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9 Best IFTTT Alternatives To Spend Less Time on Busy Work

Automation in the digital age has become a necessity. To improve the focus on the complex processes that require ideation and time, automation helps in performing the routine tasks of a firm.

It saves time and money for the firm and improves the entire workflow of the organization. When repetitive and common tasks are automated, arrays of options are available for the organization so that they can improve their productivity.  

IFTTT is a free automation tool that allows you to automate your various tasks to bring efficiency into your workflow.

With the help of the integration tool, you can easily connect different applications and make data transfer between them much easier. But IFTTT is not the only automation platform available.

There are tons of IFTTT alternatives with their own unique features that will improve your workflow and are bound to push productivity up. By using these IFTTT alternatives for automating your workflow, you will be able to focus on more important tasks. 

Here are the top IFTTT alternatives available on the market. Let’s look at each of them in detail to know more about their features.  

Best IFTTT Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Workato 

Workato is a popular IFTTT alternative that allows you to integrate your stack and automate your work. It provides integration and automation solutions for all of your organization’s needs.

It helps you to build complex workflows across your organization that is easy to monitor and manage. With more work tasks automated you can create an efficient and effective workflow for your entire organization.  

Triggers are set conditions that prompt the automation action. You can easily schedule them, or read them from the on-premise files or move records in batches.

There are a set of different actions that are connected to each connector which has multiple conditions and steps.  

The application uses Workato recipes that are set instructions to automate your complex workflows. These can be called from other recipes or applications to perform the set tasks.  

Best IFTTT Alternatives
Workato recipes

With the help of next-generation iPaaS and low code integration platforms, you can empower more teams in your organization to create integrations quickly and effectively as per their requirements.  

Workato uses a mix of API-based and UI-based automation processes ensuring that the right tool is used at the right time. This is achieved by effectively using Robotic Process Automation. 

Workato orchestrates human and machine tasks into your organization by automating your entire business into an end-to-end flow, and not just single tasks. It also improves the inter-application connectivity between various departments for superior integration. 

With the help of its smart data pipelines, you can accelerate the processing of real-time insights into actionable business insights. It can upload data into any data warehouse of your choice or your personal data warehouse at superior speeds.  

With the addition of  Microservers, Workato empowers your API management using low code that allows you to build more complex integrations at automation with ease.  

The chatbot feature acts as a medium of conversation for your business processes and your data. You can build your customized enterprise chatbot for applications such as Microsoft Teams to be able to interact with employees. 

Workato offers a wide range of features that enable you to transform your organizational workflow. Businesses worldwide use Workato to improve the productivity of their company.

You can opt for a basic plan and premium plan as per your requirements for your business or products. 

Click here to get a detailed understanding of the application and its pricing plans.  

2. Zapier – IFTTT alternatives For Workflow automation

Zapier is a powerful automation platform with a variety of different features to help you achieve your automation target.  With the help of its simple and powerful automation tools, you can do it all in seconds.

It can also be quickly and efficiently customized to meet your needs which makes it one of the most popular IFTTT alternatives. Its automation tools get the job done and reduce distractions so you can focus more on your work.  

You may use the history feature to know what Zapier is doing for you so that you can make any changes effectively.

With Zapier you can monitor your work at all times and receive all the necessary information directly through a notification. All customer comments, suggestions, inquiries, or other information will be provided to you automatically.  

 Zappier focuses on integration, automation, and innovation to improve your workflow in every workplace. With its integration capacity of 3000 applications, it can be customized for your personal use, a team project, or even an entire company.  

Zapier allows you to streamline your process by connecting multiple platforms. With its multi-step feature, you can reduce the time required for less important updates and focus on the essentials.  

Best IFTTT Alternatives 1
Zaps connect the apps you use every day

Creating a workflow is very convenient in Zapier. All you have to do is choose a trigger for Zapier and then the task to follow. Once the triggered event occurs, your response or task will be automated.  

The customization feature allows you to decide how the software should run simply by adding a filter. Zapier only works according to the rules you set and nothing goes through the filter, so you stay in touch with your information at all times.  

With the help of a Zapier expert, you can customize the automation for your business with ease. The basic feature of the Zapier application is free for use so you can use it to get accustomed to it.

You can also try it out first before purchasing the premium plan for complete control and more tools at your disposal.  

For more information regarding Zapier’s pricing plans and features, Click here. 

3. Automate.io 

Automate.io is a user-friendly automation platform that is a popular IFTTT alternative. It allows you to automate your repetitive processes within a few minutes without the need for any IT support or technical knowledge.

More than 30,000 businesses worldwide such as Adobe, and Intel among others use Automate.io for their automation solutions. 

With the help of Automate.io, you can easily automate your tasks but simplifying the trigger and creating an action for it. It also simplifies data transfer between applications and syncs data between them easily.

The company wishes to bring the power of automation to non-technical users and therefore has developed a user-friendly interface. 

By visualizing your automation process and connecting multiple applications using a single line of code, you will be set up in a few minutes. Setting up complex automation is also simplified by Automate. You do not require log lines of code or technical knowledge to set up integrations. 

It comes with pre-built automation templates that you can use or customize at your convenience. Use the drag and drop feature to set up automation mapping and integrations. 

Automate.io has a lot of easy yet powerful tools that allow you to set up automation workflows. You can also use complex processes such as conditional logic to set up more interactive workflows. 

Best IFTTT Alternatives 2

The workflows can be created at multiple levels and also interactions between multiple applications can be achieved. Advanced controls such as time delay, data transformation, and formatting and analytics can also be used to improve the workflow.  

With more than 200 in-built integration to all major platforms, connections can be made easily. Any other application can be connected via the Rest API connector. 

By providing a common automated platform team productivity can be boosted and better communication between different departments can be achieved.

By collaborating on shared folders and empowering everyone to improve the automation experience, efficiency can be improved.  

Automate.io brings individual workspace for each member of the team with their own credentials. Also, the billing is not done individually, rather a single invoice is generated covering all the members which helps you to keep the costs low. 

Automate.io provides professional automation experience at an economical cost. They provide a secure and reliable platform to work on so that you can boost your productivity.

Also, the 24*7 customer support is there to help you in case of any discrepancies.  They also have a free plan that you can use to get started and as your requirements increase, you can upgrade your plan.  

Check out the pricing plans for Automate.io, here. 

4. Integromat 

Integromat is a popular choice for its simple and easy automation process. With just a few clicks you can set up your automation and move data between your applications, which reduces the burden on your staff so that they can focus their time and energy on other more crucial tasks.  

What is Integromat?

Integromat offers a free plan that you can use for an unlimited period of time. The professional integrations offered by Integromat along with cutting-edge features and tools for automation are what makes Integromat unique.  

The application allows you to visualize your process and helps you to streamline it better by automating the tasks in a sequential manner.

You can see how automation is being executed in real-time and also monitor the data flow with the help of Integromat’s approach and look. 

Best IFTTT Alternatives 4

Integromat gives you detailed feedback on each operation executed. It follows a systematic approach and logs each and every operation so that the automation process can be reviewed easily so that any necessary changes or improvements can be made. You can also turn off the logging feature to avoid storing any additional data. 

Integromat has in-built functions that are most commonly used while working with text, numbers, lists, etc. so that a workflow can be initiated and all functions are available in one place. The functions are regularly updated and new ones are added to keep you up to date with any new functions. 

By creating specific scenarios you can choose whether you need the processed data before the scenario was activated or not. It gives you more control over your automation process as well as your data structure and data points. 

Integromat also has built-in routers that can easily duplicate data. These routers allow you to divide your scenarios into multiple routes and you can also control the data within each route differently. Additionally, filters can be applied through these routes that filter the processed data. 

One unique feature that Integromat offers is Error handling. Error handlers deal with any unexpected exception and can be created easily via an error handler route with custom logic. If any exception occurs, special commands can be instructed to the error handler to deal with it. 

Iterators help you to split the data points into workable information so that they can be processed separately. Conversely, Aggregators will help you to merge individual data into one single bundle or unit.

The basic free plan offered by Integromat comes with almost all the features that are essential to get you started and automated.

You can continue to use this plan for as long as you like or you can upgrade to other plans to achieve better automation and integration with the help of more operations and data transfer capabilities. 

You can choose from Basic, Standard, Business, Platinum, or Custom Plan. Click here, for information about these pricing plans.  

5. Microsoft Flow – ifttt alternatives for automation of recurring tasks

Microsoft flow is a powerful automation tool that allows you to focus on your important tasks by automating the rest of the repetitive tasks of the organization. It will boost your efficiency with quick and secure automation. 

Best IFTTT Alternatives 5

It brings a powerful automation experience to all your devices such as Robotic Process Automation for your desktop, manageable workflows for mobile using Power automate the mobile application, using a centralized portal for your web solutions with the help of connectors, and also a collaborative automation experience with the help of Microsoft Teams.  

With a low-code interface that has powerful tools such as drag and drop and pre-built connectors, you can manage and automate your mundane tasks with ease.  

By simplifying the end-to-end business processes, the automation process advisor will recommend flows that will improve the organization process and deep insights into further improvements that can be made.  

By letting the AI builder work in your favor you can process forms much faster. You can document automation, process approvals, detect images, or use the pre-built models in your favor. 

The Robotic Process automation is easy to use with the help of step-by-step guidance and it requires no code so that people without technical expertise can also use it.

It can be implemented quickly and you will soon start to see results that will open more possibilities for you.  

The process advisor brings an intuitive interface so that you can build better workflows, and turn data into actionable insights. Process advisor empowers each employee to improve the end-to-end business processes of your organization.  

With in-built connectors, you can work without any distractions, and with fluid connectivity between different applications. Microsoft Power Automate continuously adds more connections to this list to improve the user experience. 

Using pre-built templates for Cloud flows you can discover more possibilities and customize them further as per your requirement.

Microsft Flow offers a professional and powerful automation experience for your organization. With stand-out features such as Process Advisor and RPA, it is one of the popular IFTTT alternatives.

Using it alongside Microsoft Teams will improve the workflow of your organization and you will be able to boost your productivity.  

Learn to Use Power Automate with Examples | Create Bulk PDF Files | Planner to Outlook

6. MuleSoft 

Mulesoft is an integration and automation platform that empowers business teams and IT teams to provide a better digital experience to your organization.

It provides powerful automation, integration, and APIs for your business to increase your productivity and simplify processes to reduce operational costs. 

The Anypoint platform by Mulesoft helps you to bridge any digital divide between various departments by integrating them and automating mundane tasks so that productivity can be boosted by focusing on more important tasks.  

What MuleSoft Does

By mapping your business goals and planning them carefully, you can understand how Anypoint Platform will improve your work. The next step is to establish a firm foundation by deploying API and integrations within the organization 

It allows you to build API integrations quickly with built-in integrations without the need for long lines of code. This also helps you to transform your data into actionable data points with the help of machine learning recommendations.  

You can easily monitor all of your integrations and automation with the help of real-time visibility and lifecycle API management. You can then reduce the meantime for resolution by improving application performance, logging, and other business metrics. 

Mulesoft is a popular IFTTT alternative for its automated security threat protection that is pre-built and can be customized accordingly. By defining and securing the perimeters around automation, integration, and APIs, you can add another protective layer of security. 

Mulesoft gets you started quickly and with its fast run time, you can reach the market quickly. It also lays a future-proof foundation for you and opens endless possibilities for your business operations to grow. 

By collaborating effectively within teams and improving the workflow between them using connectors, templates, integration, and automation. It also gives you the freedom to build a customized API portal for your API management. 

Mulesoft also offers a free trial of its services, which you can avail of before purchasing any of their plans.

Mulesoft is serving customers in the financial sector,  healthcare, government organization, retail businesses,  manufacturing hubs, insurance providers, education, and media and telecom.   

Click here to visit the Mulesoft website for your customized business solution.  

7. Integrately 

Integrately is a user-friendly one-click automation platform. With just one click you can connect more than 500 applications from 8 million inbuilt ready automation.

What separates Integrately from its competitors is the low-cost automation experience it offers to its clients.  

It offers integration compatibility with all the popular applications so that data transfer between them can be more efficient and it doesn’t require extra effort from your side.

You will be able to focus more on your important tasks once the repetitive tasks are automated and data transformation between applications is synced.  

The automation process can be complex and require long lines of code and technical expertise but with the help of Integrately, non-technical users can also deploy effective automation with just one click. 

Best IFTTT Alternatives 6

The process of automation has been made extremely simple. You simply have to select your preferred automation, link it to your account on any application, and your automation is ready.  

By empowering each individual within a collaborative workspace to contribute to the automation experience, productivity is improved.

Also, each individual has fewer distractions in the form of mundane tasks so that he can focus his time and energy on important tasks by creating a workflow, 

The integrations offered by Integrately connect you with more than 500 applications so that the data coming from them or transferring from one application to another is synced and also it can be used as actionable insight. 

Integrately is a much affordable option on the market making it one of the popular IFTTT alternatives. You can use the application for free with limited features which are enough to get you started.

Integrately offers paid plans such as Starter, Professional, Growth, and Business so that you can choose what suits you and your budget requirement.  

For detailed information about the pricing plans, Click here. 

8. Elastic.io 

Elastic.io is a low code integration platform that offers great value addition to your products, actionable insights for your business operations, and faster integration.

By providing you with the tools for powerful integration and intuitive automation experience, you can visualize your workflow by simplifying the business operations. 

You can draw more value out of your business by reducing the number of distractions from your business and automating them to save time and cost. Elastic.io provides an ideal iPaaS platform for your enterprise.   

Elastic.io brings you a truly connected enterprise with the help of cloud integration. The low code feature gets you started quickly and has access to all the advantages of B2B gateways, APIs, and automation tools all in one place.  

Starting with elastic.io: Workspace creation and first integration flow

The platform has an intuitive flow designer that lets you integrate and transform data traveling from one application to another. You can these transformed data to map out your future plans and action. Also, you can customize and automate the path for the incoming raw data. 

Elastic.io’s smart connector has more than 100 in-built connections with various business applications. By using the protocol connectors, mappers, content-based router, forks, expression language, and content enrichment you can manage and create customized integrations. 

You can always monitor all the data coming and going ut of each application, the integrations, and automation. The system will automatically detect any inconsistency in the integration workflow and notify you about it and also offer to find its source and fix it for you.  

Elastic.io is designed for cloud applications but its hybrid integration feature makes it a great choice to be used in the case of on-premise sources. It will club all the sources together and deploy them. 

The platform has various customizable and extendable features that allow it to be developed quickly. Connecting new integrations requires minimal effort making it developer-friendly. 

Elastic.io offers a free trial of its product so that you can try it out before opting for the paid plan.

Elastic.io has a lot of inclusive plans for different consumers such as personal, enterprise, and software vendors further sub-divided into small, medium, and large.  

Click here for further information about the application and its pricing plans. 

Conclusion on ifttt alternatives

We have looked at numerous IFTTT alternatives. IFTTT has its shortcoming such as it is not suitable for beginners, it tends to act buggy when dealing with APIs, and unsuitable for designing complex and unique workflows.

Some of the IFTTT alternatives address these issues effectively so if you are looking for a solution to any one of the above mentioned problems, you should go through this list thoroughly.

Most of the platforms on this list have a free trial period and some are also available free for use. Depending upon your requirement you can assess each alternative and look at which option offers you the best value for your organization or personal use. 

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