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21 Of The Best Auto Tune Apps For Android & iOS


Do you want to enjoy the auto tune effect to voice? Do you need the best solution to sing like a professional? Of course, you can opt for auto tune apps on your phone and utilize major effects and features.

It is a great way for people to feel comfortable when singing. On the other hand, it is a great option for people to improve singing skills and knowledge.

You can gain proper support for your voice with the help of the best tube app. You can showcase talent by using the best type of application. It is a great choice for singers to hit albums. You can use the perfect app in your device and singing a song.

Best Auto Tune Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Autorap

It is the most favorite Auto Tune Apps that attracts singers very much. It lets people modify words as they sing by means of authentic rap. It is integrated with ratification technology.

This auto tune application is designed depending on auto tune technology that helpful for users to create a song. It has excellent and stunning features that beneficial to users today. 

The application is featured with different modes like rap mode and talk mode. The rap mode is ideal for rap artists and featured with the utility designated by the bit.

The talk mode allows people to dictate the lyrics of the future song and match the speech to the rhythm. It is a suitable source that matches rapper connects and syllabus to voice. You can share it with others also and acquire the top rapper list as well. 

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2. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony

It is the most interesting auto tune apps that manages great functionality and features. It is an excellent harmony and auto-tune. It is considered a real-time application that great to process the user’s voice and model them based on a user-defined setting.

Best Auto Tune Apps

The app becomes very popular for broad functionality that impresses users very much. It is suitable for people to gain the desired effect in a perfect automatic mode online. 

You can capable to record voice and adjust them ideally. The users try to choose music to process it quickly and get ready for playback. The speed and convenience are the major attributes in the application.

It is great for different features like vocoding, harmonization, and auto-tune. It is a great voice processing application that brings friendly support to users. Apart from this, the app is combined with harmony, vocoding, and automatic tuning. 

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3. Smule – The Social Singing App

If you are a real lover of music and want to sing a song, you can opt for the Smuleauto tune apps. It is a great option for people to sing and make music in a simple way.

It is considered as the best application for Android mobiles. You can never use only auto tune and applicable for recording voice and video. You can enjoy serious practice with the help of application and have great fun and excitement with friends. 

The users can sing the song along with the top artists. On the other hand, it is suitable for pitch correction in a real-time manner.

The users can become a star in own video and record vocals to add a video. You can make use of different filers to video and add filters like vintage, black and white sepia, fight club, and others.

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4. Starmaker 

You can really experience like a star by using this application. It lets people sing a favorite song based on their needs and able to record high-quality voices and autotune them.

Best Auto Tune Apps

You can find out the different range of effects and choose the best one to apply to the music video. It is a great opportunity for users to develop excellent track and share them with friends. You can also interact with the friend and sing-song along with them. 

The users can take pleasure from signing and karaoke with friends. The users can record performance, edit music and bring out to find perfect artists.

You can access a library that comes up with an excellent collection of songs. The users can opt for any voice option and maximize the tone and ability to sing songs. 

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5. Rapchat

It is a pleasant application for music lovers to create own song. It is a better option for people to make a hit song with different effects. You can enjoy an unforgettable singing experience by using this application.

This auto tune apps is very suitable for people to transform speech into rap. The application has great functionality to correct bad rap. You can simply listen to a speech that converts into a lyrical masterpiece and rap.

This one helps you to auto tune freestyle with the aid of rap mode features. You can develop content easily share it with others and record lyrics based on your wish.

The interface of the application is excellent and impresses users with great functionality. The users simply go to use rap battle features that best for rapping. You can explore the top rappers from this application.

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6. Tune Me

It is the most popular sound recording application today that supports users to record audio simply. It is built with a different array of tools for tuning and enjoys the desired sound of the voice.

Best Auto Tune Apps

When it comes to recording sound, the users can use different beats to the recording. You can access them from the ideal authors. You can find also free bits and choose perfect beat, set the desired level of volume and begin recording. 

Once the recording process is completed, you can start fixing audio to it. The process of fixing audio to make it simple and chooses tonality and intensity.

It is best for a simple and elegant interface and helps you to customize by selecting several color schemes. Within a few minutes, you can record audio.

The app is excellent for freestyle mode, sing-song with MP3 melody, set any song and load and record background bits. 

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7. Tuner and metronome

It is a great tuner application for users that used for a different purpose. It is designed with two different modes like chromatic tuner measuring sound and pitch and pitchfork mode.

Best Auto Tune Apps

It supports users to personalize A4 frequency and capable to upload any music sheet. You can find out lots of free music sheets available in the application. 

It is a simple and superfast application that suitable musician. The users can able to set a combination of flashlights, vibration, visual beats, sound, and others.

It allows users to record playing and choose a perfect rhythm for music. The users can able to practice and record playing when watching uploaded music sheets. The users can record playing with an integrated single touch recorder.

It maintains stunning features like a high precision tuner, practice time tracker, scales practice, BPM detector, and so on. 

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8. The voice

It is the most suitable source for music and singing purpose. You can discover everything related to music from this application. On the other hand, you can able to access different tools at a single source.

It is a specially designed application suitable for a smartphone. The users can install applications simply in the device and select songs as you like. You can go ahead of singing songs and create music in a simple way without any hassle. 

You can take pleasure from the excellent performance and functionality of the application. It is designed with an embedded auto tune that supports people to make performance more thrilling and enjoyable.

The basic attributes are very similar to the Starmaker karaoke application. The features of this application are excellent for voice contest. The users can discover great and stunning signing experience with this application. 

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9. Learn to sing

It is the best application for everyone to enhance singing in karaoke and also able to sing with friends. You can make use of a different musical instrument to sing a song. This application helps you to learn all the musical intervals, notes, and others in a fun way.

You can improve knowledge of singing and become a professional singer. This will aid you in how to sound right with no tuning and correct tune of your voice in a simple manner. 

You can perform different exercises with the use of this application. In this way, users can enhance the ability to make a hit stunning note.

You can enjoy several features like voice warm-up, recognize intervals, and lot more. The users can deal with singing in a better way by using such an application. You can sing-song with correct notes.

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10. Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs 

It is the most used platform for users to enjoy getting a different array of options. It lets people sing a song with great lyrics and music.

It is the most favorite application for everyone to sing karaoke without spending any penny. From this source, you can avail of millions of songs that manage lyrics and music. The users can utilize special video and audio effects to sing a song perfectly. 

This auto tune apps is very useful for people to share a creation with friends and others in the singing community. It is a single place that allows users to access an unlimited collection of karaoke songs in different themes and genres.

You can make use of the best option of record that better to record vocal tracks as you like. It is the best way for users to put special voice effects like reverb and echo as you want in the song. 

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11. Voice changer – Audio Effects

It is a really better application for audio effects and completely free for use. It is a suitable application for a bass booster, karaoke effects, speed changer and lot more.

It is perfectly simple and easy to use the platform and possible for different sound effects. The users can record voice in quality sound and just music library to apply effects. You can easily share them with friends and become famous. 

The application is incorporated with a vast array of effects. The users can customize parameters to gain excellent sound effects for the music track. You can sing karaoke and record them as soon as possible with the aid of this application.

You can add different karaoke effects like mid, reverb, echo etc. with the customizing parameters to attain perfect sound. You can utilize speed changer feature with pitch and change the tone of voice simply. 

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12. EZ voice

It is the best-designed application that wants to enjoy singing. With the aid of application, the users can easily remove vocals from the song and record them with own voice.

You can improve the voice with the different choices of filters. The users can capable to record any song and share it with friends and improve talents in a professional manner. It is designed with a friendly interface that ideal for users today. 

Within a few clicks, you can easily eliminate vocals from a song. After that, you can begin recording voice by following a simple process. You can make sure simple performance to record vocals and edit it to add special effects.

In this way, you can enhance the quality of the final song. The users can make use of different effects like delay, chorus, filter, level, morph, reverb, and others. You can use it either in combination or individuality. 

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13. Wav Voice Tune – Auto pitch correction

It is the best and suitable application for auto pitch correction. It is a widely used tool for users to pick up different things for correcting the pitch of voice.

It is the best option for people to make a perfectly tuned sound without any unwanted effects. It is a great platform for users to record different things like rap, pop, and others and change singing voice. 

It comes up with different effects like distortion, reverb, delay, chorus, filters, and a lot more. It is definitely worth for music lovers to enjoy using special effects on the music track.

It is perfect for users that tune voice simply and fit for your needs. It is suitable for different things like musical scale snapping, waveform visualization, wav file export, native android file sharing, auto pitch correcting controls, and others.

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14. Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio with beats & vocal FX

The users can simply listen to hip pop and develop tracks in a quick manner. It is definitely suitable for the best rapper and enjoys tracking the music on the phone.

Best Auto Tune Apps

It is labeled as a recording studio and hip-pop community on the device. It is the most favorite application for rappers across the world. You can just visit the application and choose the beat to start a rap. You can realize the stunning collection of beats from the top beatmakers. 

The application updates the beats on a regular basis for the user’s convenience. It is suitable for professional mixing, recording, and mastering of the phone.

It is a great way to improving quality recording with special sound effects. The users can take the complete advantage of using effects like auto-tuning, reverb, synchronization, and equalizer. 

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15. Acapella

It is the most loved auto tune application today for excellent features. You can gather a different range of things for music records. It is the best option for music lovers to prevent external noise and sound in the audio.

You can capable to record the best quality audio with the aid of this application. It is the best application for users to enhance the audio sync. You can follow simple steps to enhance sync. 

It is the best option for the musician and singer to make stunning videos. The users can improve the skill and talent of making videos by utilizing this application.

You can choose the perfect layout and record videos based on your desire. After that, you can share it with others and gain more following. 

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16. Spreaker Studio – Start your Podcast for Free

It is an amazing choice for users to enjoy starting a radio show and podcast. It is a stunning application that manages the great control of volume and mixes channels.

The users can transform the phone into the radio studio that is the main feature in the application. You can take pleasure from the excellent variety of track and sound effects.

The users can get connected with the audience in a real-time manner without any hassle. It is excellent to sing and record live. On the other hand, the application is better for the user-friendly interface. It lets users add the great track and sound effects to the voice simply. 

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17. Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

It is an ideal application for singing lyrics and karaoke. It is the best and favorite karaoke singing application on the market today. It gives you complete access to the song library and stays tuned with the different array of songs and lyrics.

It is a great platform for users to sing a song at any time and anywhere. It comes up with a stunning library that manages lots of songs and lyrics for free.

The users can use it without spending any penny. You can find out the new and old karaoke hits from the different genres in the application. You can save the song on your mobile and sing them at a flexible time.

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18. Auto Tune Singer Voice Changer

With this auto tune apps, you can find out the different range of sound effects for free. It is a great way for users to make the voice sound like music artists and robots.

With the support of this application, you have a great capability to improve voice and enjoy cool soundboards. It is a better choice for users to develop high pitch voice with the aid of funny sound maker.

The users can add special effects to voice and excellent for audio recording. It is also regarded as a voice enhancer application that offers the coolest application. 

The users can develop high pitched noise with the aid of funny sound makers. The users can download the new auto tune and ensure great fun of making perfect sound.

You can edit audio and enhance your voice easily. It is packed with sound effects like robot voice changer, slow-motion sound recorder, martian voice, radio sound effects, hoarse voice, drunk voice changer, echo effect, space sound effects, and lot more. 

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19. Micdroid

One can able to create hit notes with the help of Micdroid application. It is the best application for users to make use of different options to make perfect notes. It comes up with a bundle of features that ideal for users.

You can get connect with different options in the application for notes and others. It has excellent functionalities like easy pitch correction, email recording, automatic pitch correction, fix recording as ringtone and enable and disable ads in the setting. 

You can easily make corrections in the tone of your voice. The users can improve a number of songs. You can record tracks in your own voice and share it with others through social media networks.

You keep up a huge number of followers with an excellent music track. This will produce pitch correction effects that help you to hear in music.

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20. Auto Tune Voice changer

It is the best platform for users to showcase singing talent to the world. It is a favorite auto tune application that helps people to ensure a quality voice. It is simple and easy to use voice changer today that aids people to change their voice and sound completely.

It is a fully free source for users to gain everything easily. It is excellent for the best voice effects and manages a good name in the app market. It is integrated with the professional voice editor, sound recorder, excellent user interface and lot more.

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The above-listed apps give you a chance to make sure better skills and knowledge of singing. The users can discover the different features in each and every tube application.

You can feel comfortable and have great fun and take pleasure from the karaoke. You become well-known in singing and improve career. The auto tune apps bring the right solution to enhance voice on songs or videos that users recorded. You can start a singing career with the best apps.