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9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022

Gone are the days when fashion designers would use a canvas, pen, pencil, and paper. Of course, they do that these days, but thanks to a laptop, things have become more manageable. Nowadays, you can find them working on powerful laptops to complete their work on time. 

Fashion designing is unlike anything you know—those of you who are fashion designers who understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Besides, you have a ton of tasks to get completed. You do not want to keep your clients in wait. 

Hence, using a laptop lets you place your creativity and ideas effectively and efficiently. Using the best laptop for fashion designers, you can also alter the texture of your designs without hassle. 

There is no need to waste time redrawing the entire concept. With a few clicks on the right software, you are done with your new design. Additionally, you can also develop stupendous 3D models that are in great demand in today’s market. 

How a fashion designer benefits from a laptop?

As a fashion designer, you need to develop a new concept or idea on your own. The competition out there is not making your decision any easier. At times, your client may ask for countless modifications to the designed product. 

As you can see, you have a lot at stake. You have to keep everybody happy, including yourself. Though there is a barrage of devices, tools, and gadgets, the one potent tool would be laptops. A laptop is a perfect device that satisfies your requirement. 

You can design, create, market, and even alter the products of your creativity without any issues. In today’s world, people depend on devices and tools for everything. There is no harm in that. 

It is the same with a fashion designer who needs his/her laptop to help them design their products. Having said that, not all laptops can help you accomplish what you require. How do you find the best laptop for fashion designers?

It does not have to be complicated because all you need to do is choose your budget, performance, monitor, and the features you need. Please note that there are tons of software tools and applications for a fashion designer, but most of them are not needed on your device.

In this review, we have compiled a list of the best laptop for fashion designers that can help you out. These are designed exclusively for fashion designers coming with exceptional software and hardware features embedded in them. 

Popular software used on a laptop by fashion designers

Before we move on with our list, we thought of providing you with a list of some of the best software for fashion designing. You may be already familiar with them or currently some of them now. 

Best Laptop For Fashion Designers: Our Top Pick

As a fashion designer, you need to remain updated and come up with new designs for clients. This calls for a phenomenal device that can perform all your tasks efficiently. Besides, you may want to use a portable device that can be used in any environment. 

The processor and the graphics must enable you to perform any fashion-related task sublimely. We admit these laptops do not come cheap, but you want something that can help enhance your fashion projects. 

Below are some of the best laptop for fashion designers in 2022. 

1. Apple MacBook Pro

The first laptop on our list of the best laptop for fashion designers had to be an Apple product. Their products are robust, durable, and reliable. The Apple MacBook Pro has it all. The device comes with a sleek design, fantastic specifications, and powers. 

Best Laptop For Fashion Designers
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Don’t be surprised to note that many fashion designers prefer using this incredible device. This model comes with a 13.3” monitor that has LED-backlit. Not to mention, it comes with the hyped Retina display that provides you with eloquent visuals. 

Its resolution is also phenomenal, coming at 2560x1600 pixels, offering you a stunning picture display. Any fashion designer would be delighted looking at the screen. The 2021 model comes with better specifications like 8th Gen Intel Core i5.

That is enough to see you through all your tasks. This is a 256GB SSD storage space and memory space of 8GB RAM. It comes with a lovely silver tone. Apple products are known for their mighty battery powers, and this one does not disappoint on that front. 

It comes with a 10-hour battery working along with the Force Touch trackpad. Besides, we did not notice any heating issues despite being worked on for more than 6 hours. A notable feature in this unit is the weight, as it weighs less than 3lbs. 

Additional features like touch ID, HD webcam, and stunning audio quality make it the laptop that every fashion designer should consider owning, if not for the high price tag. You will be delighted to use the connectivity, including the display port and USB 3.1, for top-notch support. 

It works just fine with the macOS, and there is no doubt it can meet your needs. Apple products have substantial stores in and around America. So, you should not have any issues, if at all, with your laptop breakdown. 

It is priced less than $1300, making it quite expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive laptops on our list. But when you want unmatched Apple quality, you may have to spend some cash from your pocket. 


  • The MacBook Pro is lightweight and portable. 
  • It comes with the T2 chip for extra safety. 
  • The monitor offers you eloquent visuals. 
  • It comes with the 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.
  • There are ample connectivity options infused in it. 


  • It comes with very few connectivity ports. 

Apple MacBook Pro is the first-ranked laptop for any task. When you deal with fashion, you must own a sleek, phenomenal, and supportive device that can help you meet all your expectations. If you are alright with the price, then what is stopping you from getting it. 

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Unboxing Apple's "New" MacBook Pro 13


2. Dell XPS 9370 

At second on our list of the best laptop for fashion designers, we have the Dell XPS 9370. It is lightweight, slim, and comes in 3 sublime color tones. Dell has raised the bar this time around the XPS series model. 

Best Laptop For Fashion Designers 1
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Besides, fashion designers, even others might consider using this unit. We loved the fact that it is incredibly sleek and compact. This is a 13.3” 4K monitor that provides you with exceptional visuals thanks to its Ultra HD InfinityEdge touch display screen. 

The resolution of the monitor is top-notch, coming in at 3840x2160. With this specification, the Dell unit can easily compete with the likes of the Apple MacBook Pro. You can easily view all the colors nicely. 

Not to compromise on the speed of its processor, it comes with an 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i7-8550U. It is adequate for your requirement and has a memory of 8GB RAM. There is ample storage space with 256GB SSD.

Likewise, the battery life goes strong for a good 10 hours without problems. It comes with a weight of less than 2.7lbs. It makes it extremely light, and you can easily carry it around for your work and projects. 

Additional features make it on par with the MacBook Pro that we read above, with a sublime fingerprint reader, backlit board, power button, HD webcam, audio speakers with precision quality, and a barrage of ports. 

It comes priced under $1200, making it almost in the same price range as the Apple products. We were highly impressed with the speed and the design capabilities of the laptop for fashion designers. 


  • It comes with an ultrafast SSD for smoother performance. 
  • There is a backlit chiclet keyboard.
  • It has a robust CUP with Intel Core 8th Generation.
  • The unit offers eloquent visuals thanks to intense resolution. 
  • There is a wide range of extra features on the XPS 9370.


  • The storage space could have been better. 

Dell XPS 9370 is truly one of the best laptop for fashion designers. It comes with a sturdy design, sleek colors, powerful CPU, exceptional visual capability, and it can provide you with a wide range of additional specifications. It could have come with more storage space. 

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2018 Dell XPS 13 9370 Review


3. ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360

We read about two excellent devices in the form of the MacBook and the XPS series. Now, we are going to check out another exceptional laptop, the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360. Asus has developed rapidly over the years to give stringent competition to both Apple and Dell. 

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022

The Taiwanese maker has managed to squeeze into its market share by making itself immensely popular among most segments. As the name implies, this is a flip device. Any fashion designer would know the importance of being able to own a 360-degree device. 

You can rotate it using the hinge that allows it to become a tablet. We loved the sleek design of the laptop that comes made from aluminum and a light body. However, it is pretty sturdy and can withstand those accidental drops. 

It is a 13.3” FHD display that comes with a 95% body ratio. That means you get to use most of the frames on the laptop. The resolution is quite powerful at 1920x1080. They will be able to offer you immersive visuals. 

The CPU is quite phenomenal at 8th Gen Intel Quad-core i7-8565U, coming with a decent speed. Your tasks become seamless as you move along using the Intel UHD Graphics 620. The memory and the storage space are sufficient at 16GB RAM and a massive 512GB SSD.

You can easily store all your fashion-related work and have ample room for those music and video collections of yours. Thanks to the 11-hour battery working life on par with the Apple and Dell models, this one too can go the distance. 

The unit weighs close to 2.6lbs. It also comes with additional features for sublime performance. You would be glad to know that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Does it come with any flaw? Well, it does not come with any fingerprint reader. 

We were taken aback as this is a top-end model and did not have it. Besides that, it will cost you close to $1800 that is higher than the Apple or Dell top-end models. Otherwise, this is one of the best laptop for fashion designers. 


  • The design of the laptop is sublime. 
  • It offers you a 360-degree view. 
  • It has robust construction and durability. 
  • The laptop comes with a frameless Nano Edge display.
  • It has an exceptional 11-hours battery working. 


  • The unit has no fingerprint reader.

ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 comes highly recommended, especially for fashion designers. It goes without saying that the flip model is unique in its way. If you are on the lookout for a sublime laptop that you work as a tablet and comes with exceptional features, it has to be this. 

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4. Microsoft Surface Pro

You cannot have a list without the mention of the Microsoft products, can you? These days, Microsoft has managed to make a strong name for itself in the laptop market. Some of their products, like the one we are about to see, are outstanding. 

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022
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The Microsoft Surface Pro is the best laptop for fashion designers as it comes with exceptional features making it a value-for-money unit. The specifications and the portability make it a good call for those involved in the fashion industry. 

This is a small 12.3” display screen that allows you to work in 3 modes. They are studio, laptop, and tablet mode. Depending on your requirement, you can do so. It comes infused with the FHD display offering you opulent visuals. 

It also comes with a decent resolution of 2736x1824. We were stunned by the powerful CPU of the 8th Gen Intel quad-Core. The graphics card was also astounding at Intel UHD Graphics 620. This can immensely help you achieve all your fashion commitments. 

It has a memory of 8GB RAM and decent storage space of 128GB SSD. Do not be disheartened by that because it is one of the most used devices by frequent travelers. In the fashion industry, you are required to travel often due to project-related tasks. 

The battery life was quite phenomenal at almost 14 hours. You can work on the laptop effortlessly for long hours. We also liked the fact that it only weighs less than 2lbs. It comes with a barrage of features like Cortana, Ambient light, Signature type cover, a stylus pen, and Windows Hello support.

Though we are impressed with its capabilities, there can be doubts about the product deserving this kind of attention on the list of the best laptop for fashion designers. It is priced less than $1100. This cannot be termed as affordable, but it is definitely worth your time and money. 


  • The laptop is sleek in design and portable. 
  • It offers you stunning adaptability. 
  • You can view exceptional images using it. 
  • The battery operation lasts for 14 hours. 
  • It comes with a barrage of extra features for users. 


  • Few users noticed that it has a heating problem. 

Microsoft Surface Pro is your one-stop solution for finding a laptop to answer your call for fashion designing. It is durable, portable, comes with outstanding features that can help you complete your tasks before deadlines. What more can you ask for? 

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5. Lenovo ThinkPad E595 

Fashion designers need to be able to work on the go. It is part of their job. Keeping that in mind, we have found another decent laptop for you in the form of the Lenovo ThinkPad E595. We felt that this is the best laptop for fashion designers as it is durable, portable, and comes infused with exceptional features. 

Best Laptop For Fashion Designers 6
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This is a 2-in-1 device that also enables you to draw and write using a stylus pen. The moment you look at it, you are instantly enticed by its sleek appearance it. The monitor is a 15.6” IPS LED-backlit display. 

It comes with a QHD resolution of 3000x2000 that offers stunning image quality. Besides that, it comes powered with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU that is extremely capable of performing multi-tasking. 

You also have the AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics card that enables you to design software without any lag. The memory of 8GB RAM and storage space of 256GB SSD allows you to store all your files effortlessly. 

Its battery working life of 16 hours perhaps is the most notable feature. As you may know, it is the highest for now. Coming to the connectivity, you have a USB-C, fingerprint reader, and micro-SD card reader that makes for efficient use of it outdoors for meetings and workshops. 

We loved using the pen that was provided with it. Thanks to the eye care technology embedded in it, you can now work effortlessly without problems. It is priced less than $1100, and you can get it cheaper during the sales period. 

If you are a fashion student or somebody wanting to delve into the field, this laptop is an excellent way to begin your long journey. 


  • It has sleek and black in design. 
  • The weight is less, making it easy to carry during travel. 
  • The unit can be charged fast. 
  • The battery life is astounding 16 hours. 
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • With mediocre features, it may not be suitable for high-end tasks. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad E595 is suitable for students and those of you who have entered the fashion industry. If you are satisfied with the features that we have briefly explained, then there is no harm in trying and finding out for yourself. 

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6. HP ZBook Studio G5

Next on our list of the best laptop for fashion designers is the HP ZBook Studio G5. This is another beast from HP who is known to produce some outstanding laptops in the market. The laptop comes with a slim frame and light structure.

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022
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The silver-colored chassis and the finish on the body are sublime. We are yet to see another elegantly designed laptop till now. Of course, you cannot compare it with the HP Spectre. However, the laptop can satisfy your fashioning needs too. 

This is a 15.6” monitor coming with an FHD display. You get opulent images thanks to the resolution of 1920x1080. Besides, it comes with anti-glare features that allow you to concentrate on your fashion tasks completely. 

You can be assured of full pace thanks to the powerful 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i7-8565U that you can upgrade to 4.6GHz. Not to mention, the AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 GPU does a stunning job, to say. 

You would be astounded to know that the memory is 32GB RAM, and storage space comes at 256GB SSD. The battery working is close to 10 hours, and that is good enough. You should have no issues taking the laptop along with you wherever you want to. 

Thanks to the backlit keyboard, you can work in dim environments or where there is low lighting. It comes with a barrage of additional features like Wi-Fi, connectivity ports, fingerprint security system, and HD webcam.

It is quite expensive, priced less than $1200, making it par with the MacBook and the XPS. But it is worth it. Additionally, the laptop also comes with a 1-year warranty. So, there you do, it has all the necessary elements to make the best laptop for fashion designers.  


  • The design of the unit is aggressive and sleek. 
  • The laptop has a backlit keyboard. 
  • It comes with a remarkable memory capability. 
  • Its battery life of 10 hours is splendid. 
  • There are ample connectivity ports to get your tasks done. 


  • Sadly, it comes with no touchscreen. 

The HP ZBook Studio G5 is no run-of-the-mill laptop. It comes with what it has to. Though it is slightly expensive, it comes with all the features, including a colossal memory and additional features embedded inside it to make the purchase worth your time and money. 

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HP Zbook Studio G5 - The perfect mobile workstation with productivity and security!


7. Acer Spin 3 

Acer products have managed to stay afloat in an already crowded laptop segment. However, few of their models have managed to garner attention like the Acer Spin 3. What is unique about the spin 3 model?

Well, it is safe to say that it comes with sufficient features embedded to show on the list of the best laptop for fashion designers. It has 3 ease of use modes, and it can rotate 360-degrees for your usage. 

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022
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It is a 14” unit that comes with a stunning display due to the FHD Widescreen touch. The resolution of the laptop is a decent 1920x1080. The visuals on the laptop are eloquent and contain compelling image quality. 

The CPU is also functional, coming with the 8th Gen 1.8Ghz Intel Core i7-8565U, offering Turbo Boost technology not to be outdone. The GPU is also sublime, enabling you to complete all your fashion requirements with the Intel UHD graphics 620.

The memory is of 16GB RAM, and it comes with a massive storage space of 512GB SSD. You can effortlessly store all the data you need besides pushing in your movie and favorite audio. The battery was good at 12 hours of working on a single charge. 

It weighs less than 4lbs and is lighting. Besides, the active stylus can be recharged, and it comes with a wide range of additional features making your working extremely simple.

A few of them are two built-in stereo speakers, an SD card reader, HD audio support, and a fingerprint reader. It also comes with excellent connectivity options enabling you to work sublimely. 


  • The processor is robust and suitable for fashion work. 
  • It has quick SSD storage for proactive work. 
  • The touchscreen feature is sublime and easy to use. 
  • The battery life is exceptional at more than 11 hours. 
  • It comes with an active stylus function. 


  • It does not come with USB-C connectivity. 

Acer Spin 3 is priced less than $800 and is affordable compared to the ones listed here. If you are a fashion industry student or working professional looking for a feature-rich but reasonably priced device, then the Spin 3 should be on your list today. 

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8. Lenovo Yoga 730 

The Lenovo Yoga 730 is another exceptional laptop that is suitable for fashion designers and video editors. The sheer power and design are capable enough to stand up when the need arises. 

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022
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You would be amazed that Lenovo has designed a product capable of taking MacBook and the XPS likes. We were highly impressed with the probability and the fact that it comes with a 360-degrees rotation. 

The design of the unit also looked appealing and sleek. This is a 15.6” device that comes with a stunning monitor with an FHD IPS display. It has a resolution of 1920x1080 that provides exceptional image quality. 

The CPU is also powerful, coming in with the 8th gen Intel Core i5-8265U. You can upgrade it also to 4GHz. Its graphics card is also sound coming in at Intel UHD Graphics 620. It comes using top-notch memory of 12GB RAM and 256GB SSD. 

We were also delighted with the battery life of 11 hours that can work all day long. Sadly, the weight of the laptop was a bit of concern at above 6lbs. But it comes with several additional features like a fingerprint reader, backlit keyboard, active stylus pen, plenty of connectivity options like Thunderbolt 3.


  • It comes with a sleek design. 
  • Its storage and memory are compelling. 
  • There is a 360-degrees rotation feature on the hinges. 
  • The unit has several features for sublime usage. 
  • It has a battery life of close to 11 hours. 


  • Few users complained that it is cumbersome to carry around. 

Lenovo Yoga 730 is one of a kind laptop. Lenovo has done a fantastic job in designing this product. It comes with several exciting features that you usually do not see on other laptops in the segment. You must strongly consider it for your fashion requirements. 

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9. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is ideal for fashion professionals who want to use a tablet and a laptop. We were amazed at the sheer powers of this incredible device. Besides the processor and flawless design, it comes with a flip and fold feature.

9 Of The Best Laptop For Fashion Designers in 2022
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This is a 15” monitor that comes with a touch screen. It has a resolution of 1920x1080 that offers you stunning image quality. The CPU is stupendous, coming at 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U infused with Turbo Boost.

The graphics card was astounding at AMD Radeon 540. Its memory is 16GB RAM, and the storage space consists of 256GB SSD. The battery working was more than 12 hours that is sufficient to meet any fashion designer’s needs. 

Besides, the laptop does not weigh much at 3.7lbs. It is packed with additional features like the stylus pen, stereo speakers, backlit keyboards, and more. You can use them right on the go. This is a powerhouse designed by Samsung. 

It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi infused in the laptop for sublime usage for any working professional and student. It is priced under $1000 and comes reasonably quoted compared to most of the laptops that we have seen on this list. 


  • It has a slim and elegant appearance. 
  • The laptop comes with a 360-degrees rotation ability. 
  • You can use it in 2 modes effortlessly. 
  • The charging is extremely quick. 
  • It offers you a stylus pen that works efficiently. 


  • Users complained that it has no 4K monitor. 

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is not your run-of-the-mill laptop. It comes embedded with the right kind of features for the price. This is suitable for students who are entering the fashion industry. 

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(Q) What is the best laptop for a fashion designer?

Fashion designing is the field of implementing art design along with aesthetics into clothing and accessories. The mood and attitude of people influence fashion trends. It involves a lot of work and imagination. 

Thanks to the software, you can now make your art designs into reality with the help of these laptops. The best laptop for a fashion designer would be the Apple MacBook Pro and the Dell XPS 9370. They come with all the required specifications and features embedded in them. 

(Q) How a laptop helps a fashion designer? 

Gone are days when a fashion designer used to do all the work manually. Of course, it involves implementing those ideas into the clothing and accessories. But to get the accurate color combinations, designs, styles, and various trends, would require a high-performing laptop. 

The processor and the graphics are the two critical elements for ensuring that your laptop is helpful for your cause. As you know, fashion designing is a strenuous task and involves traveling too. 

So, the right laptop would be the one that is portable, feature-rich, and comes with an affordable price tag. 

(Q) Can fashion designers work from home using laptops? 

Due to the pandemic, fashion designers can work from home. They can use their laptops to come up with exceptional designs for the market. All a fashion designer needs are a good internet connection, the required software, and the right materials to work with. 

Hence, choosing the right kind of laptop is crucial for you to succeed in an already competitive market. You can consider ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 and Microsoft Surface Pro to work from home and meet your requirements. 

(Q) What are the main features to look out for in a laptop?

Few things that cannot be overlooked would be the display size, graphics card, number of ports, and the laptop’s appearance. The display monitor can be close to 13”-15” and not lesser. You can choose smaller screens, but you need to be able to see your work clearly.  

Likewise, the graphics cards enable you to view sublime images, and the number of ports helps you connect effortlessly. You may have to visit clients or showcase your products in an exhibition or workshop; then, your device should not trouble you with connectivity issues. Using a sleek-looking laptop enables you to make a statement in the market.  

Summing up 

We have now come to the end of our review on the best laptop for fashion designers. We did our level best to offer you some exceptional laptops currently sold in the market. As a fashion designer, you can be assured of that. 

Besides, we also have mentioned all the essential features and impressive specifications of the laptop. This helps you make your decision wisely. Whether you are a fashion designer or a coder, a laptop is an investment and should help you for a few years at least. 

You may also want to keep the budget of the laptop in mind. Some laptops may cost more than $1000. Keeping that in mind, we provided you with a wide range of laptops priced in different categories.

We highly recommend the MacBook Pro and the Dell XPS 9370 as we were highly impressed with their capabilities. The features and the battery life were enough to convince us. Besides, you could also download any number of fashion designing tools you want. 

The other laptops mentioned in the above post are good and can help you complete your tasks. Fashion designing does not have to become complicated when you have the right tools to help you. 

You can be assured that there is something in the post for you. If we’re not able to make up your mind, then please go through the post again. Did you like any of the above laptops or have something else in mind? 

Do tell us about your thoughts on the best laptop for fashion designers in the comments.