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17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

A multiplayer video game is one in which several people may participate in the same gaming environment at the same time.

Multiplayer games often require players to share a single gaming machine or use networking technologies to play together across a longer distance. Because multiplayer games allow players to engage with other people, they provide social communication that single-player games do not.

Multiplayer mode allows users to play with and against real opponents, and you can build plans with colleagues in the various sorts of games offered. Each playing experience can be unique. Let us look at the best Multiplayer GameCube Games we could find on the web.

Best Multiplayer GameCube Games – Our Pick👌

1. Super Monkey Ball 2

It is the second chapter in the Super Monkey Ball series and the first to include a narrative and be sold only on a gaming device. There is no doubt in admitting that it is one of the best Multiplayer GameCube Games of all time.

The game’s primary purpose is to move a monkey trapped inside a ball from one end of a stage to the other. Players move the control stick to control the slope of the stage, causing the ball to roll, and they can fail a level by falling off or running out of time. Structures such as slopes, half-pipes, moving platforms, and so on can be seen on the stages.

Best Multiplayer GameCube Games

Super Monkey Ball 2 was identified as one of several video games connected with enhanced performance in laparoscopic surgery in a 2002 study.

Before operating, doctors who played fared better in a digital surgery simulation. The result is a significant reduction in errors and an improvement in speed and score.

How Super Monkey Ball 2 TRIGGERS You!

2. Soulcalibur  II

With its distinct range of characters and complex combos, Soulcalibur II is perhaps the best entry in the series. This game had heavy hitters, fast-attacking characters, and everyone in between.

The variety of diverse combos available gives each hero a distinct way of playing and personality that few action games can replicate even now. Some of the characters in this game aren’t as memorable as others.

Best Multiplayer GameCube Games 1

The original SoulCalibur II gained critical acclaim, with average scores of 91.3 percent for the PlayStation 2 and 91.6 percent for the Xbox.

According to GameSpot, it is “one of the most sophisticated, approachable, and visually stunning 3D fighting games to date.” Soulcalibur II has been listed as the 14th best fighting game of all time in 2011.

The plot of the game centers around the fabled weapon Soul Edge being shattered into fragments, with several individuals attempting to acquire all of the pieces to win possession of the whole weapon or destroy it once and for all.

Soulcalibur II improved on the graphics and gaming system of Soulcalibur and introduced various new guest characters.

3. F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX is a racing video game released by Nintendo in 2003 for the GameCube device. Also, it is one of our favorites in this list of the best Multiplayer GameCube Games

It is propelled by a more powerful version of the motor used in Super Monkey Ball. The arcade equivalent of F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX, uses the Triforce arcade system board created with Nintendo, Namco, and Sega.

The successor to F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, maintains the series’ rugged, high-speed racing style. Track memorization and reflexes are heavily emphasized. GX has a “story mode” in which the player assumes the role of Captain Falcon.

In an interplanetary Grand Prix, up to thirty contestants race on huge circuits within plasma-powered machines. In nine chapters of varied racing scenarios, the player assumes the character of Captain Falcon. 

Players may construct a machine with three custom pieces or print emblems on any vehicle in the Garage area. Each chapter has three degrees of difficulty: standard, challenging, and extremely difficult.

F-Zero GX - Story Mode [Full Playthrough]

4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The game was released in 2033 and has been a major part of the Nintendo Console. The Crystal Chronicles series is set in an unidentified world with four tribes. The series’ overall reception has been excellent, with many praising its experimental nature and the original game’s unique multiplayer mechanics.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is an action role-playing game for GameCube that was released in Japan in 2003 and internationally in 2004. 

Later in the year 2020, the company again released a new version of the game, or better say remastered for platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.

The story follows twins Yuri and Chelinka as they are compelled to combat an ancient evil that has attacked their village.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

All Final Fantasy games take place on the same planet, populated by four tribes: human-like Clavats, stocky Lilies, magic-wielding Yukes, and nomadic Selkies. Crystal Chronicles’ gameplay has tended to emphasize multiplayer, or the concept of people working together to achieve a common goal.

5. Pikmin 2

Pikmin 2 is a 2004 puzzle strategy video game developed and released by Nintendo for GameCube. It is the second game in the Pikmin series and the immediate successor to Pikmin, released in 2001.

The player in Pikmin 2 directs and distributes chores to a swarm of tiny plant-like organisms known as Pikmin. The game garnered positive reviews, with aggregate ratings of 89.60 percent and 90 percent on GameRankings and Metacritic, respectively.

Pikmin 2 builds on the gameplay introduced in the first game, Pikmin. From a third-person microscopic perspective, the user controls Captain Olimar and Louie.

Best Multiplayer GameCube Games 3

They are on a quest to recover riches from an undiscovered planet. The gameplay involves leading and directing a swarm of plant-like organisms known as Pikmin to complete this task.

There includes a two-player competition mode, an unlockable challenge mode, and the primary single-player game mode. Olimar and Louie are each handled by a different player competitively.

Their objective is to utilize Pikmin to retrieve four yellow marbles or take the opponent’s marble. This mode can be played by one or two people jointly.

6. TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 is a first-person shooter game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. It is the sequel to TimeSplitters and the second game in the series.

The game has a story mode with ten stages in which the player takes on the character of one of two space marines attempting to stop an alien species from destroying history by collecting time crystals.

Here the players must kill enemies and fulfill objectives in several predefined situations utilizing a variety of weapons and strategies. 

The armor and health bars on the screen’s edges deplete when a player is shot, which may be restored by walking over body armor and first aid items. Some firearms include an alternate firing option that allows you to launch a grenade or explode a remote mine.

TimeSplitters 2’s PlayStation 2 version garnered “universal praise,” while the GameCube and Xbox versions earned “generally positive reviews.” It earned GameSpot’s annual “Best GameCube Shooter” award and was nominated for “Best Xbox Shootout.”

Analysis: How GOOD Was TimeSplitters 2 Really?

7. Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4 is the fourth installment in the Mario Party series, and it was released on GameCube. It comes with eight characters guided as characters on six different themed play boards.

The aim is to acquire as many stars as feasible by buying them from a single location on the game board. The movement of each character is decided by a die roll, with each turn making a single turn.

Best Multiplayer GameCube Games 4

Mario Party 4 includes six boards, five of which are named after a subsidiary Mario character, Goomba. Minigames are unlocked during “Party Mode,” however they may also be played outside the game board setting in “Minigame Mode.”

The majority of the areas on the boards are represented by blue or red circles, with blue awarding money and red subtracting them.

The game’s multiplayer mode was commended for appealing to a varied population and being a “‘everyone’ title.”

In contrast, “Story Mode” was chastised for compounding concerns with pace, which was already described as “snail’s pace.” The majority of critics praised the game’s graphics over its predecessors.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Four swords Adventures

The game (Visit Here) was released in 2004 for the GameCube home video game console both in Japan and North America. Nintendo Power ranked it as the 48th best game developed on a Nintendo system, and Metacritic rated it 86 out of 100.

Furthermore, it has since sold 250,000 copies, with 127,000 units sold in Japan making it one of the best Multiplayer GameCube Games of all times.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

With 155,000 units sold, Four Swords Adventures was the third best-selling game in North America in June 2004. Since then, it has sold more than 250k copies and included them in the Player’s Choice line. Critics commended the game’s compatibility with the Game Boy Advance.

Four Swords Adventures’ main mode is “Hyrulean Adventure,” an episodic collaborative multiplayer adaption of traditional The Legend of Zelda gameplay.

You can even find the exceptional “Shadow Battle” which is highly popular as being a competitive multiplayer battle mode. The multiplayer stamp rally race “Navi Trackers” is only available in the Japanese edition of the game.

9. Mario kart double dash

Mario Kart: Double Dash is the fourth main installment in the Mario Kart series. It was published as the third game on the Nintendo GameCube in 2003 and among the best Multiplayer GameCube Games of that year.

3D polygon visuals support co-op gaming with two riders per kart. After only Super Smash Bros. Melee, it is the second most successful GameCube game, with around 7 million people globally.

Double Dash is a kart racing video game where the player races against other teams on various courses in a kart. The game screen displays the current race standings, the player’s kart’s current speed, and oncoming weapons.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

There are two characters per kart now, one to drive and one to use stuff. This is the first game in the world in which players are required to ditch their equipment after being hit by a weapon.

Double Dash!! Received favorable feedback from critics and Mario Kart enthusiasts alike. Nintendo Power gave the game a perfect score, and the visuals were hailed as “3-D perfection.”

According to GameSpy, Double Dash!! is a “great-looking, great-playing game that most players will instantly warm to.” Brett Elston commended the game’s “dual-riders concept and unbeatable multiplayer.”

10. Super Smash Bros Melee

Melee is the sequel to the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The game gained great critical acclaim, praising its aesthetics, simple controls, and gameplay.

Super Smash Bros. Melee has received mainly positive reviews, while some have questioned if it is “too fast for its own good” and too similar to other installments in the series.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

The array of 26 Nintendo characters and the associated stages and accessories that nod to previous Nintendo games have been highly received by critics.

The purpose of Super Smash Bros. is to drive its opponents beyond the stage’s borders, which distinguishes it from other fighting games. Most attacks deliver damage and knock the opponent back if sufficient damage is inflicted.

The gaming field is cluttered with Nintendo-related goods and stuff. Some items may be thrown, while others deliver melee harm, while others have an immediate effect on the user.

11. Pokemon Colosseum

Pokémon Colosseum is a Nintendo GameCube role-playing video game. It was released in Japan on November 21, 2003, in North America on March 22, 2004, and in Europe on May 14, 2004. 

Like previous games, the videogame does not contain random Pokémon encounters. Instead, the player can “snag” other Pokémon Trainers’ Pokémon. The game also includes a variety of fight styles for both single-player and multiplayer play.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

Pokémon Colosseum was the Pokémon series’ first actual 3D role-playing game. The game’s aesthetics and gameplay were acclaimed, but the lack of an overworld and the limited amount of Pokémon were criticized. In 2006, the game was ranked as one of the 121st best video games ever released on a Nintendo device.

It is a third-person perspective 3D role-playing game. The user controls Wes, a Pokémon Trainer, traveling through towns and other regions.

The game’s currency is purchased at “Pokémon Dollars” at “Pokémon Mart” locales. The majority of battles are “double battles,” with two Pokémon on each side fighting simultaneously.

12. Star Fox: Assault

It is the fourth game in the Star Fox franchise. The game was released all across the globe in 2005. The game takes place after the happenings of Star Fox Adventures, and it follows Fox McCloud and his team as they seek to preserve the Lylat System from the evil insectoid species known as Aparoids.

The gameplay in Star Fox: Assault is divided into three separate categories. The player can fly an Arwing spacecraft, operate a Landmaster tank, or go on foot missions.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

The game morphs into a 3D third-person run ‘n’ gun shooter when you walk. Weapons and attachments include the blaster, sniper rifle, and hand grenade.

Star Fox: Assault garnered mixed to positive reviews, averaging 71 percent on GameRankings and 67/100 on Metacritic. Some people complained about the control mechanism employed during the on-foot sequences.

It was successful enough commercially to be included in Nintendo’s Player’s Choice line, alongside Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.

13. Donkey Konga

Donkey Konga is a series of rhythm video games starring Donkey Kong. The games are designed to be played using a one-of-a-kind controller called the DK Bongos, which looks like two little bongo drums.

Music from the Mario and The Legend of Zelda series and other Nintendo-related titles are featured. The first two games each include roughly 30 tracks, depending on location, whereas Donkey Konga 3 has 58.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

One day, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are lounging on the beach when they come upon these bizarre barrel-like items. They bring them to Cranky Kong because they assume they are connected to King K. Rool. After Cranky describes the bongos, Donkey and Diddy test them out.

“Generally good reviews” were given to Donkey Konga. At the Game Developers Conference in 2005, it got an award for the best “Innovation.” Even New York Times had a lot of good things to talk about the game at the time of its release.

14. Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride is a racing video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2003.

The first GameCube game allowed LAN play by connecting four GameCube devices through the internet. Despite criticism for its simplicity, the game was a financial success, selling more than 1.2 million copies worldwide.

Players can control Kirby or his rainbow equivalents in racing or other minigames. Gliding is also an essential part of the game since it allows the player to control the plane’s height once it has taken off. Kirby is the only playable character that can ride different machines and suck up enemies to replicate their abilities.

Kirby’s antagonist, Meta Knight, flies above the ground on his wings rather than riding machines. King Dedede operates similarly to the Wheelie Bike, with the addition that he can attack quickly with his sledgehammer, similar to Meta Knight’s assault.

Kirby Air Ride HD - Official Nintendo Switch Trailer

15. Sonic Adventure 2

Before Sega exited the home console market, Sonic Adventure 2 was the Dreamcast’s final Sonic the Hedgehog game. It was launched worldwide in June 2001 and sold over 2 million copies. 

In late 2001, an improved port for the GameCube was released in Japan, then in early 2002, in North America and Europe. The game’s gameplay, aesthetics, and music generally garnered excellent reviews, while some questioned the camera, voice acting, and narrative.

Sonic Adventure 2 got “generally positive” reviews, with critics complimenting the game’s replay potential and variety of play styles.

17 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games To Play With Friends

The camera in the game was severely criticized, with slight discernible improvement over its predecessor, Sonic Adventure. The graphics were lauded, with some describing it as one of the gorgeous Dreamcast games.

According to reviewer Four-Eyed Dragon, the game boasted “some of the greatest graphics ever seen,” according to reviewer Four-Eyed Dragon.

The GameCube version, which was released six months later, got mixed reviews, while it was generally thought to be superior to the Dreamcast version.

Sonic Adventure 2 is a three-dimensional platformer with Hero and Dark campaigns. In the Hero campaign, players take control of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as they attempt to save the world; in the Dark campaign, they take control of Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, and Rouge the Bat as they try to conquer it.

The narrative of both campaigns runs concurrently, and finishing both unlocks the Last Story with all six characters, concluding in a final boss encounter. The game has 180 emblems obtained by performing missions and other objectives.

Two-player modes include a treasure-hunting game and shoot-them-up skirmishes in mechs and go-karts. Some heroes from the classic Sonic Adventure are playable in these modes.

16. Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a video game first launched in arcades in 1999. It is the sixth entry in the Gauntlet series and extends the preceding title, Gauntlet Legends.

The expansion includes five additional levels and four new hero classes: Dwarf, Knight, Jester, and Sorceress. It also consists of many hidden characters, some of whom may be unlocked in the game

Dark Legacy is a game expansion that adds new levels, equipment, characters, and fighting skills. In Dark Legacy, the player can choose between a slow, powerful assault and a swift, lesser attack.

A combined turbo assault can be performed by two players simultaneously, draining half of the turbo gauge of the player who began the combo turbo.


This article contains the list of best multiplayer GameCube games you can play with friends and family. Many multiplayer games make it possible to connect with individuals from everywhere in the world and receive real-time feedback on your performance. It also offers a location to share an event with family and friends to foster collaboration and connections.