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11 Of The Best Zapier Alternatives For Workflow Automation

With the current advancement in technology and everything piling up daily, it is difficult for every business to handle everything manually.

For this, you need a tool or a platform such as Zapier that helps you connect apps and automate certain tasks easily. Similarly, we have other Zapier Alternatives that do similar work in a much better manner.

You do not need coding knowledge to work on the integration; Zapier does it for you. But there are many other tools you can use other than this for free.

It is surely an affordable option, but the price increases for extra Zaps. Over time, it becomes a little too out of the budget that any company can afford to continue with.

Also, if you have used Zapier, there is no denying the fact that the dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use. You can easily manage all the automation apps and create integrations super easily.

But some, such as us, may not like the entire setup just enough. So, we should have some alternatives in the hour of need.

So here we have some of the best Zapier Alternatives you can consider.

Best Zapier Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Integromat

Integromat is our pick for the best Zapier Alternative. It is a tool or an online automation platform capable of handling all your tasks, apps, and software and transferring and transforming data.

Best Zapier Alternatives

You do not need to perform any manual intervention since everything is automated. All you need to do is set up the process once and Integromat performs the necessary action.


  • Watch real-time execution of the automation process and data flow.
  • Come with the most commonly used functions for working with text, numbers, dates, and lists. 
  • Allows to choose to retrieve data from the past or from after activation
  • Equipped with built-in routers, let you duplicate processed data
  • Consists of unique error handlers to deal with unexpected exceptions
  • Built-in aggregators and Iterators also equipped
  • Over 1500 templates available for starters

Similarly, there is much more than the features mentioned above. The company has made it possible for small and large-scale companies to use the app in the best way possible. Almost every app or service is compatible and can be integrated 

without writing a single line of code.


Free Plan and Premium – From $9-$299 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Integromat that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Extensive knowledge base provided for users
  • Connection to all apps and services possible
  • Observe and run scenarios in real-time
  • The free plan gives a lot more scenarios than that in Zapier
  • Hundreds of templates are available


  • Requires some bug fixes
  • It can take a lot of time to set up
Introduction to Integromat

2. Automate

Automate is yet another tool that has been incredibly useful for companies and other organizations in handling their apps and tasks daily.

Best Zapier Alternatives

Such platforms have automated the process in every aspect of the business, thus increasing productivity. The software will give out some very simple automation tools you can use and manually set everything up or use the automated tool’s help.


  • Simple and intuitive interface for easy integration
  • 100+ connectors available to connect apps and service
  • Create a workflow using complex integrations
  • Available for every kind of business idea, whether big or small
  • Data is encrypted and secured for your benefit

It is an excellent platform for every small and medium-scale business. You can try out the free version and continue to use it as much as you like, Surely, it has some limited features, but for starters, it works the best.

11 Of The Best Zapier Alternatives For Workflow Automation

The best thing every user talks about is that this is super easy to set up. Moreover, the integration, even though can be complex at times, with little help, everything works smoothly.


Free Plan and Premium Plan- From $49-$499 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Automate that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Super easy to set up the entire process
  • Excellent UI and UX
  • Set up bots yourself to send emails, collect data, etc
  • Zero codings and programming needed
  • Superb customer support


  • Lags at times but very rarely
  • It needs good features for teams

3. Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow has been introduced by one of the most trusted brands and tech giants globally. It is known more for its high security and stability.

Overview of Microsoft Power Automate

You can easily save a lot of time and take your activities to make it automotive and useful in the long run. With Microsoft Flow, it becomes very easy to increase the productivity of the entire company since all the tasks are now automated.


  • Safe and Secure integration with apps
  • Thousand of templates are available for quick setup
  • Intelligent workflows using AI-capabilities
  • Checks for new information every 15 minutes
  • Mobile App available on every platform

Apart from simply creating an automated process, you can carry out loads of activities with Microsoft. It has an incredible tool i.e. UI Flow, robotic process automation (RPA) capability of Power Automate.

This platform allows you to train bots that handle repetitive manual tasks. Moreover, you can even manage scripts in a very safe and secure environment.


Free Plan and Premium Plan- Up to $15 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Microsoft Flow that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Super easy to understand and implement
  • Premium plans are highly affordable
  • Allows up to 750 workflow tasks to be run a month
  • Unlimited Flow creation in paid plans
  • It provides a lot of template options


  • A limited number of apps available for integration

4. Workato

We have another excellent Zapier alternative that provides free and paid service to the business. You can use a huge range of features for all types of businesses, individuals, and teams.

Workato is mainly known for its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that can help you connect with the platform and set everything up much more easily. Furthermore, it is a secure and highly powerful tool to work on.

Workato | The Platform for the New Era of Automation


  • User-Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Industry-leading security and governance
  • Powerful Workflow automation with no coding required
  • Tools like AI, bots, etc. provided
  • A secure and safe platform for organizations

These are only a few of the most important features you will find on Workato. This platform can help you increase your ROI, automate the process in every sector of your business, reduce overall development costs, and much more. Not only is it beneficial for businesses but also individuals.


  • Self-Service- Free/Pro Plan- up to $599 per month
  • Business- No free Plan. Although the Paid plan includes up to $2999 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Workato that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Keeps your data safe and secure
  • 225,000+ community recipes provided
  • Smart Triggers are free of cost
  • Connects and supports large Team


  • Immediate help is not on the free plan


IFTTT is one of our best picks for the Zapier alternative since it is free of cost. All of the automation tools and integrations are free at every level. It has this stunning interface that you would love.

11 Of The Best Zapier Alternatives For Workflow Automation

Moreover, you can simply download the app on your devices and start creating applets within seconds. There is no need for any coding knowledge. Instead, you only need to follow the instructions.


  • 600+ brands embedded in the app
  • Integrate Social media apps for better customization
  • Make mobile assistants more interactive and communicable
  • Create applets for apps such as Saavn, Spotify, etc
  • Get insights into your users’ behavior

While you can personally try out some of the coolest integrations for your home, there are many options for you to try in your business or organization.

Simply select any brand from the list and connect it with a mobile app, website, or email. You can make improvements and integration in your Google Assistant, Smart Home devices, Smart gardening, and similar activities.



Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the IFTTT that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Free of cost for everything on the site
  • Create unlimited applets on the app
  • Connect appliances and set up Smart home devices
  • Use over 600+ brands for integration
  • Increase Engagement and ROI


  • Some applets can get a little edit or create

6. PieSync

PieSync is a special tool that requires a special mention. It has been known as the best Zapier alternative that is popular for data synchronization.

Yes, you heard it right; PieSync helps large organizations and businesses make their data-entry process a lot smoother and easier. Furthermore, it keeps your customer’s data 2-way in sync across all your business apps and devices.

Like other apps, you do not need coding knowledge to work on this app.


  • Provides a  real 2-way sync process
  • Easy and highly interactive interface
  • Work on any app that is perfect for your business
  • Manage teamwork and everything else efficiently
  • Over 200+ apps are available

This platform is secure and safe to use, considering all your data is within your reach only, and none of it is stored in the cloud. As we mentioned, there are more than 220 apps currently on the site that you can integrate.

Moreover, the site adds more such apps weekly for better integration and convenience. You can create as many use cases as possible without having any knowledge of coding.

It has use cases for Real Estate apps, Email Clients, Marketing & CRM, CRM & Email Client, Phone & CRM, and other such apps.


Starting from $9 to $99 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the PieSync that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Easy to set up all app integrations
  • Two-way synchronization is super helpful
  • Custom field mapping is available
  • Sync contact super flawlessly
  • Highly flexible and easy to learn


  • Not free of cost
  • Limited Base app APIs

7. CloudHQ

If you have a business that needs an automated tool to handle all your emails, then CloudHQ is the one for you. It is a Gmail productivity tool that helps you to share, label, collaborate, and track your emails using a free tracker.

What is cloudHQ? Work productivity, at its finest!

With the help of Google G-Suite, you can back up all your data and mail it to the cloud to provide real-time protection. You may also find that some of the big names in the industry, like Uber, have been using this tool.


  • Free Email Tracking Chrome Extension
  • Meeting Scheduler with one-click
  • Gmail Auto follow-up helps to schedule 10 follow-up pages, send bulk emails, track emails, use free templates, and link to your CRM.
  • Schedule your email to send at a later date and time
  • Use a free Email tracking Blocker

This tool can easily save all your emails to your Dropbox storage. This will give you ample storage and convenience to sort them out whenever needed.

Similarly, the same functions can save emails for Google Drive, One Drive, and other cloud services. If you want to share a particular email with anyone, you can simply send them via text message on their phone number.

Also, CloudHQ helps to use a video email to increase your productivity and stand out from the crowd.


Free Plan and Premium Plan up to $300 per year for three years. Also, you can contact the company if you have a large organization for a custom plan.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of CloudHQ that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Enables Cloud-Cloud Sync
  • Super easy to use
  • Supports a wide range of cloud services
  • WebDAV Supported
  • Flexible to use with a wide range of features


  • No app available to use on a smartphone
  • It does not support sync scheduling

8. Elastic.io

Elastic.io is an Enterprise Integration platform where you can connect any cloud and on-premises applications, systems, databases, and APIs without heavy coding. It provides its users with 100+ pre-built connectors for all your business applications.

Data integration, iPaaS and elastic.io - How it all fits together (Explainer)

This platform enables connecting APIs on-premises along with the cloud applications flawlessly.

Some of the prominent features that make it one of the best Zapier alternatives are:-


  • Test and launch integration projects ten times faster
  • Provides access to custom-built apps like APIs
  • Easily create your custom connectors
  • Connect SaaS applications to share and sync data
  • Reduced development time by 30%-40%

It has all the necessary tools to help you detect any inconsistency in your workflow, find errors, and find ways to help you fix them.

All these functions are carried out on the same platform that can be executed within minutes. You can still create your connections and APIs even if you do not have the knowledge or coding skills.


  • No free Plan is available
  • Premium plan from €599 to €2299 per month

Below is the summary of Elastic.io’s main Pros and Cons of Elastic.io that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Very easy integration
  • The fast and cost-effective platform
  • Superb Interface and easy to use
  • Streamlining data directly between relevant ES plugins
  • Creating a new connector is very easy


  • No free plan included
  • Could add more default connectors

9. Tray.io

Tray.io is a rather modern approach to integrating multiple platforms to increase your company’s productivity.

Best Zapier Alternatives

It is an enterprise-scale integration platform that allows a business to connect its entire cloud software stack and make it easy to integrate complex processes.

Tray.io is web-based software with no application you can use to operate it. Furthermore, it is perfect for mid-size as well as large-scale businesses.


  • Connect to any SaaS app with a universal connector
  • It gives complete API access along with custom fields
  • Sync to any Cloud app
  • Able to access multiple accounts with the same tool
  • Create custom web forms as needed

The API automation tool works superbly fast and allows your team to make complex decisions quickly. To ensure safety, you can sync all your data to any cloud service.

While you can get a wide range of connectors, you can even design your custom workflows while accessing multiple accounts.


  • Free plan for Demo only.
  • Premium Plan- Starting from $595 to $2450 per month

Below is the summary of Tray.io’s main Pros and Cons of Tray.io  that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • User-friendly and easy-to-learn tool
  • Perfect for a non-technical person
  • Automate easily using any cloud-based platform
  • Personalized pricing experience
  • Superb customers support


  • It can be a little to understand initially

10. Action Desk

ActionDesk.io is a SaaS platform that lets all your data sync to the excel sheets and sorts them out for you. It is more like all of Zapier’s features integrated with Excel.

All your non-technical staff and employers can use this tool as best as possible.

Best Zapier Alternatives

Action Desk helps you to import, manipulate, transform, and export all your data automatically. All your manually importing and exporting data can be solved now, helping you save an immense amount of time.


  • Import data from any data source within seconds
  • Transform the data as per your need in your spreadsheet
  • Schedule your workflow in the best manner
  • Write formulas, format cells, create pivot tables, collaborate, etc
  • Integrate with a large number of Apps

This platform is perfect for everyone with little or no coding knowledge and programming skills to carry out complex integration.

So you can opt to work on this tool that has every feature related to working on spreadsheets. You have been provided with proper use cases to learn from and apply to the integrated apps listed.


  • Free Plan available
  • Premium Plan- Starting from $150 to $1500 per month

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of ActionDesk.io that makes it add to the Best Zapier Alternatives list.


  • Updates are provided very frequently for both paid as well as a free plan.
  • Superb interface and easy to use
  • It saves a huge sum of development costs and time
  • User-friendly tool
  • Increases productivity in the long run


  • The number of integrations is low
  • Difficult to understand initially


Is there anything similar to Zapier? 

Top Zapier alternatives include Workato, Microsoft Flow, HubSpot, Zoho Corporation, ActionDesk, Pabbly Connect, etc.

These tools offer a variety of functions and let you automate your workflow without even needing a strong background in coding. 

Who is Zapier’s competition?

The main rivals of Zapier include Workato, Bitskout, and Synatic. With the help of the enterprise automation platform Workato, business and IT teams may combine their apps and streamline business processes without risking their security. 

Is Make Better than Zapier? 

Small businesses can benefit from Make and Zapier, which lets you automate tedious manual operations that drain your resources. In terms of the number of integrations, Zapier beats Make. Compared to Zapier’s 5,000+ apps, Make has more than 1,200. 

Given that all the major players are present on both platforms, even while Make’s library is smaller, there is a good chance you will still find the software you’re looking for. 

In Make, selecting the ideal software for your automated workflow is very straightforward. Some of the most popular applications, including the standard suspects like Google Sheets, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Airtable, are displayed on the Integrations page.

Therefore, the choice depends on which tool best suits your organization and your skill set. 

Which is better, automate.IO or Zapier? 

A dependable and affordable integration tool is Automate.io. Since Automate.io only has roughly 200 connectors, be cautious about ensuring they support the applications you require before choosing them.

Zapier, on the other hand, has more than 3,000 applications, making it strong and comprehensive. Be ready to spend a hefty fee if you select Zapier. 

One of the best and most sophisticated integration software applications is Zapier. It has the most applications but comes at the highest cost. 

A mid-range, reasonably priced integration tool is Automate.io. Despite just having 200 applications, it will be useful for most small firms. 

What is the major difference between Ifttt and Zapier? 

The main distinction between the two is that Zapier is better suited for an office setting because it can automate more business-oriented apps and offers more actions per app than IFTTT.

IFTTT, on the other hand, includes more domestically oriented, personal apps, making it the better option if you have more. 

Is Workato like Zapier? 

The leading enterprise automation platform is Workato. Without sacrificing security and control, Workato enables business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business activities.

Built using a scale- and speed-optimized cloud-native architecture to drastically minimize operational footprint and total costs. 

Zapier, on the other hand, makes it simple for SMBs to automate tasks without writing any code. Create custom workflows for more than 4,000 web apps and let Zapier take care of tedious tasks for you, freeing up your team to concentrate on more crucial duties.

Zapier interfaces with more technologies than anybody else, enabling you to streamline workflows and improve your systems’ effectiveness.

Additionally, Zapier provides collaboration and security tools for bigger teams that allow you to unleash the power of automation throughout your entire organization. 

Is Zapier open source? 

Numerous open-source and free zapier alternatives projects, including Django, Node.js, React, and others, power Zapier. Additionally, the platform has released over 25 independent open-source projects, highlighted in the brand-new Open Source at Zapier directory. 

Final Thoughts on zapier alternatives

Ultimately, all the tools and platforms mentioned above have surpassed all expectations and are the best in line for Zapier Alternative. Yes, Zapier is a great and reliable application, but the costs are very high in the long run.

It is always better to be updated with a lot of better apps coming your way. In the above-listed app, you do not need to doubt the security and safety of the data.

All the tools above are a lot more secure than any other apps you may have. Simply choose one according to your business and organization and get started immediately. It may take some time to understand all the aspects of the app since integrations can be a little too complex if you are unaware of the coding.

Each of the above-mentioned has been reviewed according to our experience, and you can choose it accordingly. If at all you are stuck or confused at any point, you can let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.