicious series of games is like Overcooked in that both are cooking simulators, and both include a ranking system.

The Cook Serve Delicious series has been reviewed notably well on Metacritic, with the latest game scoring a 79 from critics.

Overall the Cook Serve Delicious Series is a great series to get into and should be played by any fan of Overcooked.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Reveal Trailer

14. Snipperclips

Snipperclips was a Nintendo Switch release title released with the console in 2017. The game is a cooperative action-puzzle game involving working with a teammate to cut out pieces of paper to clear levels and complete challenges.

The game required intense cooperation skills and used the Nintendo Switch Joycons in cutting out puzzle pieces. The game featured cooperative play and single-player gameplay alongside other game modes such as team battles.

Likewise, Snipperclips also supported up to four players. The game was great fun to play at the time but never really caught on with users.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable game to play with friends, and made excellent use of the Nintendo Switch Joycons. The game is like Overcooked in that it features couch coop as well as challenging gameplay.

Overall, Snipperlclips scored an 84 from critics and a user score of 8.1 on Metacritic, making it one of the best-rated Nintendo Switch launch titles. If you own a Nintendo Switch, make sure to pick up this game. It is a must-have.

Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! Trailer


Final Thoughts 

Overall, this article has outlined 15 Great games like Overcooked. Despite the genre being oversaturated with Overcooked wannabees and clones, some of the games released are very good.

As highlighted by the article, several games rival even the Overcooked series of games. Games such as Tools Up! and Moving out are very similar in their art style and gameplay, while other games such as A Way Out and It Takes Two differ in aesthetics and gameplay.

Still, they are identical in terms of cooperative multiplayer, showing that the genre of couch coop games is vast.

In the future, it will be interesting to see whether couch coop games are as popular as they are now; with the rise of Virtual reality, a greater focus on wellness, and the dominance of triple-A games that become more realistic. Thus, the couch Coop market may begin to shrink due to these factors.

Nevertheless, if games in the genre such as It Takes Two continue to innovate on couch coop multiplayer, the genre will thrive in the future.

All in all, if you liked the crazy couch coop madness of overcooked, you are going to love the games highlighted on this list. Make sure to check them out when you get the chance.