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11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies

What are the best websites to download subtitles? 🤔

This one is the most common question that came to your mind If you are watching a film in a foreign language.

In this article, we collected 11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles for our readers.

Without any further ado, let’s explore this guide. 📗

Subtitles…we may not all love them, but they are regarded as somewhat of a necessary evil. However, these texts are anything but bad. Sure, it is not always fun to watch them displayed at the bottom of the screen, but their pros far outweigh their cons.

They show the exact dialogues going on in a particular scene and could be quite helpful in deciphering what’s going on. With them, you get a better understanding of any scene in a TV show or movie. Here are other benefits of subtitles:-

😎Benefits of subtitles:-

Here are a few reasons why subtitles are fantastic:-

1. If you are watching a film in a foreign language, subtitles come to the rescue. Not only do they help you understand the dialogue going on, but you could also pick some words here and there that can help you make basic conversations in a new language. 

2. People with hearing issues don’t have to be left out from movie entertainment, and subtitles help them understand the dialogues too

3. Once in a while, we have movies where the actors have downright nasty accents, or the background sounds are terrible. However, you can still enjoy this movie by using subtitles. Simply mute the sound and let the subtitles guide you.

4. If you want to go all out to learn a foreign language, try watching movies with subtitles. You can listen to the original dialogue in the film to know how the words are being pronounced while the subtitles guide you on their meaning. Also, the tone and pitch by the actors help in conveying the right emotion. 

Now that we know some benefits of subtitles, what are the best websites to download subtitles? There are lots of sites available for this today, and more continue to come into the market monthly.

However, while some are authentic, others are just a ploy to get viruses into our gadgets via corrupted files. Some subtitles are downright terrible. We have filtered the genuine ones from the bunch and here are the best websites to download subtitles:

Best Websites To Download Subtitles: Our Pick 👌

1. Addic7ed

This website helps you download subtitles for both movies and TV shows. While the subtitles are free, you have to sign up to download them.

For TV shows, you have access to subtitles in seven different languages while for movies is as many as eighteen languages. The website is well updated with subtitles divided into various categories.

Websites To Download Subtitles

You can find the latest subtitles and those dating to several years ago. If you would like to see the shows or movies being translated, there is an access panel to view this.

There is also a section for viewing the latest uploaded subtitles and the highest downloads for each day. Need a subtitle for a particular movie? Simply use the quick-search option on the left side of the page to scroll through your preferred movies or TV shows.


  • The subtitles are properly synced for both TV shows and movies
  • When a TV show is popular, that episode will have up to eighteen languages for downloads
  • After registration, you have access to other features like viewing and editing subtitles
  • Dark theme is becoming increasingly popular, and this website is not left behind
  • You can download multiple subtitles all at once


  • The UI design is a bit outdated
  • The search results take a while to come up
  • The website is only suitable for larger displays and not mobile-friendly

2. TVSubtitles.net

This subtitle download website focuses majorly on TV shows but also has subtitles for some movies as well. The first thing you would notice is the interface that is clean and easy to use.

Websites To Download Subtitles

It makes searching for subtitles a straightforward process. You can access subtitles in six different languages and download them, simply click on the flag for each language. This website also allows you to share your subtitle files with others.


  • TVSubtitles.net doesn’t require registration to access its subtitles
  • You can narrow down your searches to specific languages by setting the preferred language on the Show Subtitles drop-down menu. 
  • Quickly know the file size for any subtitle you want
  • You can rate the subtitles on the website without registering


  • Some downloaded zip files come with spam documents
  • The search option is limited in its search

3. Subscene

Not many subtitle websites provide content especially tailored to the hearing impaired, and Subscene was one of the first to do this. It has hundreds of subtitles available and these subtitles come in hearing-impaired friendly text.

 Download Subtitles

To access this, simply check through the search filters for the Hearing Impaired option. While it has ads, the interface is simple and easy to understand. Their vast database also includes subtitles for popular shows around the world with a lot of language options.

The filter lets you search according to language and you can request a subtitle if you can’t find what you are looking for. Apart from subtitles, there are also options to download music videos, TV series and movies directly from the website. 


  • It features hearing-impaired friendly text
  • The dark theme on the website is pleasing to the eyes
  • You can filter the search bar to exclude specific languages in the search results
  • You can flag low-quality subtitles, and they would be removed
  • Forums are available to request particular subtitles


  • The UI is a bit disappointing 
  • The search filters could be quite complicated for new users
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4. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles has an impressively large database with subtitles numbering millions and available for download by anyone.

While there are also irritating ads on this website that can only be removed by subscribing for a VIP account, you can still wade through them to access other features.

11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies

It allows the upload of subtitles. Instead of downloading subtitles, you can opt for saving time by watching them on torrent websites using an embedded player on the site.

Just like every good subtitle website, there is a wide range of language options available numbering more than fifty. With the advanced search tool, you can filter your search result to specific options such as country, season, episode or movie year. 


  • This website has a wide range of language options available including Telugu and Mandarin
  • Apart from downloading subtitles, you can also upload them on the website
  • It has sleek, advanced options which can allow you to use search parameters such as movie year, subtitle format, genre, IMDB ratings and so much more
  • If you don’t find any subtitle you need, you can request for anyone using the request section
  • Unlike lots of subtitle websites that have the forum available in only English, the forum for this website is in more than ten languages
  • Using the free media player from OpenSubtitles automatically downloads the subtitles for any movie or TV show. 
  • Ratings for each subtitle will help you pick the perfect one


  • There are a lot of annoying ads which can only be removed when you subscribe to a VIP account 
  • It is not a mobile-friendly website

5. VLC Media Player

While VLC is not a subtitle website but a video player, it makes this list because of its increasing popularity when it comes to subtitles. As a media player, it has tons of uses and benefits that translate to its use as a tool for downloading subtitles.

It is very popular as it is entirely free and doesn’t discriminate any file format. This media player optimizes both audio and video playback for any device, it supports streaming and with downloadable plugins, it gives a lot of extra functions.

This media player also allows integration from streaming services and tons of other programs.

While there are subtitle websites that are specially dedicated to DivX formats, VLC supports DivX streaming and also MPEG. Additional decibels mean that you can increase the volume of the movie to as high as 200% while even playing ZIP files without unpacking them.

The below video will help to understand how to download subtitles for movies automatically in VLC.

How to Download Subtitles Automatically in VLC

With a playlist function for playing multiple films continuously or watching short videos, this media player is almost perfect. When it comes to subtitles, you can download them automatically on the media player.

It is more than an app as it eliminates the issues of annoying ads or multiple download pages that take forever to load. Simply request for the subtitle in-app and it takes only a few seconds to download.

While watching a movie, you can download the movie subtitles directly at that moment. To do this, click the View button at the top, navigate to the VLsub button and search for the movie subtitles.


  • It has a large number of available movie subtitles ranging from recently added movies to classic movies.
  • It is an app and as such there are no intrusive ads to halt the process
  • The search feature is very direct and can be narrowed down to year and movie title


  • None
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6. Yifysubtitles

Another subtitle download website that is always updated is YIFY Subtitles. Thankfully, the interface is very user-friendly, so anyone can easily navigate through the website in search of their desired subtitles.

11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies

The search bar allows you to check for subtitles based on genre and language. If you are also looking for a website to find the latest movies, then this website is perfect for that as well.

On this website, you can check out the ratings for each movie and the year of release. It can be a bit discouraging to download subtitles as it redirects to a PDF download page, but this is easily rectified.

The search bar also allows you to set your preferred languages to help narrow down your search results from the get-go. Also, it is vital to get the correct website as there are about two other sites that have a similar name but a lot of intrusive ads. 


  • The simple interface makes navigating easy
  • It has a wide range of languages available as users upload them
  • Movies from this website can be streamed directly to Netflix
  • If you would like a short synopsis of the film to give you an idea of the plot, this is available right next to the list of subtitles
  • The search option is not that complicated as you can get the right subtitles by using only ratings, release date or genre


  • Due to the redirect, it could be challenging to find the download button
  • A lot of minority movies do not come with English subtitles

7. ISubtitles

Looking for subtitles for Indie movies? There is hardly any subtitle you can’t find in the vast collection available on this website. There are also subtitles for other TV shows, series, and movies.

Download Subtitles

At the top of the ISubtitles page is a search bar where you can navigate through the website using the movie name. Sadly, this website also has a lot of distracting ads but nothing that you can’t surf through.

If you are not sure if a movie is worth downloading, you can use the IMDB rating next to the movie name to judge.

The latest movies are arranged at the right hand of the website, and clicking through takes you through a vast collection of movies. These movies are arranged in an orderly manner by genre or other parameters. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The ISubtitles that earned it a spot in our list of subtitles download sites.


  • There is a preview option to check out the subtitles before downloading them
  • As you search further on the page, the suggestion-based results save you some time
  • It is a mobile-friendly site
  • on come with a detailed description and rating


  • You might miss out on some popular movies
  • Spelling errors on the search bar won’t bring any results
  • Once the download list pops up, you can’t filter subtitles

8. Podnapisi

Another great website for downloading English subtitles is Podnapisi. In the years since its inception, users have reported that it is quite reliable, and the search brings tailored results.

11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies

You can download these subtitles that tally with the original languages in the movies, giving you better filter options. An impressive feature of this website is the vast array of languages numbering more than 110 languages.

Every day, the site uploads new subtitles for different movies, and the ratings from users are easily accessible to guide you towards downloading quality subtitles.

The search engine is quite thorough as you can search using several categories including movie type, years or specific keywords. You can find subtitles for TV series and movies dating as far back as ten years ago without hassles.

At first glance, Podnapisi sounds like an international name that doesn’t cater to English subtitle requests but this is not true. The English subtitles are simple to use and very clean, one of the most impressive you can find today on the internet.

With more than 7000 TV series available and more than 60000 movies on the website, there is hardly any movie subtitle that you can’t find on Podnapisi. 

On its easy-to-use interface are sections dedicated to different categories. The main page shows a list of uploaded subtitles according to date, while the sections show other categories such as most downloaded, the most comments on an upload, best rated, and so on.

If navigating the site is a little complicated for you, you can ask for help from the support forum where other users will be willing to answer your questions. Apart from being a subtitle download website, Podnapisi is a community.

They run a community-driven project which makes use of the premium tool Weblate to translate texts correctly. As such, they continue to add to their subtitle database with languages from places like Xhosa readily available. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Podnapisi that earned it a spot in our list of download subtitles for tv series.


  • This website is mobile-friendly, allowing for easy navigation on small screens
  • Users can categorize subtitles according to FPS
  • There is a minimal chance of downloading low-quality subtitles as all uploads are audited and vetted by the moderators
  • The search options are quite comprehensive, allowing you to search using standard keywords or the movie database where you can search based on episode, season, or year of release.


  • The search results for subtitles don’t always appear organized. Users may have to filter through dozens of entries before getting the desired subtitle
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9. DivX Media Player

Just as the name suggests, DivX media player is a media player dedicated to high-quality DVDs, HDTV, and DivX subtitles. One of the favorite things about this player is its simple interface.

DivX Plus Software - DivX Plus Player 2/3

It allows you to download subtitles for any movie or TV show but requires registration to upload any subtitles. Every file gotten from this website is available in the exact DivX subtitle according to your preference.

Download Subtitles

The search bar is easy to navigate through and brings simple results that help you get the right subtitles without wasting a lot of time.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The DivX media player that earned it a spot in our list of download free subtitles.


  • DivX Subtitles has a website with a simple interface for any user level
  • It has a comprehensive list of TV shows and movie subtitles available


  • Only registered users can upload subtitles

10. Subdl

While this is not a very popular website, it is nonetheless a great one for downloading subtitles in a variety of languages including English. The site has an easy-to-use interface with the search bar located at a vantage position.

Download Subtitles

It is clutter-free and can be used to search for any subtitle without hassles. This site doesn’t require registration and is completely free to use. Getting to the homepage, the search results are usually direct and of moderate quality.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Subdl that earned it a spot in our list of download videos with subtitles sites.


  • The website encourages the proper classification of movies as this is done based on the video release. Categories like Blu-ray releases and DVD releases have different sections for their subtitles
  • The subtitles are also categorized according to their time-stamps while you filter according to language
  • You have the option of filtering your search to as many as four languages


  • You can’t be able to tell the quality of the subtitles easily before downloading as there are no user ratings available
  • The ads on the site are in excess

11. Megasubtitles 

Lovers of subtitle websites would have heard of Megasubtitles at one point or the other. This website has a moderate amount of popularity due to its effectiveness. It is loved for its simple interface and easy navigation.

11 Of The Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies

The search bar is appropriately located at the top, where users can head over to it immediately after loading up the page.

The search results come up really fast and are usually well tailored according to the keywords used. The format for downloading subtitles on Megasubtitles is also numerous, while you can choose to download them directly in SRT  format. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Megasubtitles that earned it a spot in our list of Best Websites To Download Subtitles.


  • To give you a good idea of the movie subtitle you are downloading, you can check out the short synopsis underneath the movie poster and right next to your subtitle file
  • This website doesn’t redirect to any ad page like some others. This means that in one click, you can have your subtitle downloaded, thereby saving you a lot of time and stress


  • The main page has a lot of intrusive ads that could be quite stressful to navigate through
  • Unlike some other subtitle websites available, users cannot directly request subtitles for TV shows or movies that are not readily available on the site.


No doubt, there are hundreds of websites filled with subtitle files that you can download for free. However, this short guide to the best sites to download subtitles will help you avoid spam websites and those with low-quality subtitles.

We picked them based on user satisfaction and ease of access. If you would instead not search for subtitles separately, you can use a movie player that downloads them automatically and a few are listed above. All in all, it all goes down to how convenient and easy it is for you to use them.